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Revelations & Teachings

Revelations of the Present & Future State of the Church & Judgment of America

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This article reveals why some revelations on this page were delayed.

America the Babylon
Babylon Devours the Nations Judge Roy Moore's Poem
Babylon Falls As Sun and Moon Darkened? Repeating Pompey's Rome
Crisis Builds Global Totalitarian Beast The Fall of America - How?
Is Another 9/11 Set to Unfold? Warning September 2001
10-Horned U.N. Beast Phasing in the Chip
A Single Nuke Could Destroy America Selling America's Technology and Security
America Being Prepared for the Beast The Beast Is Everywhere
Calling for the Beast Covenant The Harlot and the Beast
Great Depression Brings 7-Year World Order? The Mark and Image of the Beast
Microchip Implant Articles The One World Plan
Microchipping in Healthcare Bill? The Ten King Covenant
National ID Card Enforced May 11, 2011 (Delayed) "Unifying Threat" Needed to Bring Beast
One World Order Government Forming  
Babylonian Christianity
A Visit with the Harlot It's Getting Really Weird Out There
Babylon in Christianity Leaven, Truth and the Bride
Babylon's Faith Based Initiative and 501(c)3 Lightning Strikes Churches
Broken Vessels Matthew Stephen Moranor
Buying & Selling Merchants of Babylon Not The Church
(False Revivals - 1) Toronto Deception Polygamy in the Church?
(False Revivals - 2) Toronto/Brownsville: Trojan Horse Pray for Your Enemies
(False Revivals - 3) Toronto/Brownsville Spin-off "Revivals" Religion's True Identity
(False Revivals - 4) Revival Spirits from Eastern Religions The Broken Bus
(False Revivals - 5) Todd Bentley Exposed The Fall of Babylonian Religion
(False Revivals - 6) Prophetic Movement The Ignorance of Apostasy
Following Militants, Liberal Pacifists or Christ? The Safest Place on Earth
Harvest Big, Laborers Few The Sea of Mud
In Hell for Unforgiveness U.N. Considers Forming World Religion
America Could Be Oil-Independent Gold Hoarders Hurt Badly
David Wilkerson's Economic Vision Intelligence: Crash, Depression and Anarchy
Dollar Falls, New Madrid Quake, Riots Price of Oil Going Way Up
Economic Collapse Bringing War? Supply the Body By Giving and Receiving
Financial Crash History Is Repeating The Fall of the Yen Leads the Crash
Foreign Troops Preparing You Have Less Money in the Bank
False Prophet
Another Blood & the False Prophet The Coming False Prophet
Baiting the False Prophet & War The False Prophet
Children Are Targets of Nigerian Witch Hunt Three Lessons from Lakeland
Oprah's False Christ Trial of Dreams
False Teachings, Cults & the Occult
Alien / Demon Disclosure Resist Not Evil ... When Convenient?
Aliens Are Demons Manifested in Flesh Saved from New Age Religion
Are the Jews the Seed of Abraham? Scary Facts About Islam
Are They All the Same God? Slanderers and Railers Against UBM
Buddhist Priest Resurrected, Preaching Jesus Sons of God, Aliens & Giants
Call Me "My Father" The Logos / Rhema Delusion
Creation / Evilution The Real Sabbath
Greed and the Tithe The Sword or the Cross?
Jehovah's Witnesses in a Nutshell The Word, Women and Authority
Mariolatry Ultimate Reconciliation of All
Mormonism in a Nutshell Unconditional Eternal Security
Repenting for Others and the Sins of the Parents Un(?)conditional Eternal Security & the Mark
Reincarnation, Occult and the Word World Sees Demon Possession
Famines & Plagues
A Flu Hope, or Horror? People Will Resist Vaccines, Quarantines
Aboriginal People Inoculated and Dying Plagues Coming?
Avian Flu in Vaccine Materials Poland / Ukraine Plague Coming Here?
Bees Forecast Famine and Economic Destruction Reemphasizing the Need for Prayer
Danger of Coming Forced Vaccinations Riots, Instability Spread As Food Prices Skyrocket
Drought and Famine Upon the World 'Silent' Famine Sweeps Globe
Forced Swine Flu Vaccinations? The New Plagues
GBS from H1N1 & Seasonal Flu Shots Vaccines Linked to Autism
Gulf Oil Superbug & Humans Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks
Half of GPs Refuse Swine Flu Vaccine Over Testing Fears Warning: Vaccine Miscarriages Mounting
Immunized from Christianity What's in the Vaccine?
Microchipping in Healthcare Bill? Wheat Fungus Could Cause Mass Starvation
New Ice Age Will Bring Famine  
Growing in Christ
A Prison Warden Repents Perfection?
Are You Dancing with Jesus or the Devil? Repentance Granted -- God's Way
Christ Manifest in Us Rewards and Penalties
"Christian" Snipers Safety from Nuclear Fallout
Compassion Brings Power Satan Is Under Jesus' Feet and Ours
Do You Fear? Do You Tremble? Secret Place of Safety
Faith for Lost Loved Ones Suffering: What, Why, When
Fear to Fear The Adoption of Sons
Fire Protection Dreams The Fiery Trials - Milton Green
God's Protection from Weapons of Mass Destruction The Good Soldier
Like Ducks to Water? The Greater Anointing Is Coming
I Pray Not for the World The Greatest Revival
Is the Son Coming in You? The Lord Is OUR Shepherd
Jesus' Coming on Board Brings Revival The Real, Free Gospel
Jesus Stuns a Muslim Court The Supernatural Overrules the Natural
Let No One Take Thy Crown The Worm Has Turned
Letter to a Prodigal Son War and Preservation
Made Free from Sin Weak To the Weak
Manna Today or Manna Lost We Gotta Have Revival
My Beloved Enemy We Have Power in Jesus' Name
My Vision of Going to the Moon Willful Disobedience Death Penalty
My Vision of the Death Angel Words Heal or Curse Your DNA
Our Dominion Through the Last Adam Your Way Is Marked
Overcome Evil with Good  
Gulf Oil Disaster
BP Well Tsunami, Poison Gas, New Madrid Quake? Is the Well Still Headed for Disaster?
BP's Gulf Oil Well May Be Leaking AGAIN Most Oil Still on Sea Floor
Capping and Grouting of Fissures Failing No Need to Drill Dangerous Wells
Capping the Riser for the Cameras Oil Disastrously Changes Weather
Coming Blowout of the Well Reservoir Oil Falling from the Sky
Corexit Linked to Human Deaths Oil Really Coming from Sea Floor Leaks
Cover-Up of Undersea Oil & Gas Oil Reservoir Explosion Brings Quakes?
Crude Awakening Oil Spill Evacuation in the Gulf
Deadly Water, Air & Soil Prophecies, Dreams & Visions
Developments in the Gulf Disaster "There's Still Tons of Oil"
Gulf Oil & Gas Explosion / Tsunami Toxic Air & Rain Poisoning All Life
Gulf Seafood Tested Toxic  
Christmas (from Wikipedia) Christmas, Judgment and Conscience
Judgment Coming
Abortion and Judgment of America Israel and the U.S. a Prophecy to the Church
An Urgent Message Judgment Delayed
Arriving Superstorms Possible Attack Coming to Texas Border
Beware: U.S. Backing Palestinian State? Shmita Year Signs
Church Oblivious to Judgment at Hand Treatment of Israel Judges U.S.
Eclipse Warning Christians # ← What's That in the Sky?
Man-child & Two Witnesses
Who is the man-child and who are the two witnesses?
400 Years Brings Man-child / Tribulation Parable of the Persecuted Man-child
Coming of the Man-child Rabbi Reveals Name of the Messiah
Jesus Will Raise Up Apostles Reformation Begins Again
Man-child and Harvest Shine, Jesus, Shine
Man-child / Tribulation, 2015 or 2016? Signs of the Man-child's Birth?
Man-child, Witnesses & Tribulation Timing The Spiritual City of God Restored
My Resurrection? The White Horse Rider
Nisan 17, Day of the First-fruits Man-child Tribulation Ministry Before the Great Storm
Mega Earthquakes
Astounding Tremors Since April 11th Hydraulic Fracturing Causing Quakes
BP Well Tsunami, Poison Gas, New Madrid Quake? New Madrid Quakes Memphis, Nashville, etc.
Earthquakes Increasing Exponentially Oil Reservoir Explosion Brings Quakes?
Foreign Troops Preparing The Groaning Earth
News of Interest
101 Uses for a Dead (or Live) Baby Out of the Ashes: A New World Order
Abortions Linked to Breast Cancer Again Penalty For Not Signing Up For Obamacare
Alien Demons Bow to Jesus' Name Photo of Demon in Dog Form Makes Headlines
American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper Politician Admits Chemtrails Are Real
Another Spanking Coming Rabbis Warn Bush: Annapolis Will Bring Destruction To US
Bible Stopped Sniper's Bullet Radical Chinese House Churches
Big Brother's Eyes on the Road Report: Surviving EMP to Depend on Preparation
Bringing Hamas into the U.S.? Salt Dome Drilling Disasters
Chinese to Buy the Big 3 Automakers? Satan's Freemason Plan for World Conquest
"Christians" Bombed Nagasaki Smokers Are Being Nuked
Christians Pre-Determined Criminals? Spiritual Rally on Wall Street
Constitutional Lawyer: Healthcare Bill Power Grab States Reclaiming Sovereignty?
Criminal Psychiatric Drug Pushers Study: 3 in 4 U.S. Mosques Preach Anti-West Extremism
Death of the Internet Terrorist Arson
Detention Camps for "Terrorists" The Iran War -- How It Will Begin
Did America Quake China with HAARP? The Partial Birth Abortion Hoax
Digital TV Broadcasts Causing Health Problems "The Spirit Gave Them Utterance"
Don't Purposely Take Fluoride The Truth About Abortion
Drugs Cause Murderous Rampages Time to Abandon Public Schools?
Extraordinary Miracle in Haiti UBM Teachings Spreading in Brazil
Geoengineering Chemtrails & HAARP U.N. Getting Involved in the Covenant?
How Close Is Global Government Covenant? U.N. Scheme to Make Christians Criminals
In Him All Things Hold Together U.N. Threatens to Remove Parental Rights
Israel's New Neighbor U.S. Now Only Two States Away from Rewriting Constitution
Legally Avoid Vaccines Watch Earthquakes in 3D
Martial Law Coming Watch for Poisoned Food
More Black Babies Aborted than Born in New York We Duped the West
Muslims Flocking to Jesus Whose Land Is Israel's?
My Visions of the Building of the Supernet World Population Reached 6,666,666,666 on May 10, 2008
Nuclear Disasters
Fukushima Nuclear Weapon Fukushima Threatens Mankind
Fukushima Problems Getting Worse Japan Nuclear Disaster Unfolding
21st Century Christianity: Prudent or Apostate? Loud, Obnoxious Neighbors
Addicted to Electronic Games Musical Sectarianism
Are You a Good Soldier? Name It and Claim It?
Cleansing By Delusion New Testament Israel and the Lost Tribes
Command Ye Me? Reasons for Resisting Not Evil
Compassion for Deformed Christians Roots of Modern Medicine
Costly Conversion Satan Reads Minds & Inserts Thoughts
Dear Muslim Immigrant Say Ye Not, "A Conspiracy"
Deliverance from Rejection and Its Fear Scriptural Marriage and Divorce
Do Christians Love Guns? Spirit of Personality Worship
Faith in Balance Study Now; Time Is Running Out
Fasting According to the Word The Shuttle Columbia Speaks
God Rewards Obedience The Spirit of Prophecy
God's Sovereign Numbers Thoughts Stir Emotions, Forcing Actions
Gossip, Slander, Railing, Reviling Timothy's Wine, Paul's Thorn and Hezekiah's Figs
Hell and Demons True Church Government
Heterosexual and Homosexual Fornication Truth About Baptism
History Always Repeats Twin Towers Sign
If God Is, Why the Pain and Suffering? Veil and Head Coverings
Is Debt Scriptural? Warning Judgments for U.S. Sins
Jewish Friend, Jesus Is the Messiah Why War Over Oil?
Latter Rain Anointing Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?
Lessons from the Tsunami  
Cities of Refuge How the Apostles Died
Coming Persecution and Christian Beheading Martyrdom in Tribulation
Daniel's 70th Week Now Is the Time of My Great Plan
Day of the Lord Rapture Delusion
Dragon New World Order Storing for the 7 Years Famine
Escaping Babylon for Zion The Black Horse of Famine
Great Depression Brings 7-Year World Order? Tribulation Card and Mark
Gun Laws Lead to Genocide UBM Is Going into the Wilderness
Guns to Be Taken  
Wars and Rumors of War
Approaching War and the Coming Dragon Jihad in U.S. Streets
Babylon Is Conquering Prophetic Storm Warnings
Blockade Iran/War Russia, China, U.S. War Preparations
EMPs from Shipping Containers? Will ISIS Attack on American Soil Soon?
Foreign 'Terrorists' Breach U.S. Border  

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