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Recent Additions / Updates

Site Updates have moved to a new page.

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Recent Additions / Updates

Site Updates have moved to a new page.


Site Updates

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Important note to EVERYONE before ordering:

All of the disc and print material we offer by mail is available for free download or, even easier, by podcast (iTunes). Please consider this option to save us materials costs. We ask that those who are able to download this material please do so because it takes a lot of time and resources to copy and mail them.

If you primarily access the Internet by smartphone, please use the podcast option.

We also strongly encourage EVERYONE to download all of the audios and e-books below and put them on 16 GB flash drives which can be given to family, friends and to those you witness to. In the days ahead, the Internet will probably be shut down (or at the very least rid of Christianity) and hard-copy Christian materials could also be outlawed. Flash drives would be a fast and easy way to copy and transfer materials.

Here's some helpful info on how to burn discs for Windows and Mac.

Podcasts and/or Zip Files of All Requestable Materials
UBM website HTML pages [122 MB; updated daily]Zip
Books in PDF [160 MB; updated as needed] Zip
Hidden Manna audios [1.36 GB; updated 11/02/13] RSS
One-hour radio programs [9+ GB; updated as needed] RSS
'80s & Early '90s audios [1.79 GB; updated 11/08/13] RSS
Late '90s audios [1.34 GB; updated 11/08/13] RSS
Miscellaneous Series audios [8+ GB; updated as needed] RSS
Sovereign God audios [102 MB; updated 8/17/12] RSS
ASV New Testament audios [135 MB; updated 9/03/08] RSS

Please choose the supplier closest to you. Our thanks to the saints below for supplying, copying and shipping these materials. Out of the goodness of hearts of faith, these saints from different parts of the world have volunteered to copy our teaching materials at their own personal cost and offer them freely. They are not rich, except in Christ, and need any offering you can send to them. If you don't have the funds, please feel free to order anyway but please order them in only one format (i.e., CD, MP3-CD, DVD or book). Feel free to make copies to share with others.

Your servant in Christ,
David Eells

To request materials, you must use the order form.
Lois Robinson is our global audio/video/digital distributor (except for Europe and Africa -- see distributors below). Use the order form to the right to place an order.

She distributes the following 5 disc set:

  1. One-hour radio programs (MP3-DVD)

  2. Miscellaneous Series (MP3-DVD)

  3. '80s & Early '90s & Late '90s (MP3-DVD)

  4. Hidden Manna for the End Times videos (.flv-DVD)

  5. Hidden Manna for the End Times & Sovereign God & ASV New Testament (MP3-CDs)


[ Order Website Backup ONLY if you have a computer ]

  1. Hidden Manna for the End Times & Sovereign God & ASV New Testament (MP3-CDs) plus UBM website (HTML pages)

The site is backed up frequently as is the .zip file so it's best you download the file for the latest updates (updated nightly). The disc sent may not be updated for months.


Joe Brits ( is our distributor to Africa. He distributes all of the above materials. Note: This Sovereign God book is in Afrikaans.

Please order only if you can't download
Discs require Windows 7 and above to play

If you select any of the following * you will receive the 5 disc set.

Select the materials would you like:

One-hour radio programs (MP3-DVD) *
Miscellaneous Series audios (MP3-DVD) *
'80s & Early '90s audios (MP3-DVD) *
Late '90s audios (MP3-DVD) *
Hidden Manna audios (MP3-CDs) *
Hidden Manna videos (DVDs) *
Sovereign God audios (MP3-CD) *
ASV New Testament audios (MP3-CD) *
UBM website HTML pages (CD)

Select the location nearest you *


Email address: *

First name: *

Last name: *

Address 1: *

Address 2: *

City: *


Postal code: *

Country: *

Why can't you download the files? *

Special instructions:

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