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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Eyes Healed After 45 Years

Pamela Orr - 07/24/2009

Dear UBM, I just wanted to give you my testimony regarding healing of my eyes. I wore glasses from childhood on. The onset came 45 years ago or so after reading many books without much of a break. My mother would call me to set the table or something and I would either not hear her or ignore her and go on reading (so sin was present, too).

My vision stopped worsening at 20/200. I wore hard contacts or glasses and then eventually went to soft contacts or glasses. I can't remember when God led me to UBM but it's been a couple years ago, at least.

It's been a powerful time, one thing after the other, since being led to the UBM website. The Sovereign God book changed my life. The teachings and other articles on the site have been amazingly helpful. Also, Christ Jesus Himself actually invaded my dreamworld last October and my life will never be the same. I had declined going on a United Methodist Emmaus Walk. I had told my friends no, thank you back in July, so in October when I had a personal and one-on-one Emmaus walk with Him, I had even forgotten about the offer I had declined. But a week or two later, the Holy Spirit put on my remembrance the dates. My testimony to my friends back in July had been, "God never leaves me out". Well, He certainly didn't leave me out that October! So, I've been on a very exciting journey, especially the last few years of believing Christ.

I'm not sure of dates, but sometime a year or so ago I just decided to trust my eyes to God. I had seen an eye doctor and he had written a prescription for me for new glasses or contacts. But I just couldn't go through with it. During the appointment, I hadn't even liked sitting in the chair, thinking that I was trusting some stranger instead of the Lord. I called the store back and told them I was going to trust God -- that He had healed my eyes. The lady was polite but then paused and said something like, "Uh, Okay. But if you change your mind, the prescription the doctor wrote for you is only good for 60 days." In other words, she was telling me that I might lose money by needing to have a prescription redone, in the event that my eyes were not healed.

I had thrown all my contacts away earlier. My only pair of glasses had broken (which is the why and how I had landed at the optometrist's office in the first place). So, God even arranged it to 'help' me step out in faith. At first I was miserable. I came to understand that the glasses had become a part of me. Instead of waking up and reaching out to God and praising Him for a new day, I would wake up and reach for my glasses. After 40 years of needing help with vision, I suppose this is understandable. So, I realized there was some sort of a psychological crutch involved, too. Vision-wise, I never had anything instantaneously manifest as I had in other things (for example, I was instantly set free of nicotine addiction as a baby believer). I went back through teachings on trusting, healing, trying of our faith -- anything I could find that could possibly help me fix in my heart and mind that Christ Jesus did it for me on the cross. I also came to realize that "perfect vision," or 20/20, had been an idol for me because I had thoughts of, How can I now be safe driving until my healing manifests? In other words, God showed me that I relied on 20/20 vision instead of Himself to keep me safe while driving. So, God revealed much truth to me during this time. My eyes manifested some improvement but I was nowhere near being able to apply for flight school, if you know what I mean.

So this went on for over a year. Also, my daughter Caroline, who is 19 years old, is coming around to a deeper faith level. When she first got home from college this summer, she asked me about my eyes. It's strange how God had arranged to have her in on this eye healing from the first. Last summer, she lived at her grandma's house, which is in a different county than where we live; yet, without consulting each other, we found ourselves at the same eye doctor's office at the same time! She was incredulous! It was like, Mother, are you stalking me? But she knew that I had no knowledge that our appointments were contiguous with one another. That day, we both tried on glasses. She went ahead and got her pair. I didn't. (See the above paragraphs). So, she returned from college in May. The first thing she wanted to know was, "Mother, how is your vision?" I told her, "God healed me". I did not expand that I wasn't manifesting the perfection of it yet. We talked about Kaile Hamilton, a colleague of Caroline's from Grace College chemistry class. When Kaile was on the other night about her vision, I texted Caroline so that she could listen, but she was working and so was unable to hear the live broadcast. I agreed with David in prayer that night, too.

Now we come to this week. I had noticed that my license was due to expire. I thought, uh, oh. Yesterday, I was going to stop at the license branch but then I felt as if the Holy Spirit said to wait until today. So, this morning, my daughter called and said she would be in our county to transfer the title to her first-ever vehicle. We agreed to meet for lunch and then business. I realized that God wanted Caroline to be a witness to this eye thing playing out at the license branch. I was thankful for her presence, too, because I think having her along kept my mind off of What if they ask me 'such-and-such?' I can't lie to them... In other words, the enemy wanted to give me fear and anxiety but God determined to not let him do that by giving me a buddy. So, the lady asked me a few things, nothing having to do with vision. Then, she nodded towards some little eye gizmo and told me to read line five. I looked into it and it was ALL a blur! I looked up toward Caroline and the gal and then I blinked. She said, "You may have to tune it in or something". So, I fiddled with the fit and prayed. This time, line five jumped out and grabbed me. It was a different color than the others. But, the number section looked blank, hopeless, as if there were no numbers there to read. I looked up yet again and looked long-distance to another point and messed with the side brackets. I touched the side of my eyes and prayed and began to see the numbers. I read two lines in victory, then stopped. I couldn't see anything else. She told me, "You're not done yet. There's another section". So, I looked again and the last section came into focus. The last question she asked me is, "Are you wearing contacts?" I told her no. She looked mildly surprised but continued her work. After we left the bureau, Caroline told me she saw the lady write down 20/40 on the vision results. Also, I noticed my driver's license reads, "No restrictions". I didn't carry on or anything as we left the license branch, but I did let Caroline know how happy I was that God had not let me down and that now I have absolute proof that He healed me and that MOST of the healing has now manifested itself in the natural. God is amazing! I wouldn't want to live one minute without Him!

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