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Audio & Video Hosting Sites

Audio Resource Sites:

  1. Internet Archive UBBS audios, Books (audio and pdf)

    UBM Bookmarks shows a list of all files available for listening, watching, reading and downloading files. Bookmarks Feed: RSShttp://www.archive.org/bookmarks/UBM&output=rss

    1. Audios: Listen or download as: .zip, VBR mp3, Ogg Vorbit mp3, or Stream as VBR m3u (Hi-Fi)

    2. Videos: Watch or Play/Download as: Ogg Video, 512kb MPEG4, MPEG4

    3. Books: View/Download as: Flip Book (.zip), PDF, Full Text, DjVu Text

  2. Audiofarm

    This site contains all the UBBS audio files and also the books Sovereign God and Hidden Manna

    RSS feed for latest additions: RSShttp://www.audiofarm.org/ubm/podcast.xml

    • Listen or download to the audio files (site does rename the files)

    • Various sharing option while listening to an mp3

    • RSS feeds also available for individual pages (playlists)

    • Listen via ".m3u playlist" option within each playlist

  3. Teach Out Loud

    Listen to or download our One Hour Radio and TV Bible Studies and books.

Videos Resource Sites:

  1. YouTube

    There are over 900 videos on the UBM YouTube channel. The videos are sorted within the same categories as here on the UBM site. This includes the One-Hour Programs and many of the Miscellaneous and earlier studies.

  2. Magnify.net

    Magnify.net contains embedded videos that have been uploaded to either Google or Blip.tv.

    • Videos here are sorted within playlists for the UBBS videos and also for the books: Sovereign God For Us and Through Us, Hidden Manna for the End Times, The Living Waters of God's Word (ASV)

    • Various bookmarking and sharing options.

    • Sign up as a member and you can "Rate" or "Comment" on our videos.

  3. Dailymotion

    Videos are viewing only -- no downloading.

    RSS feed: RSShttp://www.dailymotion.com/rss/user/unleavenedbreadministries


    • Our videos are sorted within playlists.

    • Share video via email

    • Spread video through various sharing sites

    • Add to blogs

    Embed for Web pages, blog, Facebook, etc. From the playlists you can create the following methods of adding our videos to help spread the word:

    1. Videowall
    2. Videozap
    3. Jukebox

    * Tip: Note the number of videos within the playlist to be sure you will be displaying the full list before creating your embed codes.

  4. Stagevu

    Watch or download all of our videos.

Embedding Our Videos:

  1. Dailymotion (see above for options)

  2. embedr

    Videos are presented with playlists. As the titles of the playlists are not fully visible within the list, move your mouse over the link and look in the status bar to see which list you want to view.

    From the playlist page you can:

    1. Choose a custom color for the player

    2. Click on "Advanced Embed Options" to choose the size of the player to embed. We suggest using widescreen and 400 width. Click on "close" and then copy the embed code to place on your website, blog, etc.

    You can also bookmark/share to various websites when viewing each playlist.

Update Announcements:

When new videos are added to Blip.tv, a message with the link is posted to both Twitter and the Unleavened Bread Ministries blog.

You can subscribe to both of these to know when new .mp4 videos are ready for viewing or downloading.

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