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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Light Is True Liberty

Cheri Watson - 06/24/2005

In a dream, I saw the Statue of Liberty with a great light behind it. Then I saw the right arm, holding the light,broken and brought down; then the statue crumbled and fell.

Then I saw a figure that had been behind the statue. The figure was shaded because the light all around it was so bright that you couldn't make out any details... and the figure said, "I wore the crown of thorns and I AM the light. I tell you, America will be brought low and I shall be raised up!"

Shortly after receiving this vision I saw on the news where Condoleezza Rice had invited Egypt and Saudi Arabia to be equal partners in Israel's peace agreement with the Palestinians, along with the EU, UN and Russia, and I knew that the Lord must be really upset with America for taking such a strong stance against Israel...God, have mercy!

(Note from Dave: The Statue of Libertyholds the lightand it has what appears to be a crown of thorns on its head. But in truth neither isso and soonnatural and manmade catastrophes will dissolve much false thinking about whose side America is on and who is trueLiberty. Death, burial, and resurrection will reveal the true Jesus hidden behind America. I believe it will start while America, as a harlot, is attempting to gratify herself at great cost to others.She is attempting to divide Israel for her own advantage. In the natural; "I will curse those who curse thee". In the spiritual this is true for God's true New Testament, born again, people who are being increasingly crucified in America.)

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