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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

True and False Leadership Seen

Jan Albayalde
(David's notes in red)

I dreamed these two dreams back to back on 08/28/2007.

The Fasting Dream

I was sitting on the front row of a huge church that was the true church of the Lord Jesus.The Church was very plain with white walls with a little wood trim but nothing ornate and no stained glass. A man I don't know walked to the podium to address the people. He was a small man in stature, almost frail. He said just a couple words, called forward a large man who was about his same age, around 45, had him face the crowd and began to introduce him. Suddenly, the man at the podium fell on the floor weeping under the presence of God. At the same time, the man standing to be introduced, who was a Jew in a business suit with an azure blue shirt, was also filled with the Spirit and began speaking in tongues. This man was slightly overweight,let's say hearty with a rosy robust complexion. He had alot of snow white hair, so much I'm sure the Lord wanted me to notice (i.e., it was very high on his head).

I rushed forward to help the man on the floor but before I got to him, as I passed the man speaking in tongues, I became filled with the Spirit, fell on my knees and began worshipping God.A man in the congregation,a man I DO know as pastor of a local church here,came forward, looked at the man weeping on the floor, the Jew speaking in tongues, me worshipping and said, "This is what happens when you fast and pray; this man on the floor had been in a long fast before the Lord, seeking the face of God and is why the power and glory of God is falling".

An interesting thing about the dream: the man at the podium who had been fasting and fell weeping on the floor was dressed in a suit as he stood, but when I rushed forward to help him,as I fell to my knees under the anointing, I saw he was naked.

The man standing behind the pulpit was fasting to weaken the old outer man and so he fell. He was small because "the outer man is decaying yet our inner man is renewed day by day"(2 Cor.4:16). The one introduced represented the new inner man because he had gained what the outer man had lost. He stood in the fast and had a lot of perfectly white hair, meaning much submission to holiness. As in 1 Cor.11:10 the hair is a sign of submission to authority. He had a blue shirt representing heavenly works. He is the spiritual man because he spoke the words of the spirit and is a spiritual Jew because he is circumcised in heart, not flesh. Fasting is so that the old man who is naked because he is not dressed up with the works of Christ can be removed so that the new man who is dressed up with Christ in his heavenly works would face the congregation (Rom.13:12-14). This is a good exhortation for the coming new Church leadership to deny feeding self and pray so that Christ through them can minister to His people.

The Snake Dream
Immediately after the above dream I dreamed this:

I was in my spirit looking down over an orchard of pure white trees which represents the true Church. A huge green snake with huge muted splotches of black along its body appeared at the edge of the grove of white trees. From this point I no longer saw the trees, the focus was on the snake.

Next the snake turned totally blue. Then the snake turned totally black. End dream.

The green snake is the false leadership of the church or false prophet. In Acts 16:16 the spirit of false prophecy or divination is translated in Greek as "a spirit;a python". It is green because it is the natural man ministering and not the spiritual. He stands outside of the white or holy trees but not in their midst for he is not holy. The black splotches represent its works of darkness that are plainly seen. His turning blue as a chameleon represents deception in that he is attempting to be seen as heavenly but he serves the (black) darkness and will be seen that way. God is raising up a new leadership for the true church that refuses to feed the flesh (fasting) and the old leadership will be plainly seen for what it has been all along. They will bring a great persecution against the holy as it was with the Pharisees in Jesus' time.

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