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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Throat and Ear Pain Healed

Tiffany Brown - 04/08/2011

Praise God for His mercy and lovingkindness!

Just last week, two days after caring for my one-year-old nephew who was sick, I felt a tickle in my throat. My son also came to me with a concern of feeling a tickle in his throat. I prayed for him and heard nothing else from him that weekend.

Earlier that week, while caring for my nephew and my own children, I was constantly washing my hands and spraying Lysol throughout the house rather compulsively for fear of germs spreading. There was conviction to stop fearing and just trust Jesus to keep us healthy, but I reasoned that what I was doing was just logical and healthful. I also decided to pump my body with vitamins and herbs.

Well, the weekend passed without much thought of what I had done and there was no repentance. Monday and Tuesday the symptoms got worse. There was strong pain in my throat that would then sharply pierce my left ear with each swallow. My son started coughing and sneezing with a runny nose. Tuesday night was difficult for me to sleep, as there was constant coughing, swallowing and sharp pain.

On Wednesday I received a phone call from a relative and jokingly commented about being under the weather because of caring for a sick child. Immediately, I felt a check that I really needed to shut up and spend time hearing God's Word on faith. I knew better than the way I was behaving. On the UBM site I downloaded the series on How Faith Works. I listened repeatedly, especially that night. I heard David Eells talk about how herbs are not what heal us and that faith in Jesus means ceasing from our own works and not trusting in what we see. I laughed at myself, thanking God for His ways of speaking and correcting His children. Repentance and faith were constantly repeated in my hearing. Remembering that by His stripes we were healed became my focus that night. What also stuck with me was hearing David talk about receiving from God by faith and that it involves 1% prayer and 99% praise and thanksgiving. I repented for not trusting in what Jesus has already done from the beginning and began to rest in Him, believing I was already healed.

Sleep was choppy, but I had peace because God is merciful and in control. My husband was out of town with our only car, so feeling an itch to go to the next doctor in the morning was ignored. Faith was built up in me, there was already rest in Himand letting God work was the strongest desire. Periodically, I would wake up praising God and thanking Him as I would go to the bathroom sink, coughing up phlegm for the first time. I wasn't afraid, but happy because healing was manifesting! God sees and is so merciful!

Thursday was a day filled with praise and thanksgiving out of true faith in God's power and goodness. My son came to me about feeling pain in the back of his throat. Not wanting him to experience what I did, I asked him if he wanted to go to a doctor or go to God in prayer. He quickly chose God and we prayed. That evening, God even provided an opportunity for a hearty laugh that brought tears to my eyes. I can't remember the last time I laughed like that. The Scripture in Proverbs about laughter being a good medicine came to mind and I thanked God again. (Pro.17:22) A cheerful heart is a good medicine; But a broken spirit drieth up the bones. Before going to sleep, I told my husband how God had been dealing with me and healed me. That night there was a lot less coughing and a lot more sleep.

As I type this, I am humbled and thankful. I have no more pain in my throat or ear. My son is also healed and thanked God he has no more pain. God is so loving, merciful and kind! Without faith it is impossible to please God and double-mindedness is not faith. He requires faith in His Son and the work He finished which comes by hearing the Word of God. Praise God for Jesus! God bless everyone at UBM!

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