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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Jezebel Invasion from the East

David Dipace - 08/12/2008
(David's notes in red)

David DiPace sent this dream to me and asked me to give some interpretation to it without telling me what he and Eric Bogan were seeing.

We have recently reconnected with a local minister, Eric Bogan (you have his testimonies on your site), whose church is about 40 minutes from us. Eric has been the pastor there since early 2006, after the death of his father and after receiving revelation from the Lord through your teachings. Last week, a woman in our assembly named Gloria shared a dream with Eric and me that she had about 12 years ago. She told me that after hearing what the Lord had me to teach on the end times that she felt more assured that I could be the white man in unity with Eric, the pastor, in her dream because my words were so much like his.

Gloria's Dream: I am ushered into this huge church. As I walk through I notice the color of the place is a bright green with dark green floors. I can't tell if it is carpet or grass on the floor. There are huge columns that are actually like trees without the bark that have been finished or varnished. There are several entrances into the sanctuary. As I walk through the church I see two men constantly together. One is the Pastor of the church; he is a young black man that appears older than he actually is. The other is a bit older and is a white man -- the Assistant Pastor. They are in each other's presence constantly. There is no competition or any deception; they were in harmony -- totally in unison. (I believe this is David and Eric who are in agreement with scripture and ministering together in harmony.)

People are continually pouring into the church. The congregation is extremely large and culturally diverse. The people follow the two Pastors all over the building, as if not wanting to be out of their presence. I too follow them with the one that is showing me things (such as who the two men are). There is something going on in the sanctuary. I am up behind the pulpit area and suddenly people are being seated and there is an air of expectation. I ask, "What's happening?" "The Bride is coming", I am told. As questions begin to form in my mind, I am told, "Just watch and you will see". (This is a bride in the estimation of the deceived, as we will see.)

That's when I see her approaching -- all the way from the other end of the huge sanctuary or temple. She is coming, smiling and nodding at people as she passes them; they seem to know her and she knows them. She is so beautiful, perfect, exquisite and diminutive, almost like a doll walking. She is about 5' to 5'4" tall. She's petite and of a slight build. As I watch her approach I begin to realize she's very exotic in appearance. Her coloring is possibly of multi-cultural and her hair is extremely long, coal black and straight. It is pinned up but held by only one pin, which was very strange to me. Her dress was of Asian design; her hair style appeared to be an Asian one, too. (The Asian dress and hair represents her submission (1 Cor.11) to eastern culture or spirits. The multi-cultural skin means that this woman represents a corporate body from many ethnic backgrounds that return to their assemblies of friends bringing this deception.)

The two Pastors stood at the altar together. This prompted me to ask, "Who is she marrying?" "The Pastor", was the answer from the one with me. "Just watch her. Isn't she beautiful?" he asked. I stood quietly watching her. By now she had made her way to the front of the altar step, just about to come up, or so I thought (remember, I am facing her). The two Pastors are standing there almost in front of me, still facing her and watching, too. All the people are quiet, anticipating her every move. (This woman is not what she appears to be, a gift to the Pastor as a bride would be, but a seducing Jezebel infected with the eastern religions. The Pastor here may represent the man-child ministry or at least the leadership that she is attempting to seduce.)

The bride, instead of stepping up to come onto the altar to the husband, turns to my right/her left. I turn to see where she is going. That's when I see a huge armoire. It is approximately eight or more feet wide by 10 or more feet high. The color is deep, dark, rich, possibly mahogany or cherry wood --very ornate and polished. I knew instantly it was very old and valuable.

The two Pastors are now to the far left of me. I am up, farther back and nearer to the bride and armoire. She takes a step up (there are a couple of really wide steps -- one just before the armoire and the one it sets on against the wall). She sits on the edge of the one just before the huge chest. She reaches up and pulls the pin from her hair. As she does this she leans forward slightly, and then throws her head back. Her hair whips around the armoire, crossing it some way in the back, and swings back around to the front of her. (Her hair is a sign of submission, according to 1 Cor.11, and when wrapped around this armoire it represents capturing the armoir with what she is submitted to.) She grabs the two long tresses, wrapping them around to the front of herself. She is bent from the waist just slightly, and as she pulls her hair, the armoire falls onto her back, gently. (She has now captured the armoire, which are used these days for cupboards [vessels to drink out of], wardrobes [putting on works or actions], and entertainment centers [entertainment rather than practical, true Christianity]. This Jezebel has captured the vessels of God's house; those who had put on Christ, and submitted them to false doctrine, lying signs and wonders and silly Hollywood playacting.)

Everyone is in awe. She begins to gently rock back and forth, rocking that huge chest (Rocked to sleep). I too am awestruck. For a second I feared for her safety. "What is in the chest?" I ask. The answer was, "The Holy Vessels. Doesn't she bear the weight well? Just watch". I am told. "Look at her", I am encouraged to keep watching. (Babylon took captive the vessels of God's house only to fill them with their own wine [nature] and party to their own destruction [Dan.5:2-5,25]. These spirits are encouraging many to watch the show on TV or internet videos or at the false revivals until they are seduced.)

She has her left side facing me and the one that's with me still stands at my right, just behind my shoulder. I watch her, marveling at what she is doing. Then I begin to look closer, really focusing on the entire picture. Starting from her head I slowly look down. Then I see her feet! They actually startle me; they look so old and ancient. They are wrinkled, calloused, hideous, out of place on this grand little lady, who seems so beautiful. (The feet or walk of this religious spiritual system is very corrupt and very aged under the curse.)

I am staring in horror and disbelief. Suddenly I realize that she is looking directly at me and so is most of the congregation. I feel they are looking at me because they saw her turn to look at me. She is giving me such an evil stare; it quite literally frightens me. The look in her eyes is chilling. I am suddenly pulled back away from her and the dream. I awake to safety; that's how I feel as I awake suddenly --safe from her. (When the unscriptural walk of these people from the false revivals are discovered their smiles turn to evil stares of anger, revealing the false spirits inside this movement. I believe this is a warning to pastors to study up on this deception and pray against it and educate their fellowships to keep it from infiltrating their assemblies. The lives of many have been ruined by this Trojan Horse revival. We are exhorted to "awake" from this seduction "to safety".)

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Reply from David DiPace:

I want to thank you for your help in confirming the interpretation of the dream. We now have our two witnesses. We will take a look at the studies and the spirit of Jezebel in the church. We know that it exists and that Eric has had to deal with it already in his assembly. This warning will be a great help from the Lord for us at this time.

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