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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

One Underground Church

Lubomir Zimmer from Czech Republic - 10/09/2010
(David's notes in red)

Dear David, I had a dream about you that I know is from the Lord. I had several dreams that came to pass, including me being in a hospital that came to pass and other dreams. I dreamed of my brother in Heaven ...

I saw you parking a car in the winter time near a water shore. (Jesus identified winter as tribulation -- Matthew 24:20,21) You came out of the car. (The car represents UBM structured with a name, recognized by some as a separate entity from the Church as a whole, which God will soon change. We will become nameless disciples of Christ and servants of His body, as in the early Church. We will be one flock with one Shepherd.)

The car was suddenly found at the water upon the ice! So we wanted to get it out of there. I had a sense that the ice was slowly melting. Suddenly a car appeared and a man offered to help. We were getting ropes to get that car out of the ice with his help. But it took a lot of time and by the time I saw the ice broke down and we were in the water. (Some will seek to preserve this old system which will make them a visible entity for the world beast to identify and target to swallow up. Ice is made from the water, identified as the beast peoples of the world in Revelation 17:15. Ice floats above the water in the winter tribulation like Noah did. Ice melting into the waters represents the beast swallowing what should be the solid, unchangeable people of God.)

As we were swimming to the shore, an ugly animal came out of the water and was chasing after us. (This is the beast who comes up out of the waters of the peoples of the world to persecute those who have and want to preserve a distinct worldly identity. They will be called a cult for not conforming to their idea of Christianity. He will rise up in those who are of the world, along with the apostates to swallow up those who are a distinct, visible world presence, as ice melting. See Revelation 13:1-10. UBM will always be distinct from the worldly church but it will become more indistinguishable on an organizational level, like the underground Church and the Church of Jesus' day. When ice melts it goes under water. Once they name you and group you, they target you.)

At this pre-tribulation time, a name is useful in that it gives people a connection to our materials so they can get more of the same. Soon these overt connections must be broken as the Church goes underground as in the dream below.

The Name Will Fall
Anonymous. - April 2010
(David's notes in red)

I saw a gigantic tree with the sign: "Unleavened Bread Ministries". This tree was extremely huge and fruitful. That sign was removed by the Lord and it fell face downward. (The name of UBM being cast down represents the factious slander, criticism and defamation of character that came against a fruitful ministry. "Name" in Greek and Hebrew means "nature, character and authority".) I believe there is going to be some sort of overhaul of your ministry before it comes back again in full force. Whether it is ministerial unions, persons in charge, structure, contacts, etc., I do not know. (Update: All of these things did change after this through the faction that God sent to separate some from us and we are seeing the fruit of this in power and holiness.)

I would like to say that there was nothing wrong with the tree. It was gigantic, wholesome, beautiful and had fruits. I have seen the UBM garden in dreams and once again the trees, plants and flowers were gigantic and beautiful. Brother David was tending the garden very efficiently, with lots of love and I was amazed that he knew each name and circumstances that surround each flower/man. I was surprised that he could give me details of each person in his garden and their lives. But I was too enthralled of the beauty of his garden to listen to what he was saying and wished he would keep quiet so that I could walk and enjoy the garden! ! ! When God shows me ministries, it is always as a garden. This was not like looking at our plants. The trees and flowers looked similar but diverse kinds of colors and more beautiful than what you see on this earth. Interesting, I have been shown UBM as gigantic flowers and trees in a garden, a gigantic jumbo jet and now a gigantic fruitful tree. Thus, it is a big, fruitful ministry in God's mind.

When I saw this, I heard, "Overhaul". Thus, I was wondering, overhaul what? I mean, if the tree was having sin, I would have seen branches and leaves falling down or fruits falling down due to being rotten, or the tree being thoroughly pruned. If the tree was rotten or unfruitful, I think the Lord would have axed it. Thus, I was pondering over this. The tree represents the ministry, which is the Lord's and no one else's. No one has the right to say, this or that is my soul or this or that person is stealing my sheep, etc. because all belong to God. There is going to be sifting and shifting in the ministry, something shown at the beginning of this year (2010). (Amen! There is one Church and all belong to Him. We must decrease and He must increase. Update: The sifting was to separate what was wanted from what was not wanted.)

For me, like you and Brother Rex, when I saw the sign on wood being removed and it falling face downward toward the ground, I got "humbling to dust and ashes". (Yes, a crucifixion came so a resurrection could remain.) I feel this is the lowest point in this ministry. What God showed was a little bit drastic for me and thus I did think, "Will there be a change in name also?" (Yes, a change in nature and authority.) That is why I was thinking what I was seeing was seeing rubbish. But it was very clear. On April 25th, I was shown again many more Christians coming to UBM. I also saw the lame, the poor, the rejected come from all corners of the US and world to your house in Tennessee. (We have received many dreams and visions and words prophesying this.) Jesus came for such people, not proud people who have no need of God.

The house was a 100-year-old farm house -- really, really old and ancient with a door opening to the right and when I walked outside, I saw these blue mountains on the right. But this part I don't understand since when I went to take a look at the area you spoke of, I didn't see any mountains in the pics. Thus, I am not sure if this is literal or spiritual. (The bluish mountains can be seen from here by looking east. "100" represents completion. There is a 100-year-old school there we will receive. It will be a spiritual old farm to raise up God's plants and creatures the way it used to be done.) This is where I saw so many people coming to your house by cars, buses, taxis, etc. I saw these people were rejected and injured but they all had a smile and great joy on their faces. They had great love for one another. (The Lord is going to give us much property and houses to provide for His people and train them in His ways. Within crops is the seed of much more crops, so what we will see is a geometric progression that multiplies the fruit exponentially.)

Do you know that there was a strong wind blowing but that tree stood still -- no fruit, leaf or branch broke. (As in the dream above, the ministry will endure tribulation and persecution and stand.) It was only when the Lord removed that wooden sign that it it fell down face toward the ground. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with the ministry, only we people who make it up. I only know that God has and will always be against pride but He will always give grace to the humble. (Update: The name was truly slandered but the fruit is great :o)

Seeing in a dream the warning the Lord has given to UBM, seeing the demons surround you like a garrison and wanting to take this ministry down and seeing all the outcome thus far, I suggest all take an inventory of our lives and be in prayer. (True.)

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