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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Tsunami Coming to Flood the Land

Anonymous. - 07/29/2007
(David's notes in red)

This is like an open vision within a dream. This was probably one of the most emotional dreams I have ever experienced so far, which is normally not the case for me. I knew God would keep me safe from the flood but I felt the fear of God's coming wrath, which made me to tremble.

I saw myself in what looked like a viewing gallery made of glass. I could see miles into the ocean. I saw huge, extremely high waves approaching the land. It approached like a tsunami and entered in-land. I then heard the voice of God saying, "Go and tell David Eells these words which must be highlighted in red, Warning: Judgment is Coming".

I then saw myself in a huge hall-like sanctuary with you preaching. There were people from different parts of the world. I saw Christians that I knew from my nation. These people started approaching me and asking me whether I was the one who saw the "Judgment dream" as they had read about it though the Internet. They could not believe that God could speak through a nobody like me! Praise God for that! The carnal church doesn't understand why God chooses to use nobodies like us. They only respect the great and important ones of the worldly church. But God's power is made perfect in weakness.

I saw a group of careless Christians in this sanctuary, who were not believing that God would send judgment to the wicked nations. They started to walk away in different directions out of this sanctuary to go about their daily affairs such as work. But what was so amazing was that you were running before these people, with me running alongside, and you would stand in front of their paths and block their way and speak to them the Word about God's impending judgment. You really tired me with all that running in different directions away from the sanctuary! This is our ministry, reaching out to those who have not learned to abide in the safety of Christ. But I admired your persistence. I told God I had never met a persistent preacher like you! Because of the nature of our ministry: Internet, radio and TV, we can preach day and night, non-stop, even beyond the confines of abiding in Christ even as we abide in Christ. I saw that you would not let anyone pass you until you warned them! I was different. I only spoke about God when people approached me about God. There were some who repented. However, it is sad to say there were many who refused to believe and they wanted to go back to work instead of staying in that sanctuary. It's time for people to think more about abiding in Christ than their livelihood.

We had strayed way from this sanctuary due to warning the people. We were anticipating the floods at any time. This place was full of rocks/boulders. We had to climb down a boulder then up again to make our way to safety. Suddenly, there appeared a fair woman (she looked western) dressed in white flowing garments. The true church of Rev. 12:1. She was holding a fair baby swaddled in white cloth. I quickly climbed down and she told me to take her baby because she would not make it. The church as it is will be brought to death through the coming judgments so that it may manifest resurrection life. That baby was all the while sleeping in her arms peacefully. However, as she handed me that baby she spoke to it that she will not make it but someone else would take care of it. It started to cry violently. The man-child's warning to the church of coming crucifixion. I took that baby which was extremely tiny. I'm single, but I'm sure babies don't come in that size! A small body of people in comparison to the mother. It was so tiny yet very powerful that when its head and body started to wriggle, I had difficulty holding it, and it nearly dropped out of my hands. Fortunately, the lady made it down just in time to catch hold of that baby! In humbling themselves to the Lord they will receive the ministry of the man-child they have previously given up.

I can't remember seeing that woman and baby at this point. Because the floods were expected to come I entered into a huge, tall, hotel built upon a rock. It could be as tall as 100 floors. The 100-fold fruit of those who abide on the rock of Christ. I have never seen such a super structure like this before in my life. I entered into that hotel. I saw many Christians there who believed in the impending judgment of God. We wanted to change our rooms from the lower floors to the highest floors. More maturity, more heavenly, less earthly, more fruit. The desk clerk checked and acceded to our request because the highest floors were all vacant. He said that it would cost $89 per person. The Lord sent me to Mt. 13 when I read this and immediately showed me the 8th and 9th verse. {Mt.13:8} and others fell upon the good ground, and yielded fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. {9} He that hath ears, let him hear. My sister prepaid for all of these Christian families with her credit card. The Christian families told my sister that they would settle the bill for their share of the hotel fees. We have heavenly credit because of the sacrifice of Jesus but also we have to count the cost of losing our life in this world to have our heavenly life. The dream ended here.

I have been having visits of fallen angels recently. I can sometimes see them with my naked eyes! I just had a visit last Tuesday. I would just rebuke them in Jesus name and they would dissipate immediately from view. I wonder why? To show we have authority over them in Jesus' name.

Floods/tsunamis spiritually speak of judgment. I believe you are reaching many nations through your ministry. Your ministry is primarily preparing people for the coming tribulation. God is no respecter of persons and He can speak through whom He chooses. I believe that the coming judgment is around the corner, maybe sooner than some may conceive. As usual, there will be those who are just careless in their Christian life and like in Noah's time, they want to eat, drink, marry and go about their daily routine until it is too late for them to repent of their folly. I believe the lady speaks about the church and the baby speaks of the man-child.

Tsunami Flooding
Augusto Perez - 08/02/2009

I was looking at a large map of Florida and the United States when I saw water begin to come in the East Coast about 15-25 miles inland. Some places were worse than others. I saw Jacksonville on the map and the water had come in about 25 miles inland. As I kept looking, I saw the whole East Coast of the U.S. being flooded the same way, as well as the rest of the continent all the way down to very tip of South America. The ocean had come in about 25 miles, maybe more.


Some kind of cataclysmic event will take place that will trigger tsunamis and cause ocean tides to flood the eastern coast of North American. I was shown the water will come 15-25 miles inland, varying from place to place. Everything in those areas will be under water.

{Luk.21:25} And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.

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