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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

'Who IS That Guy?'

Pamela Orr - 10/07/2008
(David's notes in red)

In the following revelation, the Lord is building a new house for His Bride who is Pamela's daughter, representing her fruit born unto her. In other words, her spiritual man represents the Bride and she, the natural man, the mother. She is passing away and the new she is coming to life as the Bride. PTL! For instance: The "daughter of Jerusalem", or born again, heavenly, New Jerusalem is the real bride. The Lord puts up with the mother-in-law, takes care of her and blesses her, all for the sake of the daughter.

This was a simple, yet life-changing dream. There are only two people in this dream: Myself and a person that I will just refer to as "this guy" or "that guy".

So, this guy is making a presentation to me. The presentation involves plans that are underway for one of my loved ones. As the dream unfolds, however, I realize that the point of the dream is not really about my loved ones or the plans for my loved ones, as much as it is about this guy. He's a self-assured, calm, 'man's man' kind of person. He's well-built, but not in a muscular or 'on steroids' kind of way. It's more that he exudes a strength that is under control. He's no-nonsense and matter-of-fact. He impressed me as being somewhat of a rancher or rancher-type. I wondered where his ranch is located. He almost reminded me of one of those cattle baron types that ruled the Rockies at one time. He's wearing work clothes and boots, but they are of excellent quality and clean. He definitely isn't a 'city slicker'. The feeling that I got was that he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when necessary. He is, in other words, a 'git-r-done' kind of person. But the thing that was most striking about him is his confidence. He is soooo confident about this presentation he's making. In fact, it's been my experience that there's a line where confidence stops and cockiness begins. (Cockiness carries negative connotations whereas confidence does not.) This guy is sooo close; he's pushing the envelope to the edge of confidence. But, in my heart, I couldn't call him 'cocky'. It's just confidence to the degree that I've never experienced. It took me awhile to gain my sea legs, as it were, when faced with this guy. (The Jews were amazed at Him because he spoke not as their theologians but as one having authority.)

Lastly, the presentation is NOT a sales presentation. He makes no move to convince or sway me or gain my favor. He doesn't need my permission or my blessing. It's as if it were a done deal -- signed, sealed and delivered. The presentation is more like what a CEO would reveal to shareholders or what an executive would show lower-level staff regarding plans that are already underway.

I keep wondering, Who IS this guy?! Specifically, he's showing me the plans of the house that he's building for my daughter. As the dream continues, I'm hit with three major threads of thought. The first one is: Gee, my daughter has been stuck in the backwoods of Kentucky. Where in the world has she met someone like this person?! (I love our daughter and she'll make someone a great wife. Frankly, though, this guy, this rancher person, almost impressed me as a prince who was slumming it. He seemed to be waaaaayyy out of her league.) The second thread was: Ooooo, this is neat. I'm important to this guy, just because of who I am -- Caroline's mother. Wow, I like this! It was as if I knew that I'm 'rubbing shoulders' with the elite. I even have an image of or a thought like, With this guy as son-in-law, all I would have to do is pick up the phone and I'd have a helicopter for an airlift or any other thing that I'd ever need! The third thread of thought is: This person is acting as if he owns the place and owns Caroline! What's all this about building her a house? Let's not get ahead of ourselves here! He hasn't EVEN married her yet! I'm about to protest to him out loud when the next thing I realize is that he can and does read my mind. He answers me with "November 29". Then, I wake up.

Upon waking, I knew that on a scale of 1-10, the dream was in the order of importance of 100. I still felt puzzled, but the light slowly began to dawn on me. Could it be that I, who had been a serious God-chaser for 19 years, could have been visited by the Lord in a dream and NOT EVEN HAVE RECOGNIZED HIM? The Holy Spirit prompted me to understand that November 29 signified 1 Chronicles 11:29. Upon examining it, I realized that this was meant to be confirmation of His identity. This text lists the names of two of David's mighty men. The one means 'Most High'; the other, 'Entanglement'. Yes, it was indeed the Christ Jesus, informing me that he considered me his mother-in-law because of a 'Most High Entanglement', aka, an engagement of the highest order with my daughter.

I have pondered this dream now for two weeks. By His Grace, the Lord Most High has given me a very precious gift: An Emmaus Road experience. My eyes have been opened. My life has been changed. There are mother-in-law jokes. 'Mother-in-law' is often seen as a dreaded position, rather than an honored position. But, I would rather be in relationship to THAT GUY as 'mother-in-law' than to be or to have anything, and I mean anything, here on earth. Period.

Paul's "another Jesus" warning has been reverberating in my soul and spirit for quite some time. The religious system, thanks to unregenerate man's portrayal, is full of 'other Jesuses'. My dad will be buried this Friday, October 24; and against my will, he's going to be given a military funeral. He was drafted by the earthly government and was on Iwo Jima the day I was born. For 75 years, he relied on his own strength, doctors, money and medicine. He never was interested in the sappy savior, the happy-go-lucky lord, the 'other Jesus' of the religious system. And I don't blame him. That Jesus isn't and wasn't worth a bucket of spit!

And so God has told me that the guns this Friday will have a special meaning. When they boom, they will symbolize my dad's (and others, too) transfer of allegiance from the world and the things that fail to the kingdom where That Guy runs things and everything goes according to plan. BOOM! ! BOOM! ! BOOM! ! Good bye, 'another Jesus'; so long, sappy savior; get lost, 'happy-go-lucky' lord. Come, Son! Come, Prince! Come, Messiah into open hearts and into anywhere else THAT GUY wants to go!

I thank God that the 'mysterious' guy that visited me, got to my dad -- before it was too late! Timing-wise, it was nearly as close as the thief on the cross. The thief was a lawbreaker and my dad was a (man's) law keeper, but they both needed THAT GUY! Now that I've been visited, I can truly imagine him telling the thief, "Just relax, bro. I'll have you out of here in a heartbeat... And you're gonna really like your new digs! " I know the same holds true for my earthly dad. And the Lord knows that I'm eternally grateful to Him for saving my earthly dad and visiting me and changing my life!

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