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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Tower of Rest and Safety in God's House

Garrett Crawford - 10/18/2008
(David's notes in Red)

I had a dream that I wroteDavid a letter. It was a short letter and all I wrote was this:

Gabe had a dream where he saw 7 YEARS OF FAMINE. David, do you really think it is time?

You sent me back a response about a paragraph in length. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I immediately was drawn to two yesses, one of which had a exclamation point behind it. I was astounded by your complete confidence and excitement in response.

The next thing I remember I was standing in the front yard of my dad's house in Bethel. ("Bethel" means "House of God".) I had a bed in the front yard and I was laying in it. Then I looked over and sawwhat looked like a two- or three-story wooden towers in the front yard. (The New Jerusalem Bride is the "Tower of the flock" in God's house; go there.) I never noticed it before, but once I didI said, "I should put the bed in that tower". I then found myself laying in the bed in the tower. (The tower represents holiness, safety and authority, as in Ps.15; 24; 125.)

The tower was very well built and sturdy, and even had a elevator in it. (Rest from our works to ascend.) It was revealed to methat the tower was built by the man who built the house, and he was a architect. (That is really true in the natural: The man who originally built that house was a architect. The man who originally owned the property was like the Father. He designed the house and tower, and laid the foundation for them. He was the sole designer and creator. Just like our faith, God laid the foundation --set down the ancient landmarks.)

In the dream, I realized that this would be agreat place to hidewhenthieves tried to break in the house. After that,I saw in a vision that during the dark of night, two or three thievescame on the property. I was concerned that they would try to come in the tower and harm me. But they were not even concerned with the tower, as if it was invisible to them. They continued on to the house to try to find items they could steal. I saw them leave the property and I was relieved. (The tower is the secret place of the Most High. No one can rob the Bride in the King's house.)

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