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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

We Have Power in Jesus' Name

(David's notes in red)

The power in Jesus' Name - 08/16/2007

I saw myself being so full of the power of God that Iw as elevated above the ground in the open air. I pointed my right pointer finger and spoke", IN THE NAME OF JESUS"and I saw lightning coming out of my pointer finger and strike the powers of witchcraft. Thesepractitioners of darkness werealso elevated but theyfell instantaneouslyto the ground and lost their satanic powers whereby they could not levitate themselves again! Tocontrol the winds/storms, I just lifted up both my handsand commanded, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" and itwould becomecalm by the power of God. I then saw myself in an auditorium,in the midst of a Christian meeting.Once again, I did the same thing. I pointed my right pointer finger and spoke, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS", and at once, lightning proceeded out of my pointer finger and signs and wonders started to take place. Each time I pointed,in different directions, and spoke", IN THE NAME OF JESUS", various healings would instantaneously take place.

I saw this in June 2007

I do not watch TV nor have a TV present in my living room. In this dream, I saw a TV switched on in my house (representing the house of the Lord). I was wondering why it was in my house and I had wanted to switch it off. My sister was next to me. I then saw what looked like a magician performing tricks. He was raising his hand and a lady who was in a sleeping posture was being raised up from the ground. I think this is called satanic levitation. I asked my sister what kind of nonsense was this on TV. I then told her to now witness the power of God in manifestation! I raised my hand and said, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS". I felt power come out of my belly, then I heard a loud explosion in the spiritual realm. As I was hearing this, I saw the magician's assistant fall for her dear life, onto the ground! The magician was in shock and he could not perform the levitation again. Then, I switched to another channel and again I saw another magician doing his nonsense! I did the very same thing and again the second magician lost his power and could not perform his tricks. He too was in shock! I then told my sister that we must switch off the TV as it does not bring glory to God to watch such things. I then opened my window and peaked outside. I saw a large flock of dead black crows lying outside my window. I praised God for His power to defeat ALL the powers of the enemy!

I have seen myself defeating the powers of darkness with lightning like this quite a few times.

Recently I saw a fallen angel. I just wanted to have my minute of spiritual fun. I asked that fallen angel, "Do I have the power in Jesus' Name to cast you out?" I was surprised when it answered as I did not think it would answer me! It said, "Yes you do". I then cast it out in Jesus' Name. Glory to God!

Recently, before I came to the UBM online Bible study, I saw a fallen angel in a vision. It just stood before me and left before I could rebuke it. I went to the UBM online Bible study and Paltalk kept sending me out with error messages. Then my whole computer sort of crashed. It could not come up properly and said that it could not find some applications to connect to the Internet. I then prayed and asked God to restore it. I then sent an email to sister Robin who directed it to Brother Bill to find out if others had the same problem as me. Brother Bill replied and said that no one had encountered my problem and that maybe my Paltalk was not the latest version but I told him that it was a current version and that I did not think that my problems were technical but spiritual because I have never encountered such problems with Paltalk previously. He then prayed for me. Then, on the morning of the next visit to your online Bible study, I saw the same fallen angel standing before me,and it started to walk away. I told itto wait, and said, "Do you know who I am? I am the child of the living God. I command you not to touch my computer any more". I then rebuked it in Jesus' Name! I saw light like lightning coming out of my belly and strike it and it fled! After this I had no problems coming to your Bible study through Paltalk! Glory be to God!

I can't give you a verse for the elevation except we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus far above principalities and powers and rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. Jesus spoke about casting out devils with the finger of God (Luke 11:20). John 7:38says, "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water".

As power went forth from Jesus to heal the sick, as power went out of Elijah to heal the dead child that he stretched himself upon, so power will go forth from those who are filled with God's Spirit to do His works in Jesus' Name. Sometimes I feel the power running down my arms and hands to heal and deliver. I too sometimes feel to point at things and command them. We are taking no credit. It is God's Spirit in us doing the work. (Act.1:8) But ye shall receive power (dunamis), when the Holy Spirit is come upon you.

God bless you, saints, to be used of God's power to build His kingdom and tear down the devil's.

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