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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

War Is Coming to Your Land

Rosie Lovejoy - 10/22/2006

Editor's Note: Rosie Lovejoy's comments are in italics; the Lion of Zion's are in red.

Worship was ending at my church and I was beginning to sit down for the teaching of the WORD. As I settled in my seat, I saw my favorite LION, the LION OF ZION, reposing on the ground with HIS jeweled crown on HIS head. I threw myself on the ground, and begged the LORD to strengthen me. I was sobbing and crying, "Strengthen me! Strengthen me!"

I had just received a vision/prophecy two nights earlier that I was sure was going to have me drawn and quartered by organized religion.

Then I heard the sweet voice of my Savior, "Are you willing for Me to tell you of things to come?"

I hesitated for a moment, and then with a heavy heart I grabbed my purse and headed out of the sanctuary with my notebook in hand.

"War is coming to your country, to your soil. For years you have blustered and bullied other nations and other people, and I have kept you safe.

From your shores has come great evil, and from your people, and from My people, has come great good.

You have housed orphans, dug wells, and released both living water and physical water to those in need. You have brought food to the hungry and clothing to the naked, and shelter to the homeless. Your heart has been one of graciousness, and one of blessing. You have been My hands and My feet, extending My mercy and love to others.

But no more. MY church delights in itself - its buildings, its 'seeker friendly' programs, its corrupt interpretation of My Gospel, My Good News".

I saw HIM again, regal and golden, quietly reposing, at peace. And I was quietly listening, leaning gently against HIS shoulder, resting and at peace.

"MY people have abandoned their first love for another love".

I then began to pray silently, "LORD, please let me hear you clearly. Please let none of me seep into this prophecy. Please LORD, let this be YOU!"

"They (HIS people) have boarded a train that is headed for a train wreck. I am not the conductor, nor the engineer.





"Hear oh Israel, YAHWEH your Elohim, YAHWEH is one!

You shall love YAHWEH your Elohim with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength". (Deut.6:4-5)

"And like onto it, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself'". Levit. 19:18

"And I have given you example after example in my WORD of how to love and who your neighbor is".

"I have told you to pray for those who persecute you, and bless those who revile you. But you would not listen to ME.

For you delight in a Gospel that is not MY Gospel.

You delight in might and power.

You bully and coerce.

You lie and you cheat.

You demand one thing from others and then do something else yourself.

I am speaking of both My church and your nation".

"I am a good God".

Again I saw the LION, this time standing, wind blowing through HIS sandy colored mane. HIS pose was resolute. HIS crown was still on HIS head.

"Your nation would divide Israel!

Your leaders are working behind the scenes to divide MY NATION - to partition MY land - the LAND I gave as an inheritance to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They would give it to "the Infidels", to those who hate MY SON, and murder MY people".

"Oh, they think it will bring peace and security, and it will not!!!"





"I have lifted My hand of protection. I would you were either hot or cold, but you are neither. As a nation you are fat and lazy. You are too lazy to search MY WORD; too lazy to lend a helping hand to those in need. Your hearts are hardened to the plight of those you disdain and those you war against... What of their children? Do they love their little ones any less than you love yours?"

"A great calamity awaits your nation, brought on by your arrogance and disbelief. In an instant all the things that you know and love, all the freedoms your young men have fought and died for, will be gone"...

"Oh lazy nation, you have sat by quietly while your Constitution was shredded and power consolidated in the hands of the wicked!"

"War is coming to your shores, to your nation. What you have meted out to others you will experience for yourself. You have created terror so you shall experience terror".

"You have manipulated the weather, so your weather will be manipulated".

"In the name of liberty you have cooked obscene, deadly viruses in your military labs.

I say to you that what you have wished upon others will be done to you".

"You have debased the food supply and allowed Monsanto and your government to create "GMO/Terminator Seeds" that do not reproduce after their own kind. As a government you have helped create these seeds, and as a corporation these seeds have been sold overseas, causing ruin and starvation to many".

"WOE! WOE! WOE! Do you think I am blind?

Do you think I do not notice this evil?

Do you think I will reward and protect a nation that has allowed this to be?"

"Your nation slumbers as the noose is tightened, and the barbarians are even now within and at the gate.

MY commands and ways are simple.

Love ME, and love one another.

Do good, and bless one another. Walk gently and in Holiness".

"But you would not!"

"War is coming to your nation. It will be upon your soil. One moment you will be free as you are now, the next engulfed in the battle of all battles.

What you have wished upon others, will be done to you.

What you have done to others will be done to you".

"Know that I am the King, the Good Shepherd, the Lover of your soul. Come to ME. Hide under MY feathers. Let ME shelter you from the things to come".

"Your money will become worthless.

Your food reserves non-existent.

Roving gangs will rob and kill.

Plagues will stock your land.

Electricity will cease for many.

Weather will be wild and unpredictable.

Death will prowl your nation.

As you have done to others, it shall be done to you, oh USA!"

"So My children, repent.

Repent of your laziness and passivity.

Repent of your choices of national leaders,

for they are false and their fruit is vile.

Repent of your worldliness and acquisitiveness.

Repent of your laziness for not seeking after ME".

Again I saw the LION. This time I was on His back and HE was walking downhill, towards a place HE has taken me before to view things to come.

"Come to ME! Do not delay! Come, come, for the hour has changed, and I am your only refuge.

My daughter, the election approaching is a sham. Voting machines have been corrupted.

I am your only hope. Come to ME. Lean on ME.

Lean on ME!"

As I was writing the last sentence, the church parking lot was filling up with people, talking and laughing, enjoying the lovely Autumn Day. My heart was heavy, my spirit sad. I was numb. I love my nation. I do not want it to become a battle ground like IRAQ. Yet I know that in HIS goodness our GOD is just.

I do not know the time frame for this vision. YAHWEH always makes things seem imminent, when they may be years away. I truly do not know... The elections are just a few weeks away, and HE indicated that voting machines have been tampered with.

I do know HE is asking us all to repent, to seek HIS face, to listen and obey, to come away with HIM. And most of all, I know that HE loves each and every one of us with an eternal love that embraces and draws us near.

When the LORD has spoken to me about "the church" He always distinguishes "the church" from "the Bride". So when HE speaks categorically about "the church" in this vision HE is not speaking about the five virgins with their lamps filled with oil, but the five foolish virgins. (David's note: It is true that the church is not the bride. The church is all of the people of God; the bride, virgins, and friends of the bridegroom. The virgins are the bridal escort to the grooms home and are not the bride either.)

After receiving this vision, I began researching GMO/Terminator seeds. This was a journey into the darkest, evilest world of research and greed I have encountered. Terminator seeds are a branch of GMO seeds. They do not reproduce, so that the poor indigenous farmers of the earth will not be able to save and replant their seeds as they have done for millennium. They will have to go back to Monsanto year after year and pay Montsano's outrageous prices for their seeds.

Even worse, Terminator seed's pollen, like other GMO seed's pollen, can be carried by bees and insects and cross pollinate neighboring crops. That way, farmers who have never purchased Monsanto seeds will find that their seeds that they saved have become sterile. The death and starvation that is on the horizon because of these seeds is mind boggling. Poor farmers will plant their seeds and none will come up....

My research has shown me that Monsanto is a corporation listening to the darkest of the dark spirits, and they have already reneged on promising not to use the Terminator technology at all. Now they are talking about 'perhaps' using it on tobacco and cotton. (Cotton is a huge crop for the poor of the world. Allowing any Terminator cotton seeds to be planted, even in field tests, will be catastrophic for millions of native farmers worldwide.) Tobacco is in the same family as tomatoes, egg plants, peppers, and other plants not common in North America. No one knows if these could be affected by the Terminator gene in the future.

I live on a small farm. I know how important it is to save seeds because each area has its own little micro climate, and we need to save the seeds from the best plants, that grown best on our little cool, wet, shaded farm.

Finally, if you have been hearing from the LORD and resisting what HE is telling you to do, now is the time to repent and obey. This is not the season or the time to be walking in our own strength.

HE has told me three times that a great calamity is going to occur in our nation. The only way to be prepared for this event is to spend time with HIM, so that we know HIS voice above the many voices that will be outside and within. All of these voices will be vying for our attention. HIS is the one we need to discern and obey.


Legal Stuff: Copyright © 2006 by Rosie Lovejoy. Permission to distribute this material via e-mail, or individual copies, is automatically granted on the condition it will be used for non-commercial purposes and will not be sold.

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