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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Door into First-Fruits Closing

Man-child Ministry About to Start
Amos Scaggs - 03/29/2006

The Man-Child is at the verge of coming forth. He will come forth soon. I saw that there were minor adjustments being made; a couple who were being helped or tutored. They were young but mature people that were in different areas, but of the same body, waiting to be sent forth.

I took this to mean the Man-child will minister on Earth soon. I think that the preparations the people have made in order to be part of the Man-Child ministry will enable them to be anointed and sent forth at the same time to minister to the people.

False King / True King

Prophecy through Rex Veron - 07/31/2006
(David's Notes in Red)

"At harvest time (tribulation) the people will seek a king; I will give him to her (harlot) whereby she might be deceived and the true wheat come forth from her. As in days of old ... first the king they lusted for (Saul) which was a deceiver then the man of God after My heart (David). Shall he not come forth in power. That which was first shall be last and that which is last shall be first".

(As with Constantine, the UN has raised up a Saul leadership in the United Religions that will rule the harlot in the tribulation but as it was in the time of Jesus the throne of David will rule the true wheat.

Caesar enrolled all the world in a covenant and the people of God under Herod and then the man-child Jesus was born for the falling and rising of many (Lk.2:1-7, 34). Each of these characters will be fulfilled in our day in corporate bodies. See the book Hidden Manna.)

The Door is Closing

I saw myself in a grape vineyard in a valley. There were a number of mini-hills within this vineyard. There was a round table in each mini-hill. I saw Christians seated with both hands in front of them placed on this round table, above all these mini-hills. I too was in one of these mini-hills, seated around a round table with my hands placed on top of the table in front of me. I saw a narrow and winding path to a door which opened to a mountain. This door was about to be closed. I saw reapers busily counting purple grapes. They wore a fierce and serious countenance. The grapes were all of the same size and very beautiful in appearance. The grapes were not in clusters but all the twigs (if that is what you call it) and leaves were throne away. I saw all these individual grapes put into wooden bowls. There were many such wooden bowls which belonged to all of us Christians who were waiting to see if there was enough grapes in our wooden bowls to give us a license to enter through that door before it closed completely. I was extremely worried. I was praying hard, hoping that I had enough grapes to make it! The reapers would go to each table and point and say, "You ... you ... you, take the narrow path and enter the door". Not every one was chosen, only a few were picked. I really praise and thank the GOOD LORD, one reaper came to our table and picked me and told me to go! We were the last few to be picked. We were all running in a single file on that narrow winding path and entered that wooden door. But sad to say, many never made it.

I praise and thank the Lord for whatever He saw in me, from the foundation of the world, it is only by God's grace I got picked - 1 Cor 1:26. Many are called, but few are chosen -Matt 22:14. I believe the door of grace is about to be closed.

Safe in an ark

I saw myself in what looked like a long wooden long house which just made me think I was in an ark. There were many windows. I saw the waters coming so I started warning everyone to go to a higher floor. This house had 3 floors. I saw a terrible deluge sweep the whole streets and place but we were left untouched. I came down to the ground floor and saw that the clear waters seem to have subsided. So I thought I just wanted to open the door to peak outside. But the Holy Spirit cautioned me not to do so. But from my view I thought it was OK and told that to the Lord and just went to open the old wooden door. Suddenly I saw what look like a rush of muddy waters sweeping past. I cried to God and by the grace of God was able to close this old wooden door in time before that water got inside of the ark. I repented and thanked God for His goodness in helping me shut the door in time. The door was so old that one would wonder how it could keep from collapsing. It was only the very grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that we were not consumed by the waters. Then I stood in front of a window to observe. Suddenly I saw a bat try to squeeze itself through the window grills to enter the ark. But I caught that bat and broke first its left, then right wing, and killed it. There was a lot of blood coming out of that dead bat. Then I saw a beautiful butterfly inside the ark but I did not touch it. However, I was praising God for His wonderful grace and protection to His children. The dream ended here.

David: The clean waters are judgments of the Word through the ministries that God is raising up. The muddy waters are doctrines of demons and delusions which will wash over the world and separate many from God. A bat is an unclean, blind, night creature that lives in darkness. None of these will be in the ark.

Man-child Assembled and Sent?
Amos Scaggs - 06/19/2007

I believe this is the Man-child Ministry Lines that have been formed.

There was a hotel-type building atop a high mountain. There were a few people climbing frantically any way they could to get to the top floor of the building. They were not taking the stairs because there was not enough time for that. They were climbing stair rails, banisters, walls and anyway they could to get to the top because time was so short.

Some carried small pieces of baggage at the beginning but the climb was so rigorous, by the time they reached the top, all was left behind. When they reached the top lines were already formed by the ones who had made the climb earlier but in a different fashion. It seems there were two distinct groups, but there could have been more. One group was better equipped than the other.

After reaching the top some went in different directions as they were dispersed. Some travels were difficult and treacherous because there was more involved in the process than anticipated. Some traveled with ease but had to be careful with each step taken.

The climb is hard, the time is short and the baggage of flesh will be left behind when we reach our position in Christ in the wilderness.

Lay Aside Every Weight
Jon Knowles - 06/22/2007

We must "lay aside every weight and the sin that doth so easily beset us, and run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and perfecter of [our] faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising shame, and hath sat down at the right hand of the throne of God" (Rom.12:1,2).

Last night before I went to bed I was flipping channels and there was a show about professional boxing/fighting that caught my attention. It was a behind-the-scenes kind of story about a fighter who was to weigh in the next day. His trainer came in with a set of scales and the fighter stripped down and stood on the scales. He was 8 pounds overweight and his trainer accused him of cheating on his diet. The fighter denied this but the trainer demanded that he "cut weight" which included wearing plastic clothing, eating and drinking NOTHING and working out strenuously for hours on end. This fighter was miserable and somewhat rebellious but he obeyed his trainer and did what he was told.

The Lord spoke clearly in my spirit, telling me that His body is like this young fighter - overweight, somewhat rebellious and unprepared to enter the ring and we must "cut weight". He, as our trainer, is calling us to fast, to be of sober mind, studying the Word, cutting out sinful habits, in order to be ready for the coming fight that's ahead of us.

I asked for a confirmation about the fasting we need and He pointed me to a page in Sovereign God (131):

Joshua and Caleb believed that the Promised Land was theirs and that they could take it from the Canaanite. (Num.14:9) Only rebel not against the Lord, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defense is removed from over them, and the Lord is with us: fear them not. The old man is bread for the new man. The spiritual man grows as he devours the old man. Since they occupy the same territory, the old man has got to die so that the spiritual man can live and grow.

I've been undergoing testing, correction, discipline -- the time is indeed short! We are being prepared for battle and many of us are not ready.

Also read Door into the Bride IS Closing

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