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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

When God Rewound Time

Chris Reddersen - Spring of 2006

I'm a 34-year-old male who had a passion for fast motorcycles. I used to own a Suzuki bandit 1200S, a really fast racing bike that I had "sooped" up. At one time I had that bike up to 160 mph. I live in a rural mountain town in Colorado called Durango, so you can imagine all the open highways with little traffic.

Anyway, one morning before work, I was at my mother's house and she had asked me if she could break a few generational curses she felt were on me. I agreed, so we prayed. I put on a jacket (it was early spring, kind of chilly), my helmet and proceeded down a mile and a half of dirt road till I reached the two-lane highway that would take me into town. I had to wait for a red mustang to go by before I could pull out, but when it had passed I decided to show off a little bitand overtook the mustang rather quickly. As soon as I had passed him, the sun began to rise right on the highway in front of me. Though I had a tinted visor, I really couldn't see so I took my left hand off the handle bar in order to shade my eyes. A few seconds later a white Subaru forester passed me and soon put probably a football field's length between us. Suddenly, the Subaru slammed on his brakes. With the sun in my eyes I never saw his brake lights light up and began to brake too late. I was doing about 70 and never really stood a chance. I first thought to go around, but I saw several deer in the road (the reason the Subaru stopped). My indecision caused me to swerve just enough that I dumped the bike.

At first, I went sliding down the highway with my left foot trapped under the bike. The bike eventually left me and I began to tumble (this sequence probably only took a second). I was tumbling very hard and fast. I tried to stop myself, flexing every muscle but to no avail. I flipped into the air, completely upside down and then slammed down on the back of my neck. Picture a body being driven headfirst into the pavement at 70 mph; soon as I hit I knew I died, my neck was history. Strangely enough, I kept on rolling. I eventually stopped, and forgetting the death blow for a few minutes, I ran immediately to where my bike had ended up. I no sooner got to the bike than a host of people showed up. Among them was a paramedic on his way to work, and he began to run a battery of tests, you know, to see if I was coherent, if I had a concussion or not. He really wanted me to go to the hospital but I said no, all I wanted was to get my bike home.

I borrowed a cell phone and called Mom to come and get me. On the ride home I went over the events in my head and realized I hadtwo memories of the event. I remembered the death blow, the feeling, everything. I also saw in my mind two angels cushioning the blow; I never even hit the pavement. I couldn't understand how I had two memories.

God soon revealed what had happened. I was not supposed to survive.

He revealed that it was an attempt on my life by the devil. It was a setup -- the Subaru, the deer, everything. I had two memories because God, omnipresent as such, had literally rewound time in order that His desire for me was the outcome.

Ultimately, I lost a little flesh, was very sore all over (except for my neck), and went to work the next day. My helmet was cracked across the face and on the back where I supposedly slammed into the ground.This happened in the spring of 2006 and, to my shame, I am just now sharing it. However, I would like to thank God before your group of believers and praise him as well.

P.S.: You may be asking, why did God allow this attack? Well, He was dealing with me on several issues, one of which was speeding excessively. God could have not allowed the attack, but He had warned me about my bad riding habits several times. I thank Him for getting my attention without causing any real harm.

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