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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Resurge and Crash Again

We've had one black Monday and a second one is prophesied to come.

Thomas S. Gibson (PROPHECY - 08/11/2002) ... As I was in prayer this afternoon the Lord showed me the following: I could see a chart with one line on it. It went up and down in a jerky fashion. Suddenly, it dropped off so low that it was almost off the bottom. Then it continued its jerky up and down motion, but it was now doing so very near the bottom of the chart. Then the Lord said, "This is the stock market. You will soon see the sudden drop off to the bottom. Many will not believe that it cannot rise again, but each attempt to resurrect their money god will result in failure! "

Harold Eatmon ... I saw the Stock Market soar and then crash. After the [first] crash, many big business corporations and private parties bought up stocks because of the low cost to buy in. Then I saw the market begin to climb again in a short period of time. Then it crashed again, bringing tremendous loss, ruin and devastation to all who bought in the first time. This is what I have labeled "Two Black Mondays". The time period between the Two Black Mondays was very close together. I could not tell exactly how close. It could be a couple of days to a couple of months. There are some tell-tale signs indicating the season and the setting. * I saw the season to be when 'the leaves fall to the ground' -- then the first crash would occur. * I also saw the Yen fall dramatically just before this sudden and inexplicable crash.

Crash / Brief Resurge / Crash Again
Daniel Holloran - 03/20/2009
(David's notes in red)

I had a short dream that I believe confirms the dream Banking Crash.

I saw the space shuttle with the bay open descending, actually falling out of the sky and making sounds like a helicopter does that is about to crash; it was rotating wildly on a plane as do helicopters about to crash. (The bay doors being open may indicate that the economy has no heart -- it is empty -- it has dropped its load in the vacuum. It is rotating because it has no direction or hope of lift.)

Our house is across the street from a large church parking lot. I saw the shuttle drop out of view in front of our house (I was in the back yard) and knew it "dropped" into the church parking lot; however, a second or so later it came up off the ground, rose above my house and crashed for good off to the right of my home (where an unsaved family lives). (After the first crash it rose, as it is now on 3/28/09, and crashed again for good, as it soon will be. This will be devastating to the unsaved but the church looks on and should be learning a lesson from this.)

(The stock market just went up nearly 500 points yesterday, March 23, 2009.)

Airplane / Economy Crash
Nathan Leal - 03/23/2009

A few days ago I had a very heavy dream that the Lord gave me. It was a prophetic dream and I want to share it with you right now:

In this dream, I was standing at a street corner of a downtown area of a small town, and I was looking across the street to a bank that was on the corner. It was a one-story bank and it was not very big. The building was probably 75-100 feet wide. I suddenly heard the roar of a propeller plane from behind, and I didn't look behind me because it happened so fast.

Here's what happened: A propeller plane that would probably hold 20 passengers flew right over my head and into the bank building. It went through the glass. When it broke the glass, I could see inside the bank, and the only person I saw inside the bank was the bank manager. He stood up from his chair with his back to the window where the plane was coming from, so he didn't even turn to look at the plane because it happened so fast to him. He stood up, the wing of the plane clipped him, and knocked him straight to the ground, and the plane kept on going through the bank, and it came out the other side.

Now, when that happened, I remember in my dream that I just started crying and screaming.

I was panicked. I was terrified to see this thing happen because I just saw a person get killed and I started screaming, "Call 911! Call everybody! " I was just screaming for help. I felt such panic, and I believe I was feeling a panic everyone is going to feel when this happens. I ran across the street and around to the other side of the bank building to where the parking lot was. When I got to the parking lot, the engine of the plane was lying in the parking lot. The plane flew through the building and the engine was on the ground, but I didn't see the plane. I looked to my left where the bank was and I didn't see the plane. I screamed to a person who was in the parking lot, "Where is the plane?" And he said, "It's at the end of the parking lot; it crashed over there".

As I looked to the bank, I saw a huge, empty room. The glass was broken on both ends. The plane went through it and cleaned out everything. It was an empty room. I didn't even see the body of the banker; I didn't see desks overthrown. I saw nothing. It was a huge, empty room. Then the dream was over.

At first, I didn't understand what the dream meant. I took the matter to prayer and sought God about it, and when I did, I was overcome with travailing. It hit me so strong when I was seeking God about this matter, and God told me the interpretation. He told that the airplane I saw is the economy. And He said, "The economy is going to crash. It's going to hit the ground and crash. But before it crashes, it's going to happen so fast that it is going to take out small banks".

The bank manager got hit from behind. God said that means it is going to catch them off guard. It's going to strike all of us suddenly. It's going to be breaking news: Banks are failing all at once.

This is a terrible thing to imagine, folks. And God said the reason the engine of the plane was on the ground is that the engine is the economic engine, and the engine of the economy is going to fall off eventually. It's not going to be able to hold up anymore. So as the economy is crashing, the engine will fall off. And the reason the plane crashed at the end of the parking lot is that is where it was actually going to crash, but before it does crash, it's going to take out the banks first.

The reason the bank was cleaned out in the dream is self-explanatory. The banks are going to get cleaned out and it's going to happen fast and suddenly. That means just like in the first depression when there was a run on the banks, it's going to happen again. I don't know if this is going to cause a bank holiday. I don't know the exact particulars, but God shared that money will not be available from the banks. They'll be shut down and cleaned out.

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