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30-, 60- & 100-Fold Paths

Anonymous. - 10/25/07
(David's notes in red)


I saw three different groups of believers (star glory: 30-fold; moon: 60-fold; sun: 100-fold) and we had to decide which pathway we all wanted to take.  There was a very huge boulder or rock, like what you see in a mountain.  (Representing Jesus and the Kingdom of God.)  There were three pathways to choose from to go to the other side. 


The first was to take a pathway around the rock, which looked fairly flat, on level sandy ground.  This pathway looked off-white, exactly like the sand you see on a beach.  (The easy way on the flesh is not the crucified life and may not bear fruit much beyond 30-fold or star glory. It is from this place that many will fall away.  This may represent the born-again in spirit, but not completely crucified in the soul, life.  Many avoid fiery trials that burn up the flesh by not walking in the steps of Jesus.  The garment for such an individual if they did not fall away would be off-white, reflecting their works.  To many the rock is too great to hope to walk on reflecting their immature understanding of the Gospel and God's plan of recreating Christ in us.  These choose the unstable, impure, off-white sand of man's traditions on which to stand.)


The second path was to climb up that rock.  The steps were carved out of the rock and it was a steep and high climb.  (This represents walking in the steps already set in stone by the Word, which is also standing on the rock of Christ's Word.  This will bear more fruit even to 60-fold or moon glory but something important is not emphasized on this path.)


The third path was to enter into a very narrow opening into that rock and walk down steep steps also carved out of the rock.  (This is also standing on the rock in the steps of the Word.  It suggests more the abiding in the cleft of the rock of safety by entering into Christ's suffering through death to self, spiritually beneath the earth. Through this method we can transverse the fullness of moon glory and enter 100-fold or Sun glory, Christ-likeness.)


We were all outside that rock, looking at these 3 paths and deciding which pathway to take.  This place had grass and trees and was flourishing and not barren.  The pathway into the rock was directly in front of us.  The pathway climbing the rock was to my left (from the rock's perspective it would have been right [those who walk more as sheep on Jesus' right]) and the pathway going around the rock was to my right (from the rock's perspective it would have been left [those who walk more as goats on Jesus' left]).  Both these were detours to the straight pathway into the rock.  (This is God's perfect will -- His chosen path, which few will find.)


We could view all believers taking the different pathways.  The vast majority turned to my right (the rock's left) because that way seemed bright, flat and sure, which could be easily negotiated.  ("There is a way that seemeth right unto man" but is really left unto God.  Many are comfortable with the worldly "Christian" life where discipleship is considered unobtainable and something that has passed away.)  There were some turning to my left to climb the rock.  Again it was bright and the steps seemed visibly carved out from the rock, though the ascent was very steep and the height was frightening.  (This is the life of faith without the emphasis of the crucified life.)  However, the pathway into the rock was not as visible as the pathway outside; it seemed the scariest.  (Because it represents self being swallowed up by the life of Christ through death to the old man and walking by faith.)  I saw one believer from my church wearing white, calling me to follow her.  Most took the pathway around the rock, whilst there were very few people who climbed on top of the rock or went into the rock(It is always a few who take the best paths.)  The believer from my church started climbing the rock.  I did not follow her but went into the rock.  (We cannot follow others' individual path or that of churches.  God has a scriptural plan for each of us.)  One could not see the steps before you -- you had to descend by faith, but as you descended it got easier and I remember thinking that from the outside it looked like a difficult, narrow, dark and unknown pathway, but when you walk by faith God's grace is sufficient to hold your footing in the steep decent.  I felt tremendous confidence and joy whilst going on my journey; it was not scary.  (The more we die the easier life becomes because we have more of Christ and less of us.)  This path was not taken by most people and the dream ended here.


The two paths: to the right of the rock mountain and into the rock mountain.  Both point out scriptural needs in our life and paths in which the most glorious will major.  The easy path of star glory is the one the greatest falling away will come from.  {Rev.6:13} and the stars of the heaven fell unto the earth, as a fig tree casteth her unripe figs when she is shaken of a great wind.  When I shared this interpretation with ["Anonymous"] she had just received this confirmation from the Lord:  "I too was told that this is the 30-fold pathway where a lot of people will fall."

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