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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Trusting God for Tires

Ken Faivor - 12/24/2010

There is a person who is very hateful and jealous of my wife, for reasons I can't figure out. He is her daughter's ex-boyfriend and lives near to her.

One day, my wife spent the night there and all four of her tires were slashed. We replaced the tires, forgave and prayed for the person responsible; we didn't think anymore about it.

A few weeks later, it happened again -- this time to one tire. She put the donut spare on and came home.

At that time, I thought she picked up a nail or something. I pulled it into the pole-barn to check it out. It was another sidewall puncture. Anger swelled up inside immediately; the old man wanted to go squash him like a bug.

Just about as fast, I remembered who I was in the Lord and put that thought out. The devil, of course, counteredand said I should at least give him a tongue-lashing and I took a few steps to make the call and stopped.

No, I won't do anything in hast; after all, I didn't even know for sure who did it.

I turned, prayed and forgave as before. As I forgave, the Lord put it in my head to plug that tire. Now I know that the world doesn't repair sidewall punctures and for good reason. The tire there is very thin and is flexing at every rotation; repairs don't hold.

In obedience, I grabbed my tire repair kit and plugged the leak. I commanded for that tire to hold air forevermore, in Jesus' name. It held air and I thanked the Lord. I put it back on the car and kept an eye on it.

A week went by and it was holding strong. We were about to go on a long trip to visit family up north. My wife said we ought to put a real spare in the trunk, instead of the little donut spare, just in case. I said no and that it goes contrary to my faith.

We went there and back with no problems.

I went to the office to write a testimony to send to UBM, as the Lord instructed, and that should have been where it ends, but I got lazy. I wrote but didn't send the testimony. It wasn't that big of a deal, I told myself. A few days later, I went to the garage to find the tire soft.

Yes, sir, Lord. I'll go send that right out. Thank you, Father, for keeping me in line.

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