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Recent Additions / Updates

Site Updates have moved to a new page.

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Recent Additions / Updates

Site Updates have moved to a new page.


Site Updates

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Bible Tracts

UBM tracts are a great way to share your enthusiasm about our fellowship with friends, neighbors and relatives. Offering a tract to another person can create an opening in conversation that allows you to introduce UBM and lead them to our website. The UBM website address is given in every tract so that people receiving a tract can take the link home with them. The broadcast outlets and air times for the live Unleavened Bread Bible Study are listed, too.

Bible tracts can be left in restaurants, waiting rooms and other public places; you can even slip a tract in with a letter, greeting card or bill. A tract might get passed from one person to another, finding its way into the hands of someone who is ready to read it.

Please download and print these tracts as often as you like. New tracts will be added periodically.  See the instructions for printing below. If you have studied with UBM for a while and would like to write a tract, please contact us at

All tracts are in PDF format

Instructions for Printing UBM Tracts

The UBM PDF files on this page are designed to be downloaded and printed on your home printer. Printed correctly, they are professional-looking, "double-sided" Gospel Tracts.

Start by making a test print:

  1. To determine the printing orientation of your printer, mark a small "X" on one corner of the top piece of paper in your printer. When you print the first test page, this mark will show you which side of the blank sheet gets printed by your printer.

  2. Download and open the tract you want to print. In the Adobe Reader toolbar, click on File and Print. In the Print dialogue box, under Print Range, click on Pages From and enter 1 to 1.

  3. Under Page Handling, you may have to click on Page Scaling > Shrink to Printable Area.

  4. Click print -- this will print the tract cover page only.

  5. Take the page you just printed and, depending on the orientation of the paper in your printer (shown by the "X" you marked in step one), place it back in the printer to print the opposite side.

  6. Click File > Print again and print page two; under Print Range, click on Pages From and enter 2 to 2. This will print the inside of the tract on the blank side of the top sheet.

  7. If all went well, you now have one sheet with the cover on one side and the main text of the tract on the other side -- oriented like a book, so that turning the cover page opens to the first text page with the text right-side up.

  8. Now you can print several cover pages at a time and then orient the pages to print the other side without wasting paper and ink on mistakes.

  9. Fold each page in half along the line and you have a professional-looking tract to hand out to your friends and neighbors.

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