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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

X Brings Quakes and Tribulation

Lakeisha Davis - 9/2/19 (David’s notes in red)


In my dream I was in a one story house. I was either getting ready to eat dinner or get ready for bed but I can't remember which one. I had stepped outside because a neighborhood boy told me something strange about the sky. I saw Anna and different people from the neighborhood outside looking at the sky. They were taking videos or photos of the sky. In the night sky was a close full moon and on its right a second sphere that I believe others were calling the sun (The Planet X flyby). because it was bigger and brighter, but it did not light up the earth like our sun does when you see it in the sky. I believe the moon and this second sphere (X) were still. (Possibly meaning the earth has stopped rotating due to this outside gravity of the solar system.). But there were two smaller spheres that would pass (I believe from right to left) in front of the moon and this second sphere (X). The two small spheres looked like they were fully eclipsed each time they were visible by passing in front of the moon and the second sphere. 

Also, behind the second sphere was another much larger sphere that was harder to see(This is because it is much farther away. Nemesis, the center of the Planet X mini solar system will pass through our solar system. Planet X or Nibiru is one of its orbitals. It is said in ages past that this Nemesis system struck Tiamat, which history shows was another member of our solar system, turning it into the asteroid belt and slowing Nemesis down so that it could not escape the Suns gravity and had to orbit at least once more to regain its speed and return to its normal elliptical orbit. This could explain the Planet X effects through the tribulation.)  It was gray in color and was not shining. I took out my phone to google it but I knew Google was taking down any pictures or videos of this as soon as it was put up. So I decided to take a small video and maybe a pic so I could share it with David. But I knew that he would already know about it. I also knew that he was still living on Sonshine Mt. I walked over to Anna and knew that the Tribulation had started

I was going to go back inside to get something but decided not to because it wasn’t worth it(Mat 24:17-18  let him that is on the housetop not go down to take out the things that are in his house:  18  and let him that is in the field not return back to take his cloak.) People were now frantically running around as hot rain started to pour down. It was not hot enough to do any real harm yet but it was uncomfortably hot. Far down the end of the street I saw a bio-engineered/man-made green dinosaur that looked like an abnormally large velociraptor. (The Dragon body inhabited by Satan in Rev.12 is a man made association of the antichrist world and as such their main enemy is the Church.)  Anna and I ran across the street to some apartment stairs out of sight of the monster and waited. Her hair was shoulder length. (Anna was just speaking of donating her longer hair so this could mean the time is close)  I was asking her what she wanted to do. (Anna's name means “grace" so that's why I think she was with me in the dream...as a type of God's grace with me.) We waited but the creature never appeared. (In Revelation 12 the woman escaped the Dragon/serpent in the wilderness.) 

Somehow I was able to peek above the house tops (let him that is on the housetop not go down) of the apartments and saw the dinosaur being led by a leash back to a government facility not just a building. (The seven headed, ten horned Dragon is the one World Order invention of government to phase in the beast system and mark. This is the bait and switch method of deception.)  It had a concrete wall, a big door in the center and I believe barbed wire along the top of the wall. I also was able to get closeup views of dead bodies lined up and down the street and knew the government was responsible for these deaths(As it was with Stalin, Hitler, etc.)

(Fleeing the Dragon government) Anna and I got in the back of a plain car driven by a man to begin with I believe. He was like a taxi driver although we didn't pay him anything. He asked us where we wanted to go and we said to the convenience store because we wanted to get gas for the car. For some reason we checked to see if the restroom was unlocked I think for a place to hide, but it was locked. So we went inside to get a key. I also grabbed a few food items. We got a key and went to the bathroom. I was checking for an alternate escape route through the ceiling that could be pushed up. But we decided to just go back to the car. 

When we opened the bathroom door, a short, pretty red haired lady in a blue uniform (New World Order Police shows Christians as outlaws.) smiled and asked for Anna by name although I don’t know if Anna was the name she used. I asked "What about me?" She smiled and said, "I just need her." We didn't like what was going on and when we steped outside there was a man in the same blue uniform smiling at us. But he had a creepy vibe. He was waiting for Anna to get in the car. 

Anna and I decided to get back secretly in the car we came in but the original driver was gone. So Anna began driving us somewhere. There was snow around us and evergreen trees. We pulled up by a small building that looked like a small house between two similar houses. But it was a business and Anna said, "Oh no, it's closed." So Anna pulled into a nearby parking lot. We saw young people fearfully running away from something past the front of the car. But we couldn't tell what was behind us because either snow or frost was blocking the back and side windows. But then we felt something pick up the car and we had a feeling that it was a giant dinosaur-type monster. We could feel the car swinging back and forth as if it was walking while holding the car. (A picture of Christianity in beast captivity)

Then we felt the car slowly rising, so Anna and I looked at each other and for the second time in the dream I repented and asked for forgiveness from God. I assumed we were going to be eaten. I closed my eyes. But then in the next scene we were still in the same car and I believe in the same parking lot, only the sky was orange like a sunrise or sunset. Also Anna’s hair was shorter. We were also dirty but alive. She looked at me and I asked her, "What happened?" She looked at me and I think kind of smiled. She said we were suffocated but then we were resurrected (I think there was an understanding that God resurrected us.  Also, I can’t remember if I had this thought in the dream or when I woke up but I thought that this death and resurrection thing may happen multiple times throughout the tribulation. [Resurrections will be common along with all the other supernatural gifts of God to preserve His people.]

For some reason I think we decided to “infiltrate” one of the government places to see what was going on along with 2 others…a young asian man wearing all black leather and I believe a young woman. What we saw inside was an evil, old, bald man wearing glasses who was talking to regular civilians saying it was his job to gather “special people”.  I knew that somehow these people that were gathered were planned to be killed somehow, so this man was constantly gathering new people. (government deceptions to kill the political enemies and Christians). They looked young and were taken to a locker room and made to change into the same blue uniforms. One pretty young woman with tan skin and medium brown hair with big ringlets hid on the floor by a bench out of sight. She didn't trust the old man. And then another young man hid on the opposite side of an opened locker door. you could only see his legs. Then I hid my head in that opened locker. For some reason those were good enough hiding places. The first young man in line saw the young Asian man and the young woman with him crawling trying to hide and helped them by turning on the sink and pretending to wash his hands so they could pass him to get to the area we were hiding in. I don't remember if Anna was in this scene or not. We were there to help those we could escape. (As in history, underground railroads will form to help the Christians and Jews escape.)

(The major side effects of this passing solar system will be great earthquakes around the world, which is also the timing for the coming of the Lord manifested in His first-fruits Man-child reformers.)

Beginning of Great Earthquakes

Sandy Shaw, 8/30/19  (David’s notes in red)

In this dream we are all in my living room. The praise and worship was awesome. We were all singing “Hallelujah”.  We were in such one accord, I knew everyone was feeling the same as I was. It was just us and Jesus: so unaware of who or what was around us! His presence was strong. Then the Lord told me, “Its started.” (I then knew that it meant the earthquake on the east coast but I knew it wasn’t the big one yet.)  (Sandy had multiple dreams of big earthquakes crossing the country from east to west. They started on the East Coast, went to the New Madrid, then back to TN and forward to the West Coast at about the same time.  So this earthquake in the dream seems like a warning tremor for the series of big quakes from east to west to come. Here is a portion of the big quakes dreams to follow this smaller sign earthquake.) 

Dream by Sandy Shaw - May 2011

[Notes: David | Deb Horton ]

In a dream, I saw the NYC skyline from a distance and it was shaking. All the skyscrapers and buildings were going back and forth.

Then it was as if NYC zoomed in closer and I saw all the buildings collapsing. Many people were dying all around me. I saw the ground really shaking, vibrating and cracks were starting to form. I looked up and saw many piles of rubble from the fallen buildings and then the ground started buckling and moving the piles of rubble. At that time, I started seeing fire come up from out of the ground. I was observing this from very far up in the air and was able to see very far into the distance.

As I saw fire erupting from the ground, the Lord took me closer and I was then positioned right over the fires, looking down into the fire. I could feel the heat on my face and at first I thought it was gas lines erupting that were causing the fire. As I got closer, I saw what looked like red hot mud or clay with flames and it was oozing out of the buckling cracks of rubble. (This could be volcanic action of lava. Chuck Thacker said that an earthquake fault was discovered directly under NYC in the 1920s by a subway construction crew. They reported a crevasse so deep that they could not hear anything they dropped in hit the bottom. Some way they poured concrete over it and continued. This fault is under 14th Street, which runs from 1st Avenue to 11th Avenue in Manhattan. (This is speculated to be the hardened dome of a lava bubble, a really big lava bubble. The subway line was moved over enough to where they found footing to continue. We used to ride the train there all the time.)

I saw these cracks (likened to a glass breaking) headed from the East coast toward the center of the nation to the New Madrid fault. There were small, large and gigantic cracks heading toward the eastern side of the New Madrid fault line. (These cracks are called "spider legs".)

I was taken near to the center of the nation where I could see both coasts of the country and I was hovering over a large crack in the ground. I was facing south, with the Great Lakes behind me and the crack went all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. The ground began shaking and the new cracks began forming going back toward the East coast, moving in all directions like a fan very quickly. The shaking was constant from this point on but at different times it slowed down, becoming soft like tremors, and at other times it was shaking hard, violently.

As the cracks were moving, they reached about half of the distance of the large crack (New Madrid) and then my attention was drawn to the right of me and I looked west of the New Madrid crack and saw cracks going in all directions toward the West coast. They were cracks of many different sizes and they stopped at different places as they hit other cracks and then headed in different directions and some went all the way to the San Andreas fault in California. As these cracks hit the San Andreas, the ground was rising and falling to meet each other like hands coupling together as they join and then separate. California was shaking hard and at the same time so was the New Madrid area. The cracks began separating the areas where Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky meet and went all the way over to North Carolina. These cracks and many more are what isolate the boat-shaped piece of land in the Tennessee Valley and then I saw the crack around the boat fill with water.

This is where I turned around to look at the Great Lakes, or where they were supposed to be, and all the water began rushing down, filling up all the areas in the center of the nation that have been affected by all the quakes. It emptied these areas that split the U.S. Water flooded in from the Gulf of Mexico, as well. When all the flooding was done, many portions of the US were under water(Sandy said some of this water may be temporary but some will stay.)

(Back to Sandy’s new dream:) Then the Lord told me, “Its started.” Some said, “What started?” I said, “The earthquakes!” 

Jeff and Brandy looked right away on their phones and said, “There is an earthquake of the East coast.”  David said, “Lets pray.” So we all started praying for the ones that knew the Lord and the ones that didn’t. We prayed that the Lord would bring them out and that the Lord’s protection would be on them. (The warning quake and prayers will save many.)

Then the Lord said, “In a few days, you will feel some.” (Meaning more smaller quakes before the Big quakes.)  We started praying for ourselves and pleading the blood for our protection. When the Lord said that to me, I knew that we would start to feel earthquakes here but not the big one. So I said that. We were praying in tongues in the same one accord that was at the beginning of the meeting. Then I woke up.

Verse at random, Romans 15:17 I have therefore my glorifying in Christ Jesus in things pertaining to God. 18 For I will not dare to speak of any things save those which Christ wrought through me, for the obedience of the Gentiles, by word and deed, 19 in the power of signs and wonders, in the power of the Holy Spirit; so that from Jerusalem, and round about even unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the gospel of Christ;

Merlene: I put in my tablet Romans 15:17-19 Then I said, “O my goodness. This is better than I thought,” but it was Romans 1:17-19 For therein is revealed a righteousness of God from faith unto faith: as it is written, But the righteous shall live by faith. 18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hinder the truth in unrighteousness; 19 because that which is known of God is manifest in them; for God manifested it unto them. 

Planet X Will Cause a New York Quake?
Jay Nara - 08/30/2011

This is a confirmation of another New York quake coming after the 5.8 on 8/23/11 spoken of above.

Yesterday I was reading the daily newspapers and my little 2 1/2-year-old boy came to me and pointed in a drawing at what looks like a red sunwhich looks like the brown dwarf or Planet X . Then he looked at a second photo as his finger landed exactly on the words "NEW YORK." Then he said, "Coming." He took a few steps back and then came back and did it again, pointing to the same photos in the same order without saying anything. (Looks like Planet X could cause a coming earthquake in New York.) When I realized what he just did, I was amazed because his vocabulary is very small and I've never heard him say that word before. The connection between these two related to the earthquake in New York came immediately to mind, as well as the rest of it coming upon the U.S. and even the whole world, of which I was listening to in last night's UBBS. My wife Terez even saw something in the picture that was like Mount Zion and the Tower of Christ standing in between the red sun and people (us). Since my boy did it "twice", I think it makes it more credible and that's why I came up with an idea to call it two witnesses (similar to a two dream confirmation). We already had many prophecies and little stories about believing his birth was a type of a coming man-child; some of them we sent to UBM. I remember one of them was his heartbeat before he was born was constantly evolving around 144. I was so amazed with it, I even took a photo. I have more confidence in stories like this, especially when they come out of the mouth of babes, than reading 10 prophecy books of today's Christians. 

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