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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Turning to the Home Church
Jared Smith - 12/28/2008
(Thoughts in bold)

My dream started out like this: I was walking around the main, well-lit auditorium of the church I had attended for four years before I left last May.There was something different, though. There was no stage, no pulpit, no band, no choir and no musical instruments. There was just an auditorium. All around I saw groups of people, 8-10 in size, having their chairs circled around one another and sharing about the Lord and what He was doing in each of their individual lives. There were no leaders in the groups; everyone contributed his or her own testimony and part in the group discussion. The subjects of the multiple conversations would change at any given time and there would be polite interruptions here and there, at least from what I could overhear. I was in the presence of something amazing. I was in the presence of a mass home church gathering inside a once-popular traditional church auditorium.

Up until this part in the dream, I believe that I may have been in a place in time of the future. This time may be once the Man-child ministry is birthed as well as the Two Witnesses. What I mean is that the traditional everyday way we do church compared to the unpopular uncommon way of doing home church has taken a role reversal, where home church is now the most common and popular way. Keep reading for further detail.

As I was marveling at this magnificent and encouraging sight, I was walking away from the auditorium and made my way through the doors to the rear foyer. There was a door to my right that was a hallway running along the rear of the auditorium. I went through this door and noticed complete darkness, as there were no lights on. This was contradictory to the well-lit auditorium where the mass of the Body was fellowshipping. I noticed to the left of the hallway the silhouette of office room doors that had light shining through. The light was not as bright as the main auditorium's lighting, but there was just enough to show that there were doors to those rooms. I began to walk down the hallway and entered into one of those rooms. To my amazement, I saw the leader who was "over" me the four years I went to this church. He had a group around him, though not as large as the groups I saw in the main auditorium. This group was maybe three or four in size.

Let me pause here to share my thoughts. I believe that the well-lit auditorium and the fellowship that was taking place was the "new mainstream" Christianity that is going to happen during the Man-child and Two Witness ministry. The darkness that I sensed in the hallway was the lack of God's Spiritual Light and Blessing that many had followed because they could not accept the "new way" of Christianity. They continued in their traditional practices, and eventually became the outcast. Yes, there were spiritual principles still being preached, which may explain the small hints of light within the office rooms, but nothing of the magnitude (revelations, dreams, visions, prophecies) as in the main auditorium.

The topic of discussion (of course the leader was running the show) was how to build a model train set. I found the topic interesting in that I used to build model train set layouts with my dad back in the day, so I knew a little about how to build a layout and what materials were needed. I slowly made my way into the room and sat down, unnoticed to anyone. I sat there a few minutes and listened to the conversation on how to build this model train set. After hearing what I heard, the group was planning things all wrong. The materials were not right. The amounts of materials were not right. The layout planning and blueprint were not right. What was going to be built based on this wrong planning was going to be a disaster. I felt led to speak up and try to correct the matter. I did so. I forget exactly what I said, but I was immediately corrected by the leader and was told to be quiet.

What is unusual about this is that my presence was not made known until I spoke up. In the same sense, we as Christians (Saints) need to profess and speak up to the traditional church and tell them of what is to come. Let our voices be heard and our presence be known, with boldness. This is the first time I was rejected and corrected by the leader at this point in the dream.

I obeyed, and rested against the back wall, again disappearing out of the conversation and what seemed to be the small group within the office room. I was ignored and then seemingly forgotten about. So the leader went on and on and kept on messing up the planning of the layout of the model train set. I endured and lasted only a few minutes, until the time that I HAD to speak up again. I did so. This time I received an even sterner rebuke and correction from the leader, saying I should shut up and not be heard.

Notice that I seemed to disappear from the conversation and even the group because my voice was not there anymore. The next time you hear me say something, I immediately become known again, and corrected and rebuked as such.This was the second time I had been done so up until this point.

SO I sat back AGAIN and this time I was somewhat irritated because of my lack of opportunity for my voice to be heard. These people and this leader were messing things up and I KNEW the right way to build a model train set, but yet they did not want to listen to me.

Use the model train set as an metaphor of the truths we hold inside our hearts as Saints, preparing for the Tribulation, the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Man-child and Two Witness Ministries, and the Great Rapture of His Bride to come. We are silenced and looked upon as crazy when we talk about these truths to traditional go-to-church-on-Sunday-and-tithe Christians...

I could not hold it in any longer. I HAD to speak up yet again, but this time more than the other two times. I HAD to tell these people their method and process was all WRONG. I was going to tell them the RIGHT way, the way that would build a successful and beautiful model train set layout. I rose to speak, but this time, the leader knew of my presence before I spoke a single word. His eyes were filled with anger and rage, and he was about to give me the harshest of rebuke and corrections for interrupting HIS presentation and discussion... when all of a sudden these words came out of my mouth: "Before I am corrected and rebuked AGAIN..."

At the spoken word "AGAIN", the entire group, as well as the leader, were silent and looking at me with their jaws dropped and having a sense of fear among them, as if, what is he going to say next? I guess one could associate this with the TRUE REVELATION of the real truth made known to a traditional church-going Christian, how one could be at awe and amazement and fear of having these truths being revealed to them.

At this point I had the floor. I spoke for a good while on the proper methods, procedures, materials and processes of building a beautiful, successful model train set layout. The group members were stunned at my knowledge of model train set layouts. They could do nothing but sit there motionless and listen to my words. The leader was disgusted, jealous that all the attention was taken away from him and that no one was listening to him. By the time I was done giving my presentation, I opened the door to exit the room. To my amazement, the three or four in the group followed me into the main auditorium. The leader was left in the little, dim office room alone. Before I left the room completely, I spoke directly to him and said, "And you, sir, are an ass!!!" Which is not my normal vocabulary. This was the end of my dream.

You may be wondering where the "ass" part comes in. I am reminded of a Scripture that was a prophecy in the Old Testament of the Messiah riding into the city atop a donkey's colt. An ass is a male donkey, very stubborn in his ways. In the same sense, the Messiah Jesus Christ will have "dominion" over the ass (old, stubborn, traditional way of church even in the End Times). Christ sits atop the old way and has dominion over it. Straight and narrow is the way unto the Kingdom of God. Enter in through the Door, which is Jesus.

Now, here are my final thoughts. Christ was denied three times by Peter during His crucifixion. I was denied three times by this leader during my attempt to show the truth. Once one breaks past the barrier of religious teachings and practices of traditional church with boldness that can only come from the Spirit of God, it becomes easy to speak to traditional church-goers on the real truths the Bible shows. They will marvel at what you have to say, because it is contradictory to what they have been taught their entire church lives. It is truth. It is the Word of God. It is the coming of Christ in His Glory and the events that transpire prior to His coming. It will attract the hearts of the people who are hungry for God through this time to come. The leader, who represents the old traditional church ways that survived through the time of the Man-child and Two Witness ministry to come, will be disgusted and jealous and will do everything to prevent the true Word of God from being preached. It is this ministry of old traditional ways that the Antichrist will use to deceive people when the Outpouring occurs. Be cautious and be alert to the enemy's attacks. This will be a major part of it, I believe.

David's notes: This is happening on a smaller scale now. We are in contact with many home churches that are not satisfied with the status quo and are searching for themselves. This is great because they are discovering what the false elders are not gifted to -- THE WORDS OF GOD.But we are also encountering a problem that is not addressed in this dream.The groups who have no local elders are targeted by slick talkers anointed by false spirits to gain a following for their own ego. In some cases it is not hard to lead the young back to Babylon since they have not departed very far from its glitter. According to Paul, the five-fold ministry is needed for the perfecting of the saints. Just coming out and sitting in a close circle and sharing insights and experiences is not enough. We do our best to fill the gap by Internet, broadcast and telecast but it is not enough. We know the teachings are giving many knowledge but wisdom is on a longer curve. Until it catches up, we are going to need many more elders. This, of course, is what God will raise up in the next move of anointed reformers that you have spoken of. Ordaining elders is hard when you haven't enough personal contact to know them. This is where the stronger anointing will be more than enough to take up the slack. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Meanwhile, the saints who gather need to be praying for wisdom and discernment and not be quick to form their own governments, which the worldly gifted and domineering types always take advantage of. We don't want to copy the old system or we will be part of it. May our Father be with you.

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