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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Terrorist Attack on Toledo & Nuclear Power Plant

Jane Northey - 07/04/2003

I have a friend who lives in Howell, Michigan. She had a dream around Memorial Day, which she shared with me in great detail. I knew her reliability in the dreams that God had given her, for every one of her dreams had come true since I have known her. As she told the dream, she spoke of a great terrorist attack that involved a nearby state where she lives. This attack would eventually engulf her state as well. The dream was so pointed and graphic that I told her to hold onto it because it was probably going to come to pass. She mentioned that in her dreama television announcer said, "A terrorist attack has occurred in Toledo. Toledo". (I didn't know this at the time but Toledo, Ohio, is only about 100 miles away from her house.)

About one month later on the 4th of July of that year, I was working at my bench at work when suddenly I started to see waves lapping over my desk. They were superimposed over the boards that I was working on. I started to hear those waves and nothing else. They were lapping against a shoreline and my feet were now standing on a beach where the waves were coming from. Then I saw islands out on this huge lake and I knew instantly that I was having a vision. I began to hear only what was in that vision and nothing else around me. (I work in an electronics company, where I test all products going out the door to the customer. So, the building is busy and noisy.) I was encapsulated in the vision andonly heard and saw what was going on in that vision.

Then I saw a man who was of Hungarian/Yugoslavian descent. He had immigrated to Canada, nearly 10 years before. He spoke flawless English and had blonde hair. He was of Caucasian birth. You would never suspect that he was of a terrorist group or had affiliations like that of any kind. I was told that the man came from Windsor. And I saw the destination of this man. He was crossing from the northern side of Lake Erie, to the south side of the same lake. He traveled from the town of Windsor, in a pleasure boat. He was dropped off at an island in the middle of the lake. And when he got out of the boat I saw that he was carrying a metal briefcase with him. (When I saw this in the vision, I immediately knew that it was a dirty bomb.) He proceeded to walk over the island, and when he reached the other side, there waiting for him was another boat. He entered the pleasure craft and it took him to another island, where he did this same thing, island hopping, until he got to the main shores of United States. (Which I later learned was the state of Ohio.)

There the final pleasure craft to pick him up had a secret sliding door on the inside panel of the boat, where he placed his briefcase. They drove him to a place that juts out into the lake, to what I could see was a very rich owner's house in a gated community, in front of an amusement park. Then in the vision, I saw the name of the city in front of this house where they had landed at, and it said boldly, Sandusky! (As I saw this, I knew instantly that this was a sleeper cell working in America.) He then entered the house where he would be staying. The house had a boat launch underneath it, which they closed the doors tight, right next to the water. As soon as they arrived on the shores of America, they disappeared from all sight. No one knew they were there. Everything appeared to be absolutely normal and common amongst those on the lake. (I was amazed as I saw this unfold before my eyes.) I realized that this had everything to do with my friend's dream -- but this was an extension of it on a grander scale. This was information on the level of the gift of revelation.

This shook me to the core of my being and I couldn't erase it from my thoughts. Something had to be done, but what? Who would listen to me? I have no name, in the Christian world. I have no connections with any political scene. Telling this to the FBI might get me locked up somewhere, instead of being heard. So I prayed, and started to do my own research on Lake Erie, and its islands. I got a detailed map of Ohio and of all of its cities. I especially concentrated on Toledo, Ohio, and why anyone would choose that particular town for devastation. I used public libraries and Triple-A services to acquire any information that would be useful. I found out why Toledo was targeted. It is the largest Inland Sea port, oil refinery, in and on the Great Lakes. To my amazement, there are many islands out in Lake Erie. Many are inhabited all year around. And some are vacation spots during the summer. The town of Windsor, Canada does exist, and it's on Lake Erie, on the northern side of the lake. The briefcase that the man carried was the typical size for carrying a dirty bomb.

When I started to get these confirmations, I immediately asked for time off from work, and went to see this area for myself. I took with me the only thing that I knew could work, and that was anointing oil. I went to anoint the whole area. When I was there, I went unto one of the islands, and could see a huge nuclear power plant, that was built right on the shoreline of Lake Erie, in between the cities of Toledo and Sandusky. Even with all my research I hadn't discoveredthat this plantwas there. And as I toured the islands, and I was looking back towards Ohio, I saw a huge amusement park on the shoreline. As the commuter boat drove me closer to the shoreline of Ohio, I saw a gated community, in front ofthe amusement park, all in front of the town, just the way that I seen it in the vision. That's when I found out that town was called Sandusky. Now I understood in depth, what God was trying to show me. It would be extremely easy to throw a briefcase into an intake valve of that nuclear power plant, as the waters of Lake Erie cooled it. Or that this sleeper cell, that I now realized was in America, may be waiting for an opportunity to strike, or hook up with another group, to destroy even more than what I had been shown. Really, who would expect it? All I could do at that time was to anoint the islands and pray that the enemy would be found out or exposed.

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