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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Vacuum Cleaner Fixed by the Lord

Michael Verde - 03/18/2012

Dear brothers and sisters:

I have been listening to UBM for about six months now and it has all been absolutely amazing and confirming. Brother David had been sharing on moving into wilderness living now. Well, in the past 30 years the Lord has granted me some amazing miracles. But in the last few years I have been focused in prayer for others and suddenly found myself very hesitant to ask for myself, especially before hearing our brother, David.

About one month ago, I started visiting the Miraculous Testimonies page and have been so moved by the multitude of precious miracles from the Lord to our brethren. Well, it just so happened that I have a vacuum cleaner, which is one I bought about five years ago and paid a hefty price for it. I thought it was too much at the time, but I was so tired of the cheap ones dying out in a very short time. But this one was exceptional and took up everything -- a first for me. Then, about two months ago, it started acting up in that it would not take up anything from off the floor. I checked the hose and ran water through it to make sure nothing was clogging it. And sure enough there were wads of stuff clogging it inside. So I cleaned it out thoroughly. When I assembled it again it worked fine until a few days ago it reverted back to not picking up anything, as though I had never cleared the hose.

After checking every part thoroughly, I could find nothing. Now I knew I could not afford the repair shop, as I sat thinking it over. A little later I was at the sink, taking a small broom and a dust pan to try to clean up a bit. Suddenly, a voice deep inside myself said, "Put that away; you're going to be using that vacuum cleaner today". And in the next moment the enemy spoke with the thought that I should wait until later on in the evening and get ready to pray over it. But when I went to sit down, everything inside of me said, "Don't wait until later; you go do it right now". And so I jumped up immediately and went to the room where the vacuum was and I brought it into the kitchen and sat on a chair in front of it. Then I said, "Father, You know so many have been testifying of what You've done for them. Now this vacuum is broken and I can't afford to take to the repair shop, yet I really need it. So I'm going to pray in the name of Jesus (actually I use His Jewish name, Yahusha) that this vacuum be healed". Well, I did just that and went and got the hose which I had already cleaned for the second time. Mind you, I had put my hand over the intake where the hose goes on before praying and there was no suction at all -- absolutely nothing. But after I prayed I put that hose back on and said, "This is going to work better than it ever has". Next, I hit the switch and on it went in full power and everything I moved it over got picked up. It was like a brand new vacuum cleaner.

After a few minutes I stopped it, as my eyes were instantly blurred from tears of joy running down my face. For it was not just that the vacuum cleaner was fixed but even more that my glorious Father had heard me and answered my prayer so sovereignly. Wow! I went into a joyful fit of thanksgiving. Oh, is it good to receive from the Lord! He is so good to us, even when we don't even realize it. He is our great Father of lights on the throne in Heaven.

Immediately, I understood this was practice for the hard days ahead of us when we will be asking Father for many things. Brother David is right we need to begin practicing our wilderness living now because our Holy Father does supply our needs, according to His riches in glory. Amazingly, about three years ago, I heard inside myself that Father will care and provide for us in these last days, just as those whom He then brought out of Egypt into their wilderness. He literally provided all that they really needed.

This happened this afternoon and I just had to share this miracle with my brothers and sisters. We have to stop listening to what the world thinks, believes, says and does and keep our eyes on our Great Shepherd, our ears to His Word and our hearts set to full-on obedience. Thus we will prove to the Father that we do love Him and so honor Him and our King.

I hope this testimony encourages you, brothers and sisters. I thank the Father every day for all of you.

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