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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Toronto/Brownsville: Trojan Horse

A Vision From 1974 That Foretells Toronto and Brownsville

A few people have been questioning why I chose to bring up 'Toronto' at this time. "Surely it is old news?" they say. Sadly, that is not the case. Everywhere I look throughout the Charismatic movement today, I see evidence of Toronto-type excesses and manifestations. They come in slightly different forms (-new fads blow through every year). But I tell you, the "children of Toronto" are everywhere. Sometimes it is plain 'silliness' going on - but other times there is real power behind it.

However, the other thing that comes into this is the "Youth Revival" scenario. Personally, we are in the midst of adapting our entire ministry to the coming 'Street-Revival' right now. Others are hearing this from God also. And so the basis of our entire ministry is changing. We are being forced onto a kind-of 'War' footing.

I want to tell you, there is no worse nightmare I can imagine than 'Toronto' getting a foot-hold in the new move of God. All those young converts - hungry and susceptible. If they get fed 'Toronto' they will believe it. I have studied Revival history now for over 20 years - and I tell you, Toronto is a "Revival-killer". It has a proven track-record going back centuries. And I cannot imagine a worse fate for the coming Revival, can you? Why do you think the first Great Awakening lasted only three years? (Research the name 'James Davenport', the "old lights" and the "new lights" - and you will find out). Why do you think the 1904 Welsh Revival became a by-word in that nation within just a few years? Read history and there you will see 'Toronto'-type phenomena wrecking Revivals time and time again. Is that what we want for the coming move of God, my friends?

From my point of view, if there are leaders who carry that "anointing", they are absolutely UNWELCOME to minister in any way to the young converts that are coming in. -Which is another reason why this issue is so important to discuss at this moment. I believe we are about to enter 'harvest-time' in the West and we simply cannot afford to see it so easily ruined. We need to keep this thing OUT!

(Mind you, we cannot afford to be too heavy on 'minor' excesses either. The Holy Spirit has to be given room to move and there will always be some 'messiness' involved. It is a question of BALANCE).

By the way, you may be interested in the following brief account that a lady named Patti sent me today:

"I inadvertently got prayed over by some people who had received "The Toronto Blessing". I ended up that night with uncontrollable flopping and shaking of my limbs, being drunk in spirit and uncontrollable laughter. At the time it felt right. But later as time went on, these manifestations came at inopportune times and were uncontrollable. My arms and legs would shake when trying to pray for people or when just sitting in church. My legs would give out and I would have to catch my balance just to stand upright while worshipping. It soon became clear to me that this was not the Holy Spirit and so I repented of allowing myself to receive this spirit and asked God to take it away from me. Praise Him, He did!"

Below is an interesting vision from 1974 which may also relate to this whole thing.

Moderator: Andrew Strom



NOTE from Arthur Eedle: Thank you for your article on Toronto. In the mid 90s I sent out similar warnings, and received some flak as a result, although here in England, the influence of Toronto has never been as great as in the USA.

I am attaching a vision [below] I received in 1974, which speaks for itself. You may find it useful, especially as it was given to me long before the "crazy manifestations"......

- extracts by Arthur Eedle. Vision in 1974

Twenty years ago this month the Lord gave me one of the strangest visions I have ever received, and on reflection I still believe it to be one of the most important, revealing the subtlety of the enemy's intrusion into the end-time works of God. The vision became the subject of our very first edition of The Prophetic Telegraph, which we published on 27th June 1986. In view of the way things have gone in the western world in the last twenty years, we now believe that it is timely to review this vision in the light of developments. The Lord said that in the last days He would send "strong delusion" to those "who received not the love of the truth". This was the basis of the vision, which may now be set down once again for analysis.

The Crown Agents in London had appointed me to teach in the King George V School, Hong Kong.... I was told there were more millionaires per square mile in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world, and after being there for some time, I could well believe it. Looking back I now believe that what happened next was related to the Hong Kong way of life, as it was going to influence the newly forming charismatic churches in the west. Except that the luxury relates mainly to the spiritual realm rather than the material realm.

As I sat looking at this amazing scene I began to see something else, and because of its strangeness my mind was alerted immediately to the fact that God was conveying truth in visionary form. I saw a duck, and I knew that it had been made of icing sugar because a hand was smoothing down the surface with a knife. When all was complete, the strange thing padded along on its webbed feet as though alive, and settled down on a flat surface somewhere. But if this was strange, the next part of the vision took me even more by surprise, because I saw dozens of people arriving at the duck, and it was only then that I realised how large it was. It must have been all of forty feet tall! The people were excited about the coming of the duck, and some of those who were braver than the rest even went up to it and touched it. One of them licked his fingers and the taste was sweet. Breaking a fragment from the surface he ate it, and jumped for joy. Others gained confidence and followed his example until they were all delirious with excitement. I saw them singing, dancing, throwing up their hands in the air, and embracing each other. The festive atmosphere was its own advertisement. People arrived in droves, pushing and shoving, and climbing over the duck with the aid of ladders in an effort to obtain a handful of icing sugar and join in the fun.

This continued for some time until one man gave a very loud shout, which brought everything to a halt. They saw him pointing to a hole that had appeared in the icing sugar. It was therefore not solid as they had originally thought. No one had imagined the sugar icing might give out sooner or later. After this, caution was exercised in the eating. Everyone agreed to ration what was left. But they found to their joy that even the smallest taste produced the same effects as a handful, and they wished they had learned this lesson earlier. In the process of time many more holes appeared. Some tried looking inside the duck, but all was pitch dark. Nothing could be seen. Gradually the duck became wafer thin. All of a sudden the crash came as the remainder of the duck disintegrated in a cloud of very fine dust. The crowd became silent, waiting and watching.

It took a while for the dust to settle, and then I had a shock. Inside the duck there was a terrible black beast about forty feet long, in shape like a scorpion with bulbous green eyes. It also had wings similar to those of a dragonfly. I fully expected the crowd to disperse at great speed, but instead they became delirious with excitement once again, and accepted the beast as their accredited leader. If anything, the excitement became greater than before. At this point the vision changed, and I saw the hand once again. It was outstretched with some white pills on the palm. A small number of people were arriving to receive one, which they ate. The result showed on their faces as an inner sense of peace and tranquillity. And then the two visions merged. Once again I saw people taking the icing sugar from the duck and jumping about in excitement. The group fromthe second vision were approaching, and mingling with the crowd, warning them, "Don't eat it! It's dangerous!" But there was very little response. Some shouted at them, "Go away, you prophets of doom! Don't tell us that YOU have the Spirit of the Lord. Where is your joy?" Disheartened they eventually wandered away, feeling a dull ache in the pits of their stomachs.

Later on, when I had made a record of the vision, the Lord spoke to me, and I wrote down the message, as follows:-

"The hand that formed the bitter pill fashioned also the duck. This is my work, and by it my name will be magnified. Twenty centuries of progress has not changed the nature of man, and neither has it changed mine, says the Lord. My Son is the Way, the Truth and the Life. All those who reject the bitter pill of the cross will find themselves prey to the lie. I will send them strong delusion, and they will believe it and rejoice in it because their hearts are not set upon the Way. They will accept falsehood in a season of careless security, indulging in spiritual flirtation with powers of darkness dressed up in acceptable guise. They longed for sweet things and I gave them sugar, but it was not in tune with my heart, says the Lord. And each bite of the duck they take, so grows the beast within. And each bite of the duck they take, so blind they become to the truth. And then, when antifaith has done its final work the beast is revealed to the world, enthroned within the temple of God, blasphemously parading divine nature. Mark well my words, says the Lord, there is but one great sign for this world, one marvel, one miracle of challenge that I will accept, and it is the sign of the prophet Jonah. And those who take the bitter pill shall find loneliness, derision and sorrow. And they shall walk the way of their Master, learning of His sorrows, sharing His suffering, conforming to His death. But I shall raise them to life, life on a higher plane, and they shall take my message to the nations. This is my sign, and this shall be their reward. All other ways, however right they may appear to man, shall be disallowed in my sight, says the Lord. And those who eat the duck shall refuse this glory when it is revealed for it shall be folly to them. Choose therefore whilst it is still possible, choose the salt and reject the sugar, says the Lord, for the time is now short".

I should like to display a brief snatch from another vision, one which my wife received in June 1969. She saw a dam across a narrow ravine, and behind the dam there was to start with just a small trickle of water, but over a lengthy period of time the water rose to produce a large lake, and eventually filled the ravine to the top of the dam. At this stage, the dam burst, and the waters flowed out, bright and iridescent, into the valley beyond. The Lord gave the interpretation. The water represented the faith of His people. And the effect of faith was twofold. Firstly, the faith had an effect in the believer's life and his walk. But secondly, the faith had another effect, which was not appreciated by the believer at all. In heavenly places, each act of faith was like the water behind the dam. God was preparing for a yet future day when, in His Kingdom, He could liberate the combined effect of all the faith of His elect, and it would flow out to a needy world. I believe the two visions are essentially the same in their interpretation. But the dam refers to God's work, whereas the duck refers to the counterfeit work.

The people who ate the pills - These have fed on the true word, and have seen the nature of the evil. They pray for the others, and whenever occasion arises, they approach them and warn them, but usually to no avail. Hence the sweetness in the mouth gave way to bitterness of soul at the outcome of their endeavours.

The Lord's hand - Some might be upset when they realise the Lord was the One who designed the duck. But it must be remembered that in olden days, after King Saul's disobedience, the Lord withdrew His Spirit from him, and gave him an evil spirit instead. In each of these cases, the Lord takes full responsibility for what happens, even though Satan was the donor of Saul's evil spirit, as he is also the architect of the duck.

Those who tried to warn the people of the dangers they were facing, only received reviling comments. "Where is your joy?" they asked. But how can you approach such people with a smile, when your task is to warn them of danger? They were drunk with the wine of intoxication, produced by the effects of eating the sugary sweet words of the false prophet, and enjoying the effects.

The Holy Spirit's ministry to believers is essentially towards their re-creation in the Lord's own image. But in these days, at the latter end of the twentieth century, vast numbers of believers look to the Holy Spirit for power, signs and wonders, which instead of crucifying the flesh, tend to feed it. Oh how easy it is to be captivated by all the manifestations of supernatural power today. Many Christians go "conference hopping" in the hope of being present at yet another occasion of "blessing", where they can witness all manner of effects, not just by the preacher and those called to the front, but throughout the auditorium. If believers persist in praying to the Holy Spirit for signs and manifestations, the Holy Spirit cannot answer. It is contrary to the purpose for which the Spirit has come. But there is always "another" who "comes in his own name", and "him you will hear". The crucial decision must be made. Is the flesh being fed, or crucified?

The Lord spoke to my wife some years ago saying, "In these days treat the miraculous very lightly. Look rather to the LIVES of those who profess to have spiritual powers". We have found it a most valuable word.

It is amazing how hard one may become when striving constantly for "power". But those who are striving for mastery (lawfully), "walk in the Spirit and have no confidence in the flesh". All such are progressively broken on the Rock which is Christ, and in brokenness they learn to be gentle, even when acting as salt.

Two final words. First of all, over the years since 1986, when we first started publishing The Prophetic Telegraph, we have frequently warned our readers about these growing tendencies within the charismatic movement. But lest any should think that we doctrinally reject manifestations of God's Holy Spirit in these end days, our testimony is that my wife and I received the baptism of the Spirit in 1967, and have used the gift of speaking in tongues in our private prayer lives ever since. We have also been God's instruments in areas of deliverance ministry, healing, and in receiving visions and revelations from the Lord.

Normally we should not wish to advertise this fact, but it seems necessary to say so at this juncture to avoid being misunderstood.

And secondly, over this period of time we have certainly been too strident and even harsh in our advertisement of the words of warning given to us. The Lord has graciously revealed these areas t us, (mainly myself), and where necessary letters of apology have been dispatched. It is good therefore to reveal this publicly now. My sincere prayer and desire for all those who are being sucked in to this present hyped up atmosphere of spiritual worship, is that the Holy Spirit will bring them through to a stable ground where they can appreciate the "way of the cross" that Jesus taught. I have no antagonism towards any of God's people, no matter what their persuasion is. If God has saved them through the precious blood of His own beloved Son, then they are my brothers and sisters in Christ. May God teach me how to love, and yet retain integrity based upon the revelation granted, until the end come.

A Vision of True and False Revival
Patrick Ersig -03/04/2006

Here is the account of a vision from God that I received regarding true and counterfeit revival. This vision occurred on March 4th 2006 - just to clarify - this was vision not a dream - I was fully awake and speaking the vision I saw as it was occurring to my wife. This vision was spoken on March 18th at The Gathering in Kansas City. (not word for word as written but spontaneously as prompted by the Holy Spirit.)

The vision...

Everything was black and I saw one person walking at a semi-brisk pace. Not fast walking, but a slight cadence above normal pace. Walking with purpose. This person was walking straight and sure - upright and strong - solemn and serious, like a revolutionary -a warrior - a light to darkness. I then saw a couple more people and then others in the distance and they were bright and shining against the blackness that was all around. They all walked the same way - solemn and serious and the Lord spoke and said, "These are my remnant who are walking in holiness, righteousness, obedience, brokenness and utter submission to MY WILL - watch what I am doing Patrick" Then I saw the individuals begin to unite in small groups of two to three at first and then more came and the groups grew to five and even ten and the light intensified greatly. It was beautiful like a sunset over the mountains or a sunrise on the ocean, a rose in full bloom. What I saw next made me burst into tears and sobs to the point that I couldn't continue to describe what I was seeing. My wife keep saying "What?!, what is it? What to do you see?!" after a few minutes a was able to control the weeping to explain what I saw happening. As the Lord was drawing together His remnant into these small groups the power God came down - like in the book of Acts - the lame were walking, the blind were seeing, the deaf were hearing, (literally and figuratively) and persecution fuelled the fire! This end times HOLY and RIGHTEOUS remnant of serious and solemn warriors and revolutionaries walked in the deep darkness of America and her backslidden lukewarm churches with apostolic glory and power not seen since the book of Acts to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ - repentance and holiness and freedom from sin!

The Lord spoke and said, "This is the revival that I am bringing about and it starts with the individuals who have been called out to personal revival and are walking straight and sure - upright and strong - solemn and serious, like revolutionaries, warriors, lights to darkness. My remnant is walking in holiness, righteousness, obedience, brokenness and utter submission to MY WILL and I am drawing them together".

Then the vision switched...

Now I saw what looked like a dimly lit movie or a video shot with poor lighting. I saw clips of people dancing and shaking. I saw people falling down, shouting, jumping, and singing. There were huge multitudes rather then the few and many, many were coming in large groups that filled large auditoriums and stadiums instead of small groups of individuals being drawn together. Even some of the lights that were in the first part of the vision were drawn to this part of the vision. I saw dancing and clapping, shaking, shouting, strong and powerful emotionalism and sensationalism. Soulish and fleshy spirits claimed to be the Holy Spirit. Great miracles abounded - signs and wonders. People proclaimed, "This is the revival we have been waiting and praying for!!! - This is the revival we have heard prophesied!!! - This is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit - a great move of God!" But the Lord spoke and said, "Patrick this is not from me - this is from Satan - it is a counterfeit!! And many will be fooled and tricked by this clever deception from the enemy!"

After I had this vision I spent hours on the internet trying to find the places that I saw in the video clips. I look at numerous church websites and church building photos for I new I would know immediately when I saw the place for the vision was clear. I never did find the place but I knew I would see it again sometime in the future. That time came in May of 2008 when I was viewing video clips from the Lakeland Florida Healing Revival - I almost fell out of my seat when unexpectedly saw some of the exact same video clips on Godtube that I saw in the vision.

Then the vision switched again...

Now I saw both visions side by side - split screen so to speak. They both grew in intensity at an equal rate - as the true would grow in power, the false would grow in numbers and as the true would grow in numbers, the false would grow in false signs and wonders. The Lord spoke and said, "This is not a vision of the future, but this has already begun and will grow as the days pass. I am doing this now and the enemy is coming against it at this very moment".


The Lord is bringing about an end times revival of which the like we have never seen and it begins with you. The Lord is calling you to be separate, to holiness and righteousness unto the Lord and to walk in obedience and utter submission to His will. Be free from sin, be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect, be dead to flesh and alive IN Christ. Walk sober and solemn and serious before the Lord with a reverent and holy fear of God. If you are looking and waiting for some big corporate outpouring of emotionalism and signs and wonders you are going to miss the coming revival. The revival starts with you! Seek the Lord and press into Him closer everyday. Allow the Blood and Grace of Jesus to break the bonds of your flesh and produce Holy and Righteous living in your life. Ask the Lord to show you what it is in your life that is keeping you from that which is perfect - no matter how small or how painful; ask the Lord to expose everything that is keeping you from being closer to Him and bring Glory to Him and His kingdom and deeply renounce all that He shows you.

Live your life as a living sacrifice - a living drink offering poured out before the Lord for His glory and honor. There are many things that are cultural, societal and religious that keep us separated from God and walking in His Spirit. Pray for God to bring these things to light and put them to death no matter how hard it may be. If you don't realize that the revival the Lord is doing begins with you individually, then you are going to miss it! The Lord is calling you today, repent for your lukewarmness and your lackadaisical attitude toward sin in your own life and those who are perishing and plunging into hell all around you everyday! The Lord is calling you today to allow the Blood of Jesus and the grace of God to produce holiness and rivers of righteousness in your life that you maybe salt to a decaying world and light to the darkness that prevails. What will you do? The Lord is calling you right now to make up your mind to love Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, take up your cross, die to self and follow HIM - forsaking ALL and seeking after Him with all that you are and have. Come out and be separate in holy, righteous obedience unto God!

WARNING - DO NOT be fooled by these sensual, emotional counterfeits that are and will be popping up that these people and "churches" call "revival". IT IS A TRICK FROM THE ENEMY! When you hear that "revival" has broken out in the next town or the next state or even in your own city - please remember this warning. There will be much singing and dancing and shouting and many things will sound as though they are true. There will be great surges of emotion that will cause people to fall down and jump and shout, cry and weep but this not from God. Many will be crying out in joy, "Peace, peace". But God's Servants will have discernment above and beyond any gift and a willingness to die than lie - despite the increase of signs and wonders from all of the counterfeit moves around them in the 'churches'. If the "revival" you are in is not serious and reverent, holy and righteous, and the Love and reverent fear toward God are not the only things you see, then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, and warn everyone you know. These spirits are strong and extremely powerful - get out of the building and don't be fooled by the signs and wonders. Please I am begging you to remember this for I know that there will be many who are fooled and even (if possible) drawn away from the real to the counterfeit, but I also know that there will be some who read this warning and remember it and are spared. The true revival army will look like small bands of revolutionaries or Special Forces with an end times mission to complete and Satan's counterfeit will resemble a band of wild Indians or tribal warriors dancing shouting battle cries. The true revival army will attack the enemy at it strong hold, sin - their mission will be the souls of men through the power of the Holy Spirit - they will be concerned with setting people free from the bondage of sin through the message of the cross and will watch strong holds of sin topple. Satan's counterfeit will go after places and methods of sin - they will try to legislate morality and get laws change, which results in forced morality and no salvations. God's army will seek to save that which is lost in the streets and alley, around the abortion clinics and place of sin for every salvation equals one less abortion and on less patron - Satan's army will try to change the laws to prevent sin but result in the salvation of no one. Satan's counterfeits will try to change the "laws" to prevent sin and work through the kingdoms and powers of this world to make their kingdom of "christ" on earth (trying by 'laws only' to stop abortion, etc.), but this result in the salvation of no one, just forced morality. For they love this present world. Whosoever loves his life shall lose it. Whosoever loses his life for MY sake, shall find it.

Satan you are on notice! God is preparing a revival army that is going to tear down the strongholds of your kingdom and Jesus is preparing a bride for Himself that is spotless and pure! GOD is calling out to you! God is calling to make a decision right now - what will you do?!?!

Note from David: More false waves of revival are coming to confuse those who do not respect the Word so that they may discern the true Spirit of God.

Word to Amos Scaggs - 5/15/03: "The might wind of revival -- A Mighty Sound of Abundant Rain ushers in the Messiah but I'm not in it ". (False Religion-False Jesus-Apostate Church.)

Trojan Horse Revival
David Eells

A strong delusion is washing over Apostate Christianity. It is people forsake the Word to follow the "spirit". I have a friend who use to be Mr. America. He and another brother were telling me when I first met them that they always heard from "the spirit" vocally. Some of the brethren and myself began to question them and found that "the spirit" was not in agreement with the Word. We told them that this could not be the Holy Spirit. We asked them if they would submit to deliverance. We also told them they had nothing to lose since the Holy Spirit cannot be cast out of anyone. They were a little proud and wanted to prove their point. So we commanded the demons to leave and they never heard the audible voice of God again (Not that God doesn't sometimes speak audibly). Immediately afterwards they came to respect the true Spirit of the Word.

This strong delusion is seen in people who appear to love the Lord while they forsake the Word to follow "the spirit". The Lord said His Words were "spirit and truth" and that that truth would set you free. He said if you didn't obey His Word you did not "Agape" Him. If you did obey them He and the Father would come to live in you. {Jn.14:23} Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love (Agape) me, he will keep my word: and my Father will love (Agape) him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. {24} He that loveth (Agape) me not keepeth not my words: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father's who sent me. Notice: "If a man 'Agape' me, he will keep my word".

This is because "God is Agape" and He is "the Word made flesh" so you cannot separate Agape from the Word. This is how we know false spirits. By the Spirit, an Apostle who wrote the WORD said: {1 Jn.4:6} We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he who is not of God heareth us not. By this we know the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error. {7} Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth (Agape = "keep my Word") is begotten (born) of God, and knoweth God. {8} He that loveth (Agape = "keep my Word") not knoweth not God; for God is love (Agape). Notice that everyone who is born of God keeps His commandments and is Agape like Him. Without keeping the Word you cannot know the true spirit of God for He is Agape. There are many spirits who lead God's people contrary to the "Agape" keeping of His Word. This is the strong delusion of the Toronto/Brownsville spirit. It deceives them to accept only a "phileo" love, which is an affectionate, emotional, love, in the place of "Agape" love of God. The devil has a purpose behind this. You can have this emotionally based "phileo" kind of love without obedience but it ends in damnation. Jesus asked Peter in John 21 if he "Agaped" Him enough to obey Him and forget his fishing career to feed His sheep. Peter answered that he only had "phileo" love. Emotions are good when submitted to the Spirit but they are also the foundation for all sin. For instance: Anger leads to wrath and lust leads to fornication. "Phileo" in God is very good because His emotions are submitted to His Spirit but "phileo" in man is easily manipulated by the devil. God never commanded us to "phileo" Him but He did command us many times to "Agape" Him.

Deceiving spirits are heightening the "phileo" love in the Toronto/Brownsville infected people to make them believe that they "Agape" Him when they do not obey Him. This destroys the rock of the Word to live on and replaces it with the sands of their own opinions. (Mt.7:21} Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven. {22} Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by thy name, and by thy name cast out demons, and by thy name do many mighty works? {23} And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. {24} Every one therefore that heareth these words of mine, and doeth them, shall be likened unto a wise man, who built his house upon the rock: {25} and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and if fell not: for it was founded upon the rock. {26} And every one that heareth these words of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, who built his house upon the sand: {27} and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and smote upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall thereof. Those who are the true anointed of the Lord have His Word in their mouth and stand on the Rock of obedience to it. (2 Sam.23:1)... David the son of Jesse saith, And the man who was raised on high saith, The anointed of the God of Jacob, And the sweet psalmist of Israel: {2} The Spirit of Jehovah spake by me, And his word was upon my tongue. {3} The God of Israel said, The Rock of Israel spake to me: One that ruleth over men righteously, That ruleth in the fear of God, {4} [He shall be] as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, A morning without clouds...

Now something even worse has come to pass. The Toronto/Brownsville infected people have degenerated into "eros" love toward God. Eros was the Greek god of love and desire. He is usually depicted as a young winged boy with bow and arrows to shoot into the hearts of men which would rouse them to desire. The IHOP (International House of Prayer) music and others spawned by this false revival for instance displays a physical attraction for the Lord and His physical attraction for us. This will lead them even deeper into deception, lust, fornication and self will than before.

Recently I saw a demon in a brother and then I heard him speak of ignoring the Word to follow the "spirit". This is common in the Toronto/Brownsville brethren. The other elders also felt this and we cast these demons out. This brother was then convicted by the Lord about the IHOP music he had been listening to. He brought it to me and played some of it. I heard the sexual connotations and told him that the mistaken love represented in the lyrics was "eros love" and was deceptively replacing God's "Agape love". It was then that he showed me this article he was bringing to me, which confirmed in the first words that this was "eros" love. I also recognized in the lyrics the "fire chants", that were so common to the Toronto/Brownsville deception. It was common in the music for them to sing that the fire burned in their spirit or soul but never in their flesh. This is the exact opposite of what true Christian desire is.

Here is the article that confirmed my word:

by Andrew Strom

Is there a problem with a "Romantic Lover" Jesus?


What does the term "Passion for Jesus" mean to you? Would it surprise you to learn that whole Christian movements are now using it to mean a kind-of "eros" love for Jesus - a 'passion' for Him similar to what an earthly husband and wife have for each other? (From the word "eros" we ultimately get the word 'erotic'). And what does the term "Intimacy with Jesus" mean to you? Would it surprise you to learn that many are now using it to mean sensual "romantic" encounters with Jesus - with Him as the Bridegroom and them as the 'Bride'?

You may think that such unscriptural practices must be out on the "fringe" somewhere. Surely they cannot be part of mainstream Christianity? Well, look around you, because this stuff is now everywhere. I live very close to one of the world's largest and most influential prayer centers here in Kansas City - and it has been a major source of this "Jesus as Romantic Lover" teaching for many years. And now it is all around the world. At this center you will find hundreds of young men and women who will tell you about being "ravished" for Jesus, "kissing" Jesus and 'swooning' in His arms, etc. Their entire understanding of "WHO GOD IS" and their relationship with Him is being shaped by this teaching. -And it is an utter twisting of Scripture.

Why is it important to have a right concept of "WHO GOD IS"? Why does it matter so much? Well, this one thing shapes everything else about our faith and our relationship with the Lord. At the heart of a lot of cults and deceptions is a fundamental mis-apprehension of the true character and nature of God - ie. "Who He is - How we approach Him". It really does affect EVERYTHING.

Now, imagine that there is a new doctrine that re-invents our very understanding of God - a doctrine that sweeps the world and catches up many young people. So, is this new doctrine based on a careful exegesis of the New Testament, you ask? -No! To your surprise you find that it is largely based on "spiritualizing" the SONG OF SOLOMON. Yes, that's right. An entire re-inventing of our relationship with God based not on the New Testament, but on Solomon's love-poetry about the body and breasts and comeliness of one of his 700 wives. -Wonderful poetry to be sure, but what kind of basis is that for such a drastic change in our basic beliefs?

(So is there no benefit to be gained from an 'allegorical' understanding of the Song Of Solomon? -Certainly there is! Hudson Taylor and others used it this way. But that is not the point I am making. The real issue is this:- Should we re-invent our entire understanding of "Who God is" and how we approach Him - to fit in with a tiny book of semi-erotic poetry from the Old Testament? Should this become our dominant understanding of God?)

As history shows us again and again, to the equal degree that we lose our grasp of the real character and nature of God - to this same degree we will lose genuine Christianity. You cannot have the true New Testament Faith if you have lost the true New Testament Jesus. -Which is why it is so serious when people say that in the West today we have invented a kind-of "American Jesus" to suit our self-centered, "me"-focused lifestyle. They point out that today you mostly hear of a Jesus who exists to make you "happy" rather than holy, a Jesus who is always a "friend" but never a Judge, a Jesus who does not any longer hate sin or demand repentance, but only wants you prosperous and 'blessed'. This is a Jesus that utterly suits our selfish Western mindset, but is found nowhere in the Bible.

And the new "Jesus As Lover" doctrine is just another twist in the ongoing tale of modern Christians distorting the character and nature of God.

Does Jesus love us? Of course He does - more than words can tell. And are we to love Him? Of course! -With all our heart, mind, soul and strength! But does this mean that we are to approach Him with a sensual "romantic" love, like some adolescent schoolgirl, "swooning" and smooching with our 'lover' Jesus? Is that what God's love means? Are we to exchange 'agape' for emotional "eros" and act like Jesus's "girlfriend" here on earth? (-Men as well as women?) God forbid!

Of course we know that in Scripture the corporate body of Christ (particularly at the end of the age) is described as the "Bride" of Christ. But isn't it obvious that this is talking about the 'CORPORATE' Body - not individual Christians? Are we each to become Jesus's little "girlfriends" here on earth - or is it the "WHOLE BODY" that is to one day be the Bride of Christ? -Clearly it is the latter.

The effect of this doctrine on young men is particularly distressing. To describe it as "effeminate" is quite an understatement. As it is, the modern church is already known for being an "anti-masculine" zone, with its flower displays, pink walls, mauve carpets, emotion- laden music, etc. A lot of commentators point to this when discussing the low attendance of men in our churches. But this new doctrine takes this theme to undreamt-of depths.

Can you imagine zealous praying young men who relate to Jesus (ie. another MALE) as a "lover" whom they kiss and 'swoon' over? Can you imagine what happens when this becomes their basic approach to God? -And this is just the beginning of the gender-bending weirdness that is starting to become "normal" in this movement. (Some are in such deception that they even have experiences of "Jesus" kissing them on the mouth, etc. The movement itself warns against "sensual encounters" but their very teaching leads directly to this kind of thing. Deceiving spirits are always super-active in this kind of environment. Where do you think the famed 'incubus' and 'succubus' originate from?)

The ironic thing is that a lot of the people who are into this doctrine claim to be "seeking Revival". They really think that this is the kind of 'intimacy' that God desires. It is greatly influencing the modern 'Prayer' movement, the Prophetic movement and the 'Worship' movement (-which explains the recent rash of songs with "Song of Solomon" type themes: "I kiss you with the kisses of my mouth", "Take me into your chamber", etc).

I find their talk of "Revival" particularly ironic, because I have studied Revival for many years, and I am aware that all the old Revivalists prayed to a God who is very different from what is being presented here. -And their understanding of "WHO GOD IS" was utterly crucial to their obtaining Revival. They prayed to a God of holiness and majesty and awe - a God of glory who hates sin, yet sent His son to die for sinners.

The God that the old Revivalists prayed to was the "throne room" God that Isaiah described- "I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple... And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts: The whole earth is full of his glory. And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke". (Is 6:1-5).

This is the "throneroom" God who is described again in Revelation chapter 4 - where we are told that the four beasts cry, "Holy, holy, holy" day and night without ceasing, and the 24 elders cast down their crowns before His throne - over and over again. It is "HOLINESS" that is the chief characteristic of God! No other characteristic is ever repeated three times together in the Bible - let alone over and over, day and night! -"HOLY, HOLY, HOLY".

And actually, the full title of the book of Revelation is the "Revelation of Jesus Christ". So in other words, it is a 'revealing' of who Jesus is and what He is really like. And when John (the 'beloved' disciple) first sees the glorified Christ in Revelation 1, we are told that such is His terror-inducing holiness and glory that John fell at his feet "as though dead". -This is the true Jesus - as He really is.

In every true Revival, it is the God of majesty who reveals himself. For Revival is the "Glory of God" coming down. It is His very 'throne room' presence coming down amongst men. Thus, even His own children should approach Him with awe. And if we do not pray to this God, then we should not expect Revival at all. -That is one of the basic lessons of Revival history. -We must pray to the 'RIGHT GOD' if we are going to see true Revival.

Incidentally, the 'Bride of Christ' in Revelation is described as a 'holy city' - a "new Jerusalem" coming down from heaven. (Rev 21). So it is clearly a 'CORPORATE' entity that exists at the end of the age. -Not some individualized "girlfriend of Jesus" in the here-and-now.

It is a very serious thing to tamper with our understanding of 'WHO GOD IS' and how we relate to Him. In a lot of ways it is like preaching "another Jesus". -It really is that bad. If you hear phrases today like 'Lovesick for Jesus', 'Bridal Paradigm', "Bridal intimacy", "Inflamed heart", 'Romancing', "Ravished", 'Fascinated', etc, then you can be pretty sure that you are being exposed to this deceptive doctrine. I believe it is serious error, and I urge you to flee from it as far as you can, my friends.


"D -- " writes:

I ran into this a few weeks ago at our home fellowship. A woman whom I see to be very Spirit filled, was talking to us at the dinner table about being taken into the "upper chambers" where Jesus laid her down on a bed of roses (because He is the Rose of Sharon He can do that, she said), and that He made love to her. She described to me this whole scene as if it were out of a romance novel. The thought of Jesus actually making love to me made me sick... I was actually disheartened, grieved and shocked that she was talking about this. What gets me is that her friends who were with her all agreed as if this was sound biblical doctrine.

[NOTE: The above email is not from Kansas City - but rather from elsewhere in the USA. It is a good example of what is happening as this doctrine spreads around the world. Please note that the prayer center in Kansas City does NOT teach in any way that we should have sexual or 'physical' encounters with Jesus. However, their teaching certainly lays the groundwork for it - and is the ultimate cause of it, in my opinion. Their claim is that it is "immature" believers who are misusing and distorting their teaching.

Well yes - of course! But they are actually preaching it to thousands of "immature" believers themselves! In fact, this seems to be their "target" audience. The hundreds of young people at their own prayer center boast an average age of 22 years, reportedly. So yes - a whole lot of "immature" believers are being greatly influenced by this doctrine. Tell me then - whose fault is this? Is it right for the KC leadership to simply wash its hands of the evil effects that this doctrine is having around the world? Isn't this actually the "fruit" of this teaching? -Isn't it producing "bad fruit" wherever it goes?]

"J -- -- " writes:

I just went to a ladies retreat two weeks ago and the theme was this same "lover Jesus" as portrayed in a book they used called, "With an Everlasting Love"... It was so Godless and selfish and full of "eros", putting thoughts and feelings in whoever reads it that certainly did not bring glory to God... I now have the opportunity to confront the pastor's wife about this teaching that literally every woman fell for (except me!) and was "wooed" by their sensuality as women and the need for love, that they sucked it right up.

"R -- -" writes:

I moved here to KC 2 years ago to attend [the Prayer Center]... I have been so confused by the whole up-sweep of the "Bridal Paradigm" and ravished heart of Jesus and Song of Solomon. I cannot relate to Jesus as romantic lover, nor do I want to!! I am trying to have clean thoughts and a pure heart. I want a Godly husband to be that for me, to model Christ's love and headship. All my friends tell me, "Jesus is your husband - let Him be your first love and your provider". As if I should shun men and give up on the idea of marriage.

The Editor of a Prophetic Newsletter - who follows the whole movement closely - writes:

I too have been concerned about this for a while. In particular I have seen much written about intimacy without any reference to obeying the revealed will of God. Jesus said, "If you love me, you will obey my commands". The intimacy emphasis is not just out of balance, it is dangerously soulish, promising emotional experiences and opening up the way to deceiving spirits if pursued too far.

"C -- -" writes:

What's amazing is how the presence of this teaching is like yeast. For a few years I was among believers who had absorbed 'bridal paradigm' teaching out of KC. It had a weird way of rubbing off. Even though I'd never even encountered it myself directly, for awhile I'd unwittingly absorbed some of it & had some dreams I now know came from unclean spirits. Thankfully my discernment antennaes began picking up on & rejecting the unholy nature of all this. Like many such excesses, it's the mixture that results when deception is mingled with the pure revelation of the Spirit that's so very, very deadly.

"L -- -" writes:

There is a strange message behind this Bridal Paradigm. -It was shown at the CALL in Kansas City. I was there. I witnessed this. There was a call to all those young people who were in attendance at this KC gathering and a few older - to pledge a marriage covenant right then that night to be MARRIED to Christ.

There was a Marriage Canopy held up for a marriage procession as hundreds marched under it as to become covenantly married to Christ. They made it seem so righteous and holy - So -many threw away their discernment and followed the leaders -forgetting that the marriage actually takes place in heaven at the marriage supper of the Lamb.


"THE CALL" IN KANSAS CITY: A Marriage Covenant with Jesus.
By Wendy Griffith, CBN News Reporter.

Some 20,000 mostly young people packed the Kansas City Convention Center on New Year's Eve for a wedding ceremony unlike any other... as each person who came embarked on a marriage covenant with the Bridegroom of Heaven... From noon until midnight they danced and sang, fasted and prayed, and got ready to get married to Jesus.

"There's going to be a wedding and God is raising up friends of the Bridegroom to prepare the church, there's going to be a wedding!"

One by one, thousands of men and women, young and old, made their vows and walked under the prayer shawl symbolizing their commitment to Jesus.

[A COMMENTATOR NOTES: The huppah is in fact an integral part of a binding WEDDING CEREMONY between man and woman; therefore what these young people were doing was getting married -but to whom? The Bible tells us that the marriage of the Lamb takes place "in heaven" and only at the Day of Redemption when all believers are gathered in. It does not take place on earth as a "preparation" for the Lord's coming].

Continuing the CBN Report...

"Stewart Greaves, a 30-year-old, said, "I really feel like the Lord is calling young people to fall madly in love with Him. I've always felt that the difference between religion and relationship is intimacy with Jesus..".

Here in Kansas City, there has already been a tremendous focus on the bridal love of Jesus... where for three and a half years, a team of prophetic singers, intercessors and others have held 24-hour-a-day praise and worship focusing on Jesus as the bridegroom.

FROM a BOOK that is Required Reading at the School of this Kansas City prayer center:

"He [God] has given Himself to both the exhilarations and the woundings of a lovesick heart. When He gazes upon me, He sees through the eyes of love and desire. He comes before me and says, 'I am a Man in love. I am a God that burns with desire, and I have set My affections on you. I am an all-consuming fire of love, and you are the inheritance that My Father has promised me. Will you receive My love?'" (Pg 57).

"O Gaze Eternal,
How penetrating are Your Fires
Rushing through my darkest places
With the burning streams of Desire
Leaving me naked, purged and bare
... Yet embraced...
You take hold of my weakest places
And kiss them with Your mercy
Lifting up my low grounds
With your mighty love so holy..". (Pg 52).

"She lifted her arms wide to the Lord and said with all of her strength and her love, 'Enjoy me. Right here, right now, in my absolute weakness, enjoy me'." (Pg 84).

[NOTE: The above book goes on and on in a similar vein for 200 pages. We remind you again that this is an officially recommended publication at this Kansas City prayer center, with a Foreword by the LEADER of the movement himself. It is "Required Reading" for the young people at their ministry School.

When they talk about a Bridal "Paradigm" - what do they mean? Well, a 'paradigm' is a new mindset or "world-view". These people are now viewing Jesus and Christianity through an entirely new set of lenses, so to speak - ie. Through this 'BRIDAL' Paradigm. -For many, that is now their dominant understanding of Jesus Christ.]

-by Andrew Strom.

With all this talk about the error of the "Jesus as Romantic Lover" teaching, I don't want to give the impression that I am against having a deep relationship with God. The fact is - my whole ministry is devoted to bringing people into a closer and closer walk with Him - a walk of truly deep communion. But there is one very important difference. -And it is all to do with the 'CHARACTER' of God, and how we approach Him.

Since I was 17 years old - when I first went through a true "Revival" experience in my life - I have found myself in deep communion with God in prayer. Many times I have found myself (as it were) in the very 'throne room' presence of God, where all I could do was behold His glory and majesty in awe - often with tears streaming down my face. "HOLY HOLY HOLY". Sometimes I have been unable to speak or utter any word for hours at a time - because what words are sufficient for such things? -This is the God that I came to deeply love. -A 'HOLY' God. And I believe that 'knowing' God deeply in this way is for every believer. In fact, this is what I spoke about at our recent 'Gathering'. -'Personal Revival' and coming into a state of deep communion with Him. I am totally committed to the fact that this is God's will for every Christian. -Nothing 'unusual'.

But there are "foundations" that must be laid to come into this. And one of the most important of these foundations is a right understanding of God as a 'HOLY' God. -I mean deeply and utterly "Holy". -Holy beyond words and almost beyond comprehension. The more we get a grasp of God's HOLINESS, the more we ourselves desire holiness, and the closer and closer to Him we become. I have seen this and I know it is true.

We all know the Scripture- "The FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom". But what a lot of us don't realize is that it is through this reverential 'Fear' of the Lord that we ultimately come into a deep 'LOVE' relationship with Him. It is utterly crucial that we embrace His judgments and holiness - as well as His mercy and grace. And as this foundation of God's glory and holiness and majesty is laid in our hearts, our whole approach to Him changes. We start to see Him as He really is - in all His GLORY - and we start to LOVE Him more and more. And as His holiness works its way more and more into our lives, we come closer and closer to Him - not in any "romantic" or 'sensual' way, but in a 'HOLY' way. -This is a major secret of the 'Revived' life: Apprehending the 'HOLY' character and nature of God. -That is where it starts.

Which is why I have such a problem with the "Jesus as Lover" teaching. -Because it brings God down to "our level" - a sentimental 'romantic' level rather than a 'throneroom' one. It is an awful distortion. I believe it actually ruins a lot of people's relationship with God - rather than helping it. In many ways it is a "false Jesus" that is being preached - and the approach is completely wrong.

I know from Scripture and all Revival history that it is the God of GLORY and HOLINESS - the "throne room" God - that we must get to know if we are to come into the deepest heart communion and intimacy with Him. The 'Fear' of the Lord really is the beginning of wisdom.

Through the free gift of the cleansing blood of Jesus - a FREE GIFT - we can truly and deeply become the 'FRIEND' of the King of Kings. -Now, how precious is that?? How many billions of dollars could you pay for that?? -We can actually become the 'FRIEND' of the God of all glory - Creator of the Universe. This is the God that we can come to deeply know and love. And the key is His 'HOLINESS'.


I am convinced that the "Jesus as Romantic Lover" teaching is more than just an over-emphasis. It is serious error, which is producing bad fruit all over the world.

But more than that, I regard it as an utterly "anti-Revival" doctrine. If you are a seeker of true Revival, then I cannot imagine a worse way to be sidetracked than this. It promises a new kind of "intimacy" with Jesus, yet delivers only cheap 'romance'. And it fights against true 'holiness' preaching (ie. Revival preaching) by bringing God down to a more earthy and soulish and sentimental level. You cannot ever conceive of it preaching "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God". At the end of the day, I believe it simply preaches a 'FALSE JESUS'.

Of course, our culture today is saturated with sex and romance, so this "Romantic Lover Jesus" doctrine plays right along with that. But are we supposed to adapt our whole understanding of God to the sick culture of the day, or are we supposed to represent the TRUE JESUS as He really is - and change the world? Clearly the latter, of course. To change our gospel to make Jesus a "wooing" romantic lover, chasing his beloved and playing "hide & seek" with her, is obviously 'off' in a major way. But you can see why many of our youth are falling for it.

Of course, there is another distorted teaching related to this, which is also coming out of that same group in Kansas City. It is the over-emphasis on how much God aches and desires and takes "pleasure" in us - even in our "weakness" and 'brokenness' and sinfulness, etc. Again, when this is distorted and over-emphasized to such an extreme, it becomes an "anti-Revival" doctrine of the worst kind. I have been studying Revival now for over 20 years, and I would say that this kind of teaching is just about the worst barrier to true Revival in existence. Instead of exalting God, it portrays Him as excessively 'emotional', as He woos and enjoys us with His 'inflamed' heart - even in our 'weakness' (ie. sin). In other words, the seriousness of sin is down-played and "we" become the center instead of God. Again, this is in direct opposition to all true Revival preaching, and it simply amazes me that any "Revival-seeking" group would come out with it.

Of course, as we have intimated before, this "Bridal" teaching seems to distort or ruin almost everything it touches. 'FASTING' is another example. Here is what one person wrote about their encounter with 'Bridegroom' fasting: "I have had experience with some ministry that included what they call a "bridegroom fast" where they mourn in "lovesickness" for the purpose of experiencing more of divine Love. Seems to be really over-emphasizing emotional experiences". - Yes - exactly!

So is such 'Bridegroom' fasting actually pleasing to God? Does He even notice it at all? And what about their 'Bridegroom' PRAYING? Or their 'Bridegroom' MUSIC? (-Of which there seems to be such an abundance!) -Does any of it actually achieve what it is supposed to achieve? Or is it all based on a completely false perception of God?

These are the questions that need to be seriously considered by anyone who is thinking of getting involved in this movement.

... Back to the Trojan Horse
David Eells

Here is a portion of Sovereign God for Us and Through Us in which I was speaking of this Trojan Horse Revival that was brought into the Church by ignorant apostate leadership.

Some of these serpent false ministries are as Pharaoh's wise men and sorcerers who counterfeited the signs and wonders given to Moses (Ex.7:11,22; 8:7). It is interesting to note that though they could counterfeit some of the judgments (turning their staff into a serpent, turning waters into blood, and multiplying the plague of frogs), they could not remove them. Moses removed them, meaning God permitted them to magnify the curse, but not to deliver from it. It is still true today.

I have a friend who was mixed up in a ministry (Toronto/Brownsville) that was seeing many signs and wonders. As I watched, I noticed that these supernatural occurrences were not the gifts of provision as in the book of Acts or in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14. These signs and wonders seemed to be placebos to pacify a desire for the supernatural. They were flesh-pleasing signs that brought no practical, lasting deliverance from the curse. I perceived deceiving spirits involved and even saw some through the gift of discerning of spirits. When some tried to constrain them to stick to the Word, they would merely pass it off saying that God was doing a new thing. Even though there may be new things to our own experience, Solomon said, "There is no new thing under the sun". We should find precedent in the Word for our signs and wonders. Paul warned of lying signs and wonders that come through Satan and his minions but are sent by God to deceive those who do not love truth (2 Thes.2:9-12). In concern for my friend whom I knew was gifted with dreams and visions, I prayed that the Lord would give her some to warn her of what was going on. The next time I saw her she related to me that she saw a vision in her church assembly. The ceiling disappeared, and she saw a great red dragon ("the old serpent") stretched over the whole building. God was obviously saying that Satan was exercising dominion through deception there. Then she saw another vision: a Trojan horse was being wheeled through the back door. A voice told her, "Christians brought that in here". This symbolized a false gift in which the enemy was hidden in order to conquer them.

If the demons cannot keep you out of Christianity entirely, they have another strategy. There are religious spirits that specialize in keeping people in bondage to false, so-called "Christian" religions that do not teach the Word that sets free. There are many serpent spirits at work in the church today deceiving many with "doctrines of demons", as Paul shared in 1 Timothy 4:1-3. Serpent spirits are manifest as false directions, doctrines, prophecies, and leadership to name a few. (2 Cor.11:13) For such men are false apostles (Greek: "one sent forth"), deceitful workers, fashioning themselves into apostles of Christ. (14) And no marvel; for even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel (Greek: "messenger") of light (truth). (15) It is no great thing therefore if his ministers also fashion themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works. The word "angel" in Greek is angelos, and is sometimes translated "messenger" when describing ministers who are sent by God or other ministers (Lk.7:24,27; 9:52). It is obvious that there are men who have infiltrated the ranks of ministers who are sent by Satan through their own ego and religious organizations. Both Jesus and Paul taught that these ministers were in the majority (Jn.10:8; 2 Cor.2:17).

These serpent spirits can also be mind-corrupting such as lust, greed, anger, bitterness, lying, homosexuality, alcoholism, idolatry, and uncleanness.

I asked the Lord to show me about this false revival so I could show others. He sent me to a church not far from Brownsville that I had also ministered in several times. One of the Brownsville ministers was bringing the "revival" there. There was a lot of fleshly showy stuff going on, which is normal for that "revival". He was going around slapping his bible on people's chest saying, "The Word of God in your heart. The Word of God in your heart". Of course it didn't work. It was a placebo. Nothing can replace obeying what you read in the Word. After the show there was an altar call. The Lord told me to go down and get into the line to be prayed for. I questioned Him because of the religious spirits I saw in the minister. After He confirmed His direction I started for the altar. I felt to pray on the way down and forbid any religious spirit to touch me in Jesus' name. I got in line and about 2/3 of the way down the line and the minister was working his way toward me, praying for people who had various manifestations: jerking, twitching and falling out. He stopped in front of me and put his hands out to put them on my chest to pray for me and instead of touching me his whole body pushed back and his eyes got big. He put out his hands again and his whole body pushed back again and his eyes got bigger. The third time this happened he fell on the ground and prayed for no one else in the line. I had my clear answer: religious spirits.

Ever wonder why Christians from the Toronto/Brownsville Revival seem so very happy and care free? It is because they have cast off the crucified life of submission to the Word. A revelation was given to an early Church Father named Hermas in the early second century. In a vision the Lord appeared to him as a Shepherd revealing many things about true and false Christian life, which he was to send to the churches. Read what was revealed about these unrestrained, Biblically irresponsible people. These who only want to sing, praise, listen to their music chants and impart their deceptive, false fire anointing to the unsuspecting who almost immediately forsake the Word. Don't let them lay their hands on you. They are carriers of a demonic disease. If they have laid hands on you renounce it and get deliverance quickly.

The Shepherd of Hermas (Book III, Similitude 6)


Sitting in my house, and glorifying the Lord for all that I had seen, and reflecting on the commandments, that they are excellent, and powerful, and glorious, and able to save a man's soul, I said within myself, "I shall be blessed if I walk in these commandments, and every one who walks in them will be blessed". While I was saying these words to myself, I suddenly see him sitting beside me, and hear him thus speak: "Why are you in doubt about the commandments which I gave you? They are excellent: have no doubt about them at all, but put on faith in the Lord, and you will walk in them, for I will strengthen you in them. These commandments are beneficial to those who intend to repent: for if they do not walk in them, their repentance is in vain You, therefore, who repent cast away the wickedness of this world which wears you out; and by putting on all the virtues of a holy life, you will be able to keep these commandments, and will no longer add to the number of your sins. Walk, therefore, in these commandments of mine, and you will live unto God. All these things have been spoken to you by me". And after he had uttered these words, he said to me, "Let us go into the fields, and I will show you the shepherds of the flocks". "Let us go, sir", I replied. And we came to a certain plain, and he showed me a young man, a shepherd, clothed in a suit of garments of a yellow color: and he was herding very many sheep, and these sheep were feeding luxuriously (Note: The Lord later explained that luxury was giving into sin and fleshly pleasures.), as it were, and riotously, and merrily skipping hither and thither. The shepherd himself was merry, because of his flock; and the appearance of the shepherd was joyous, and he was running about amongst his flock. And other sheep I saw rioting and luxuriating in one place, but not, however, leaping about.


And he said to me, "Do you see this shepherd?" "I see him, sir", I said. "This", he answered, "is the angel of luxury and deceit: he wears out the souls of the servants of God, and perverts them from the truth, deceiving them with wicked desires, through which they will perish; for they forget the commandments of the living God, and walk in deceits and empty luxuries; and they are ruined by the angel, some being brought to death, others to corruption:" I said to him, "Sir, I do not know the meaning of these words, 'to death, and to corruption'." "Listen", he said. "The sheep which you saw merry and leaping about, are those which have tom themselves away from God for ever, and have delivered themselves over to luxuries and deceits of this world. Among them there is no return to life through repentance, because they have added to their other sins, and blasphemed the name of the Lord. Such men therefore, are appointed unto death. And the sheep which you saw not leaping, but feeding in one place, are they who have delivered themselves over to luxury and deceit, but have committed no blasphemy against the Lord. These have been perverted from the truth: among them there is the hope of repentance, by which it is possible to live. Corruption, then, has a hope of a kind of renewal, but death has everlasting ruin". Again I went forward a little way, and he showed me a tall shepherd, somewhat savage in his appearance, clothed in a white goatskin, and having a wallet on his shoulders, and a very hard staff with branches, and a large whip. And he had a very sour look, so that I was afraid of him, so forbidding was his aspect. This shepherd, accordingly, was receiving the sheep from the young shepherd, those, viz., that were rioting and luxuriating, but not leaping; and he cast them into a precipitous place, full of this ties and thorns, so that it was impossible to extricate the sheep from the thorns and thistles; but they were completely entangled amongst them. These, accordingly, thus entangled, pastured amongst the thorns and thistles, and were exceedingly miserable, being beaten by him; and he drove them hither and thither, and gave them no rest; and, altogether, these sheep were in a wretched plight.


Seeing them, therefore, so beaten and so badly used, I was grieved for them, because they were so tormented, and had no rest at all. And I said to the Shepherd who talked with me, "Sir, who is this shepherd, who is so pitiless and severe, and so completely devoid of compassion for these sheep?"

"This", he replied, "is the angel of punishment; and he belongs to the just angels, and is appointed to punish. He accordingly takes those who wander away from God, and who have walked in the desires and deceits of this world, and chastises them as they deserve with terrible and diverse punishments". "I would know, sir", I said, "Of what nature are these diverse tortures and punishments?" "Hear", he said, "the various tortures and punishments. The tortures are such as occur during life. For some are punished with losses, others with want, others with sicknesses of various kinds, and others with all kinds of disorder and confusion; others are insulted by unworthy persons, and exposed to suffering in many other ways: for many, becoming unstable in their plans, try many things, and none of them at all succeed, and they say they are not prosperous in their undertakings; and it does not occur to their minds that they have done evil deeds, but they blame the Lord. When, therefore, they have been afflicted with all kinds of affliction, then are they delivered unto me for good training, and they are made strong in the faith of the Lord; and for the rest of the days of their life they are subject to the Lord with pure hearts, and are successful in all their undertakings, obtaining from the Lord everything they ask; and then they glorify the Lord, that they were delivered to me, and no longer suffer any evil".


I said to him, "Sir, explain this also to me". "What is it you ask?" he said. "Whether, sir", I continued, "they who indulge in luxury, and who are deceived, are tortured for the same period of time that they have indulged in luxury and deceit?" He said to me, "They are tortured in the same manner". ["They are tormented much less, sir", I replied;] "for those who are so luxurious and who forget God ought to be tortured seven-fold". He said to me "You are foolish, and do not understand the power of torment". "Why, sir", I said, "if I had understood it, I would not have asked you to show me". "Hear", he said, "the power of both. The time of luxury and deceit is one hour; but the hour of torment is equivalent to thirty days. If, accordingly, a man indulge in luxury for one day, and be deceived and be tortured for one day, the day of his torture is equivalent to a whole year. For all the days of luxury, therefore, there are as many years of torture to be undergone. You see, then", he continued, "that the time of luxury and deceit is very short, but that of punishment and torture long".


"Still", I said, "I do not quite understand about the time of deceit, and luxury, and torture; explain it to me more clearly". He answered, and said to me, "Your folly is persistent; and you do not wish to purify your heart, and serve God. Have a care", he added, "lest the time be fulfilled, and you be found foolish. Hear now", he added, "as you desire, that you may understand these things. He who indulges in luxury, and is deceived for one day, and who does what he wishes, is clothed with much foolishness, and does not understand the act which he does until the morrow; for he forgets what he did the day before. For luxury and deceit have no memories, on account of the folly with which they are clothed; but when punishment and torture cleave to a man for one day, he is punished and tortured for a year; for punishment and torture have powerful memories. While tortured and punished, therefore, for a whole year, he remembers at last a his luxury and deceit, and knows that an their account he suffers evil. Every man, therefore, who is luxurious and deceived is thus tormented, because, although having life, they have given themselves over to death". "What kinds of luxury, sir", I asked, "are hurtful?" "Every act of a man which he performs with pleasure", he replied, "is an act of luxury; for the sharp-tempered man, when gratifying his tendency, indulges in luxury; and the adulterer, and the drunkard, and the back-biter, and the liar, and the covetous man, and the thief, and he who does things like these, gratifies his peculiar propensity, and in so doing indulges in luxury. All these acts of luxury are hurtful to the servants of God. On account of these deceits, therefore, do they suffer, who are punished and tortured. And there are also acts of luxury which save men; for many who do good indulge in luxury, being carried away by their own pleasure: this luxury, however, is beneficial to the servants of God, and gains life for such a man; but the injurious acts of luxury before enumerated bring tortures and punishment upon them; and if they continue in them and do not repent, they bring death upon themselves".

Questions Concerning the Toronto/Brownsville Experience

I live two miles from Brownsville and have warred with the deceiving spirits of that revival for almost 10 years. If you go to a revival and instead of calling upon the name of the Lord, they are chanting the mantra Fire, Fire, Fire; or More, More, More; or More power or More fire. Run, they are calling forth the Toronto/Brownsville spirits to deceive you with lying signs and wonders. God gives Biblical signs and wonders to confirm the people who speak His true Word. Lying signs and wonders confirm a lie and a people who come to spread a lie.

{2 Thes. 2:8} And then shall be revealed the lawless one, whom the Lord Jesus shall slay with the breath of his mouth, and bring to nought by the manifestation of his coming; {9} [even he], whose coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, {10} and with all deceit of unrighteousness for them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. {11} And for this cause God sendeth them a working of error, that they should believe a lie: {12} that they all might be judged who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

If you are prayed over or more correctly preyed upon by these people renounce it quickly. Notice that unless you are protected because of your love for the Word and righteous living several things will happen. You will be deceived by Satan as a working of error sent by God. I have seen several things consistently in the infected people. They begin to hear the voice and follow the leading of God-impersonating spirits. {Dt.13:1} If there arise in the midst of thee a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and he give thee a sign or a wonder, {2} and the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them; {3} thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or unto that dreamer of dreams: for Jehovah your God proveth you, to know whether ye love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul. {4} Ye shall walk after Jehovah your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him. They become so convinced this is the voice of God they come to respect their false word rather than the true Word. Because they now do not have this standard there is no conviction and restraint for their life and they are given over to their past lusts or new lusts. The spirits in them will rail with lies at those who recognize them as false spirits and love the Word. As this infection progresses these people not only come to respect these unbiblical signs but are able to pass on the spirits who bring the strong delusion and perform them.

It was the Brownsville Assembly of God church in Pensacola, Florida, that opened the door for this Trojan Horse and then many other churches of this denomination jumped in. The reason they were chosen to be the prime leaders of this is obvious. They do not believe that Christians can have demons. Since they believed that these could not be demons manifesting in and through their brethren, then it must be God. Once again departure from the Word opened them up to this deception. Jesus commanded His disciples not to go to any Gentiles but only to Israel to cast out demons (Mt.10:5-8). This is because they had the covenant right to deliverance and the lost did not. Jesus also told the Syrophoenician woman who wanted deliverance for her daughter that "it is not meet to take the children's bread and cast it to the dogs" (Mk.7:26, 27). This means that only the children of God can have deliverance from their demons. Because this woman expressed faith in Jesus, and faith is accounted as righteousness in the New Covenant that He was making, she received her request. The Assemblies being a rather traditional Pentecostal church was then able to influence many other people of like mind. This was because none of them had become familiar with God's Word.

I have been asked, "Can one have a partial infection?" Yes, for instance: I have seen some receive the spirits that cause them to disrespect the Word but they still are not convinced of the lying signs and wonders. The reason for this is simple. This has been revealed as a Trojan Horse attack on the people of God. When the people of Troy brought what they thought was a gift of their God inside their city, a relatively small group of the enemy was hidden inside. In the darkness that came, these crept out and opened the gates to a larger army waiting outside. Many Christians are bringing the false gift inside and if they continue in the darkness will sooner or later be infested with more life destroying demons.

I have been asked, "Can one be prayed over by these people and not be infected at all?" Yes, some of the Christians examining this phenomenon from inside the infected Churches or elsewhere are ignorantly but honestly seeking only God and sometimes pray the famous prayer, "Lord if this is not of you I don't want it". These usually escape infection in their ignorance. {Pr.26:2} As the sparrow in her wandering, as the swallow in her flying, So the curse that is causeless alighteth not. Remember Balaam was bribed to curse the people of God but found he could not. {Num.23:8} How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? And how shall I defy, whom Jehovah hath not defied? {9} For from the top of the rocks I see him, And from the hills I behold him: lo, it is a people that dwelleth alone, And shall not be reckoned among the nations. Notice that those who are separate from the world, which is the meaning of sanctification, are blessed and cannot be cursed as Balaam went on to say. {20} Behold, I have received [commandment] to bless: And he hath blessed, and I cannot reverse it.

On the other hand as these same ignorant people begin to be warned of God by others or through His Word and they ignore this, they become guilty of willful sin and the curse will overtake them. We cannot bless those God has cursed. If you cast these demons out and the victims do not repent, they will come back worse. Jesus said that when the demon is cast out of an unrepentant person, meaning those who do not respect His Word, he would return and open the gate for seven worse than himself (Mt.12:38-45). Frustrated because of seeing this in my experience with these people I cried to the Father, "Lord what can I do for the Toronto/Brownsville infected people?" He gave me an immediate answer. {Jer.7:27} And thou shalt speak all these words unto them; but they will not hearken to thee: thou shalt also call unto them; but they will not answer thee. {28} And thou shalt say unto them, This is the nation that hath not hearkened to the voice of Jehovah their God, nor received instruction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth. {29} Cut off thy hair (Hebrew: crown), [O Jerusalem], and cast it away, and take up a lamentation on the bare heights; for Jehovah hath rejected and forsaken the generation of his wrath. {30} For the children of Judah (Spirit filled people) have done that which is evil in my sight, saith Jehovah: they have set their abominations in the house which is called by my name, to defile it. {31} And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded not, neither came it into my mind. Notice that those who do not hear the true voice of God, will not hear the Word of God through you, but will lose their crown, entering the wrath.

I have been asked, "What is the difference between the true gifts of God and the false?" The true gifts of 1 Corinthians 12, 13, 14 destroy the works of the Satan and cast him out. False gifts never cast him out but bring him in. {Mk.3:23} And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan? {24} And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. {25} And if a house be divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. {26} And if Satan hath risen up against himself, and is divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end. The true gifts are practical in that they bring God's salvation from the curse. The false gifts are for fleshly indulgence and entertainment and slyly destroy the works of God. From God's point of view they come to separate the wheat from the tares especially in the time of the harvest as that parable in Matthew 13 shows.

I have been asked, "If I have been affected by this false revival, what can I do for deliverance?" First repent, meaning, change your mind. Do not deny one Word of God because of your idols. Believing flesh-appeasing doctrines to appease your own selfish ambitions will give God cause to permit these demons to deceive you. {Eze.14:4}... Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Every man of the house of Israel that taketh his idols into his heart, and putteth the stumblingblock of his iniquity before his face, and cometh to the prophet; I Jehovah will answer him therein according to the multitude of his idols; {5} that I may take the house of Israel in their own heart, because they are all estranged from me through their idols. God will send deception to those who have idols of personal ambition.

The next step in deliverance is to believe the Gospel that Father "delivered us out of the power of darkness, and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of his love {Col.1:13}. Take the authority you received from this and renounce and rebuke these deceiving spirits from you. Renounce the false signs that have no relationship to what you see in Scriptures. If you feel you need help call on true elders who are free of this deception to stand with you.

Love from your servant,

E-mail From a Prophetess Who Was Involved in Brownsville

I know that this is a very unsettling time. This teaching on Brownsville/Toronto has really stirred up a hornet's nest of spirits. As I told you a few days ago, the Lord had warned me about certain relationships. So I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise, but still it is a shock.

To be honest, I am a peacemaker by nature and want everyone to get along. I wondered if things really had to be as "harsh" as they turned out, so this morning I took it EARNESTLY to the Lord. I cried out to Him to show me the TRUTH in all of this, and why were things getting so difficult. I said, "Lord, I have many friends who were/are involved with Brownsville. They love you. Aren't we being a little 'harsh'?. Can't we just sort of 'forgive' and move on?"

IMMEDIATELY, the Lord said, "Jeremiah 16". So I turned there........it is ABSOLUTELY what I needed to hear. The reason things seem "harsh" is because God is dealing harshly with this spirit!!! Please read Jeremiah 16, the whole chapter. It says that we are not to get married in this place. That tells me NO COVENANT RELATIONSHIPS where this spirit is.

So after I read that chapter and understood it, I said, "But Lord, what about me? I have associated with some of these people carrying this spirit. Are you cutting me off?" He lifted my eye up the page a bit to chapter 15 verses 19-21. Some of it says, "If you return, then I will restore you -- Before Me you will stand; and if you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become My spokesman. They for their part may turn to you, but as for you, you must not turn to them". So many of us are under God's mercy right now, extracting the precious from the worthless.

Then I asked the Lord how you (David) had the understanding to deal so sharply with this spirit, as I would have been more "forgive and forget" type thing. And this is what the Lord said to me... "David has been a warrior against this spirit for a long time. He has been in battle against it many times and therefore, recognizes it more quickly than most. He also understands its tactics and has seen firsthand how devastating this spirit can be to My people". (Look at what the Lord says is coming to them in chapter 16:4.)

David, I hope this will be an encouragement to you. I know it is hard. I, myself, HATE it. But, I believe the Word....so be it!!

E-mail from a Brother Asking for a Sign

I asked the Lord about going to a meeting where gold dust was one of the signs along with weight loss as some of the signs manifested in these meetings.

Well I went to the Lord and asked Him to show me if it was okay to go. I then opened the Bible and my finger fell upon:

{2 Tim.4:3} For the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but, having itching ears, will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts; {4} and will turn away their ears from the truth, and turn aside unto fables.

Wow! What a revelation. Boy do we need the gift of discernment today. Is the Word being preached and Jesus being lifted up? Watch out for these fleshly uplifting preachers. Don't let anyone deceive you. We are in the last days.

E-mail From Eric of Recent Brownsville-Type Revival

In regards to these Brownsville spirits, I can attest to the fact that they are false and harmful. False because all their manifestations fail to agree with the word of God. Harmful because they distract from any true deliverance or worship of God.

Here is my experience and encounter with the Brownsville spirits.

I witnessed people who were supposedly being anointed with the Holy Ghost suddenly fall down as if knocked out by a prize fighter. They called it "slain in the spirit". I saw others in fits of maniacal laughter, while others were swaying or shaking, some as if they were drunk and others as if they had bodies like Jell-O. There were strange chantings about fire and sexual overtones to their speech. There were two charismatic preachers who were imparting these sensual spirits and the women seemed to be attracted to them or rather the flirtatious spirits within them. When they "groaned", it sounded like a man in the act of sex and their eyes were glassy and red like someone high on marijuana. There were group impartations that caused everyone to fall down together and there was even a couple of disturbing sexual poses. Nobody was prophesying in an edifying way or teaching, there was no group prayer for healing or deliverance because most of the people there were interested in coming back for more impartations like a drug addict comes back for more. Even when an individual would try to recover they would impart more of these spirits and put them back out. Please brethren, be informed that these spirits serve the pleasures of the flesh and skillfully avoid any true edification of the spirit. They speak of the power of God but they disobey his word. They speak in tongues but there is no way to interpret what they say because no one seems to care what they are saying. They misquote scripture and add to the Word their own suppositions because they need to justify these works of the adversary. It is only about feeling good in the flesh. Our Lord, with a true word, teaches us to sow to the spirit and not to the flesh.

Brethren, be warned. All of us have a responsibility to God to not only know the Word, but to obey the Word. If we do not learn and obey the Word then we leave a door open for strong delusion. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear. For those who have eyes to see, let them see. Obey the Word and these unclean spirits will flee from you. Be cautious as to who lays hands on you or prays over you, if you do not know their background or anything about them. Keep studying the word in order to be approved.

A False Healing Revival in Florida?
Andrew Strom 04/23/2008

Many of you will have already heard about the "Healing Revival" that has purportedly broken out in Lakeland, Florida. Today Charisma Magazine put out a piece on it entitled 'A Holy Ghost Outbreak in Florida' - "...Charismatics are flocking to the sleepy town of Lakeland, Fla. to attend evangelist Todd Bentley's unconventional revival services". Is Charisma preparing to hype this one to the skies like they did with Toronto and Rodney Howard- Browne? It seems perhaps they are.

But why am I opposed to this 'Healing Revival' so soon after it has been announced? -It is because I already know Todd Bentley's ministry all too well, and this whole thing centers around him.

Todd Bentley actually has deep roots in the Prophetic movement, and he is one of the very few ministers that I have ever felt I had to publicly warn people about by name. -His ministry is that bad. False "angel" encounters of the weirdest kind, gold dust, guided visualizations of the "Third Heaven" that are straight out of the New Age, etc. And yet there is a "power" with it that makes it all the more dangerous.

Here is how Charisma describes his Florida meetings- "His methods are far from polished. When he prayed for people in Lakeland, he usually began by laying his hand on their heads and then yelling, "Bam!" Often the people fell backward to the floor. After one elderly woman fell, Bentley told the audience: "She doesn't know why she fell down". The woman then laughed and said to him in the microphone: "Because you pushed me!" He prayed for her three more times that night, and she said she could hear better... During the past three weeks people have testified of being healed from heart conditions, skin rashes and back problems, and many said scars disappeared... Many charismatics are wondering if the protracted meetings will become a phenomenon similar to what happened in Rodney Howard-Browne's meetings in Lakeland in 1993, at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church in Canada in 1994 and at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola in 1995..". [END QUOTE]

Sadly, the Charismatic movement is in such a sick state today that it would not surprise me at all if this happens. (-I say this as a strong Spirit-filled, tongues-speaking believer myself. I am by no means opposed to genuine miracles). Have we completely forgotten the warnings of "Lying signs and wonders" in the Last Days?

Below is a testimony by Lynn Clark who is a Moderator at our website 'RevivalSchool.com'. This is what she wrote about her involvement with Todd Bentley's ministry:

"I decided to check out Patricia King and Todd Bentley and, ignorant of their 'third heaven' guided visualizations, attended a five day conference of Patricia King and then two of Todd Bentley's conferences and began to imagine third heaven visitations - guided visualization - still not realizing that these are actually spirits of darkness - the New Age calls them spirit guides - demons is what they are. And so I bought Todd Bentley's teaching on third heaven visitations and brought it home to listen to. "I was in my living room laying on the floor listening to the teaching on how to visualize the third heaven and what to say and was getting caught up into his teaching and all of a sudden I began to shake uncontrollably and jerk and groan, and no sooner had this taken place I became frozen stiff - I could not move any part of my body and I knew this was a demon trying to take hold of me, and so with all the effort I could muster I cried out, "God save me - Jesus help me" - and as soon as I cried out to the Lord my body went limp. God spared me that night and I will be forever grateful.

"I spent much of the night in tears asking God to forgive me -and renouncing all the hands layed on me and all the awful deception I had opened myself up to..". [END QUOTE]

ANDREW AGAIN: I myself have heard the tapes of Todd Bentley's "Third Heaven Visualization" teachings, and I want to tell you -they are straight out of the New Age handbook. -Terrible stuff. And yet so widely accepted by thousands of Christians today.

Do these kinds of practices (above) produce a genuine 'Healing Revival'? -These are the kinds of questions that we need to be asking Charisma Magazine. I leave it for you to decide.

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