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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Will You Eat with Chickens or Fly with Eagles?

Gabe Watson - 10/06/2008
(David's notes in red)

I had a dream that was very clear. I found myself in a school class full of students and everybody was there learning. David Eells was teaching about this great event that was going to happen, almost like it had to do with dinosaurs(Many think the Biblical events of the disciples walking as sons of God to be extinct but they are coming again now to repeat history.) I was so excited about this event and I watched and studied everything David did and said. It was as if the rest of the class took it lightly and didn't really pay attention as much to the things he was saying. I then watched him as he and some students were outside and one of the students lit a firecracker that went into a tree and exploded. In my mind I realized that you had the authority to stop this but you let the student do it anyway. (The tree is America and some will rebel and fight against her, which will separate them from the true disciples. This is a test like many other things.)

Then David and I were in front of the class and he said, "It's time. Nobody in the room knew what he was talking about but me and even I didn't really understand but I was filled with excitement. In front of the class, he then pulled out this ring that was about the size of a car tire and put it over my head. I then disappeared in front of the class and found myself going up to heaven(The ring over the head represents the authority of the King manifested through the renewed mind.) I thought to myself the whole time I was floating up to heaven, "Wow, David was right and I'm so glad that I listened". (This is the authority to walk above the laws of the earthbound in the kingdom of heaven on earth.) I then realized that I was still on earth and now I had the power to fly. 

I then began flying around all over the place and around people but they could not see me. But then I began to think in my mind that flying wasn't as fun as I thought it would be and I thought there would be more to it. (Overcoming the world is not fun or painless for the flesh.) I then flew around a public swimming pool with people in it and the swimming pool pulled me into the water with the people(The water of the worldly-bound represents their carnal teaching. "Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers". "Be not deceived: Evil companionships corrupt good morals". "A little leaven leavens the whole lump".) I tried to fly again but could not fly; it felt like the water was kryptonite and I was powerless to fly. I only had the ability to do what everyone else was doing in the pool. (Their teaching makes one powerless to overcome the world and instead they will walk after the mind and works of the flesh, thinking it to be the normal Christian life.) Then everyone could see me but they never knew that I could fly before. (Their teaching takes away the power to live like Superman, and the manifestation of Son-ship cannot be revealed to them through you because you are just like them.)

I then went back to the school to find David. He was there grading papers and talking to a student whose paper he had just graded. I wanted to talk with David but he was busy grading other papers and I wondered why he was back there and not in heaven. My whole view of him changed from that which I had in the beginning; it was like now he was just a normal school teacher. (When one walks and thinks in the flesh they are not be able to see and associate with those who walk in heavenly places while on earth. The Pharisees didn't recognize Jesus or His disciples as sons of God.) I wanted to speak with David very badly and waited for him to acknowledge me. Then a sixth-grade student whom I taught when I was an Elementary school teacher in real life said to me with fear, "Everyone saw you disappear in class and now you're back". Everyone was filled with fear about this but I was sad that I was back and didn't understand why I returned. (If we fall we have to start school all over again to learn to be an overcomer by being obedient to the Word. This should put the fear in others not to make this mistake and lose fruit and time to bear it. This is a warning to the body to not mix the worldly teachings of the apostate church into our life or we will have no strength to walk in the Spirit as sons of God, as the Man-child and Bride.)

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