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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Three Doses of Faith



Blessings to you and praise be to God!

I found Brother Eells' site only a few months ago and his materials have truly been food for my soul!

I have been struggling with faith though. I believe in the Lord. I believe His Word is true. But something was missing from there to being able to receive what the Word promised.

My husband has been praying for me for increased faith.

I have been praying for me for increased faith!

And, praise God, He has quickly answered!

Here are three testimonies...just from today!

This morning, I was wondering and griping to myself about the state of our sewage system. It has not had maintenance since we moved here and I was afraid that without regular "maintenance" on it we wouldn't know something was wrong until it was too late.

Suddenly, the thought came to my mind, "Why not ask the Lord to maintain it for you?" I was like, "Ok, Lord. I know you can do that!" And then I thanked Him for protecting our sewer! I believe this prayer is answered so I don't have to worry about it anymore. What is amazing is that the "thought" about asking the Lord came at all! That is an answer to prayer!

Around 1 pm this afternoon, I got up from my office chair with a wicked burning pain in my shoulder/neck. This is typical for me since I sit at the computer all day long to work. I went into the living room to look for my microwaveable heating pad...which is what I normally use to help me tolerate this continual pain. I asked my husband if he had seen it...told him, "I am in severe pain here...really need to find it!"

Suddenly, the thought came to my mind". . . . Why not ask the Lord about it?"

I looked up, lifted my hands, and said with a questioning tone in my voice, "Lord?"

And SUDDENLY, the pain lessened significantly. "It released" is the best way to describe it. And within the next 10 minutes the pain was TOTALLY GONE.

I was amazed! Overjoyed! An absolute, true miracle! Such a small thing to a mighty God...but He does indeed care about the small things!!!

Even better, the Lord sustained me through the rest of the day as well. I have not needed that heating pad at all. And still don't now!

One more testimony from this unbelievable day. Around 4 pm, our DSL connection went out. Anyone with high speed access will know what a horror it can be to have to call in for something like this.

The thought came to my mind, "Maybe the Lord wants to fix the Internet connection". So I said, "Lord? Will you do that?" And I believed He would because He knew how much more time consuming my work would be without it. The phone company said the Internet would be back on at 8 am tomorrow.

Praise God, He put it up more than 12 hours earlier than that! Internet surprisingly came back on around 7 pm!

So I wanted to share these three testimonials that happened all in one day. I praise God for not only answering my prayers and healing me...but for PUTTING IT IN ME DO BELIEVE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

And I wonder what He has in store for me FOR THIS EVENING? :)

Blessings to you!

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