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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healed of Sleep Apnea; Knee; and Back
Kevin R. - December 2005

Note from David: Kevin was healed when our online Bible Study spoke the command of faith to his illnesses as he stood by faith. Kevin lives in New Mexico and our broadcast goes out in Florida.Some don't have faith that they can be healed over the Internet or at long distances.

1) Sleep Apnea Healed: I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about five years ago. In order to breathe while sleeping, I needed a machine that forced air into my throat to keepmy airway open, else I would stop breathing every 60 seconds throughout the night; this would otherwise cause great stress tomy system, especially my heart. Since December 2000, I have needed this machine to assist my breathing. A couple of years ago, I received prayerconcerning the sleep apnea yet I never stopped using the machine. Looking back, it is obvious why I didn't get healed -- I needed to step outin faith, then God would manifest His healing. So, in December 2005, I awoke one night and caused my machine to fall off my nightstand; this broke the machine. Even though I was half-awake, I knew it was the Lord edging me to forget the machine and believe/accept His healing. After praying again with other believers a week ago, Istepped outby faithand was healed! I have not needed the machine since then and have been able to sleep throughout the night without interruption. Thank you, Jesus!

2) I injured my knee prior to moving to New Mexico in October 2004. Since then, I have had to really watch how I lift and walk, as my left knee would "go out" now and then with excruciating pain. The Lord healed my left knee a week ago.

3) I also recently injured my lower back this past November 2005. The Lord also healed my lower back a week ago. No more pain.

In summary, Jesus Christ took all sickness, sin and the curse onHis cross at Calvary. Prior to my conversion, I was very much a skeptic.As I grow in knowledge of Him, I seethatbeing born-again is a process: of learning, growing inand followingJesus in faith and obedience. It's more than just a statement of acceptance.

Ipray this is an encouragement to seek the Lord, His truth and His kingdom.

Thank you, Jesus!

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