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Prophecies, Dreams & Visions

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Prophecies, Dreams & Visions: For today?  Date setting and delays?  How to judge the false.

This article reveals why some revelations on this page were delayed.

God Corrects Those Who Say, "Every Vision Faileth"

A Telling Dream Michael Boldea's Dreams & Visions
America and Russia Shake? Mount St. Helens; North Korea; & the Chip
America Is Being Conquered By Communism Mourning the Fall of Babylon?
America, a Nation of Refugees Prayer, Fasting, Repentance Will Bring Real Change
America Numbered and Divided Repent! The Executioner Is Coming!
Assorted Dreams, Visions and Prophecies of the End Right Wing Defeated by the Beast
Beast Coup Statue of Liberty Falls to Its Knees
Catastrophic Events Statue of Libertyís Nakedness Exposed
Dragon Battles the Western Leadership Terrorism, Spiritual Invasion and Apostasy
Dumitru Duduman's Dreams & Visions The Bad and Good News for America
Economic and Political Fall of the U.S. to the Beast The Coming Coup d'ťtat
Escaping Judgment By Abiding in Christ The Eagle and the Serpents
Escaping Martial Law and God's Tsunamis The Killing of the Bull
Everything that Can Be Shaken Tremble, Ye Women That Are at Ease
Flee America or Not? Vision to Evangelist A.A. Allen in the 1950s
George Washington's Vision of America Visions of Coming Calamities
Hidden Bombs; Avian Flu; Translations War and Invasion in America
Impending Judgment on America Warning Prophecy for U.S. & Canada
Lessons from the Titanic  
30-, 60- & 100-Fold Paths Jesus Rebukes Worldly, Patriotic Idolatry
A Falling Away Is Prophesied Jezebel Churches
A New War Is Coming Jezebel Invasion from the East
A Sure Foundation Jezebel Will Die by the Curse
Advance or Lose Ground Jezebel's Divorce
Antichrist School System John / Elijah Comes to Restore
Apostate Jerusalem Escapes into the Wilderness John the Baptist Ministries
Apostate Leaders Fleecing the Sheep Judgment Has Come
Apostates Neglect Their Spiritual Man Judgment of the Church
Apostates Resurrected from Death Judgment on Apostate Ministries
Apostates Will Bear Fruit Kill the Old Man or Be Killed
Appease the World, Deny the Lord Latter Rain Delivers Many from the Harlot
Are You a Yielded Vessel? Liquidate Luxuries
Babylon's Mega Church Destroyed Many Dying in Shallow Water Christianity
Barabbas Rebellion in the Harlot Restrained Many Have Left Their First Love
Bearing Our Cross Will Save Souls Mark W. Dream
Beast Conquers Lukewarm Christians Mark's Dreams
Beast Empowers Harlot to Persecute Saints Meats or Empty Sweets?
Believe You Received and Rest Mega-Churches & Strong Delusion
Billions Swallowed By Death My Coming New Life with God
Birthing a Multitude Out of Egypt Narrow Road of Discipleship
Breaking Story Nature of the World Beast
Bridal Wedding Garment Not My Father's House
Building the "Resting" Church Old Denominations Fall Away
Bundle of Serpents Attacks Old Man Vs. the New Spiritual Man
Burn the Wood, Hay and Stubble One Large Covering
Catastrophe Delayed Momentarily One Underground Church
Change Through Politics or the Gospel? Original Word Restores Original Church
Christ Coming in You Our Brother's Keeper
"Christian" Snipers Overcoming the Seducing Harlot
Church Built on Sand Persecution from the False Prophet
Church Graveyard Dream Plowing and Planting Faith
Church Oblivious to Judgment at Hand Plundering Egypt
Cleansing Invaders from the House Prepare for the Marriage Feast and Judgment
Confess Your Sins One to Another Promise of Return to New Leadership
Could You Be Led Astray? Prophecies to Denominations
Cut Off the Mind of the Flesh Purim Cleansing
Cutting Off the Flesh Quakes Bring Revival
David Wilkersonís Vision of Satanís Slander War Quarantined Sin
Deceived By a False Jesus Rejection Lied; Father Loves Me
Deceived By Sin or False Spirits Reprobation of Esaus / Tribulation Covenant
Defending Yourself with the Word Rescuing the Sheep
Delivering the Devoured Sheep Resistance to the Spirit of Truth
Demons Living Through Apostates Revival After 2000 and the Towers' Fall
Denominations Dream Revival Comes for All Who Repent
Devastation of Charismatic Christianity Running the Race with Patience
Dirty Bomb Attack on UBM Satan Plunders the World, We Plunder Him
Discerning Shepherds and Apostles Seeing Others Through Faith
Discernment Delivers from False Prophets Selling the New World Religion to Christians
Discipline of the Unruly Send the Warrior Angels
Distributing the Unleavened Bread Set Free By the Real Jesus
DNA: Good and Evil Seed Shaking Out the Sinners
Do You Want to Be in the Bride? Sign of Authority
Don't Buy the Cheap Fake Simple Lives & Ministries Bear the Best Fruit
Dwelling on the Earth or in the Heavens? Solemn Prophetic Warning
Earth Vomiting Blood So, You Wanna Go to Bible College?
Eat with the Mature and Bear Fruit Son-ship or Persecutor?
Enough Is Enough Starving Under the Modern Pharisees?
Entertainment of the Apostate Taking the King's City Back
Escaping False Religious Spirits Tell My People I Love Them
Faith Escapes a Sinking Ship The Battle to Take the Land
Faith in Prayer Creates Our Future The Chosen Leave the Universal Church
Faith That Resurrects The Dragon Rules the Harlot Church
Faithful Builders and the Falling Away The Enemy Is Coming Like a Flood
Falling Away and Deception The Five Angels of the Continents
Falling Away from UBM The Foundation Is Death of the Old Man
False Grace Won't Save from the Curse The Great House Restored
False Prophet & Son of Perdition The Greatest Revival
False Prophets Promote the Beast The Harlot's Final Moments
False Prophets Revealed The Harlot's Fire Is Coming
False Signs, Wonders, Miracles & Christians The Mitt Jeffords Deception
Father Has the Dogs on a Leash The Only Safe Place
Feed on the Word, Christ in You The Price of Our Heavenly Home
Fighting the Old Man to a Draw? The Righteous Remain in the Land
Fleecing the Sheep The Shaking, Water & Revival
Follow the Narrow Path to Safety The Warnings Have Ended
Forgiveness Sets the Captives Free The Whole Counsel of God or Death
Four-Year-Old's Dreams of the Last War Too Late for the Marriage Feast
Fruit Inspection Torment to Those Who Fight Back
Gates of Hell to Open Soon Trapped By the Beast
Glory of a Child Tribulations: Tests of Obedience
God's Army Is Dressed for Success True and False Leadership Seen
God's Bug Detector Tsunami Coming to Flood the Land
God's New Creation Two Churches, Two Choices
God Will Cut Off the Playpen Crowd Unity Coming to the True Body
Going Straight in a Muddy World U.S. Protection Removed / Revival
Goshen, the Separated in Egypt Victory Assured for God's Army
Gospel Beats the Old Man Vision of Two Rivers
Greedy Leaders Never Have Enough Vision: Religions Serve Religious Spirits
Harvest Awaits While Laborers Play Wait for the Director
Heed the Witnesses Before the Falling Away Walk in Heavenly Places
Hidden Manna: Urgent Call to the Apostate Church Walk in the Infamous Place of Holiness
House of Idle = Idol War to Put Off the Old Man and Beast
How to Fly in Heavenly Places Warning the Sons of Eli Today
I Met Satan  :o) What's Hidden in the Barn of Our Life?
In Every Way ... Christ Is Proclaimed When the World Hates You
In Weakness We Win Why BUY Strong Delusion?
Inflation and the War on the Saints Why Die Walking After the Flesh?
Jerusalem & Temple Destroyed & Born Again Why We Should Suffer Joyfully
Jesus Appeared to My Four-Year-Old Wilderness Path and the Falling Away
Jesus Defends Us From Accusers Will the Next Judgment on the U.S. Be Delayed?
Jesus Is Calling His Sheep Out Again Will You Enter the Narrow Gate?
Jesus Is Coming in Flesh Again You Can Witness: Jesus Lives in You
Jesus IS in the Mirror Your House Is Left ... Desolate
Banking Crash Hurricanes, Bombs and the Economy
Bartering Returns Inflation and the War on the Saints
Believe God for Provision Judgment Begins at Godís House
Bernanke / Paulson Crash Unavoidable Largest Crash in U.S. History
Chinese Leave and Economy Collapses Martial Law; No Economy, Health Care or Schools
Crash Coming -- Get Some Small Bills New Madrid and Financial Quakes
Crash of Internet, Economy or Worse Our Economic Ceiling Is Crumbling
Crude Economic Tsunami Resurge and Crash Again
Cyber-Attack Brings Down Internet and Grid? Revelation of Theft Sinks World Economy
David Wilkerson's Economic Vision Shortage of Food in Stores
Devaluation of the Dollar Shortages of Gas and Food
Devaluation of the Dollar and Hyperinflation Should You Invest Now?
Economic and Political Fall of the U.S. to the Beast Spring Revival, Economic Collapse, Earthquakes
Economic Collapse Stock Drop Catastrophe?
Economic Crash with Famine Coming The Boat Is Sinking Fast
Economic Depression a Trial The Bullís Final Crash
EU to US Economic Collapse The Crash of the U.S. Stock Market
Faith to Endure Economic Collapse The Killing of the Bull
Financial Crash, Anarchy, Martial Law The Two Tsunamis
God Will Take the Economy Thieves Everywhere? Come Out
Gold and Silver Woes? Trust the Word, Not Company Stocks
America Abandoning Israel Liberty and Leadership Lost, Take Refuge
Could HiIIary Be President When the U.S. Falls? Martial Law, Repentance, Overcoming, Tribulation
Covert Attack on Christians and Jews Obama and the Near Future
Dragon Devouring the Whole Earth Our Time Under Trouble Is Conditional
Enemies Will Fall Prayer, Fasting, Repentance Will Bring Real Change
Haman, Sennacherib, Pharaoh, Governments Fall Removing the Wolves from Their Place
Hiding from the Bracelet Mark Repentance and Spiritual Warfare Needed
Jesus Says, "Make My Day, Illuminati!" Right / Left Political Dreams
Left, Then Right, Fall The Light Is True Liberty
Left Wing Brings Death of Liberty Vision of the Presidents
Gulf Oil Disaster
Black, Oily Judgment Ocean Currents Disrupted
Black Storm Covers Southeast Oil Catastrophe in the Gulf
Gulf, Economy & Right Wing Fall Oil Disaster Poisoning Land and Food?
Gulf States Going into Captivity Revelations & Teachings
Man-child / Bride / Witnesses
Who is the man-child, who is the bride (and here) and who are the two witnesses?
12 Man-children Going Forth from UBM Man-child Coming in Spiritual Spring?
Ancient Man-child and Bride Seen Again Man-child Formed By the Word
Ask for the Old Paths Man-child Given Throne Dominion to Minister
Authority in Dark, Medieval-like Days Man-child Manifests Jesus; the Unclean Return
Authority Taken from the Harlot & Given to the Bride Man-child Ministry Imparted to the Bride
A Vision of the Bride Man-child Not By Man's Works
Behold a White Horse Man-child Prepares Bride for Tribulation Job
Beware of the False Man-child Ministers Man-child Resurrects Fruit in the Wilderness
Birthed from Dark Religion Man-child Sealed & the Cutting Off
Birthing the Man-child and Under Attack Man-child Separates False Brethren
Bluffing Demons & Spiritual Authority Man-child Vs. Apostate Christianity
Bride and Man-child Showing Soon Man-child's Coming Clash with Apostate Christianity
Bride Filled with Light and Power Man-child's Word in Bride & Witnesses
Bride on the Offense, Pushing Toward the Goal Marriage Supper
Bride Overcomes Dragon, Earthquakes, Tribulation Maturity and the White Horse Rider
Bride Prepares for Man-child New Leadership Coming
Bride Sanctified and Chosen As Tribulation Starts New Leadership for the Sleeping Church
Bride Shares Light in Darkness New Leadership Given to the Church
Bride to Be Separated No Grace to Escape or Be in the Bride
Bride to Feed the Tribulation Church Only the Righteous Enter the Bride
Bride's Throne Authority Only Zion Will Escape Captivity
Bride Unites, Judgment to False Shepherds Overcomers Put on Bridal Garments
Change in the Bride, Economy and Continent Plundering the Little Hitlers
Chosen to Show God's Glory Pray for the Man-child Anointing
Cleansing for the Marriage Feast Promised Land or Beast Land?
Cleansing the Bride for the Feast Promised Seed Brings in Multitudes
Climb Quickly Now, There Is a Deadline Purifying the Seed of the Word
Coming Anointing and Hidden Manna Revealed Purity Delivers from the Storms
Coming David Ministries Refuge and Provision for the Tribulation
Coming Giants of the Faith Refuge Presence of God
Coming of the Mature Man-child Resting in Jesus to Do the Work
Confirmations of Unleavened Bread Ministries Restoring the Kingdom of God
Corporate David Raises Apostles Soon Resurrection Earthquakes Divide the Country
Crucified Davids Anointed Revelation for David, the Bride and UBM
Cutting Off the Apostates Revival Coming Soon
Davids Crucified by the Rebels Saul's Death Brings David and Revival
David's Death by the Factious Send the Warning Message
Davids Must Die for Man-children to Come Separating the Sheep in the Wilderness
Davids Protect the Children Separation to Harvest
Davids Ready for the Bride Sign of Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Man-child
Davids Send Disciples from Zion Sign of the John / Man-child / Witness Reformation
Davids Will Preach Word from Heaven Sign to the Nations
Death and Resurrection to the Throne Spearheading the Man-child Ministry
Death of the Davids Spiritual Bomb Coming
Dominion of the Bride Spiritual Geomagnetic Pole Shift
Door into First-Fruits Closing Stone Which the Builders Reject
Door into the Bride IS Closing Tell My People, "I Am Coming"
Door to Revelations About to Open Temple of Crucified Saints
Dragon Fails to Devour the Man-child The Anointing of the First-Fruits
Eagles Carry Saints to the Throne The Ark Leads to the Safety of Holiness
Economic and Political Passover "The Armies of God March Soon"
Economy, Man-child, Election, Tribulation, War The Beast Targets the Bride
End-time Harvest Coming The Bride, Ark & 12 Spiritual Tribes
Enter Ye in By the Narrow Gate The Bride: From Walking to Racing
Escape from Christendom The Bride Is Almost Complete
Escape the Harlot; Cast Down the Dragon The Bride Is Love and Immune to Faction
Escaping the Nukes, on the Moon The Bride Is Submitted to the Word
Exhortation to the Bride-to-Be The Bride's Supernatural Provision
Factions Join to Attack the Bride, But God ... The Children of the Righteous Are Coming
Falling Away From the Bride The David Ministry Is Born
False Man-child Coming Now The Exalted Humbled, the Humbled Exalted
False Wedding Rehearsal The First-Fruits and Evangelism
Favor with the King Brings Revival The Glorious Bride's Fruit
Few Chosen For Man-child Ministry The Hollow of His Hand
Final Exam for the Bride, Too Late for Some The Holy Spirit Will Choose the Bride
First-Fruits & Ingathering Harvests The Immature and the White Horse Warrior
First-Fruits Rise as World Falls The Josephs Are Coming
First-Fruits Train and Send the Witnesses The King Comes to Clean House
Following the Rock The Lord Is Coming in His First-Fruits
Gathering of End-Time Entities The Lord Shows His New Models
Giraffe: Judgment and Restoration Ministry The Lone Ranger Rides Again
God Reveals the Apostate Leadership The Man-child Vehicle Was Born
God Said, "Go! Gather the People!" The Master's Plan Is Given
God's Son Factory The Prisoner Becomes Judge
Great Holy Spirit Revival & Escape The Prize of the High Calling of God
Hagar Must Be Cast Out The Restoration of the Body
Hidden and Taught in Christ The Righteous Offend the Beast and Harlot
Hidden in the Secret Place The Soon-Coming King
His Children Are For Signs and Wonders The Sting of Death
Hurry to Mount Zion! The Young Man-child's Defenders
Invincibility in Jesus Things Will Change
It's Zion or Bondage in Babylon Time Is Running Out to Be in the First-Fruits and to Escape
Jesus Is Again Coming in Humility Time Is Running Out to Be Salt
Jesus Will Come into Us Through Faith Tower of Rest and Safety in God's House
John the Baptist Ministry About to Begin Transformed to Bear Fruit in Others
Judases Devour Many For the Beast Tribulation Revival & Falling Away
Judgments on America and Its Ministries Tribulation Translations to Safety
Just a Closer Walk with Thee True and False Man-child
Keeping Satan Under Your Feet Tsunami of Judgment
Keys to the Kingdom Turning to the Home Church
Last House Cleaning Two Witnesses Power Revival
Last Supper Before the Feast - 111 UBM Born Again
Latter Rain Coming Soon UBM Raising Up Witnesses
Latter Rain World Revival Unbiased Witnesses of the Man-child
Latter 'Reign' Anointing Upper Room Prayers Bring Outpouring
Light From the Hands Walking on Water
Man-child / Bride Feed Apostate Baby Believers We Meet the Beast and Win; How?
Man-child & Bride Save Apostates White Horse Rider / Man-child
Man-child and Chaos Birthed 'Who IS That Guy?'
Man-child and Corporate Body Witnesses Who Is Worthy to Wield the Sword?
Man-child and Woman in Wilderness Soon Wilderness Sanctuary
Man-child and Tribulation Approach Will You Eat with Chickens or Fly with Eagles?
Man-child Anointed at 11:30 Witnesses Sent Out
Man-child, Beasts, Mark & Escape Wolves and the Tribulation Man-child
Man-child: Birthing to Anointing Words in Balance
Man-child: Born of Philadelphia Church World Covenant and End-Time Ministries
Man-child, Bride & Witnesses in Tennessee Worldly Devotion Delays First-Fruits & Tribulation
Man-child, Bride, Two Witnesses: Hidden in Christ Worldwide Holy Spirit Outpouring
Natural Disasters
America's Coasts Will Change Hurricanes / Tornados Bringing Death
American Earthquake Brings Revival Iceland Warning
Asteroids Will Spoil the Party Soon Judgment Begins at Godís House
California Falls into the Sea Major Earthquake
California Mega Quake Massive Earthquake in Omaha
Caribbean, East & Gulf Coast Tsunami? Meteorites and Tidal Waves
Cascadia Warning Dream for West Coast Midwest Earthquake of Epic Proportions
Change in the Bride, Economy and Continent Mississippi River Splits the Continent
Coming Asteroid, Tsunamis, Earthquake, Chaos N-S-E-W Winds Destroy Florida
Coming East Coast Tsunami New Madrid and Financial Quakes
Destruction of West Coast of North America Possible Unknown Earthquake Zone
Dollar Falls, New Madrid Quake, Riots Prepare for the Marriage Feast and Judgment
Earthquakes Bring the Cross Prophetic Visions of Judgment
Earthquakes Divide the U.S. Quake Divides U.S. / Refuge
East Coast Flood and Marriage Feast Quakes, Visitation, Revival
East Coast Goes Under the Atlantic Rare Catastrophic Eastern North Pacific Hurricane?
East Coast Mega Hurricanes Resurrection Earthquakes Divide the Country
East Coast Tsunami? Saved from Flood, Electrical Loss & Chaos
Flee Miami Series of Quakes Hit U.S.
Florida Sinking Seven Earthquakes / New Madrid / Man-child
Florida to Be Hit By Mega Hurricane? Terror Coming to U.S. and Apostate Christianity
God's Judgment on Singapore The Earth Will Crack Up
Great Lake Destroys Mississippi Valley The New Madrid Great Rift
Great Quake & Tsunami The Ring of Fire Is Awakening
Great West Coast Tsunami The Word Is an Ark of Safety
Gulf Coast Tsunami U.S. Rent in Half By Quake
Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans / Gulf Coast West Coast Quake and Tsunami
Hurricanes, Bombs and the Economy Will Black Holes Ravage the World?
Tribulation / Day of The Lord
Abide in the Word, Safe from the Destroyer Mid-Trib, Death & Escape
Angels Ask To Serve Us in the Harvest Natural Ability Useless in Tribulation
Anointed Ministries Lead in Tribulation New Age Generic God Sweeps World
Apostasy Baptized Unto Death New Employment in Tribulation
Attack / Depression / Communism / Anointed New Leadership to Raise Up Saints
Back from the Dead Outpouring and Judgment Coming
Beast & Harlot Covenant Peace and Patience
Beauty and the Beast Persecution Coming to Crucify the Old Man
Beware the Flood of the Serpent Persecution from Brethren
Blood or Revival for America? Promised Land or Beast Land?
Breaking the Dam Prophecies of Troubles to Come
Bride Dresses As Pigs Go to Slaughter Provision and Protection in Tribulation
Call the Party Off!  The Storm is Here! Rapture?  Or Sanctification in Tribulation?
Captivity, Cleansing, Resurrection Refuge from Judgment
CERN's Evil Intent Refuge Protection and Provision
Church and World's Blood on Babylon Removing Stumbling Blocks to the Kingdom
Coming Baptism of Death Unto Life Resting in the Midst of Chaos
Conspiracy Against Christianity Resurrection of UBM
Crucifying the Church in Tribulation Saints Accused of Being Traitors
Darkness Is Closing Opportunities Saints Dawning Light in Fall
Destruction Comes for Apostate Leadership Saints Dying During the Tribulation
Dragon Devouring the Whole Earth Saints Enter Wilderness; U.N. Swallows World
Earth to Go Through Living Hell Satan's Latter Rain
Earthquake, Slaughter and Economic Destruction Saved from Tribulation, in Jesus' Name
Escaping Judgment by Clean Works Secular and Religious World Covenant Soon
Escaping the Inquisition in America Some Will Escape
Escaping the Tribulation Falling Away Spiritual Earthquake for the Church
Escaping the Tribulation Mark Spiritual Food for the Tribulation
Escaping Tribulation Authorities Spiritual Warfare with the Beast
False Knowledge and the Great Falling Away Strike on U.S. and Iran Brings Tribulation
Flee the Beast to the Safety of Zion Suffering from the Beast
Fleeing Babylon to Our Safe House Taking Refuge in the Heavenlies
Flight of the Right with the Light Tares Separated; Harvest Begins
Flood of Judgment "The Beast Is Here"
Food, Shelter and Guidance in Tribulation The Card Before the Mark
Forced Microchipping The Failed Church
Forcing Covenant with Israel Brings Earthquakes The Fiery Trial Race Sanctifies
Four Horsemen to Ride Soon The Generational Tree of the Righteous
Gathered Out of His Kingdom The Last Day
God Thwarts EMP Attacks The Mark, Persecution and Refuge
God's Promise of Protection and Provision The Mark, Wilderness & Faith For Children
God's Royal Army Conquers the Beast The Promised Land
God's Warehouse in the Wilderness The Time of Shaking
Hearken and Escape The Underground Church
Hiding in Plain Sight from the Beast "The Wicked Doth Compass About the Righteous"
Holiness Protects from the Curse The Woman Escapes to the Wilderness
How to Be Hidden by Faith "They That Were Bidden Were Not Worthy"
I AM ... Here to Protect You "Time Is Almost Up"
Intercede for Those in Bondage Treasures in Heaven for Tribulation
Invisibility from Our Enemies Tribulation Begins As Man-child Anointed
Is the Tribulation for You? Tribulation Covenant Near
It's Confirmed: It Is the End Times Tribulation Dreams
It's Time to Gather into the Ark Tribulation, Government, the Mark & Evangelism
Judases Persecute the Innocent Tribulation, Money, Provision & Refuge
Judgment of Religious, Naked Tares Tribulation Surprise
Last Outpouring & Gathering Tribulation War on the Saints
Latter Rain and Tribulation UBM and the Wilderness Refuge
Latter Rain Protection Vision of the End of the World
Led By God to the Refuge Walking in the Light Brings Power
Left Behind? War / Yellowstone / Tribulation
Lose Life To Gain Life War Against UBM Fails
Losing Our Head for His Spirit White Horse Vision
Losing Rights Under the Beast Wilderness Gathering and Revival
Martial Law on the Horizon Wilderness Just Ahead
Martyrdom or Mark? Wilderness Latter Rain Coming
Mercy and Grace Will Come Worldwide Mobilization

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