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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Lessons from the Tsunami

Daniel (Roy) Resh

The ocean side of the mountains, where rain and river waters are abundant, is favored by many people. The shortsighted exploit the lowlands with little thought of tsunami threats, unprepared to survive a tidal wave. Seaward land is often divided from an inland plateau by hills or mountains. The rivers in the seaward lowlands and the upland plateaus often flow in opposite directions, creating two watersheds separated by a divide, such as in the American Rocky Mountains. The few people who opt for the more challenging life in the tsunami-safe uplands of less plenteous rainfall and smaller rivers grow in strength and persistence.

Water is good, people need it to survive, so many settle where it is plentiful. On the other hand, a flood of 'good' water drowns an unprepared, unwarned people. (Remember Johnstown, PA 1889?) Some tried to warn on the internet of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, but no one was listening. Thousands of doomed people partied on the beaches.

There is a spiritual principle that horrendous natural divine interventions (such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes...) are often followed by colossal spiritual developments in the heavenlies. (1 Cor 15:44-50) Before Christmas '04, world-wide there was an abundance of Holy Spirit watering of flesh-pleasing 'Churchianity'. Many people lived carelessly in the isles and on near continents in low lands of human desire and abundant fellowship.

A parallel tsunami from Heaven now spills over the earth to bless the upland remnant, but lowland 'Churchianity' failed to prepare or recognize the threat of God's judgment. Great suffering will come upon the myriad who fail to make the strenuous climb to higher spiritual ground before the waters become too strong to leave. There is still a little time before complete judgment falls upon God's house. This message of warning is for those who haven't yet cleaved to their holy Bridegroom, to Jesus Christ, who saves us from calamity if we obey Him.

Jesus calls for uncompromising righteousness to fuel unconditional love - He told us to come out of her (The Whore, Mystery Babylon, Churchianity, Institutionalization), to flee to the mountains when we see the abomination of desolation stand in the holy place. The holy place today resides in the spirits of Jesus' Bride, the holy Temple of God that is even now filling the earth with His glory. (Mat 25:15) Compromise between the Bride and the world is the abomination, the sacrilege that makes the Holy Temple desolate of God's Spirit. To come out is to leave the denominational and non-denominational institutions who all compromised with world economic powers to together become Mystery Babylon. This whore is even now riding the seven-headed, soon to be ten crowned horned beast, believing she'll never see sorrow. (Rev 17,18)

Just as sorrow came suddenly to Indonesia and the surrounding lands, so will the institutionalized be suddenly drowned by the coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The same spiritual tsunami will only serve to invigorate the remnant already in the uplands of life, the holy Bride of the King of Heaven and Earth. Those who are praying for revival in their low land 'Churchianity' will get what they ask for, but like when Israel demanded a King, the results of God's coming powerful anointing on their chosen leaders will destroy their denomi-nation. May your spiritual eyes and ears be open to what the Lord is doing today! Cross the divide into your inheritance in the uplands and offer a message of joy and hope.

Jeremiah's failure to find one righteous man among God's Chosen People in Jerusalem should be a solemn lesson for all of us. After searching among the poor, he went to the spiritual leaders of the day, but all had turned to self-serving lowland works. At the end of the Chapter (5) Jeremiah recognizes an appalling and horrible thing. The prophets were false, the priests ruled without God's authority, and God's people loved it this way. Jeremiah asked: What will you do in the end of this? No one listened, and Jeremiah was imprisoned. Not long after Judah ceased to be sovereign nation!

Have we imprisoned the true prophets of today? Are they not shouted down by myriad seminary trained pastors who preach "all is well" to large congregations who love their messages? Modern 'Churchianity' errors include: {having a form of godliness - 2 Tim 3:5}; {proudly denominating and employing a professional clergy who claim that they are rich spiritually and in need of nothing more - Rev 2:6; 3:15]; {fleshly worship/preaching/teaching - Jude 10-13}. Many more errors could be cited that have produced the religious carnal/demonic mixture which will soon come to sorrow.

It seemed right to me that God would choose Christmas '04 as the watershed moment. Tradition and rebellion have made Christmas a 'Churchianity' celebration of fleshly appetites during Saturnalia, a pagan year-end holiday period. Many years of warnings and gentle divine interventions into 'Churchianity' affairs have only served to strengthen the will of its advocates to build in the flesh. Yes, there have been moments of blessing for many, but overall things are about as dismal spiritually as they were 100 or even 1900 years ago [See John's messages to the churches in Rev 2 & 3].

Jesus is asking each Bride member: "What will you do now that the end has come?" Will you cling to fleshly, self-serving works, or will you cleave to Him if love and obedience? The natural tsunami is past, but the spiritual tsunami is forming. Tsunamis are preceded by earthquakes, by great dislocations in the earth. There will likewise be great spiritual dislocations in us, because we are made of earth. The earth never returns to its pre-earthquake structure. Likewise, we will be permanently changed if we come out to Jesus, or if we support 'Churchianity', drowned by the spiritual tsunami.

Where is out of her? It is in the world-encompassing fellowship of the Bride of Jesus, among the obedient ones who know no other King. Jesus won't accept anyone who expects another person to speak for them, or joins some group to get control of their flesh. Marriage to the King of Heaven will be a One-to-one relationship that honors Him in all of His glory. His betrothed on earth today should constantly practice listening to His voice and obeying His guidance in His great upland watershed. This is a personal matter that at times may include relationships with other people. Let the Lord fill the earth with knowledge of His glory through you! I pray that you will hear and obey His voice!

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