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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Warning Prophecy for U.S. & Canada

Armenian Letter Prophecy
(David's notes in red)

I have known Larry Taylor for many years and had received his newsletter, the Hyssop Chronicles, but lost track of him. Last I knew, he was searching for the Armenian Letter Prophecy given in 1852 by the Boy Prophet who saved many Armenians with his warnings. This was spoken about in Demos Shakarian's testimony, as told to John and Elizabeth Sherrill in the book, The Happiest People On Earth, printed in 1975 but is now out of print. I read this book many years ago and it is a strong warning to heed the prophets or die. It is a stern warning to America and Canada of what we are beginning to see now. Recently, I discovered from Garrett Crawford that Larry finally found the letter he was looking for.

Larry said: Took me a while but I did finally get a rare copy (of The Happiest People on Earth) after being asked by readers of newsletter to look into this. Demos Shakarian (1913-1993) was named after his grandfather, a remarkable man who fled from Armenia in 1905 to settle in Los Angeles, California in America. The family left their homeland in response to a prophecy in 1852 that a time of unspeakable tragedy would come to Armenia and that hundreds of thousands of people would be killed. When the same person who had given the prophecy announced the time for the tragedy was near, it was the sign for many people, including grandfather Demos to move. The prophet was a true prophet.

In 1914 the Turkish people drove the Armenian population out into the Mesopotamian desert. Over a million men, women and children died. They massacred another half a million people in their villages, often by locking them in barns and burning them to death. Everyone still in the home village of grandfather Demos died! The world did not respond to what was happening and allowed it to continue. Later on they reaped a reward for their shameful inaction. When Hitler started his campaign to exterminate Jewish people, he believed that 'no one cared about the Armenians, they will not care about the Jews'. Consequently a large Armenian group settled in Los Angeles.

The boy prophet who God had used to warn the Armenians to flee the coming onslaught was really named Efim Gerasemovitch Klubniken, of Russian origin and from earliest childhood had shown a gift for prayer, frequently going on long fasts, praying around the clock. The prophet's words and map directed the Armenians to Los Angeles, CA, America. However, later Efim also wrote out a second prophecy, but all anybody knew about that one was that it dealt with the still more distant future --- when the people would once again have to flee. Efim asked his parents to seal this prophecy in an envelope, and repeated the instructions he had received concerning it. He had been told in his vision that only a future prophet --- chosen by the Lord for this task --- could open the envelope and read the prophecy to the church. Anyone opening the envelope before this time would die.

Excerpt at the end of the book - Demos Shakarian speaking:

"I thought of the second message the boy prophet received so long ago, still sealed and unopened. Does it foretell a great persecution coming to Christians in America, just before the Lord returns? Personally, I think so. I think the Spirit is being given us in preparation for this time: to bind us into a Body, to assign to each one of us the task he alone can do for the welfare of that Body. I often wonder who will be told to open that message and read it to the church? And Demos Shakarian passed in 1993! "

Larry Taylor sent out emails to his Internet List requesting any information in regards to this secret letter existence. He had a dream of the letter on April 29, 2003, 3:00 am. "I dreamed I was standing in front of and looking at a "sealed" Armenian Letter that was written by the Armenian prophet and sealed many years ago. I clearly saw a white envelope with a gold seal upon the area of a letter you would normally open. Then my eyes were opened and I saw a huge angel wearing white and holding a drawn sword standing in front of the Armenian Letter to defend this letter! That's the dream and I can still see this in my mind clearly. That gives me more to pray about. I feel that we are clearly in a time of incredible change and we must be very cautious and wise in the days just ahead! "

Larry also said, he found that "the letter was in the possession of the ancestors of the prophet, Efim Klubniken, in Los Angeles, CA. and that Demos Shakarian apparently did share with a number of people that he knew the letter was still unopened up to his death. I was sent information that some ancestors of Armenia are maybe jumping the gun and have been relocating to South America. I have been contacted, not by the family with the letter, but by others that the family with the secret letter do not feel it's time to unseal it yet. After my dream about the secret letter and angel I am very cautious as to being aggressive about searching for information as to this letter and am letting information come to me in it's own time. The investigation proceeds slowly in any information about the Secret Letter but my question is: What event or happening is the trigger or the sign to the family of the Letter that it should be opened?

...According to a recent source of knowledge about the facts, the secret letter custodians have been in the past approached by someone who said the Lord sent them to open the letter. Information is that one fell dead and the other met with quick terrible demise. So the Secret Letter of Prophecy written by the Prophet of Armenia is still unopened! Demos Shakarian had reported in the "The Happiest People on Earth" that death would greet anyone who tried to open the Secret Letter other than the one sent by God! ...I have tried to walk very carefully, spiritually in reporting about this letter and my inquiries into the facts of this letter. Demos Shakarian also reported that he thought (Demos felt) that the Secret Letter when opened would be not only a directive from God for this future time to now direct the Armenian ancestors to safety, again; but also a word to the Christians in America to prepare them at an important time!

... In short, I am finding that there seems to be so much secrecy and clandestine facts in the search for truth about this Letter, that I am receiving the impression that the "SECRET" seems more important than the " FACTS and Message Contained Therein! " All my many attempts and contacts with FGBMFI Association or Richard Shakarian either go unanswered or replies with so few words and "zero" follow-ups that it's a Black Hole! ! ! Anyway, I keep trying. Interestingly, reports of the Armenian people quietly moving from the USA to South America, saying they were told by God to move ahead of the coming persecution in America, have been coming in since 1998. Funny that God would be telling the Armenian people to move when He's got a perfectly good "Letter" of Instruction written to them for years... (Evidently, they started moving out of the country just a few years after a copy of the letter was released but Larry didn't know this.)

To my knowledge the actual sealed letter has never been released openly. Here is the story of how I got a copy: The great grandson of the Russian prophet who came over the mountains into Demos' grandfather's village in Armenia in the 1880s(?) with the baptism of the Holy Spirit ended up in Canada. About 10 years ago (1994) he heard from the Lord to go to the Russian Revival Church in LA that held the sealed letter to get it and declare it was time to heed the warning. The church was dead and refused to release the letter so he went into a fast for ten days and the Lord revealed the contents of the sealed letter. I have never shared the copy I was given and to my knowledge it has never been officially released"... (David F. Wincoff sent Larry this copy.)


"Run, run My people, whom I brought out from the places which have inherited the curse. Run into the wilderness with a heart thirsting for my water. Gather My Children, unto Zion, because the Kings of the earth are rejecting Me and the nations are turning against My people.

My blessing is departing from America saith the Lord of Hosts, because the Kings of this place are rejecting Me, and they are in fornication with Gog the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, of the land of Magog. (We have received in dreams that the spirit of Russia, under Communism, is invading the government and the U.S.)

Therefore a terrible disaster is coming upon this place, (Another 9/11, only worse: terrorism, disease, economic devastation, war, persecution, etc.) so depart from here and I shall bring out the obedient remnant from among you, which I shall hide in the wilderness. The wilderness shall blossom with a pleasant aroma. I will cleanse you and your children from your bad habits and sins and you shall know that you are branches grafted into my olive tree, if you shall obey my voice.

To Zion, to Zion we are going with thirst in our hearts! Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise!

And suddenly I saw awesome darkness coming upon the United States and Canada: The darkness of Communism under the banner of evolution; economic confusion, riots, and nations rising up against each other in the U.S. and Canada; and earthquakes in California and along the east coast, and a backsliding adulteress on the throne (the great Harlot); masses of sick (manmade diseases) and poor people (economic devastation); and a certain number of rich ungodly people in authority (the banksters). Awake, awake My people. Don't reject My messengers. Awake, awake, for a hard time is coming.

And suddenly I heard a cry: My people are perishing for lack of knowledge.

Afterwards I saw 3 angels and one among them spoke to this people, "Why are your children unwashed: Where are they? Will you blame it on God? God forbid! Because the child has to be sanctified while he is yet in the womb of his mother, through the Holy prayer of the Holy Spirit. But you're rejecting this kind of prayer of the saintly men of God, you're reaping the fruits of the false Nicolaitan Doctrine, which the Lord Jesus Christ Himself hates! And afterwards I heard a cry, "My people, My people, how many times I wanted to gather you, but you believed the lying ones and the grievous wolves entered in among you, not sparing the flock. The enemy scattered you and you are decreasing in numbers because you rejected My power.

You heap to yourselves teachers tickling your ears. And you are rejecting My prophets, seeking your own ways and signs, leaning on your own understanding. This is your last warning".

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