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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

UBM Teachings Spreading in Brazil

(The Revelation Revealed Conference in Brazil)

Note from David: Congratulations to Kathleen Messmore Coelho and the brethren in Brazil who worked so hard to spread UBM's word there. The conference was a great success because Father was with them and in them. PTL! Anyone who would like to help translate our materials into Portuguese to support the growing number of believers there, please contact Al and Julie Almeida at info@artdigitalonline.com.

Original e-mail: Date: Wed, June 24, 2009

Dear David and brethren,

Praise the Lord... money has come in for the conference which is scheduled for August 29th. (Anonymous donors carried the expenses) I'm asking prayer for the speakers and for all the details to come together. I am coordinating everything, as well as preparing the main speaker. Our prayer is that this event will launch the message, books and teachings throughout Brazil, so you can see how much we truly need your prayer support. If anyone feels led to join us, let us know. God bless.

Love to you all,

Update: Date: Mon, August 31, 2009

Dear David and UBM,

Just a note to tell you that the conference on "The Revelation Revealed" was beyond expectation and we are all basking in the joy that so many received the message. None of us heard a negative comment, nor did anyone challenge the message. Quite to the contrary, it seemed like almost everyone on the team had a group gathering around them during the break to ask questions. We estimate that there were around 300 people from numerous Christian denominations present. We lost almost no one after the break and all were ready to go when we returned! Several pastors asked us to contact them and many people asked if we had a group they could participate in. We gave them a chapter from "Sovereign God", a few translated pages from "Hidden Manna" and a few other materials, including sites in Portuguese that they could go to for more information. The Lord's presence filled the place during the praise and worship. We hope to have the video of the event on our site, www.oapocalipserevelado.com, as soon as possible. The Lord truly heard our prayers! Praise His Name. Thank you again for your prayers. God bless you and yours.

With love in Jesus Christ,

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