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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

America's Coasts Will Change

1/30/05, Prophetic Vision, Florida, The Appearance Of The United States Will Change

"For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now--and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened". Matthew 24:21-22

"There is a place that you can run to and hide when the storms come upon this world. There is a place that you will be sheltered from the storms. I tell you that you can run to Me when the storms of this life rage upon you.

"For there are great storms coming. They will be unequaled since the time of this world. I tell you that in the coming months and years the United States map will change. For the map of the United States will be changed because of catastrophic events. This will be because of various earthquakes and nuclear attacks".

(The Lord showed me a picture of the state of Florida. I was looking at it and then the shape of it was then transformed into the shape of a gun. It was as if the panhandle section was then the barrel of a gun. It then seemed that the state itself had become broken in half.

The Lord then showed me a picture of the United States. I was shown the state of Texas and it was broken in a piece where the bottom half of it was now submerged. It had broken off from about where the panhandle section was in the state. The Gulf of Mexico had come into most of it and had totally changed it.

Then I looked at the rest of the continent, and saw that the northeastern section of the America was being curled up like a paper. The continent was rolled up along the northeastern edges, and along the coastlines down to Florida, some 200 or miles inland. This was also on the western half of America as well, except that California was not to be seen.)

-Stephen Hanson, HCR 79 3081, Cuba, NM 87013 and Pam Privard

1/09/05, Prophetic Dream/Vision, Florida, Texas & The USA Will Change In Appearance

I began to dream, and a plate with a large piece of meat was placed before me. It was like a large roast weighing several pounds. I knew in my spirit that this signaled that the Lord was going to reveal weighty things. As I was about to eat, I realized that the whole of this was too much to take in and I asked the Lord, "How can I eat this?" and he replied, "Eat a little at a time". So I took the first bite.

Upon eating the first bite I saw the peninsula of Florida like a map. A declaration was spoken over it in French words and then I saw lines drawn on it like it was sectioned off in regional pieces and names were given to those sections. The names were in different languages, several appeared to be Arabic tongues too. The color of the map appeared deep blue as I looked more intently at it.

I took another bite and saw the word 'DangerX'. Then it morphed into the word 'PoisonX' and then it morphed again into the word 'RadiationX'. I heard the words 'X marks the spot' but no location of 'X' was shown at that moment.

I ate a couple of more bites and several things were shown in succession. I was taken to a home in Austin, Texas and these words were spoken, 'This shall be as beach front property'. I was perplexed and wondered how. Then I heard, 'Texas will sink'. Then I saw the words on a banner, 'Trustable Liquidators'.

I woke up and went to my office to write these things down. As I was writing I heard the words 'Calamities will drive out the invaders' and I saw in my mind's eye a map of the US as given a few weeks earlier (see below) and I heard the words 'Angels will form the protection'. And I saw a vision of myriads of angels guarding the perimeter of this new land.

Meaning: Before I go into interpreting this dream, I must humbly admit that I do not always immediately have the full understanding of words. At times I have been too quick to release an interpretation before the word was 'digested' in my spirit, hence I have sometimes allowed reason and logic to preempt the Spirit. Some dreams, visions and words have taken years to be revealed and/or fulfilled. I only know in part and prophecy in part. I ask the reader to join with me in prayer in fully bringing these things to light. I welcome what the Lord says to the Body regarding any message.

I believe the Florida map shows a time when that peninsula will be divided up after the US has been invaded. The map appearing deep blue may indicate a 'watery' end to that occupation.

I believe the Texas scene describes a time when a good chunk of Texas will be as a gulf, reaching in as far as Austin. I looked up on the internet and found there is in fact a fault line running across the Central Texas region near Austin called the 'Balcones Fault Line'. I believe there will be a great worldwide earthquake that will cause this fault line to fracture, drop and pull in the Gulf of Mexico. 'Trustable LIQUIDATORS' in connection with the 'Calamity' word above and 'New Territory' dream below, indicates these earth changing events will destroy invading/occupying forces of the world against the US after our time of fiery purification has completed (there have been a number of prophets and humble people of God whom have seen military invasions across all our coasts, some have seen oceans pouring in on the land as well). I have seen in prior dreams and visions where the US (or more particularly the Body within) will not be utterly destroyed in this land but will be heavenly defended when this nation seems at the brink of destruction from foreign invaders.

12/04, 2004, Dream, USA-Aftermath & New Territory -I was dreaming and I heard two angels discussing 'an appointment in the aftermath'. One spoke to me and said, 'I could choose to opt out'. I made the choice not to opt out. Then the angel spoke to me what the cost would be concerning me and my family.

Then a simple contour map of the USA was shown. In the middle of the US map was shown two semi circles like ( ) with the west one running approximately along the Rocky Mountains and the east was towards the vicinity of the Mississippi River (again the map was only an outline, no precise coordinates were shown). My spirit was made to know this middle land was called the 'New Territory' in the aftermath.

Then I felt the presence of my Lord Jesus and He extended both His hands to me and in them was His heart. His heart was shown as pure white. I pondered to myself. 'Why is it not reddish?' Jesus answered my inner question and said, 'I have poured out my blood'. Then I replied to Jesus somewhat loudly, 'I wish to go all the way!' that is, with Jesus. Then I heard a large host clapping overhead. And a song was sung and I heard these words at the end of the song, 'I will drench you in wine'.

A few days later as I was praying about this dream to know it's meaning and the size of the new land. I heard the words '1,000 miles' and was made to know that the width of the middle of the semi circles was 1,000 miles. This dream indicates that a new territory will be created after the invaders have been stopped.

A Conclusion of Events - At this time, based on prophecies of other humble servants and from what the Lord has communicated directly to me, I believe the following events will occur pertaining to the USA and the Body of Christ within (However, I do remain open to further revelation and examination.). The beginning of these events depend on the people's response to God's warning. Shall the people repent and the time be put back as in Nineveh? This is certainly my hope and prayer:

The USA will face a combined terror attack of nuclear and plague. This will destabilize the nation. This is not the end yet for her, this is a final call too all who will repent before she is soon toppled. Many will perish, but many will come to the Lord too. Jesus is the ark of safety! Then in the midst of our national turmoil, a full invasion will come from foreign lands that will include Russia and China and others. All forms of natural weapons will be thrown at the US. The US will not stand because this nation has departed from God and trusts in its military might. She will fall, crumble and transform into a broken and conquered nation. Many, many will perish, but many will come to the Lord too. Britain will suffer, too.

But within this land, a remnant of purified ones will remain and heaven itself will rise with these purified ones and defend what is left at the appointed time. This is key. The weapons of our warfare are Spiritual. A new nation will rise from within the boundaries of the old. It will be as a Great Body and a new mind shall be given to it (Daniel 7).

All things will be quickened. Conflict will continue around the world until such a time that the final beast emerges and intends to control the whole world. The very elect will be hard pressed during this final season until the Ancient of Days takes His seat and judgment is cast on behalf of the Saints. Everlasting dominion on the earth will then go to Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and His Body, the stainless Bride. Revelation 13:9-10

- Mike Tucker and Pam Privard

Florida Floods in Three Stages
Augusto Perez - 04/30/2010 [ link ]

Flood Map - 04/30/2010

"In the middle of the night I was taking up in the sky, and I was shown a map of the Southeastern part of the United States. I saw a line drawn across the lower third part of Florida around Lake Okeechobee. After the line was drawn, I saw the whole lower part of Florida disappear. Then I saw another line drawn across further north around the area of Ocala. Again, after the line was drawn, I saw everything south of the line disappear. Then I saw another line drawn across further north right below Columbus, Georgia all the way across to the eastern coast of Texas. After the line was drawn, I saw everything south of the line disappear. Then I woke up".


I believe there will be an incident or various incidents that will cause this flooding to take place. It will not all take place at the same time. These will be in different phases or stages. Once it is finished, the gulf coast of the United States will be gone. I do not know what caused the event, only that it happened.

Luke 21:25-27 "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking toward those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory".

Note from David: In 1998, I did a study of the many dreams and visions we had of the flooding of Florida and came to the conclusion that they appeared to be of different timing and severity, similar to this dream.

Sea Swallows Coastline and Florida
Jim McCants

In the Spring of 1999 while at Barney and Betty Englen's home in Birmingham, Alabama I was shown 2 visions by the Lord. This occurred after I had finished a 40 day fast on 1 Jan 1999. I did not write down the date, but as best as I can remember, it was in March or April.

Vision 1:

I was shown a map of the US - in outline form. All the state lines were shown. Then, almost immediately, the map changed to show that Florida was gone. Inland, from the Texas coast upward into New England, the land was gone. When I say gone, I mean the coastline was set back inland from 50 to 100 miles. This mileage is a guess on my part as there were no reference points to gauge the mileage. Again, Florida was no longer there, it was gone!

Vision 2:

About 30 minutes later I was shown the number 17. This is how I saw the number:


Since then I have been asking the Lord for understanding of the number 17 in that vision.

I now have the understanding that the two visions that I was given are related and go together. (Marheshvan 17 is the name given by the Hebrews to the FLOOD.) That was how the land was going to disappear; by a flood. How this flood is going to come about is what is in question. Notes from David: Marcheshvan 17 at the wrong time for this event. This the 8th month when the flood of the great and terrible Day of the Lord begins at the end of the tribulation and the temple of God's people are finished. David Feagin found this: 17 Marcheshvan - 960 BCE - First Temple completed and (2105 BCE) -Great flood began. However, Marheshvan 17 was a complete flood of the earth, a type of the Day of the Lord for a year, like the flood was (Isaiah 34:8). This comes at the end of the tribulation.

I believe the 17 in Jim's vision could be the first Biblical Hebrew month, Aviv 17, or Nisan 17, as it was called after the Babylonian captivity. This is just after the Passover on Aviv 14 when the Egyptians saw Nibiru or the Destroyer in the sky. Nisan 17 is also when the Red Sea drew back and then flooded Pharaoh and his army. If Nibiru again comes through on a Passover Nisan 17, it will likely bring a flood to the coasts and low-lying areas because of a polar shift and possible slowing of Earth's rotation, releasing the 700 extra feet of water held at the equator because of centrifugal force. This would be a partial flood, as in Jim's dream. Also, three comet/asteroids will hit off the coasts of the U.S. and tsunamis will flood the coasts. See Nisan 17, time of Purim/type of Passover and anointing of the Man-child ministry.

Also read:

San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge Quake
Michael Boldea Jr. - February 3, 2006

(Isa.24:19-20) The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open, the earth is shaken exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall totter like a hut; Its transgression shall be heavy upon it, and it will fall, and not rise again.

While I was in Romania, one night after my devotions I went to bed, exhausted and in need of much sleep having ridden in a truck all day delivering food to families. It had been a hard day, and we had to push the truck out of snow banks and ditches more than once. My body ached, and all I really wanted was to get some good rest.

As I fell into a deep sleep I had a dream. I dreamt I was in a hotel room, asleep, when the bed began to shake violently. I knew what was happening right away. Having lived in California in the 1980s I was keenly aware of what an earthquake felt like. Suddenly I was no longer in bed, but high above San Francisco bay, looking down on the golden gate bridge. As I watched it, it began to shudder, break apart, and fall into the waters below. I continued to watch the devastation, seeing buildings collapse, and masses of people trying to find shelter. Then a voice spoke out of the heavens, a voice I had never heard before, a voice of great authority: "I will shake this land from its foundations, such as the eyes of this generation have not seen. The world will stand in awe, and tremble in fear, as even the very geography of this nation will be transformed. My wrath is ready to be poured out, for sin has overrun My temple".

In my dream I began to weep, not due to the devastation I was seeing, but due to the great power of the voice I was hearing. I woke up trembling, unable to breathe, and tired as I was I could not go to sleep again.

Shortly before sunrise, my phone began to ring, and when I answered it, it was my brother Daniel. "Are you awake?" he asked, "Yes", I answered.

"I had a dream last night", he continued, "it was a terrible dream. I dreamt of a big earthquake coming to America".

When I told him I'd had the same dream, he was silent for some time, then said, "I'm coming over so we can pray".

He had just arrived at my apartment, when my phone rang again. It was a brother from 200 kilometers away, who is prophetically gifted, and has spoken many words over me that have come to pass.

"Is this Mike?" When I answered in the affirmative, he said, "I had a dream last night, and I felt I needed to call and tell you about it. I dreamt of a terrible earthquake in your country. I saw a big bridge that just collapsed I saw destruction as I have never seen before. Does this mean anything to you?"

It took me some time to find something to say. I was speechless, and could find no words. On the same night, three different people had the same dream, with the same vivid details. Knowing that the brother had a prayer group that met nightly, I asked him to remember America in their prayers whenever they prayed, and he said he would. Before he hung up he said, "Mike, I've had many dreams in my life, the Lord willed it so, but none has scared me as the dream I had last night. Only God can protect someone through something like that; there is no other hope but to run to Him".

No matter what may come upon this land, we know that God abides with His faithful, keeping them, guiding them, and protecting them. Events will begin to unfold upon this earth, that will make even the mightiest of men tremble in fear, but knowing that we have a shelter from the storm, a sovereign God who watches over us, fearlessly we press on faithful in all that He asks of us.

(Psa.91:7-11) A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your habitation, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.

Coasts of the U.S. Under Water
Ryan Hulin - 03/01/2010

Ryan called me and told me he felt he had a dream from the Lord. He said we are all going to Louisiana and the Lord warned him not to go there because there was a flood coming and the Lord showed him a map of the United States and all of the coast was under water because it was all blue. This area up here was brown from Tennessee to Montana.

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