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Heart Problems Healed

Trevor Ridge - 9/17/07

Two weeks ago, I was working and moving furniture to get a new bed I was given into the bedroom. I started to get winded and felt a little light-headed with a pain in the chest.

Despite the pain I kept working until it laid me flat on the bed. Well, that pain basically stuck around for two weeks off and on and became quite bad again Friday morning after I got off the night shift. I remained in bed all day.

I had planned to visit my brother and it looked as if I was not going to make it. I was supposed to leave by about 2:00 pm Saturday and felt I must ring him to cancel the visit, yet I really did wish to go.

At 2:00 pm I was chatting with a medically-trained friend in the US about my condition. They don't have the faith that I walk in so they suggested I get to a doctor ASAP.  I had experienced nausea Saturday morning when I awoke and a migraine with bad chest pain, which I know are symptomatic of heart problems.  (I have previously been diagnosed with a heart condition by professionals some years back but took no medications or other treatment.) I do look after my health and get some regular exercise.

I told them that I now rely on God as my healer. My attitude is be healed or die, as far as I am concerned. As I was saying this I started to feel much better and was able to get out of bed and leave right then and there.

At the Sunday meeting I was prayed for and felt the anointing as well.  Now I am free, indeed, of any pain.

Praise God for His provision!

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