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Lois Robinson - 05/16/2009

David asked me to write a testimony and provide some updates on the work I've been doing for the ministry.

First, I'd like to mention some updates to the UBM databases. The video database is now available for all public viewing, rather than just being for administrators. Within the database you can stream/download the audio files from external sites and you can also watch/download videos from either YouTube or DailyMotion. This is for all the one hour programs and our books.

The One Hour UBBS Radio & TV Programs database now has quick download links for the audio files hosted on external sites. By downloading from these sites, you help to save on our server's bandwidth. Also, the terms of use for fee hosting on MediaFire requires frequent downloading of the files.

You can now watch videos from either Google, Blip.tv or DailyMotion within the databases and there are links provided to download either the .mp4 or .flv versions of the studies. There is also a "Quick video download list".

I'd like to thank Kaile Hamilton for all the work she's been doing by submitting keywords for the databases. This is so useful, not only within our databases and for search engines, but also to provide "notes" within the descriptions on the external hosting sites.

Our Bible Studies and books have been reaching out to more and more people worldwide, thanks to several free hosting sites. We recently posted a new page titled Audio & Video Hosting Sites which can be accessed on the Bible Studies page. Here you will find the main sites where I've been uploading the audio and video files. This list is not exclusive, as there are several other sites where I've posted the books, but kept searching for the best performing and user-friendly sites.

Being led by the Lord, I found some great sites to host both the audio and video versions of the Bible studies and books. Kevin encouraged me to locate servers outside the U.S. and the main sites I'm uploading to serve that purpose. Audiofarm is located in Germany; Dailymotion is located in France and Magnify.net, I think, is in Canada.

Now to praise the Lord for what He has been doing, using these hosting sites to spread the Word:

  • On Dailymotion I started uploading May 4th but our page already has had 150 views and the videos are being watched. We currently have 111 videos available for viewing, with at least 12 more being added each day. Videos uploaded between Friday afternoon through Sunday are not available for viewing until Monday morning or afternoon.

    I have to thank the Lord for a miracle, as the result of a prayer request I submitted on Friday. Dailymotion had been functioning great, with only having to re-upload six out of the 111 videos posted, but something went wrong on Thursday night and the seven videos I uploaded Thursday didn't finish encoding. Due to the time difference, I knew that without the Lord fixing this problem I wouldn't be able to upload until this problem resolved, perhaps on Monday. Well, I sent a prayer request to UBM and had them agree with me that the Lord would fix the server problem and have the uploads working without any additional problems. Within a few hours I was back to uploading and having the videos encoding properly and awaiting the validation process before they are made public on Monday. Praise the Lord! I just noticed they seem to be encoding more quickly, also.

  • The Lord has really amazed me was while I was uploading audio files to Audiofarm. I signed up and started uploading our books and one hour study audio files on April 20th. I finished uploading all the one hour study and books on May 25th and now keep the site updated as new studies are available. As soon as I started uploading files to this server, the files were being played by others. It seemed I couldn't get them uploaded fast enough, as I just sensed a hunger to listen to more. I know that sounds strange but I kept watching as the number of plays increased at a rate that just amazed me. As of this morning when I checked, there has been a total of 3162 plays.

    Audiofarm lists the popular countries as being Bulgaria, Indonesia, Paraguay, Poland, Cameroon, Mexico, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, France, Antarctica, Romania, Russian Federation, Chile, Argentina, Armenia, Christmas Island, Germany, Kuwait, Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Belarus, Belgium, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Singapore, Denmark, United States, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Venezuela, Palestinian territories, Hungary, Spain, India and Sri Lanka.

    So I believe the Lord may be reaching out to many in these other countries through this audio host provider, and let's pray that the studies are being downloaded and shared with many others.

Please take the time to visit these sites where you can rate the videos, share them through various sharing options and, for those with websites, there are options to embed videos on your site, in your blogs, etc.

May God bless UBM and all those involved in helping to spread the Word worldwide. I thank the Lord everyday that He keeps me busy doing work for the ministry and away from news sites; I feel so blessed.

I'd like to thank Kevin Rea and David for all the encouragement they have given me in posting to various host providers.

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