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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Where is the Enemy Solar System?


David Eells - 1/26/20

Our thanks to Donald Laughlin for keeping me up on this information. I make no claims to any of the religious leanings in these articles. I do not believe in aliens but demons masquerading as aliens. I am only seeking information on Nibiru/Planet X. I will leave the scientific conclusions to others who have more knowledge of astronomy. ... David



Dr, Sam speaks Portuguese.  It was apparently translated from Arabic

Lecture by Dr. Sam, 11/06/2019

Good morning lecture… In name of God, the most merciful. A question comes to mind … when the planet-comet passes inside the orbit of Jupiter, will it be that it moves at a regular or variable acceleration for us to calculate exactly the date of arrival. ??!! …

If we imagine the form of the solar system in our mind, we find that there exists our solar star, the sun, orbited by planets with orbits subject to hydrostatic equilibrium …. in harmony with one another, and following the orbital movement of the torque of the sun, around its axis in the amticlockwise direction, to form a solar system integrated and complete …. But if we introduce a celestial body with a certain mass, with an orbital movement towards the sun, this celestial body will cross spatially the orbits of all the planets by way of the distance and proximity of mass with each planet … Thus, it will be subjected to a kinetic obstruction that causes its acceleration to change constantly …

Now this intrusive celestial body already has crossed vast distances of our solar system … only Jupiter stood before it as a field incapacitating to the acceleration of the movement … but when it passes this orbit … it will be subjected to the influences of the gusts of the the solar wind, which will cause a resistance according to the line of movement, and inhibit its movement relatively … At the same time … the solar winds will transform this dark intrusive celestial body into a luminous body with a giant tail of plasma. …. !! …

Therefore, it has some planetary orbits whose sum of their fields is passed by in front of its field … !! … but the sun, with its anticlockwise torque, will try to force this object to turn with its axial movement … In this way, will be formed other obstacles in its path, because: 1) – its axial rotation is in the clockwise direction (according to data from the Ussuriysk Observatory, 2) – The solar winds, it is moving towards the sun with an oval orbit, which is contrary to all the other planetary orbits. Acceleration, therefore, will remain variable, but at a slower rate than the acceleration behind Jupiter ….

And we cannot consider that it is changing the acceleration regularly … !!! … and for these factors I say …. It is necessary for the coming of the visitor from the heaven in our direction, from 6 months at the minium, to 14 months at the maximum, from the moment when it crosses the orbit of Jupiter …

Then, we as ordinary people, how are we going to be certain that it has exceeded this orbit of Jupiter!!?? …. If we observe the rising incidents of occlusion and distortion from the month of 7 until now in comparison with previous years, we will see that the differences are evident before us …. During the past week, 7 swellings (distortions ) of consecutive fields (Semi-collapses) … !! … and yesterday 3 intruder fluxes very strong caused a state of distortion of field which lasted 45 minutes (record time) with a velocity of field of intrusion that exceeded the critical limit of 1500 km/s ….

Knowing that the Earth is orbiting away from it … and the solar winds at the lowest levels, and do not form a deformation of field  because they are parallel to the magnetic field of the Earth … So from where came these grave distortions … ?? !! If this object was a thermal object, we would feel its high temperature on the Earth … But it is a giant magnet with strong force of field that causes defects in the field of any object that comes near it, and this in itself causes a total disequilibrium, as is happening now with the Earth ….. !!!
(lowest levels)–

Obviously, no one will be able to disagree with this data, except to recognize that this intruder is approaching more than ever … !!! … I expect, in the next couple of months that instances of distortions (semi-collapses) will develop into cases of total collapse of the field of the earth, even if the earth is moving away … even though the earth is on the other side of the sun to it (nb in January)… but this guest will not let the earth escape from its claws … !!! >>>> And when the collapses happen (three within a week … and continuously without pause) … the Mega Richter earthquakes hit the earth, and we can say that it exceeded the orbit of Jupiter to initiate the countdown …

What is happening now is just a partial unloading or discharge (little game) of what will come when the two associated conditions mentioned above are fulfilled … Gentlemen. I mentioned that I was going to stop my lectures, but only with the part theoretical, simply to let the part practical and scientific of the earth speak in its own language … I will continue these lectures up to the beginning of the months of occultation … After, I will continue with you by means of commentaries in moments that require that I clarify …

I wanted to say that I am with you in every moment and will not leave the people until the last moment, if God wills it … I will face any deceptions or lies practiced by some to gain fame without scientific knowledge … What we need now is calm observation … the earth will not remain in silence and will tell to the young and to the old the time of arrival …

And if communications are cut off, our senses will not stop and we will observe the sky … because this heavy guest will announce for itself and will not wait so that anyone announces it … only the permission of the One who sent it … He who has the orders of the before and of the after, that the peace be with you and the mercy and blessings of God.

Nibiru – Approaches and what to do to Run to the Mountains?

Saturday, January 25, 2020 7:30 

I looked up the last time Dr. Sam posted a SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)   C2 image in one of his lectures to compare two images two months apart. While the size doesn’t appear to be much different, the tail in the first image goes up the side of the sun and is comparable to the tail in the latest image..

Then remembering what Dr. Sam said about the SOHO images, that they look at structure rather than size, and do this by making a dense object appear less dense.. (See his words below). So the images do not reflect on size or apparent closeness, but suggest that the Nibiru is real and is still approaching.

To verify the two images, I looked them up on the ISWA (Integrated Space Weather Analysis) System, And there they are.. a single C2 photo for each time.. Only one !
Nov. 18th 2019

Jan. 20th 2020

So did Dr. Sam send Tio Abadom in Brazil the latest image or did Tio Abadom look it up for himself ? I would suggest the former, and that this is another one of Dr Sam’s commentaries even though in the video there is no written Arabic translated to the Portuguese, which can then be further translated to English.

We have to read between the lines…NASA and and the Secret Government (The Swamp) that controls the U.S. government, the media and NASA, and in fact all organization not just space, has obviously ordered images of the Nibiru edited out of the SOHO images so the public is not to know. And only an image here and there escapes the electronic editing that is done at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, U.S..

The Nibiru is there, all right ! Disappearing on the right side of the sun in the November 18th image and appearing on the left side of the sun in the January 20th image. two months apart.. while the Earth moves in her orbit and makes the sun appear to move through the signs of the Zodiac in its annual circuit, clockwise – the opposite of the anticlockwise movement of the Earth around the Sun and the anticlockwise apparent movement of the Zodiac. Meanwhile, Nibiru comes in consistently from the direction of Sagittarius and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius in its 3,600 year orbit of two suns..

“One of the characteristics of the SOHO probe through its monitoring fields, lasco 2, and lasco 3 … that the probe shows the objects of high-density nebulous, as a single object appears in the fields of monitoring, without extensions in space (bleed lines?).. Only when this density diminishes to appear fragmented, as in the case of the appearance of our heavy visitor in the clear image below … They say that Nibiru grows in size and is approaching and later appears in a second shot … !! … So where did the big size go … ?? !!

Gentlemen. The appearance of this object in the fields of monitoring depends on three points:
1) The surface illuminated opposite the field of monitoring.
2) The inclination of the central core.
3) The synchronization of movement between the field of monitoring and the object itself in the appropriate capture at the precise time by electronic integration. In other words, we see the moon in various phases, depending on its illuminated surface …. but the moon is a celestial body when it is in the phase of crescent moon, it is the same when it is in the phase of full moon … The same happens with Nibiru in the fields of monitoring of the probes …. These fields are dedicated to the study of the formal structure of Nibiru…  and is not the proximity and distance with the earth.

For those who still do not know, the principle of the electronic integration, has this example …. the rearview mirror of the car can cover a certain angle behind, but if we put onto the surface of the rearview mirror a small mirror… satiny or convex , this mirror gives us a wider angle of vision when we look towards the same original rearview mirror … !! … this principle is used by the SOHO when the field of monitoring covers the angle of approach of Nibiru with an angle of 360 degrees when filming, the sun … !!!! ….

The question of the appearance of Nibiru, large or small is due to the three conditions above…”

The two images sent by Dr. Sam are true images and not photoshopped images… Nibiru is real and is approaching for its pass of the Earth and, of course, us.

To finish on a more spiritual or contextual note, because Nibiru is indeed spiritualizing the Earth – raising its Schumann Resonance which mentally affects every living creature on the earth (not just us humans), to put us into a different and much higher frequency range, according to the Archangel Anael.

Zen Tao answering questions in ‘The Wisdom of Ramala’, pg 275
Q. You have talked about how these Earth changes will be a catalyst for evolution. Can you tell us if there are forces working against evolution, forces such as nuclear war, industrial pollution, ideological distortions of human consciousness, false messiahs and so on? How can these be counteracted and who are the beings that are behind them”
ZT. One of the things that you must realize is that as you approach the time of what I will call ‘maximum salvation’ you will also have a time of ‘maximum temptation’. The two go hand in hand. The present World situation can be likened to a melting pot. As you melt gold or silver so all the impurities come to the surface in the heat of the pot. The World is going through this process now and all the impurities, all the imperfections of Humanity, on many levels, are coming to the surface. Therefore there are present on the Earth today many, what you would call, evil forces. Remember that evil is just live spelt backwards. Either you live or you are evil. These evil forces are sent here to further the human evolutionary cycle. Humanity must choose between ‘living’ and ‘evil living’.

There is much evil coming to the surface at this time because the vibratory rate of the Earth has been quickened in order to preserve its stability. Humanity therefore is faced with many tests, many choices, not only in terms of nuclear war, of the pollution of the planet, of the false messiahs who will appear, of the financial decisions facing the World’s institutions, but of every aspect of human endeavor. For every side or opinion that is present there will be another side or opinion to oppose it. This therefore requires that you exercise the great gift of discrimination. It is how you choose, and your motivation for choosing, that in essence represents the sorting of the wheat from the chaff. There will be many who will follow the path of evil, but remember that you can walk to the gates of Hell and still turn back. You follow a path only for as long as you wish to. There will be much suffering in the World but no more than Humanity can bear and understand. Many will not be touched by the plagues. For example, if you are a vegetarian and a great disease strikes the Animal Kingdom destroying and polluting the animals that many choose to eat for food, then you will not be touched by it. If you live a life of sexual purity you will not be touched by AIDS. If you are pure in body, mind and spirit you will not be touched by much of what is to walk the face of this Earth.

Nibiru - Dr Sam.. Emmanuel Macron Calls on the USA and All Countries to Destroy NIBIRU

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 18:04 

This really needs to stand alone. Lecture in Arabic by the Israeli astronomer Dr Sam. Portuguese translation thanks to Mohemed Nagib, and posted to the internet in Brazil by Tio Abadom.

Lecture by Dr. Sam, 11/10/2019

The question of the appearance of Nibiru, large or small is due to the three conditions above …. and the giant tail of meteorites that will hit the earth, and it is not the central body as many think … Gentlemen. This heavy guest has infuriated elements of the elite since its discovery … and they now are living a real nightmare and do not know how to survive !!!! …. the reinforced bunkers will be useless in the face of the dislocation of the continents … and to leave the earth and to live on the moon is pure nonsense … !! … So what to do … ?? …

News has been received. which says that one of the officials of ‘space affairs’ in France calls for the president of the United States, to help destroy Nibiru through nuclear arms … and nuclear weapons … And we already know that some developed countries have created the so-called space shield to combat (dangers). !!) …. But what kind of danger??!! … This high official asked and threatened that if cooperation is not done, France will face this imminent danger alone !!! Have they gone crazy !!! … The report does not indicate the date of arrival, but suggests that it is close !!! …

And those who follow climate news, and thousands of geophysicists specializing in climate anomalies, know that we will reach a point of no return in the near future …. and how not … And the electromagnetic field, in the case of compression and weakness continues, and continues on the path of severe deformations …. which arrived yesterday at the barrier of 1200 km/s, and despite the velocities below the critical limit between torque and induction (1500kms) …. that caused two instances of limited swelling in the magnetic field which occurred through two pulses with long interval of time between one pulse and the other … Which indicates that things are accelerating and the terrestrial field weakening, and only remains to happen, the expected collapses to find out the arrival date ….

I leave you now with the translated text attached to the talk of Aziz Mohammed Abu Halima. The peace be with you and the mercy and blessings of God …

“The White House received on Tuesday an urgent diplomatic telegram affirming that the French government can use nuclear arms to destroy a celestial intruder, Nibiru, heading for the Earth, according to a source in Washington.. who says that President Trump barely looked at the document before handing it over to his chief scientific adviser, meteorologist Kelvin Droegmeir, for further analysis. Our source said that the document was authored by Jean-Yves Le Gall, president of the French National Center for Space Studies (CNES) and approved by Emmanuel Macron, whose handwritten signature appeared at the bottom of the summary. Le Gall warns that Nibiru is close to the perigee and will soon provoke cataclysmic effects on the Earth, unless decisive measures are taken to alter its path or destroy it.

Apparently, he discounted the first, writing: “As our greatest scientists have ruled out moving Nibiru – no terrestrial force can move Nibiru – the only option left is to destroy it. To destroy Nibiru before it potentially destroys life on the Earth.” To achieve this objective, Le Gall suggests that France launch all its nuclear arsenal at Nibiru, basing his opinion on an investigative study by the CNES classified in 2016, which states that “a massive nuclear attack in the range of 66,000 kilotons must destroy Nibiru into trillions of harmless fragments”, which would incinerate after atmospheric reentry. He confessed in the telegram that all of the damage must occur simultaneously to explode Nibiru into pieces or push it off course. (This is madness. Would we rather get shot with buckshot over taking our chances with a bullet flying by? A mile wide piece of Nibiru would destroy planet earth. Besides, Macron is a DS enemy.  They would love the US to denuclearize so the other nations could blackmail us into doing their will.)

He admitted other questions as well. As France no longer has ground-based nuclear weapons, it counts on the ballistic missile M51 launched from the submarine, which has a range of 10,000 kilometers and can be equipped with up to ten 110-kiloton warheads. France has 290 warheads, or 31,900 kilotons, at its disposal, far less than the 66,000 kilotons which Le Gall thinks will destroy Nibiru. In addition, France has only four nuclear ballistic missile submarines, the Triomphant class, each one equipped with 16 vertical launch tubes. So a simultaneous launch would hit Nibiru with only 7,040 kiloton – “Like a baby beating on an elephant,” wrote Le Gall.

“Le Gall identified the deficiencies in his letter, but as it was written by him, not Macron who simply endorsed it, Trump just passed it on to Droegmeir. Although Droegmeir is not the brightest lamp in the box, he realized that French plan was crazy – that to use up to 10,000 nuclear weapons would not affect the planet Nibiru. La Galle even audaciously solicited the help of Trump,” said our source.

The telegram, added our source, said that President Trump, as commander of the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world, ought to launch a simultaneous nuclear bombardment to coincide with the efforts of France. If the United States, France and other nations that prefer survival to the destruction launch a colossal and unified attack, Nibiru certainly would not survive, speculated Le Galle. “Please, President Trump, value the humanity over your own egoistic desires; the future is in our collective hands. Rise to the occasion. Be the man of principle, the man of conscience, the world knows that you are. I fully expect that you will win your White House in 2020, but will you, or any of us, be around when your term ends in 2024. We must destroy Nibiru,” said part of the telegram.

The telegram ended with a threat not so veiled. “Without cooperation, France will act unilaterally. A small chance of salvation is better than none.” It is not known if President Trump will respond. In closing, the overwhelming majority of Earth scientists say that to remove space stones of any size is a bad idea. Even if the ICBMs could reach and attack large asteroids or planetoids, some large fragments would inevitably tolerate the atmospheric entry and collide with the blue-green pearl that we call the Earth, causing greater destruction, perhaps, than an intact Nibiru will imperil.

Nibiru - Dr Sam.. President Trump wants to send a Manned Spacecraft up to Nibiru - Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Israeli astronomer, Dr. Sam, introduces an article that once again admits the Nibiru.. Its an American article written in English, but Ive put it through the third translation to keep the style and manner of speaking like the Portuguese translated by Mohamed Nagib.. The article, in my opinion merely confirms everything that Dr. Sam has told us about the Nibiru. There is nothing new to know in this planned trip from the United Stakes to the Nibiru in the reverse-engineered space craft.

Commentary by Dr. Sam 01/15/2020

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful. In monitoring of the latest developments. I chose this article only for your readings as a whole­. The American space forces have started to operate­, but where ­ A spaceship will be launched this year to explore Nibiru up close. To define how to deal with this heavy visitor. They do not spare much effort nor much money to provide means of survival. I leave the comments for you, (with many thanks to Aziz Muhammad Abu Halimah for the translation). Follow link to the news:

FROM httpss://www.twistedtruth.net/featured/space-force-to-survey-nibiru/  My comments on this below

Space Force must inspect Nibiru. As the General Jay Raymond was formally sworn in as inaugural chief of Operations of the Space Force at a ceremony at the White House led by the vice president, Pense, the engineers at the Tonopah Test Range, finalized plans to send an alien spacecraft of reverse engineering on an historic mission to the Nibiru. With the objective of determining why the dark star and its planets in orbit still have not reached the perigee, an event which should have been realised in 2012, according to a Washington insider speaking on condition of anonymity.

Since President Trump announced his intention to create a sixth branch¯ of the armed forces of the United States for which he was greatly ridiculed, civil, military and NASA engineers have worked tirelessly to complete the construction of an intergalactic spacecraft that supposedly is powered by a generator of gravity. Which deforms the fabric of spacetime. This non-linear mode of transport permits rapid travel between two points without violating the Newtonian physics nor the Special Theory of Relativity of Einstein.

The discussion over this method of transport is not new and was discussed for the first time in 1989 by Bob Lazar, physicist with questionable credentials who claimed to have worked briefly at the S-4 a secret subsidiary of the Nellis Airforce Base, (Area-51) in Nevada. Lazar said he worked on a top-secret project that involved reverse engineering of a system of propulsion of circular craft (sports model). His explanation of a ship which generates a wave of gravity that permits flight and avoids physical detection by bending the light around it, approaches the ship that the Space Force intends to send to Nibiru. If true, Lazars claims will be justified.

According to our source, President Trump is deeply preoccupied with Nibiru and relies on the advice of the scientific consultant Kelvin Droegemeier, meteorologist by profession, to determine what threat, if any, that Nibiru represents to the Earth. Droegemeier and the administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine said to Trump that the Nibiru System appeared to have stopped in space. They said optical visualization and radio frequency analysis provided inconclusive answers and that a manned trip to the Nibiru system is necessary to determine if the celestial intruder will reach the perigee and cause untold damage on the planet.

Trump told General Raymond that investigating the mysteries of Nibiru would be among the top priorities of the Space Force. He handed Raymond a structured plan that included the names of three handpicked astronauts for the mission and said he wanted the spacecraft on its way to the Nibiru system by the third quarter of 2020. It is expected that the spacecraft will make the journey of 160 million miles in less than 16 hours, a milestone for astronomical travel.

It will approach 15 million kilometers from the brown dwarf, moving away from the twin tails of Nibiru, which contain trillions of micrometeorites and impenetrable clouds of red iron oxide dust, and will collect imperative astronomical datas to prove or disprove a scientific belief of longstanding, that Nibiru will come sufficiently close to the Earth to strike it with meteorites.. And evaluate whether its impressive magnetic field is sufficiently powerful to fracture the Earth or cause irreparable changes of geomagnetic and geophysical poles that can tear the Earth in pieces.

If the information is accurate, the USA now possesses an extraterrestrial-inspired vehicle that not only will command the domain, or area of space, but also will give it a decisive advantage over its terrestrial adversaries.. Since it seems certain that the militaries will exploit the technology for platforms of weapons development. Regardless, there exists a chance of zero percent that the government will share its discoveries with the public, since it has tried with limited success to hide the existence of the harmful solar system for nearly forty years.

From: David Eells <david@ubm1.org>

President Trump wants to send a Manned Spacecraft up to Nibiru - 1/17/2020

Other articles here explain how they are fighting with the annanaki (demons) and getting slaughtered.  Putin is said to have told Trump that they lost a whole platoon like this.  httpss://www.twistedtruth.net/featured/putin-to-trump-hit-iran-and-face-anunnaki-wrath/  (You might ask, David do you believe this? My answer is, "It doesnt matter".  Whoever believes it needs to know Jesus and that he is the only authority over the demons, which I explain are the annanaki, and that demons manifested in the appearance of a body.  Angels could appear in a body in the bible. Aliens are demons - httpss://www.ubm1.org/?page=aliensare

Nothing would unite the World into a covenant better than a war from space. Is this a great delusion to bring the covenant?  We can use it to get the gospel out anyway.

So I wrote this to the author of the articles concerning aliens. I put my hook in the water to see if I got a bite…. :o)


Be patient with me while I share what we have been doing.

The Annanaki have infested every nation.  We have fought them for many years.  They cannot be beaten with physical weaponry. Angels in the bible had the power to manifest in physical looking bodies. Fallen angels have ruled the Deep state for many years because they sacrifice to satan. They were invincible until God gave His people the wisdom to pray against them.  Then God began to send warring angels to destroy their works. These warrior angels have appeared to us to offer their services and we send them against the Annanaki and they win every time that we are in right standing with God.  They dont have to appear in bodies and prefer not to except for deception purposes.  Putin is wasting his time and money; they are playing with him. They can if God permits wipe out his entire army. He has alienated the Deep State who has witches in all the earth and call up the Fallen Angels to war for them.  The warrior angels will work for knowledgable Christians who believe the Word.  

Heb 1:13  But of which of the angels hath he said at any time, Sit thou on my right hand, Till I make thine enemies the footstool of thy feet? 14  Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to do service for the sake of them that shall inherit salvation?

Through this method we are beating the Deep State and they will be destroyed. Putin nor Trump have this knowledge.  We talk to God every morning and he gives us instructions how to send the warrior angels to defeat the enemy.

Real Christians have authority over their power.  Luke 9:1  And he called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases.

Luk 10:17-20  And the seventy returned with joy, saying, Lord, even the demons are subject unto us in thy name.  18  And he said unto them, I beheld Satan fallen as lightning from heaven.  19  Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall in any wise hurt you.  20  Nevertheless in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Mar 16:17  And these signs shall accompany them that believe: in my name shall they cast out demons;   ... The name is Jesus... They must bow to it when spoken by a real Christian.

These demons have powers above the physical.   One angel killed an army of 185,000 men when Sennacheribs army came against Jerusalem.  One angel cast the head demon (Annanaki) Satin into the pit in Revelations.

They cannot stand up to the angels sent by Godly people,

Yesterday they were taking emails out of my computer as I watched them. I commanded them to put them back and they immediately did.  The day before that they took over a group of Christians and I commanded them to come out and they did because we have all authority over them through faith in Gods commands,

Hope this gets to the people who think they are defending this country.

Bless you David

I received no answer to my e-mail

Brace for impact — a most serious warning!

This morning [January 19, 2020] I woke up dreaming about brace for impact.

I heard over and over the words “Brace for impact!”

It was like a warning coming over the radio communications of an airplane that was flying too low and was about to crash!

Then The LORD said, “Get up and pray and wake up Celeste.  Pray together.” 

I went and got her up… I said to her, “The LORD says we must pray,” and told her‘brace for impact’ is what I am hearing.

He said to me while I prayed. “Pray in tongues!”  I did.  As I prayed in tongues I heard this..

“The impact will reveal to the world who I AM and who they are who seek to destroy Me! 

For those who are presently living in Washington DC, you must know, you have been warned before many times.  Flee from her [if you can, for it may be too late!].”

I saw many buildings falling down.

He then talked about earthquakes.  I said, “Where?”

I saw the shaking from the West Coast to the East Cost, and all was shaking in between.  Many buildings will fall down, and many will perish.

I have warned them to flee the coming earthquake, now it is too late.

While I heard these words.  Celeste wrote down the following words and I heard them too…..:

“Open your ears people!  Hear when I say: the time is near, very near, that disaster will strike and all will know that I AM God.  I AM the one in charge, not them.  [the government]

Keep your eyes on Me, turn away from them, [the government] they hold no promise for a future, only Me!

Trust in Me only. 

Very soon!  Righteousness and truth, this is what matters.

Hold on tight — brace for impact.

This must stop, this country will not survive if it dose not.

I must do something to help.  They try Me over and over.  It cannot continue. 

Many will see Me in this as the bad guy, but I must stand up for My People.  It has gone on long enough!

Enough is enough!

Trust in Me in the place of much darkness, truth will arise!

 I will win!  

This saith The LORD.”

Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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