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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Tom Briggs - Salt Ministries

What went wrong between Tom Briggs of Salt Ministries and UBM?

In the beginning of our problem with Salt Ministries, it was Tom Briggs who began to correct us about not sending the brethren out on the streets, as he does. Tom felt compelled to try to stop us from doing the Work the Lord gave us to do. He came at us time and time again. He said preaching, Greek: Kerussowas only open air preaching. Of course this was ridiculous since the word was used for preaching anywhere any time. He and later Michael Cruz just couldn't accept us preaching on the radio, TV, books, Audios, Videos. He said we were not fulfilling the scriptures. I said you are not fulfilling the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach but we were literally preaching on the other side of the world. I said also you are not preaching through books like the early disciples did but we were. I said if the early disciples had our methods they would have preached this way too. If not they better become Amish, get a donkey and a dress on and get rid of the bullhorn.

As the e-mails show we were polite but firm that we knew the direction God had given us through prophecy, dreams, visions, and words from the Lord, which are all over our site. Tom had a strong spirit of rejection that made him seek prominence and dominion. We did not recognize his authority because we saw no gift of evangelism there and knew he was self-ordained. He was not loving and weak to the weak as we are commanded to be. We disagreed with his habit of railing at the lost, which we are forbidden to judge according to 1 Cor.5. I told him it was the Good News that was the power to save not the bad news all the time. After a while he tried to link us to Salt Ministries by putting a video up with my voice and implying we had some agreement with them. That would have made us unequally yoked and I asked him to remove it. He blew up of course. But the others calmed him down and I believe cast some demons out and he repented for a short time.

The e-mails below are very good. You will see the problems we had with Tom. Please also read Christian Snipers.


Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 20:51:01
From:Bob Aicardi
Subject:Answer about street teaching...

Hello Tom,

A lot has been said concerning Street Preaching from the (UBM) elders we do not judge our brothers from open air Seattle because we are forbidden to judge anyone other than those of the body as spoken by scripture. The Spirits that guide us here at (UBM) are from the lord and direct our paths toward the Kingdom. The bible tells us to seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Matthew 6:32-33 For after all these things do the Gentiles seek; for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. The Lord causes us to be by our actions to be living according to Deuteronomy 28 under the blessing or accusing. The curses according to the bible comes to us from above and is sent for correction driving to a Christ like life and existence. We can work all night long as did the disciples with Peter when they said I go a fishing... when Christ was resurrected and came along the shore in one moment the nets(souls) were caught at His words.

There is a time that the Lord expects us to seek first the Kingdom and a time he sends us out in the Spirit of Love rather than led of the flesh. Jesus also knew to wait on the Lord at the wedding feast. John 2:4 And Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come. We can be Trying to catch fish (souls) outside the lords timing with the worlds frustration and lack of Rest or understanding... Again that until Christ is formed in you can we then let the nets be lowered as the Lord completes his work in us. Truly we are waiting for Christ to be manifested in the live of all of us we are asking the Lord to bring for the fruit of Christ in us and to prepare us as a vessel of his liking to be used of his coming Ministry in the days ahead.

Hurrying to save the world without Christ fully formed in us according to the scriptures brings a method that breeds mans fleshly success and some puffiness we do not see that when are being led of His Spirit or saving souls for the Kingdom. John 7:6 Jesus therefore saith unto them, My time is not yet come; but your time is always ready. This occurred on the way to the feast of Tabernacles in Galilee. The world's time speaks of the of matters of the Flesh as to when will you do this or when will you do that. The patients of the Holy Spirit lead a person to respect the Fathers time.

We look and we see what you are doing in Seattle but for myself and others it does not testify in my Spirit and many other from (UBM). We have experienced people that came to UBM that spoke believing they were Gods elect but left from truth of the Gospel to speak a lie of another Gospel of Jesus. I am not saying that those that preach from the street none know the Truth. All I'm saying is if you should set your priorities correctly and ...you have sat and listened to the teaching of the Spirit and rather have been sent out by Spirits rather than following Men. Then take the Mote out of your own eye before you are sent out by the Lord. Matthew 7:1-3 Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? What I am speaking here is were you sent out by the Lords spirit?... or did you let down the Nets when the Lord said to or did you let it down because of works for the kingdom thinking someone needs to change this world before the Lord come to marry his bride?

I am simply pointing out that we can only do what we are ... Jesus wants us all led of the Spirit and well prepared before we are sent out at the proper time. We want to be passing on the Blessing rather than the Cursing when we are walking and speaking for Christ. There are no short cuts when we come to bringing forth the fruit of Jesus in us...We can't build the tower of abiding in Christ as we Sheppard on the road rather than being were taught of Christ and sent out by Him. The Mystery given us in the scriptures speaks of manifesting Christ in suffering to put to death the Old Man in us as the manifestation in our faith comes forth as Christ born in Us. The price to be paid is our suffering in the Flesh that we cease from sin and living the Worlds way. The Mystery hidden for years is given us in the latter years... Colossians 1:26-28 even the mystery which hath been hid for ages and generations: but now hath it been manifested to his saints, to whom God was pleased to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: whom we proclaim, admonishing every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ; We believe that Christ is not formed in us until His name is manifested in us with his Spirit. We don't want to be out of Christ's will doing what we think the world needs, like the disciples having fished all night long and left without any catch at all. We would rather be learning in the Rest of the Fathers Spirit as we tentatively listen and study all the words of his (Spirit) and Scriptures and are directed by his latter day promises of dreams, visions and prophecies.

Tom, We have allowed all your questions to be answered by our elders...What I would ask of you...is to summit any replies or questions direct to Robin to go thru the system and not go direct to the elders. The reason is that our elders stay very busy and most have jobs (5) days a week. We try to send most questions to a single elder to keep from more than one elder answering the same question and avoid any confusion. I felt your initial question was worthy of multiple responses to you to help you receive Truth. You then went direct not understanding our system. Please help us to keep our system in good working order for your future future. Normally our elders stay rather busy and this will help us with maintaining our counseling Needs for the future.

Editor's note: He did not honor this request.


Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 11:08:18 -0500
Subject: Re: street preaching and UBM
From: David


Hi Tom

Please be patient while I explain what you don't know about our ministry. Please first go back and read the emails we have already sent you on this.

Our ministry has been confirmed from all over the world. Here is a drop in the bucket of what we have received. Please, actually read these, and let them be your answer from the Lord for He spoke them.

If you read this you can see we are raise up to spearhead the man-child ministry in order to raise up the two witness corporate ministry and they are to raise up the 5 - fold ministries. If we listen to men instead of God this will not get done.

We have taught the true Gospel in more ways through scripture than anyone I know. We have sent it over all forms of radio, AM, FM, Satellite, Shortwave, etc. and some forms of TV. We were commanded of the Lord to make TV programs for the future but at this time they are reaching millions of people. We reach many millions of people a year. You cannot do this standing on a street corner. We appreciate all those who do because it is our ministry to raise up many thousands of evangelists to go throughout the world. You and many others like you have benefitted from our ministry as an extension of it.

The people we are raising up are known by their gifts and fruit not titles. That thinking is from the seminaries. A title merely describes what you are not what you brag about. The early disciples rarely claimed a title in scriptures and many times it was spoken by others about them because they saw their gift. I have been ordained by the Lord personally to high office in the church but God has said to me to let those who have eyes to see judge what this office is by the fruit, so I do this. We owe no man an explanation. They can go to God and find out who we are if they like. What about the fruit?

At this moment people all over the world who have been raised up through this ministry to teach the whole gospel are going to relatives and friends and acquaintances and strangers all over the world. They are going into homes, churches, businesses, etc. with the gospel. This is what the disciples and Jesus did and how they raised up the church to go forth. Our gospel literature is going all over the world and is being printed in other nations and languages. We are sending forth a brother next week to print and copy our books and and teaching material in the Philippines in order to raise up disciples to go forth with the Word. This is what the disciples did also with the Word. Our instructions to do what we are doing are in the scriptures and in prophecies, dreams, and visions from God as you can see.

Do what the Lord has told you to do and let others follow the Lord for themselves. We will not judge you for not doing what we are doing so do not judge us for obeying the Lord. This is not a one fold ministry. If we do your job who will do ours in raising up ministers to go to the world? After Paul did the work of an evangelist he wrote much of the New Testament from prison and it reached the world like this. He was not standing on a street corner when he did this for God had set him aside to do this work, which would touch the world. Would you be critical of him for doing this? Instead his evangelism was going through out the world by others. God has told me through many prophets I am spiritually to preach as in a coliseum. That is to stand in the middle and let the word go to greater and greater circles of Gods people as they pass it on by geometric effect. As Paul, I have already done the work of preaching on streets going door to door and in hospitals and businesses and churches. Now I turn down many invitations to churches and radio programs as I have been told by the Lord to prepare and send out the Word to reach the masses as you will soon see. Our elders minister to many thousands of people every year who in turn go to many others.

Please read carefully Romans 14.

Your servant in Christ,

On 5/29/10 1:15 AM, "TOM BRIGGS" > wrote:

Dear David, and UBM elders,
Peace on you who obey His commands.

(First ...I greatly appreciate all your sacrifice and long hours of study and teachings. I promote UBM to everyone and we have your link on our website.)

One of those commands is for us is to preach the gospel in public. I have made some videos on that subject which is shunned by all Christians, and is at the bottom of popular Christianity doctrines: streetpreaching (and healing the sick to confirm) the gospel.

A. What is your thoughts on these ideas presented here?

Lions From Lambs

What on Earth Are You Doing?
youtube.com/watch?v=93waZZVTr4Q&feature=related Pt1
youtube.com/watch?v=ZgMPg2h_Y5c&feature=related pt2
youtube.com/watch?v=nCqz98zrbs0 pt3

Sheep Among Wolves
youtube.com/watch?v=SQzpZic6sq0 pt1
youtube.com/watch?v=FErPXeX08UA pt2
youtube.com/watch?v=8oHNdFxsES8&feature=related pt3

B. Do you (UBM elders and UBBS network/homefellowships/followers) obey the Great Commission per Mk16:15-20 and Acts 10:42, (I'm not talking about giving out books and publishing CDs/DVDs, internet teachings and revelations) I am talking about what Jesus, the prophets, John, the apostles and all the early disciples of Jesus did...opening your mouth to proclaim, crying out, [gr= kerusso= "preach"(KJV)] the gospel to sinners in public, who will not find your books, CDs, DVDs or go on line to https://www.ubm1.org

I am concerned about UBM's obvious lack regarding openairpreaching/evangelism (public preaching) to the lost, and your lack in teaching other UBM internet family members out here who want to openair preach, or present the gospel one -to-one like Jesus did, but don't know how.

It seems to me that that is the purpose of the ordained evangelist (Eph4:11-12), ie, to edify (build-train up) saints how to "do the work of the ministry" ie evangelism, speaking to sinners one to one, and public preaching to the masses in public- of Christ and the gospel, so sinners can have an opportunity to be convicted of sin, convinced of judgment and righteousness, come to godly sorrow and repent, begin discipleship, and begin being saved also. Paul by the holy ghost commanded pastor/teacher Tim to "do the work of an evangelist".

Who is (are) UBM's ORDAINED evangelists per Eph 4:11-12? ( It is good you don't have that title embossed on their office door (so to speak) and on business cards...Do you have anyone who God has ordained to fulfil and manifest that function- who is teaching UBMers how to evangelize Biblically as Jesus taught His disciples to evangelize? If not, we at Saltminstries are willing to and can help fill that void in your menu of UnleavenedBread teachings.

This is what I was trying to get at in my question which you attempted to answer two UBBS ago. I don't think you even understood my question, and the answer was very disappointing from one who is getting so many downloads and words of knowledge and wisdom to serve up the unleavened Bread of God to so many starving saints. I wonder why God has left you all in the dark regarding the necessity and importance of public preaching (=to cry out oficiously) the gospel...when the night cometh when no man can work. Why has He? If I missed that aspect of the websight, my FAIL, and please direct me to it)

I recently sent Rex a personal private facebook question/request asking him the same question I am asking you here, BUT...he has not replied yet. Why? (Editor's note: Just like we have nothing to do but answer him every day)

I have also pressed Rory a bit and pointed out this hole in the wall (no "How To" Openair Preaching and evangelism teachings ) at UBM and he defriended me from his FB friends list accussing me of being contentious. (Which he was) (Am I become your enemy for telling you the truth?")

I am also disturbed by the (possible?) fear of persecution for righteousness' sake/standing up for Jesus and His words or against falsities of churchianity in public, and (possible?) anxiety by some in the "inner circle" of UBM regarding getting and keeping a seat in the (literal) refuge, and not keeping it. As a leader of sheep, david, I am giving you a heads-up that some of your sheep are not at peace regarding the future. I know this from FB comments and from a response to this video youtube.com/watch?v=bMyOrZVagaI smoked it out of one of yours which I made as a result of an unplanned conflict encounter with a kundalini possessed pastor in my town ... who we have confronted before per Eph 5:11 etc. (Editor's note: This video was disgusting to everyone of UBM that saw it. They were railing at this pastor who didn't even know what was wrong. He invited them into the church in Christian kindness but they continued to rail and take pictures of their own foolishness. There is no peace nor love nor kindness in these people.)

One last concern, David...please bear with me another moment...

I was a member of the once flourishing but now odious and disbanded CCBTC (Community CHapel and Bible Training Center) in south Seattle which was also led by a "David" ministry (Pastor David Lee Barnett) which had the same amount of copious revelations and word of knowledge/wisdom in the 1970-1980s. We believed we were the Bride of Christ, and GOd was raising us up to disciple the rest of the remnant, and therefore we assumed we were beyond God's displeasure because we knew so much Biblically sound doctrine intellectually, BUT we did NOT do the Word, but were hearers only, deceiving ourselves.... particularilly we did all the things UBM are doing (Editor's note: another lie) (aside from the www) which we thought was "evangelism" but we avoided street preaching the gospel in public! We fell into great deception (we called it "Connections",we thought was fromj God), and GOd judged us and the mega building realestate is now Washington's State Patrol training academy! Books of our sins and subsequent demise were written about us in the early 1990s. GOd is not mocked, even by God's "pet" and "bride" BTW- we knew God wasn't a trinity, and we knew the "manifest sons" doctrine, the Later Rain doctrine, the "...everything-you- teach" doctrines... we had it all in the 1970s and 80s. I am fearful of this type of self deceipt and judgment happening to UBM if you do not obey all that Jesus preached, taught, and commanded- Mt28:19-20. The way I have been shown by Father is that the Gospel which saves us saves us through publically preaching it to others outside the safety of friendly fellowships and internet obscurity. Public preaching is quite literally "getting up on the cross" of daily selfdenial and crucifixion of the flesh by the beasts, mostly from lukewarm pewarmers calling themselves Christians. Unless you do it, you wont understand what I am talking about.

I heard you use that verse in Mark this Wedn UBBS: "what I say to you, I say to ALL". I would like to add also: "As the Father has sent me, so send I you... as sheep among wolves", and "if you deny me before men, I will deny you before the Father and the angels of Heaven".

Was Jesus a street preacher? (yes, both He and John were, Paul, Pete, James, Phillip, Stephen, etc.) (Editor's note: He knows so little of the word. They preached everywhere, in the temple, synogogues, wilderness by the mountains and springs, etc.)

Are we to "walk as He walked"? (Yes we are). THen, why are you not treaching the saints to street preach as our Teacher (the greatest streetpreacher of history,Jesus) did and taught his disciples to do likewise?

The fearful and unbelieving are Christians who go to their place into the second death. Rev21:8. This could mean even UBMers...could it not?

Iron sharpens iron, even if some who are reluctant call me contentious. If I am in doctrinal error, I believe you are to correct me as your brother in Christ. Am I "overboard" in this concern about public heralding and the great Commission? I am not overboard enough! (Just ask the people in Hell if they think so or not). Am I deceived? I don't thin k the devil is lying to me and pushing me out into the perils of facing wolves to preach as a sheep among them, do you? I will not stop preaching from the house tops what I have heard in secret. Do you consider and accept truth/correction from others outside UBM...such as from me in this case?)

Your brother in the faith once delivered unto the saints,
Tom Briggs

PS: I still have not seen my Youtubechannel videos (Christians In The Hands Of An Angry God" pt 1,2) anywhere linked on your site as you indicated you were going to do, David. Did you change your mind? That is OK, but at least you could let me know ...either way. (Yes)

Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2010 21:36:16 -0500
Subject: Re: JUST so you know ...
From: David Eells
To: Tom Briggs

Hi Tom

We train the brethren to witness to people. We do not train them to stand on street corners but go to them and witness to them personally and their churches, on their jobs, wherever the Lord leads them just as the early disciples did. I have done the street corner thing and found this more successful. We are reaching thousands of people and healing them. Look at the testimonies, which are a drop in the bucket compared to the people who are getting healed and delivered.

I have no problem with you doing the street corner thing. If its done right and the Good News that has power to save is preached with love there will be some results. If there is only the bad news and judging others it will be a bad witness with little good fruit.

The visions and dreams and prophecies show you we are doing what we are told to do. You are constantly telling us we have to do this your way. We respectfully disagree and we have received nothing in the way of instructions from the Lord to do this. We are following the Lord and we are getting results too. We would appreciate it if you would cease from judging us constantly. Read Rom.14

Thanks for your patience,


To: Robin
Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 3:17 PM

Yes...I already knew what he was going to say, and I already knew what UBM is doing regarding publications and sending written material or A-V media all over the world. PTL for that.

However, He still did not understand my concerns nor did he answer my questions about you guys having any links or info on TRAINING others who come to UBM for help/info on learning HOW TO evangelize and spread the goodnews and heal the sick via preaching (public proclamation as a town crier, from kerusso to cry aloud) in public. (Editor's note: Yes we do it in public and It seems we are the ones getting healings and miracles not them)

Granted , NO ONE obeys that command of our Lord because it is too scary to our flesh, but too bad, that is no excuse. (Editor's note: He has no understanding that we are preaching and not just in Seattle) People need to be trained, edified, built up... to "do the work of the ministry" (public preaching and evangelism) Eph4:11-12

UBM claims to be five fold. I want to know who among your elders is ordained to edify the saints regarding how to evangelize. I wish to speak to him about the whole subject, especially public preaching. I offered our help to UBM if you wish to fill that void in training up the manchild who are also if you recall the two witnesses, the manifest sons, and cloud of witnesses, etc (all having the same gematria value).

I am not saying David HAS to steert preach (He obviously does not want to), but NOONE at UBM is doing so nor training others to. WHy not? Jesus said we are to street preach in many places in the NT. I was just trying to help UBM and point this out, but I think David brushed the whole thing off the table by referring me to all the visions/dreams/internet "evangelism" which is no where in scripture as fulfilling Biblical God ordained method of evangelism.

Did you watch all the videos I enclosed for Him? I doubt he did, otherwise he would not have replied as he did.

Just trying to help, that's all....

NOW, since you asked me about David's reply to me, I wish to know your response to my concerns about your criticism of me at the kundalini church whose "pastor" came out and prevented us from leaving by calling the cops on us while lying through his teeth he wanted us to stay... You never responded to my email to you about that video and your negative reaction and ridicuking me for confronting the pastor as I did.

In case you never got it here it is again:

Dear Robin,
Howzit goin?
DO you mean this video youtube.com/watch?v=bMyOrZVagaI

That was me and sister Elizabeth trying to pickup the two ladys who went into that church with the Bible sign in hand. (They were by chance in downtown Seattle the day before -Saturday's streetpreach outreach, and they desired to fellowship with SaltMinistries Sunday and asked us to pick them up at the church in the video.) btw, this church is kundalini infested and we preached in front of it last SPring and Fall according to Eph 5:11.

We don't win anyone-God does the choosing and calling through His Word being lifted up. They atttacked us! (Editor's note: This is completely devoid of reality. We saw who did the attacking.) God told me to bring my camera before I left the my place to pick up these girls at that church.

What was "awful" and "ridiculous" about the unplanned confrontation? WHat specifically "turned you off"? (Are we on the same page of the BIble, on the same team, or what?) I feel bad for him too because he is going to hell.

What should a genuiine believer's example be toward church folks and pastors who oppose the truth and Jesus of the Bible? HOw do you fulfil Eph 5:11 and other such verses?

I am disappointed in your negative criticism of this video. I believe GOd was trying one last time to bring the pastor to repentance from a lying spirit within him and kundalini promoting. (Editor's note: You can bring no one to repentance by insulting them but by loving them.) Your fears of possible expulsion from a refuge if you did similar confrontations with the harlots is astonishing after all the good bible teachings you have received up until now. Are you only a hearer, and not a doer? maybe that is why you have anxiety and fear of the future (if you indeed do) HOw do you answer the red comments below added by my streetpreaching brother I shared this with?


"Man o man, that one you sent yesterday was just awful. Did you spirit or your flesh confessed that? What an awful example of Christ those folks who came in the car to attack the church were. What is the example you are giving? Are you willing to exposed darkness and reprove it? Who in the world did they think they'd win with behavior like that??? We warn the wicked and God says we will win our soul according to Ezekiel 33:7-9 That was just ridiculous. I was sitting here with one of our members of our local TN fellowship watching that first video and we were both really turned off by the approach of whoever the attackers were. I felt bad for the church pastor even if they are apostate types. Did you feel bad for the poor people of God in bondage to the lies of the apostates? Are you willing to call them out?

"Very very poor example of what believers ought to be. Why those that have all the good examples do not teach us how to do it? Is there a contact for the Evangelist at UBM that we can talk to, so that we can learn That was weird !

"Oh well. To each his own, but that sure looks like the fast way to get yourself hated and left out of refuges and your head lopped off! Do I sense some fear of men here sister? Jesus say you will be hated of all men for my name sake specially the one of your own household, so you saying that you don't what to have your head chopped off, so John the Baptist did it all wrong and why would I care about refuges if Jesus is my refuge. I know I couldn't do that kind of "street witnessing" because it would give me an ulcer being so nasty and argumentative. What kind are you doing, are you lifting you voice like a trumpet and proclaiming God's word to the lost, Jesus say if you deny me before men I will deny you before my father in heaven. Silly. Very very silly looking".

Sincerely concerned for you,

Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2010 16:42:03 -0500
Subject: Re: JUST so you know ...
From: David >

Hi Tom

I'll make it simple because I am working 18 hours a day with no days off and I think I have already answered this enough. Do what you feel called to do and leave us to do what we know we are called to do. I didn't know about Rory's actions towards you but we have received e-mails from other faithful preachers and people very close to you who have the same opinion. I wont speak of this anymore but I put emails like this on the shelf and wait and see if they are right. Judging others is something few men have a right to do. {2 Cor.10:6} and being in readiness to avenge all disobedience, when your obedience shall be made full.

You say you are in the office of Evangelist. Evangelists have no authority in the Church. Their gift is to those outside the Church. Their job is not to speak to the saved but the Lost, whom they are forbidden to judge 1 Cor.5:9-13. Instead we are shown to be weak to the weak and to teach them the GOOD NEWS (gospel) in love, which has power to save them.

Apostles, Prophets and teachers are for correcting the Church. You say Jesus screamed at people. I disagree, but he was in the office of Apostle and Prophet, judging God's people, which he had a right to do because His obedience was made full. John the Baptist was a prophet, correcting God's people. Screaming at preachers for their errors seems to be out of your job description.

I know you have your opinions Tom but you need to give others a right to have theirs too for the sake of peace. Please obey Romans 14 toward the saints.
Please let us do our job.

Thanks and God bless you,

On 6/4/10 7:49 PM, "TOM BRIGGS" > wrote:

Dear bro David,

Thanks for taking your time to write me again, brother David. I wasn't expecting anymore comm. from you about this, but since you are here...

...you may be or are judging me? My EX-Facebook friend, Rory, judged me to be "contentious" and unceremoniously defreinded me from FB, and later accussed me of causing strife (Editor's note: Wonder why) when I was only trying to point out what I "judge" to be lacking in the UBM ministry. What about "iron sharpens iron "?

Yes, I am tasting fruit which is a form of judging and I am guilty of "judging" that UBM has no measureable "evangelism training" on your website for saints wanting to learn how to obey the Great Commission. I think the "office of evangelist" is what you lack, IF... you claim to be a "fivefold ministry" per Eph4:11-13. (In my original email to you I wasn't asking you earlier for UBM's named and card carring deputized "Evangelist So and so", but who, if any, are doing "the work of the evangelist" (ie training, edifying, building up) at UBM so we could discuss/address what is lacking, and I was offering our (SaltMinistries) experience and anointing to you if you wish any help in personal and street evangelism training.

I know you guys are doing evangelism ever way comfortable and acceptable, and well you should, but you leave of the one that Jesus ordained... street preaching, youtube.com/watch?v=putaBPq5MfI Pt 1, youtube.com/watch?v=sbEMfn6DbA0 pt2, youtube.com/watch?v=6oLtDKx67Jk pt3. We are commanded to "walk as he walked", right? Was he a street preacher? Yes. (Editor's note: Later Tom let us know that he was getting at letting him come train us about street preaching.)

I am merely pointing out what UBM lack as a "Joseph/Moses/David"-trainer of the Later Rain "manchild" and I am trying to point out to you the main thrust of Biblical evangelism which Jesus did and taught his disciples: public street preaching, which you apparently tried in your early days, but think now you have a better way, with dreams, visions, prophecies which apparently ends all further discussion on this matter! ARE YOU EXALTING EXTRACIRRICULAR REVALATIONS ABOVE THE GRAPHO OF GOD IN HOLY SCRIPTURE?

Obviously you are reaching many with the Truth, PTL... as long as ya'll have electricity for PCs and mailboxes for your books.) My old church and Bible college, Community Chapel And Bible Training Center, had similar many dreams, visions, prophecies, tongues and interp./tong.s, cassette tapes, books, 24 track cassette recording studio of hundreds of original worship songs/album productions, and for radio sermon productions and were on commercial radio programs, ...and if the www was available, we would have used it too, but we NEVER did what Jesus DID, open air preach and teach and heal in the streets, and we deceived ourselves into destruction NOT being DOERS of the Word, but hearers! Jesus sent us out as sheep, and not to the post office with parcels of books and CDs, know whaddi mean, Vern? God destroyed CCBTC in 1988 for falling into doctrines of demons/sexual sins and pride, being puffed up with Bible knowledge, but disobeying His commandments regarding evangelism in the streets where sinners are.

Streetpreaching. It's not about "success" but about faithfulness to do and obey the Great Commission and will of God, right? (Editor's note: I don't think Tom will have to worry about success at evangelism) Rom10:9-14. Where is all the modern easy convenient "evangelism" practices/methods of today mentioned in Scriptrue for us to do?

"More success"? Jesus had a shrinking church (Jn666). Jesus and his cousin, John the B., ONLY had 120 converts in the upper room as instructed ...after 4 years of preaching, teaching and miracles! God's idea of "success" is different than ours I guess, huh.

What will you do when there is no more internet, electricity, FedEx, UPS, USPS to ship Cds and DVDs, books? You will have to preach, teach, and heal... in the streets enmasse and one-to-one which will be in chaos during martial law and Nibiru 's destruction, right?

UBM still has next to nothing about evangelism training/instructions on UBMs site. BTW, as I recall, the UBM tract you guys offer isn't the message of salvation but an advert. -directing souls to UBM- which is fine...for that purpose. I do and will continue to direct people to UBM, but not for evangelism training. It is a shame in view of the fact that you will be going to satellite world coverage soon, and have such influence on those coming out of the churchian system to your website for instruction in godliness, doctrine, righteousness ...but not Biblical evangelism help.

I have done what Jesus put on my mind to share with you. Or did the Devil make me do it? LOL

Am I tempting you to "sin", ...to deviate from the present course? No. Just asking you what about streetpreaching and training the saints to evangelize Biblically. The ball is in your court, or a garbage can nearby, I suppose, eh?

Be blessed, and hope you are confident in doing the "whole counsel of God" , the comfortable, as well as the uncomfortable counsel of God. What would it take to get you to fill up that which is lacking at UBM regarding street preaching/evangelism as Jesus did it? A dream? A vision?

Peace in obeying Jesus,
Bro Tom Briggs


What ever happened to your offer to link my two videos youtube.com/watch?v=nDfD31VkQFQ and youtube.com/watch?v=0lHBpxgwpTI on UBM's site?

(Answer: We began to see the contentious, railing method they had and wanted nothing to do with it.)

Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2010 12:31:31 -0500
Subject: Re: JUST so you know ... 2
From: Elders >

Hi Tom

I realize I have been giving you snippets of answers and reading your e-mails is showing me that you are not connecting the dots. I don't have time to write long answers but I think I will answer your questions on a program soon when I have to use the time anyway. Don't worry I wont mention you but I will try to connect the dots. We know the sequence of events before new order evangelists are trained and sent out by the man-child like the two witnesses.

Please pay close attention to this: Deliverance from Rejection and Its Fear
Thanks for your patience.

On 1/6/11 6:28 PM, "Tom Briggs" <overboardbriggs@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear "Manchild Eels",
"MANCHILD"s DON'T tell LIES LIKE YOU DO, D. Ursala Eels!

You think lowly "bottom rung-street clown- preachers" are stupid? Hey, Manchild-liar!! Send me just $9.95 and I will send you some anointed "No Evil Oil" for what eels you! (Oops, I meant AILS you). PS: It is "guaranteed to neutralize S A L T !!

Repent or you will perish, Mr "manchild" Eels

Be patient with me, your "son",

On 10/18/10 3:35 PM, "TOM BRIGGS" > wrote:

Dear David, Bro Rex, Rory
I was wrong and caused you to have "aught against" me by my zeal and brazen flinty forehead banging Bible into yours beyond grace and reasonablness. Please forgive me. Will you smoke the "Peacepipe" with me? (It's filter tipped).

David- I may have done the same with you. I am sorry if you have been offended by me as well. God hates discord among His kids in His House.

God bless you, my brothers. We need each other and i desire to keep peace and unity of spirit until we all come into unity of the faith. Amen

Your fellow slave in Seattle,
Tom Briggs

Ps: the peacepipe comment is my attempt at comic relief and sign language, if y'all can picture the scenario in the theatre of your mind....

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 07:50:40 -0500
Subject: Re: apology
From: David Eells >

Hi Tom

I am already at peace because even though I corrected, I held nothing against you personally.

We all wrestle with our genetic inheritance and experiences from the past. I felt that the Lord showed me that these were being used by satans helpers to make you feel rejected, frustrated and angry and you were compensating for these feelings by being competitive and seeking acceptance.

I pray you will get the brethren there to pray over you for these things. I pray that you will be at peace to walk as a disciple of Jesus while giving others the chance to walk in that way and grow into what God has called them to.

Love from your servant in Christ,

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 07:50:14 -0500
Subject: The Bride Street Preacher Video
From: David Eells


Hi Tom

We are very happy you are doing better and we have a request of you.

Please do something quickly with that video. The elders at UBM and myself do not want to be seen as confirming the very things we teach against below in your videos. Please read carefully the e-mail below.

Thank you for your patience and kindness

Editor's note: We got an email from Tom that the bride was the ones preaching on the street but lost it.

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 13:52:50 -0400
Subject: <no subject>
From: David
To: Tom Briggs


I don't agree that the Bride is all preaching on street corners as this video makes me sound. A portion of evangelists do and I appreciate them when they do it in love, not judgment, for we are forbidden to judge the lost as 1 Cor. 5 says. The judgments quoted in this audio below are against the apostate church, not the lost, but even then, Jesus did not name names but left that judgment up to the hearer. When names were rarely spoken by Paul or John it was for faction and divisions in the church made by these men.

Here is a previous e-mail that explains this.

Hi Tom,

Judging others is something few men have a right to do. {2 Cor.10:6} and being in readiness to avenge all disobedience, when your obedience shall be made full.

You say you are in the office of Evangelist. Evangelists have no authority in the Church. Their gift is to those outside the Church. Their job is not to speak to the saved but the Lost, whom they are forbidden to judge 1 Cor.5:9-13. Instead we are shown to be weak to the weak and to teach them the GOOD NEWS (gospel) in love, which has power to save them.

Apostles, Prophets and teachers are for correcting the Church. You say Jesus screamed at people. I disagree, but he was in the office of Apostle and Prophet, judging God's people, which he had a right to do because His obedience was made full. John the Baptist was a prophet, correcting God's people. Screaming at preachers for their errors seems to be out of your job description.

I know you have your opinions Tom but you need to give others a right to have theirs too for the sake of peace. Please obey Romans 14 toward the saints.

Please let us do our job.

Thanks and God bless you,

Confrontation drives many lost away from Christ. Each man has a flesh which is like a serpent and must be charmed to get past the serpent and to the spirit. We cant chop wood with a sledge hammer.

{Eccl.10:8} He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh through a wall, a serpent shall bite him. {10:9} Whoso heweth out stones shall be hurt therewith; [and] he that cleaveth wood is endangered thereby. {10:10} If the iron be blunt, and one do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct. {10:11} If the serpent bite before it is charmed, then is there no advantage in the charmer. {10:12} The words of a wise man's mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself.

Paul said we must be weak to the weak in order to gain some. If we disobey and judge them we will lose many.

I don't disagree with sharing what God says about sin as long as it is always done in love and seasoned with the gospel of grace as James said.

I am not judging you but I don't feel to be connected to many confrontational videos that are now out there.

I want to teach the church, which is my ministry.

I would be glad if you would reason with the lost in a spirit of humility and love, offering the precious gift of Christ. You can get more flies with honey than vinegar. :o)

It is alright for you to disagree with me but Rom.14 is the Lords command concerning relationships when we disagree.

Love from your servant in Christ,

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 09:53:04 -0500
Subject: Re: Open air?cha
From: David Eells

You are judging the servant of another and disobeying Rom 14. by judging us for something that is not sin and not immoral only as we are commanded to judge in 1 Cor.5. Mat.18:15 says you should go to the brother alone if he sins. If not, you should be quiet. You go to the public to try us before men, which is forbidden in 1 Cor.6. 1 Tim. 5:19 forbids you to rebuke elders, especially when you are not one and never were ordained. This is puffed up lusts of the flesh. Your attacks against us have been totally illegal and it is filling you with criticism, anger, rejection, faction, heresy, which is "a self willed opinion used to divide the church".

You claim to be evangelists but they have no authority in the Church which you are attempting to take authority over and correcting illegally. As Bill pointed out, you misuse scriptures, which speak of others sphere of authority. "I notice it says "my people". It does not say to the lost or the pagan. Isaiah 58:1 Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet. Declare to my people their rebellion and to the house of Jacob their sins". We have authority in the church and are declaring your rebellion.

You oppress others in their job and office in the church. It is you attacking us and we have asked you to leave us alone and mind your own business. God is watching and you are getting your reward - Mat.18:34,35.

There is no command to restrict our preaching "to the whole creation" to street preaching. None. "Open air" is your own adding to the Word of God for which there is a curse at the end of the book. We are commanded that If any man speak let him speak as an oracle of God. What command speaks of sharing the Gospel only in open air? None.

If you restrict preaching to their example because of that time then you had better quit being hypocritical and get rid of your cars, they walked or rode donkeys. You had better quit wearing pants and go back to wearing dresses as they did. You had better get rid of your bullhorns and shout. Etc. Etc. Perhaps you were called to be Amish.

You are not obeying their example: The most fruitful method the Apostles used to get the Gospel out was the media. They wrote books that went to the world and continued to preach the gospel after they were dead until now. You are not doing that and you are attacking those who are. God put Paul in jail so he had time to do this. He evidently wanted him OFF the street. Since they used the media then they would do it now just as we are doing. You say "when the internet is down will we go to the streets?" Its NOT down!!! And when it is, you would have hindered us from getting the Word to the World in preparation for when it is!!!! Our ministry is to spearhead the man-child ministry, which has been revealed to saints all over the world, and YOU would hinder this just as the Pharisees tried to do. When we have been used to birth the man-child, He will ordain apostles and send them to the uttermost parts of the world. It seems your timing is way off. I have been given the Masters Plan as a recent revelation was given from a prophet who was proven. We are going to cover the earth with real evangelists who are submitted to God's governmental system and His nature and His Word.

Here is a brother below who has been preaching everywhere God leads. He was just one when he heard our teachings and now he is many. His fruit is everywhere he has been. Listen to his graceful peaceful words which men respect. Listen to how he does not judge the lost in obedience to 1 Cor.5. Listen to the signs and wonders which God confirms his gospel with. He will share again Wed night.

We have raised up many like this all over the world and you have wasted much of our time trying to stop us. You are trying to stop Jesus. Where is your fruit? I have never even run into but one of your conversions and you tried to stop him from helping spread the gospel with our materials and told us he was demon possessed. If the only one I have met is demon possessed, where is the fruit of God. You cant go into a decent sized city without finding brethren who are bearing fruit because of UBM. These same brethren are televising us on public TV from Florida to Alaska. Good thing I wasn't walking the streets.

Tom when you were doing this same thing before the brethren there reproved you and cast demons out of you and now Michael you are doing the same thing. If it was demons then, its demons now. (I still have those e-mails) Please repent and get the beam out of your own eyes as Jesus said. Stop taking authority over elders and wasting their precious time or God will judge you.

We are spreading the Gospel and preaching it everywhere not just in the streets which was a small part of what the early disciples did. Like the sectarian denominations you have made this big in order to glorify yourselves as you sink deeper into depravity. What of your wife's e-mails to us Tom? Get your own life in order.

You obviously didn't read the e-mails I sent nor did the research in the links which show God guiding us every step of the way in what we are doing. I have been guided by God since I was a year old in the Lord doing street, job, hospital, church preaching. He has made me more and more fruitful. If we did street preaching now who would feed the over 5 million people who come to our site, not counting all the other sites that share our materials? You are hindering the Gospel for your own selfish wills. Like the jews who tried to bring the gentiles under their laws so they could glory in their flesh as Paul said.

You have never listened Tom. As I have said many times, Our refuge is in Christ, Our natural refuge is not for hiding but so our ministry to the world will continue when other will be under the beast, just as it was in Jesus' time. Dozens of dreams and prophecies have pointed this out. This School will send witnesses out two by two to the world just as God told us. You two will see very soon when the economy collapses and the beast makes war on the saints, that our economy will keep on going and we will keep on sending warriors into the battlefield. There is peace and unity here. Thank God your fruits are not here. This is why he caused all this to be seen in you now, before you came down here. Please repent so you dont miss the coming of Jesus in flesh, just as the Pharisees did.

God just gave me this: {Psa.120:6} My soul hath long had her dwelling With him that hateth peace. {7} I am [for] peace: But when I speak, they are for war.

I will pray for you for I truly love your souls. If you want to do something for me, pray for me in faith, and cease from your works against us.

Thank you,

On 12/28/10 12:21 AM, "TOM BRIGGS" > wrote:

WHen there is no internet, electricity, and PCs that work, will you then finally obey Jesus and "go ye" in the flesh and kerusso as commanded in Mk 16:15???? When there is no UPS, FED EX, and USPS to mail your "preaching" to the other side of the globe (But this is not the case NOW. That time will come but it is not NOW. By that time, if we are left alone, we will have plenty of witnesses to go forth), THEN will you venture out of hiding in your "refuge" to kerusso in the flesh with the trumpet and lungs GOd gave all of us to use...(no electricity required to HERALD, btw)?

Answ: NO, You'll have another list of excuses and self deceptions to justify your fears and unbelief to "go ye... as sheep among wolves" My patience is run out with you, mr "manchild". DItto what I said to mr "elder" Rory "no-Moore -confrontation" I say to you, sir.


To: David
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 20:32:23 -0800

Dear Brother DAVID,
I am SO glad GOd brought mew to you and yout ministry. You gave me truth to build my faith to be bold as a Lion and confront lies and hypocracies in the church.

IF you will open your mind to learn something you will never learn in apostate christiaity, here, give it a look and listen. LABORERS NEEDED!
youtube.com/watch?v=04dmcxitA-U Slander


YOUR SERVANT IIN THE TRUTH and fellow laboer in the world wide harvest fields.
Tom Briggs

PS: We are removing your URL link from out website. (Editor's note: Oh thank God)

David: Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 23:43:28 -0500


If you are comparing our doctrine and works with theirs you are truly being dishonest with yourself and me.

Go in peace.

On 12/29/10 12:26 AM, "David Eells" wrote:

Actually Tom, Part 1 was pretty good. See we don't disagree on many things. Just one mainly.


To: David
Subject: RE:
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 20:53:26 -0800

David, Your blood is now off my hands onto your head Eze 3:18, therefore I already have peace that passes understanding, but thanksa anyway. Enjoy that free server for your WORLDWIDE BOOK, ETC. DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY.

(Editor's note: By their own admission the server was junk and they didn't want it back)

Tom Briggs

PS: Are you judging "another man's servant"???? Two can play games better than one by himself.

Editor's note: They began to slander and rail at us everywhere publicly for a solid week before we responded publicly at all.

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 00:00:18 -0500
Subject: Dear brethren
From: David Eells

Dear brethren:

It is so hard to understand why all this venom towards a ministry that is working so hard to please the Lord and serve his people. Its true we disagree over this point but we still love you. We can disagree and still love. Isn't that the whole point of Rom.14? Isn't that Jesus?

Please cease your bitterness and forgive in Jesus name. Abraham and Lot had to separate to have peace. Can you do this and still love?

Yours in Christ

To: David
Subject: RE: Dear brethren
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 21:25:13 -0800

Please get off your butt David, take a big deep breathe of GOd's noncorexit air into your God given lings, and preach the gospel to some sinners in a town nearby who NEVER EVER will go to your www.

Then I will Know you are truly a man of God who fears God to observe all that Jesus taught and commanded us Mk 16:15; Mt 28: 18-20 ; Mt 10; Lk 9; Jn 20:21-22; Acts 10:42; Rom 10:14-15; 2 Cor 4:13; and 1 Cor 1:18-21.

Hey Dave, Why does your magic pointing Bible verse finger NEVER happen to fall on those verses?

Your servant in the "whole counsel of God"
Overboardbriggs (and he is still overboard)

PSS: We are making a "file" on you and , well ya just never know who else on your inner circle....KNow what I mean Vern? And thank you for throwing Peter under the UBM bus, so God could bring him to us to get gloriously delivered from the rejection demons YOU gave him when you rejected him for not swallowing your cult happy talk. PTL!

On 12/30/10 4:28 PM, "TOM BRIGGS" > wrote:

Why don't you flip some coins (divination) or plop your boney finger on a verse randomly for your answer? Your number is up, Eells! Repent or perish!
Your servant, in love and truth-Tom

PS: Keep it up, Eells, Our "file" on you is growing...

PSS: I noticed you haven't commented on KERUSSO Parts 2 or 3? Howcome??

Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 09:00:18 -0500
Subject: Re: Do you know who Tammy is?
From: David Eells


I replied to you on Video 2, Tom. It is slander. We have NEVER said we don't believe in preaching. And never said we didn't believe in street preaching. What we said was we don't believe that is all there is to preaching and the scripture certainly confirms this. We reach people you cant with our preaching. And of course you reach people we don't. But notice that our teaching is all through your videos. Now you turn and criticize us.

It is you who have tried your best to force us to give up the methods God instructed us to use, in order to use yours. Millions would not hear the Gospel this way. We have not tried to force you to do things our way but you have bludgeoned us every time you got a chance.

How many of you have rejection and act violently towards those who correct or even disagree with you? Judas fell out about nit-picking things with Jesus. Straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel. Judas had a severe case of rejection. When Jesus corrected him, Judas turned to Jezebel to destroy him. Sound familiar? Judas preached in the streets too but he was full of vengeance and no love. He snuck around behind Jesus' back to stab him. He hung himself with his own hands and so it will be now.

By the way we never said women couldn't preach in the streets. We said what God says, they cant teach or take authority over the man. This was spoken in the church.

You keep lying that we are hiding in a refuge. The Lord has told us that this refuge is for a school to send out witnesses when the man-child sends them forth. Jesus went into the wilderness often to teach the disciples out from under the nose of the beast and harlot. This is also a refuge from the economy for we are living God's economy here of giving and receiving. This will not be moved by the failing world economy. We are settling families here that have lost jobs and homes in other parts of the country. I am sure you will find something to criticize about this too. Its the nature of the spirit of rejection.

I didn't listen to 3 but I am sure its more of the same slander. Peter will tell you that I seldom flip coins and then only as a confirmation of what I believe I have heard. This cannot be used for prognostication.

I have read your hatred and bitterness posted publicly. It is a shame you will spread this to others to destroy them too. You will notice I haven't returned evil for evil. I came to your face and spoke to you and you stabbed me in the back and still do. You must think little of Jesus if you think he favors this. Even the world hates people who do this. Now you have reached out to the harlot to crucify me.

When you are through crucifying, the man-child will come and then you will do it to him.

If there are any righteous there among you, they will flee.

I love you and forgive you. I know you don't believe this but I am praying for you.

To: David Eells
Subject: RE: Do you know who Tammy is?
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 00:20:30 -0800

Ah...do YOU know who JESUS is?
Since you are "so OK"-NOW, with public street preaching as a herald on a city street yelling the goodnews to sinners far and near...GO DO IT, Mr. Manchild David! Put your hands, feet and lips to your "talking head" mouth. Talk, letters, emails from the safety behind a PC keyboard is cheap and easy. ANd when you are done video taoingt it for me...while your at it, be sure to have ELDER Rory , the expert on WORLDWIDE evangelism for cowards ...cast that "demon" (names Kerusso) of street preaching out when you are done.

In the spirit of Elijah,

Shannon Davis
Posts correction to Tom Briggs and Peter K.

TOM BRIGGS - You were counseled last year after your attacks on the deliverance ministry and the Blood of Jesus Christ. It seems you are back at it again - now using mutual friends to do your dirty work and act as your shield. I see right thru it Briggs. I stripped your general ranking once before - now it seems you need more time in the brigg

Albert Golt - Looks like Peter, walks like Peter. Acts like Briggs.

My board will not be used to wage war on David Eells, Rory Moore or UBM. Omega Man Radio stands by UBM - hold your peace against these men of God or delete me as your friend. God is not happy and those that are attacking the UBM organization need to repent before God starts pouring out his wrath.

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