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Don Kasper

My name is Don Kasper and I live in Midwest City, OK. Last winter (2005), I had a lower back injury and was unable to rake the leaves in my front yard. I went to the Lord and explained to Him I was unable to rake the leaves and asked Him if He would rake the leaves for me so that when my back got better I could put them in bags. Well I had forgotten about it during the day but that night a strong north wind came up. (By the way, my house faces south.) When my back was better 2 days later I looked outside and the leaves were all pushed up against the hedges back to the north against my house. I found it strange that a strong north wind would push the leaves north instead of south. (By the way, there was no wind to re-scatter the leaves for the 2 days I did not look outside.) When I saw the leaves I told my next door neighbor who is catholic what the Lord did for me. I then proceeded to bag the leaves, thanking the Lord continuously while I bagged them. I also today (5-10-2006) replaced a bent blade on my riding lawn mower and charge the battery so I could mow the lawn. When I was done I put all the controls in the starting position and tried to start the mower and it would not start. I checked the voltage on the battery, and all other switches and could find no problem. It should start but did not. I then prayed to the Father and asked Him to send an mechanical angel to repair my lawn mower because I did not have the money to fix it. I said, "Father, I have faith that You will repair my mower and it will start when I come back outside to start it". When I went back out to start it I thanked the Father for fixing it in Jesus' name, and when I sat down on it and turned the key it started right up. I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Praise the Lord!"

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