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Recent Additions / Updates

Site Updates have moved to a new page.


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Spiritual Eyes, Diverticulitis and Abscess Healed

Chris G. - 5/23/08

I want to tell the story, then share a few simple facts about me so please bear with me. I have always considered myself a "Christian," but man was I wrong!


I have always, in my 42 years, been blessed with good health.  On the 1st Sunday in March 2008, I started having intense stomach pain/cramps around mid-morning.  I decided to skip church.  I suffered for hours, doubled up, until around noonish when my wife came home from church.  I told her that I needed to go to the hospital.  I figured I had a ruptured or an inflamed appendix.  When I arrived in the ER, we had to wait a little while, then we were taken back to be seen.  Quickly a doctor came to see me.  He was concerned and ordered many test.  Blood was drawn, CT and x-rays were ordered and I got my first IV.  I was sent to x-ray and in there somewhere along the line I passed out.  My temperature had risen to 103.6.  When I woke up, I felt MUCH better.  Had a CT done.  After a couple of hours the doc came back and was very concerned.  I may have to have surgery!  Not appendix like I thought, but diverticulitis with abscess that may/should be removed.  I was gonna have to stay overnight in the hospital.


I have never spent the night in the hospital -- as a patient.  Nothing to do but watch TV.  YUCK!  I did find a Bible to read and a little note that said that I could get a copy of the Koran if I requested it.  No thanks.  Part of my routine, over the past 18 months or so, was to read scripture each day.  I tried with the hospital Bible, but there was so much noise from other TVs and in the hall, it was hard to concentrate.  I even tried to sleep, but that was almost impossible.


The next morning, the doctor came in to see me.  A surgeon friend also came in.  Both said that I would have to rest a while, take these high-powered antibiotics and then consider more tests.  For sure I would have to have a colonoscopy within 6 or 7 weeks.  I got put on a "cardboard" diet plus medications -- which I have never taken. 


Okay, so I followed doctors orders for six weeks.  During this time, Tim from Roanoke finally persuaded me to read some things from the UBM site and downloaded some Bible Studies into my mp3 player.  WOW!!!  My eyes opened!  I soaked up all I could from the UBM site and I now have downloaded HOURS of Bible studies.  I prayed.  I ask for forgiveness.  I received the blessing of a repentant heart!  AMEN!!!  I put to death the old man and turned my whole life over to God!  What a wonderful and life-changing experience.


On April 16th I had the colonoscopy.  I had proclaimed my healing prior to the test and I wanted this to be a witness to the doctor and staff of God's power.  Amen. The test was good and my colon is healthy.  Praise God!!!  The doctor still tells me I need to watch out, keep getting retested, labs and scans, but I will not.  I have chosen now to walk by faith instead of by sight.  I am healed and I accept nothing less than God's healing!!!  Praise God!!


   Now some facts about me:


   I am a registered nurse of 13 years.

   I have been an ALS provider in EMS for 22 years.

   The doctor who "took care of me" signs my paycheck.

   I had my colonoscopy done at the place where I work!!!

   I have worked with Tim from Roanoke for 10+ years


All Glory to God!!!  And thanks to Brother Eells and the UBM team for your hard work!!!  Bless you and I pray for you daily and for the ministry of God's true Word around the world everyday!!!  I pray that God will direct me as to where I go from here because I no longer believe in the medical profession.

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