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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Praying to See Results

Clas and Marina Kock

Dear Christian brethren, Bill and David:

I am so thankful to know the truth and also know people who found it. I am still pretty "young" in the Lord. I feel even younger now in the Lord after beginning to find the real truth from UBM. I wasted 10 years in the wrong kind of "church".

It looks like anything that is the real truth, like how to pray and see results, that many people that have not found the real truth and don't walk in the victorious life, they seem to try to explain things in their own flesh and therefore they begin to think these things are demonic and occultic. So isn't it funny, they put over God's wonderful gift of healing and provision as being from the devil?

So I thank you guys again for giving me scriptural advice about this. I have to explain these kinds of things to my Finnish brethren. I am in a mode right now that if I see anything that I feel strange about, I begin to search the truth about it until I feel peace, and I believe God wants me also to be sure what I believe in so it stays scriptural. (I am reading David's book, but I have not finished it yet...I am a slow learner.)

This "praying and believing" is really beginning to work for me more and more now. My wife in Finland needed a gas cap a few days ago for her old $600 Toyota.

My cousin that owns a garage replaced the whole gas tank for her. But the new tank did not come with a gas cap. They went back to the auto parts store many times during the week, and they said: "This is really strange. We don't have a gas cap for this type of tank and we cannot find it either and we don't know why! We don't know why nothing fits this new gas tank".

My wife had to drive around with a car, with no gas cap, just plastic and a rubber band. She did it for many days during a week, and you know the gas was smelling. It could be dangerous too; having gas open like that. Anyhow, long story short here, no one in the auto parts stores knew where to get a gas cap.

So one day I just felt to pray about it. (I am getting faith here, hehe, thanks to you guys and David Eells). Since I am here in Florida and my wife Marina is in Finland, we prayed over the phone something like this:

"In the name of Jesus, we now pray that you will get us this gas cap tomorrow when Marina goes to THAT SAME AUTO PARTS STORE again for maybe the fourth time. We now pray and believe that you Lord will show these guys that they will FIND A GAS CAP that will fit in that store tomorrow. They will find it behind something else that they have not seen, but it will be there. We pray and believe this, in the name of Jesus". I don't remember exactly but we prayed something like this.

I told my wife, "Tomorrow when you go to that parts store again, you will see that they will find a gas cap that fits the gas tank". (Honestly I "saw" a shelf in my mind; it just came to be, and I thought it would be on a shelf.)

Guess what, it happened EXACTLY as we had prayed, my wife said that I had "prophesied" but I was just praying. They found now suddenly a new gas cap in the store that fit the tank and the problem was solved.

Hallelujah, God is with these "small little signs and wonders and prayer answers" trying to teach me and my wife to begin to pray and believe in faith. The Lord has to begin in the little, and it gets bigger all the time. Sometimes a bushfire is not big enough to learn faith, hehehe.

God Bless you all and the UBM ministry.

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