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The Underground Church

Bill Stenberg - 03/19/2008

Bill Stenberg tells about a vision he got, how the apostasy in Sweden is increasing by an undermining, discrediting and mutilating of God's Word. It is giving free rein to other powers to work in the church. It is very likely that this applies to more of the world.

Vision about Sweden received in April 1999by Bill Stenberg

I was led in my spirit to see the great apostasy that will happen to the Church. An undermining of the Word given by Godwill makean opening for New Age powers to take over what were some free churches; they became led by New Age groups. The services became more and more strange and unclean, mostly through the sewer-like deceptive spirits that one had mixed oneself with all the way up to the Parliament (Riksdagen).

Many were amazed by the change of the old names of the churches. On the wall there used to be a sign with, for instance, "Baptist Church". Now it was an alien, strange inscription instead.

Our country was filled with more violence. In some ways it was religious in atmosphere. We will understand and experience the word "persecution". I saw just a glimpse of what is coming over the country, but after that I got the following message:

"At this time I shall call all them out who have not trustedin man-built works; those who want to follow the Lamb wherever He goes".

Now I saw that it had been more difficult to arrange for common services. You will not be able to trust the members in the church you have known because they may not belong to Jesus any longer. The delusion will be so strong that even the chosen will be tested in a hard way. The true Church will be led directly by the Holy Spirit.

I saw an enormous network of cell groups and the Christian fellowship was led from homes in Sweden. The role of the traditional church will decrease and there will be just a shell left.

A man in the vision showed me a tape that he wanted to play for me. On the tape I didn't hear any common words, just unbelievable speaking in tongues. When I heard this something very strange happened inside me. I understood everything by the interpretation of the Spirit!

"Come to Castle Park Sunday evening for agreat prayer meeting and intercession".

I was greatly amazed and the man said to me that if information comes to the persecutors in this way they won't understand anything. God will lead His people like in the days of old. It will be only the redeemed bride of Jesus that will break the systems of the end times.

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