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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Words for Some Nations

Priscilla Van Sutphin - 06/11/2005

At 1:11 am, I looked at the clock. Just a bit earlier, as I was in the living room, I was thinking of my life and how favor in my life has always been with foreigners and others who are different, even when in the medical field. I was thinking how much I longed to go back into the harvest and to bless those of other nations. As soon as I turned on the computer it read 1:11, so I waited and heard:

"Astonishing things about to happen. Development of new nuclear warheads in Persia are not alone what they have seemed. There is also development of nerve gas that will annihilate whole areas of people which they took from Saddam. That is what they are up to!"

"Koreans will not be allowed to continue once China has wind of the truth of their design. Kim Jung Il is quite ambitious and tormented mentally. There will be a new regime rise up due to the prayers of My sons and daughters for the situation there. The border will open and restoration of families and great harvest will ensue once Kim is removed from power. I am readying My warriors to go forth and proclaim victory. The people of North Korea will be liberated for the sake of harvesting of souls!"

"Meanwhile, China is developing more and more of their own weaponry for their own designs on conquering. Greed fills the hearts of many in power. But I will overthrow in this hour the futile plans of men and they will fight with each other as they fight for power!"

"There will be a nuclear attack before the end of the year that will remove all complacency in this nation! But that will also lend fuel to Nazism that has tried to make progress in this nation. People, being beyond reason, will blame Israel and Arabs and neither will be safe here after this. Many vigilante retaliations will occur as lawlessness becomes stronger! Fear will grip many hearts. The good part will be that many idols will be torn down by this event and there will be repentance from broken hearts this time, and HARVEST will ensue as I explode inside My people across the earth. ESCALATION will ensue also with fervor and there will be many storms, and earthquakes and flooding and famine will increase again this coming year. Understand the enemy who is the prince of the air is trying to oppose My HARVEST so SPEAK TO THE STORMS, SPEAK TO THE EARTH and winds and do not just accept everything as MY will! Ask ME for instructions and I will speak to you!"

"India is about to undergo great change and My people there will experience MORE confrontation, but in that will be a great HARVEST of souls such as the world has not seen in ages past! I am longing to restore this ancient land from the hand of demons and I will also restore the lands of the east from the dragon of BUDDHISM. I will slay the dragons with My WORSHIP WARRIORS ! I will send them into the lands of the east to proclaim the truth, and they will bring with them My very presence that will restore and heal and convict and slay. The dead will rise, and the crippled will walk, the blind will see and all manner of generational curses will be broken and the enemy disarmed. However, he will not just sit there and take it! He will arise like fire to try to devour My people! This will be a very difficult time in the ages of the earth and the earth will GROAN and reel with each birth pangs."

"Russia will experience GREAT HARVEST, flooding all the areas of that nation and many will go forth and take other nations like a groom searching for a bride will they go forth and proclaim liberty to the captives! They will DANCE with JOY inexpressible and overflowing and the enemy within their gates will be arrested. Again at the end of such a great harvesting mid rejoicing will come forth hatred against those who love ME and the hook will be placed in her jaw for My purposes to be fulfilled."

"Israel is about to do some about-facing! There will be archeological discovery that will humble the nations! There will be oil and a new paradigm of relationship with the world. Men who have bowed to idols will turn in that nation to bow to the One True GOD ! They will be humbled to see what I do to RESTORE before the time changes. The time of the Gentiles is yet unfulfilled. Changes in America will cause many here to make Aliyah and help in building Israel up again. I will make nations JEALOUS for what I do. The prayers of saints in Israel are not ignored! They are working towards a greater glory!"

"Romania and her dark history will have a reversal of heart. I will destroy the ancient foundations and there will be a flooding of souls into My kingdom in that nation! She has been like a stepchild in Europe, but I will make her My adopted princess and there will be a new hunger for spiritual things as I release My glory in the earth!

"Bulgaria, Hungary, and Turkey will have a new paradigm shift in their governments at My instigation that will allow for more freedom to spread the gospel of peace! New regimes will be raised up in many nations at the prayers of My beloveds! Worship Me in the beauty of holiness and wait on Me in My presence, oh beloved ones, for I will not disappoint you. I long for fellowship and I will heal the deep wounds in you and between you and restore dignity and peace for a time within your borders! New changes will come through much turbulence, but will usher in peace."

I am filled with longing for My bride all across the nations! I am hungry to see My love fulfilled for them. Will you come with Me on a great adventure and leave all the comforts of this world behind for the adventure of a lifetime? I will thrust you forth into the nations with great adventure and great power as I go with you!

Upstream Ministries, California

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