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"Unifying Threat" Needed to Bring Beast

WTO Director General: Global Governance Based on the EU Model
Old-Thinker News | Nov. 24, 2009
By Daniel Taylor

Herman Van Rompuy, the first President of the European Union, recently announced during his installment that 2009 was the first year of global governance. Indeed, 2009 has seen major steps towards global governance. The establishment has also taken severe blows this year, which will be discussed shortly. Pascal Lamy, Director General of the World Trade Organization and frequent attendee of secret Bilderberg meetings, sees the European Union as a testing ground for the machinery of international governance. In a speech in Italy on November 9th, Lamy stated that the EU model should be used on a global scale.

National sovereignty has no place in Lamy's ideal globalist vision. Local communities, states and countries' laws would be superseded by a regional - as is the case with the EU - or international body. Lamy points to the EU, where, "The fact that Community law takes precedence over national law. The creation of a supranational body such as the European Commission that has been given the monopoly of initiating legislation. A European Court of Justice whose decisions are binding on national judges". This governance structure - along with the EU Presidency - is now possible after the recent ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, which, according to the Wall Street Journal, means that "...individual countries will have a harder time blocking EU legislation".

Pascal Lamy admits that global governance is an abstract and distant idea. Historically, especially with the United States and its libertarian roots, governance is local and familiar with the people and their needs. He states, "In sum, the specific challenge of legitimacy in global governance is to deal with the perceived too-distant, non-accountable and non-directly challengeable decision-making at the international level".

Ultimately, Lamy sees the United Nations playing a central role in global governance, with the G20 and other international groups reporting directly to the "parliament" of the UN. This beginning stage, according to Lamy, will eventually condense into a solid world government.

"Menace of a new war"

Global and regional governance faces another problem, specifically the fact that without the perception of an outside threat the coherence of the system falls apart. Lamy states,

"The anthropological dimension of supranationality has probably been underestimated. Once the imminence of the menace of a new war has disappeared from our horizon, it is as if the glue that holds Europe together as a community will also disappear. As if there were no common myths, dreams and aspirations".

Lamy goes on to admit that, "...We are witnessing a growing distance between European public opinions and the European project". Despite popular resistance, the establishment is continuing its agenda. Outside of war, global warming hysteria is, as the 1991 Club of Rome report The First Global Revolution proposed, a unifying threat - or perhaps more appropriately a unifying myth, as Lamy stated - that the global government needs to maintain any veil of legitimacy. The Club of Rome report states,

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... All these dangers are caused by human intervention... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself".

Herman Van Rompuy has stated that the upcoming Copenhagen climate change treaty "...is another step towards the global management of our planet". Additionally, the anthropogenic global warming theory will give the global government a taxing mechanism on a world-wide scale.

Amidst this sobering news, there is hope. Recently, shocking e-mails from the England based Climate Research Unit were hacked. They reveal that leading global warming scientists worked together to actively block "climate deniers" from having papers published. Most shockingly, they show that the science behind global warming was in fact manipulated by these scientists to fit their agenda. These revelations are devastating to the entire push for carbon taxes and global governance to combat the boogey man threat of man-made global warming.

The establishment is moving forward, but not without resistance.

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