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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Trust the Word, Not Company Stocks

Doug Hanson - 07/21/2009

In a dream, I was in a warehouse shopping club, kind of like Sam's Club or Home depot. I was working there and had been for quite some time. I also had money invested in the company, 401k, stocks, etc.

It was just a normal day at work when, all of a sudden, it became known that the company was going out of business. People who worked there began to panic about their jobs. Then, almost instantly, it was decided that all of the company's assets in stock, merchandise, everything, would be equally divided between all the employees.

Then a steamroller came through the building and flattened all the merchandise into a uniform-sized thickness about the thickness of a piece of chewing gum. Then this one huge "sheet" of "assets" was run through a cutter exactly the same way that dollars are cut at the printing press and it was all cut up into pieces the size of a dollar bill.

Then everyone went outside and waited to get their share of the "assets" that were cut into these sheets. Everyone received the same-sized stack of these dollar bill-sized sheets about the size of what a stack of what 100 $1 bills would look like.

I was waiting to get my stack and was surprised when I didn't get one because I had worked there a long time and had money invested in the company.

Then someone pulled up in a truck with a pull-behind trailer on it with two huge books on it. The books were huge -- like a foot and a half thick and about three feet long and two feet wide. Then some guy handed me one of the books and said it was mine and that I would receive this instead of the stacks of "asset sheets" that everyone else got. I seem to remember that the book was either a Bible or some kind of concordance or dictionary. I am not sure who the other book was given to. End of dream

Note from Doris Hamilton: I am reminded of ESOP plans. In those S-corporations (closely held, family types; those that do not offer shares to the public, etc.), often they will have an Employee Stock Option Plan that gives the employees opportunities to purchase stock in their company so that the company will continue in perpetuity with the company being changed from the hands of the older folks (older owners, those who started the company) to the younger folks or employees. Also, the first thing that I thought about the big book was that it was the Word and it being much more valuable than the things of the world, the merchandise and money. I also thought about the forced sale of the company in the dream would only bring the very smallest liquidation settlement, rather than the better settlement that would come from selling the assets before the last minute or the forced sale.

Update - 7/28/09

Thought I would share this regarding the dream I had last week about being given the large book, rather than the stack of "assets". Not sure if it means anything or if it is a complete coincidence but worth a thought.

I pulled a book off of my shelf today that someone had given me several years ago. I've never read much in it to think of. It is called "The Archko Volume" or "The Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrin and Talmuds of the Jews". It is supposedly some true historical writings that are non-biblical but parallel to and give credibility to the validity of the scriptures. I can't attest to the validity of this book but I did read something interesting today.

Chapter three is an account of how Constantine ordered 50 copies of the original New Testament scriptures to be kept as a record and used among the churches. We all know that Constantine started the Catholic religion and that he probably wasn't really a Christian but the 50 copies that he ordered were of the original New Testament scriptures.

I will quote from chapter three: "It is known that the Roman Emperor Constantine had 50 copies of the scriptures made and placed in the public library for preservation. Some historian has said that the books were so large it took two men to open one of them. While in Constantinople, I found one of these volumes nicely cased, etc. I judged it to be about two and a half by four feet square and 2 feet thick "...

In my dream the book I was given was very large: 3' x 2' and a foot and a half thick. After reading this about the original copies being very large, I take it that the Word is more valuable than the worldly assets,of course, but only the original scriptures/teachings passed down from Jesus and the first Apostles, not the watered-down and leavened stuff that is taught in churches today.

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