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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Who Is Worthy to Wield the Sword?

Tom Lyerla - 04/13/2008
(David's notes in red)

I have never experienced anything like this in my life. This open vision was in full color. When I could not stop crying, I knew that the Lord had downloaded this to me for a reason. I do not have understanding of this vision as of yet. I pray He will release to me the revelation of it.

I was sitting in church just before service, as everyone was praying. All of a sudden I started to cry. Then I saw this shiny object coming down from Heaven, as if it were a rocket trying to burn itself through the atmosphere. It burned throughout the sky until it struck into the earth. This huge blinding light was now a huge sword stuck in the earth.

(This parable is clearly using a well-known novel written by T.H. White in 1938 called "The Sword in the Stone". It was about a young boy named Wart who grows up in medieval England and befriends a magician name Merlin. Of course God does not agree with this part but He is using the good part of this novel to tell a larger story. As his name implies, Wartwas nothing to brag about but was trained by Merlin to be wise and valiant and to ultimately take his place as king. A test was given to the people of England. A sword was found lodged in an anvil and stone with the inscription written: "Who so Pulleth out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of All England". Because of "strength, knowledge and maturity" Wart pulled the sword from its lodging place to become King Arthur. The symbolism in this vision is that one will be found worthy to become King and have the authority to judge by the sword, which we know to be the Word of God, according to Heb.4:12,13.

We know that Jesus was found worthy to judge by opening the judgment seals in Revelation and that the first seal is the white horse rider who is the man-child company of first-fruits, through whom He will judge[Rev.5:1-5,9; 6:1,2]. We also know that man is forbidden to judge under penalty of being judged by his own sword [Rom.2:1-3; Mt.7:1-5].)

Many people saw the sword come down to the earth.Then I saw pastors with signs around their necks approaching it. They pushed and shoved at each other, trying to reach the sword to be the one to pull it from the ground.The signs around their necks read the words, PRIDE, ARROGANT, CONTROLLING, COMPROMISE, GREED, etc. As the pastors touched the sword's handle, they fell over DEAD! Some to the left and some to the right, creating a huge pile of dead people everywhere.

(Saul represents an apostate ministry in our day that will fall by their own sword because they are not worthy to judge God's people [1 Chr.10:4-6].)

I then saw the light moving towards a large crowd of dark warriors that were attacking this person who had attained the sword. I could not see who was carrying the sword, but what I could see was a multitude of people following the person who was carrying this great sword.

(After Saul died, all the people who did not follow him to death made David their king. David had been found worthy because he killed the Goliath giant of self. David, as a type of Jesus and the end time man-child company, are given the authority of the throne of David to judge [Lk.1:31,32; Rev.3:21]. By David's sword the enemies who conquered Saul were destroyed and the people were freed from the beast kingdom of the Philistines.)

This Great Sword was so very bright that it seemed to cut a path through all the darkness in its path. As the crowd of dark warriors attacked from both sides, I could see they realized they had gotten too close and they covered their eyes with their arms, cowered to the ground and just withered away. (This reminds me of Dorothy, who threw water on the wicked witch who then withered away.)

Click here to listen to a more comprehensive audio teaching about this.

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