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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Gulf Coast Tsunami

Fred Delaney

I received a vision of waves that were coming in the Gulf which were not of extreme size. There were three but the biggest and last one seemed not much bigger than 17 feet in height.

The first one was about 8 feet high. I was assured by the Lord we will be told before they come here.

My wife also had a dream that these waves were coming and that our family was safe but others will have to be told soon!

These waves are the first wave warnings to move back from the coast and to cling to Jesus for He is the Savior.

(Note from David [Updated 12/07/10]: These waves are possibly spiritual and we may have seen this in the oil disaster because it moved some people away from the coast to save them from bigger things that are coming. I do not doubt this could be physical, too -- from an earthquake or underwater mudslide or storm surge to warn of a bigger tsunami that will come from another oil explosion or meteor hitting the Gulf or Caribbean below.)

Gulf Coast Tsunami Still Coming
William Rowe - 12/29/2010

I went to Tennessee to drop off a load of household goods and deliver the broadcast gear so that it could continue from Tennessee. I stayed for two weeks and then returned to the Pensacola Gulf Coast in order to sell my home. Tuesday evening, my wife Elisa was murmuring about moving and having to sell the house under the appraised value. Before going to bed, I prayed that our Father would send her a dream to alert her of the seriousness of having to move from this area. And I am the one who received the dream.

In the dream, I was on a public bus going through downtown Pensacola near Palafox and Garden. We were headed east and I noticed a river of water coming down the alley from the south between the buildings. I thought that was a lot of water to be coming down between those buildings and noticed it was increasing into a torrent of water and realized it was saltwater and not freshwater. And then I was horrified to realize there was a tsunami splashing over the tops of the building. I thought to myself that this was "the tsunami" and I was about to die.

I immediately realized that no one should have had a "business as usual" attitude and should have heeded the warnings to leave. I praised God, hallelujah, and I was prepared to meet my Father. At that instant, in the dream, I was transported to my bedroom of my home here in Pace. My wife was standing, facing the window and crying. I asked her why she was crying and she said that God gave her a vision of the tsunami destroying the Gulf and she said it was horrifying. I said, "Praise God. He gave me the same vision and He answered my prayer by giving you the vision, too. I hugged my wife and then I woke up.

To add a little levity to this serious dream, my wife told me the reason I received the dream and she didn't was because she was unable to sleep last night. So the dream popped into my head and not hers.

Today we signed the final contract of terms and now we enter into the process of inspection and mortgage-qualifying and closing on February 22nd.

Note from David: Bill's dreams were right about the coming oil storm against the coast and about him going to TN. I would pay attention.

Update - 2/05/2011

My wife, Elisa, awoke from a dream this morning. She told me that in the dream she was in our house here in Pace and she noticed it was windy and stormy outside. She went to the window and opened it to look outside and saw that our house was three or four stories high and it was now located on the beach. The water was very wavy and turbulent as a result of the storm. Elisa was not only surprised to find our house was now on the beach but was the only house on the beach, as all of our neighbors' homes were gone.

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