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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Unleavened Bread Ministries, Fishers of Men

Dear Friends in Christ,

We believe that many ministries are being raised up to restore the Church to its roots. By the grace of God, we at UBM are happy to do our small part. These are a few of the revelations sent to us that reveal how our Father is using the weak, base and despised of the world to fashion a vessel for His use. We ask for your prayers in this regard.

Love from your servants at UBM

UBM Fishing for the Big One
Mark Ward's dream from many years ago
(David's notes in red)

Note from David:

When I started our website, Mark Ward helped me to set it up. At that time, he had a dream. In it, he saw himself going to his neighbor's yard with his casting rod to teach him how to catch fish. He demonstrated to his neighbor by casting out his line but the line never hit the ground. Instead, it went out between the telephone wires into space. He noticed that all the way down the line were many, many hooks. As he waited, a fish the size of a man was caught on one of the hooks. Then a fish as big as the sky came and swallowed the first fish.

Mark asked me what I thought this meant. I said that Jesus called us to "catch men". {Mat.4:19} And he saith unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you fishers of men. {Luk.5:10} And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men. Fishing through the telephone lines and in space has to be fishing over the Internet and wireless. I told him that the Lord was confirming that the website we were building was going to be very successful for the Kingdom in bringing in a great harvest. The first fish that was the size of a man was to show that he was fishing for men. The second fish was to show that a great corporate body of men would be caught by us in this method. It is clear from many dreams and visions that this along with standard methods of evangelization through sending out many witnesses, as Jesus showed us, will bring a great revival through UBM and many other ministries God is raising up.

It's happening; Glory to God! We're well over 2.1 million hits a year now as of December 2008.

Compare this with another dream.

Wayne Wilson's dream on 11/23/08:

I was instantly just walking through a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood with paved streets. The trees seemed to canopy the whole area and streets. The streets were unmarked (no lines) and in very good shape, like just resurfaced. There were no sidewalks. As I was walking down the street I looked right and saw another street going off into thick trees and more homes that were very secluded. Just as I looked down this street I heard the words: "He transcribes the old cassette tapes into mp3". I knew those words came from one of your actual Bible studies because I was listening to one when I fell asleep. (The brother who has most recently been turning our cassettes into mp3s is Keith Boyd. Before Keith many other did this. He was mentioned in the dream because he is cutting spiritual bait for the fishing done below, LOL.) So, from that it seemed the whole neighborhood was UBM people and their separate homes. But not in Pensacola as it was not near the ocean. (The description seems to be like many dreams we have had about Tennessee.)

I continued walking toward the end of the street and saw that the pavement ended into a rising hill with many trees. On this hill were off-road and motocross tracks going up it. I thought to myself that this was a great place to live and have recreation (riding off road, etc.). I wanted to see where the tracks went and what was on the other side of the hill. I was very excited about this as I started to run up the hill.

When I got to the top, the area opened up and the hill gently sloped down the other side. There was a river off to the left and some vehicles and friendly locals along the river seeming to be enjoying the area and the river. As I walked down the hill toward the river, I saw more of it to the left and more people around. The view from the top was just countryside with trees and no more neighborhoods.

The first thing I noticed was a white vehicle (resting in holiness) like a jeep or something without a top (the Son shining in) setting in the river submerged (baptized unto death in the water of the Word) as maybe it tried to cross the river and didn't make it. I noticed the water flowing over the roll bar as someone was standing by. No one seemed alarmed about this. All the people seemed very friendly and calm.

Then I saw a woman with a fishing pole who was sitting in a chair in the middle of this river and facing up river, like on a sandbar. She briefly looked over at me, then back to looking up the river while holding her pole. The fishing line was very thick, going directly up river also. As I came around a bit more, there was another woman sitting approximately 50 feet directly in front of the first woman, further up the river and also with a fishing pole and sitting in a chair that was also facing up river. They seemed to be expecting to catch something big. Also, both poles were somehow connected to the same line at the top of each pole. (These two women with the the same line and bait represent UBM fishing through broadcasting, as we are now. They are looking to catch a large corporate fish, as in Mark's dream with one fishing line and many hooks on the line, which are our materials catching a fish as big as the sky. Fishing up river is against the flow and supernatural since lines are always carried down stream. It means we are contrary to the nature of the fish we are catching.)

Then the line went tight -- very tight. It was as straight as a bridge with no slack at all. Off in the distance up river I could see something was beginning to surface. Then it started jumping out of the water. It looked like a shark with a huge mouth and big, sharp teeth. (This may be the fish the size of a man as in Mark's dream. It could represent someone in leadership in the world who will at first look unfavorably upon our materials and Christians.) The two women didn't seem to be struggling at all but knew exactly what to do.

As it came closer I pulled out a small digital camera that was already zoomed in on the beast. It moved by too fast to take a picture. Still attached to the line, it went past the first woman (broadcasting), then past the second woman (UBM). As the water in this area was beginning to shallow due to the sandbar, this shark-like creature grew legs and turned into a large dinosaur-type beast (the Dragon of the first 3 1/2 years of tribulation) and was no longer attached to the fishing line. (The shark turning into a beast could imply it is the head of a corporate beast body of lost mankind. In the Bible, the beast comes from the north; hence, fishing upstream. In Mark's dream, a fish the size of a man was caught first and then a fish as big as the sky -- a large corporate body -- grabbed on to that one.)

Behind the two women there was a man, also standing in the water on the sandbar. It seemed he was waiting to receive this huge dinosaur-beast that must have been, by this time, 10 feet high. ("10" is the number of the beast.) I was thinking to myself, "I wouldn't want to be this guy". (The man behind the second woman, UBM, is me.) As the beast approached the man, its mouth was open and was actually running and jumping toward this man. When the beast got to him, the man put out his hand and began to pet the beast on the head. Well, the beast really liked that and was acting like a happy dog that was being pet by his master. End of dream! (Daniel was to be destroyed, along with the wise men of Babylon, but was given favor by Nebuchadnezzar because of his insight from God. Joseph was a similar story. Daniel was also in the lion's den but found favor with the beasts. Interesting that two types of the man-child --Daniel and Joseph -- were first hated by the beast government like this dream and later given authority because of their gift to interpret dreams. I have noticed this type before and wondered how it was going to come to pass in our day. We will soon see.)

Restoring the First Fishing Ship
Gerard Drake - 12/10/2007

In a dream I was standing on a dock, looking at some large luxury yachts. I then saw David Eells standing on the deck of a massive ship. I said, "Hi David". He replied, "Hey Gerard, you ready to go fishing?" I said, "Absolutely". He said, "Come on board".

David was standing with an enormous fishing pole in his hands. It looked so big you would think it was very heavy but David was handling it easily. He began to explain the purpose of the pole, which has three steps to it. The bottom third was the size of a telephone pole with a very, very big reel. The second third was a little smaller with a little smaller reel. The end of the pole was a little smaller, yet with a little smaller reel.

Then I saw myself inside the ship and there was nothing on the deck except for the controls. The deck of the ship was so massive that it looked like it was half a football field long. It seemed to be made for hauling a lot of fish. In contrast to the luxury yachts it was all very practical and functional for fishing.

The ship seemed very, very old so I asked David, "Does it run?" He said to me, "This ship was very powerful at one time but it has been pushed off to the side for a long time. We are in the process of restoring it and bringing it back to life". I then asked, "How is it powered?" I looked over on a brass plate and saw "16:33" but later I thought I remembered "16:8" too, and the dream ended.

David's note: When I finished typing this from a written page that Gerard gave me I looked at the clock and it read "1:44". The large yachts represent the large ministries which are built more for the comfort and pleasure of their leaders than for accommodating the fish.

The pole with three steps with three reels is for catching the 30-fold (star glory); 60-fold (moon glory) and 100-fold (sun glory) Christians. The very old ship represents the methods, teachings and gifts that the early church used for fishing. Like this ship, these have been pushed aside for a long time by the traditions of men but, as Joel prophesied, it's all being restored and through last days reformers.

These are 16th chapters with 33rd verses that seemed important:

{Lev.16:8} And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for Jehovah, and the other lot for Azazel. ...{33} and he shall make atonement for the holy sanctuary; and he shall make atonement for the tent of meeting and for the altar; and he shall make atonement for the priests and for all the people of the assembly.

{Joh.16:8} And he, when he is come, will convict the world in respect of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment. ...{33} These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye may have peace. In the world ye have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Also read UBMers on the Ark of Refuge and The University of God's Refuge.

Bringing the Seed To the Church
Keith Boyd - 08/14/2007

In a dream I was much younger than I am now at 50 and I was married to a young woman who was not my actual wife.

She held up a small vile, an ovulation kit, something I just knew in the dream. She looked at it, then looked at me and said, "Now is the time". I knew I was supposed to "give her my seed" so that she could conceive.

(Note from David: Keith is working to get the old UBM cassettes cleaned up and edited to digital audios for radio and TV. The woman here is the church and Keith is charged with getting the word or seed out to the Church so that they may bear fruit. PTL! No one is married to the Church but the Lord, which lets you know that this is His seed and not man's that is being sown by Keith. Paul proclaimed himself to be a father to us, which means he sowed the seed of the Word in us which brought forth the fruit of Christ in us. Many others, along with Keith, are spiritual fathers to get the word out to the world.)

I think this dream relates to the other dream I had about David's legs below. In other words, it's time to get the seed (word) out to the woman.

Serving the Laodicean Church
Jon Knowles - 08/23/2007
(David's notes in red)

I had a very vivid dream. I was going for a job interview as a chef at an extremely wealthy family's mansion. (Jon is about to feed the Father's children.) I had my white coat on (righteousness) and I was a bit nervous seeing all the trappings and such. This family was like SUPER rich and matriarchal as I never saw the father, only the mother and her teenaged children. (I saw the woman and her house as a type of the Laodicean Church.) (The meaning of Laodicea is laos - people or human and dike - rights. There has probably never been a generation of Christians who have fought for their human rights at the expense of their heavenly rights more than this one. The ideas of the crucified life: love your enemy, turn the other cheek, find contentment with food and covering and fulfil the great commission have not fazed most. {Rev.3:14} And to the angel of the church in Laodicea write: ...{17} Because thou sayest, I am rich, and have gotten riches, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art the wretched one and miserable and poor and blind and naked.) "Matriarchal" means the Laodicean Church of this age is ruling and not the Father. Jon has been preparing food by producing UBM TV programs for those of the Laodicean Church who will be granted repentance to listen. These children of the Laodicean mother are old enough to see through the system but too immature to grow up without spiritual food.)

They were very attractive physically, like football hero/beauty queen kids. (These worldly Christians are seen as famous, prosperous, wise and generally in "need of nothing". However, those among them who will see themselves in the Spirit as "miserable and poor and blind and naked" will find grace to come out from among them as the cream of the crop.)

I knew in the dream that I wasn't professionally trained as a chef but I obviously had some skills that had been recognized. (Amen! Better to be gifted than "professional" as the hirelings.) I arrived VERY early in the morning and was a bit embarrassed to be there so early, like 4 a.m., but the family was already getting up and starting their day. (I see this as a dream concerning the timing of the Unleavened Bread being prepared for the woman.) (Amen! If the Lord wills we will start feeding on Sept. 28, 2007, which is very early in the morning of the next Jewish year. It is 15 days after their new year, Rosh Hashanah 5768. God is going to raise some up early while it is still dark.)

Another chef arrived and I knew that he had been working there for some time but I was his superior. (Because he was only able to feed them to teenage spirituality.) He was just a little chagrined by my presence but he wasn't too belligerent. He was actually a bit helpful as I was making myself acquainted with the kitchen and such.

The mother came in and I began to ask questions about the menu and personal preferences. I told her that I liked spicy, flavorful foods and asked what level of taste they were used to. She said that they liked their food mild. (The church is used to some pretty bland stuff but some are a bit bored with it and looking for more.) After this I noticed a knife on the counter and in my mind I thought, "I need to get my knife sharpened". (To cut away the fat and rightly divide the meat of the Word for them to eat.) The knife on the counter had been broken off at the handle and I knew it was her son's knife. (Without the sword of the Spirit it is hard to fight off enemies and rightly divide the Word.) At this point I started to make my first breakfast for the family, complete with butterflies in my stomach as I woke from the dream. (Butterflies symbolize new life from the old caterpillar.)

Reaching Those in Religious Darkness
Garrett Crawford - 02/17/2007

I had a dream that I just moved to a new town and for some reason I thought I had to attend Church services at the local [denominational] church. I was just going to give the church an honest chance and see what they were preaching to the people. This church was newly built and had beautiful stonework outside the entrance; it was like an office building or courthouse. It was very appealing to the eyes. There were two other denominations' headquarters in offices built in front of this church. I guess the [denominational] church leased the space to them. When I was questioning why the two other church offices were there, I heard a man outside the entrance say something to the effect that 'This is a place of peace and unity'.

I then walked in the building and the church was full of people, everyone was walking to and fro in the hallways, upstairs and down, like a colony of ants. While walking thru the hallways I saw many offices for the church's leadership. Some offices had titles that did not even make sense, but nonetheless they had an office for it. Many people were walking around with their gold-plated name tags on, displaying their titles and positions. I even saw a boy no older than 17 that wore a gold-plated name tag that let everyone know he had a position in the church of stature and privilege. He seemed to be too young to have a position like that. During the church service, a minister was speaking and really saying nothing of value. I really tried to listen and understand what he was saying, but his words were powerless and nobody was really paying attention to him. I looked around at the people in the pews and they were all dressed to the nines, and I could tell this was all they thought church was about, just coming to look nice and suffering through a boring sermon. I had an overwhelming feeling that these people thought they were doing a service to God by just showing up for a few hours on Sunday and listening to a lifeless sermon.

At this point they took an intermission; they would take two every service. People would all leave the sanctuary and do whatever, like get water, or use the restroom or eat. I thought this was strange; it seemed the church was catering to the people. During the break from service, I was walking in the hall and I passed a young man and I politely said hi. He then began to come on to me -- he was a homosexual and he thought I was hitting on him! I was horrified and starting walking as fast as I could down the hall and I did not look back. I did not understand how a homosexual would be attending this church, unless they did not teach people it was a sin. That is what was going on in this church, they were not teaching sin and repentance. They did not want to offend anyone. After that I sat back down and the second half of the service started. At this point, the preacher called up the church dancers and the dancers began to do some kind of dance routine; it went on for a long time and the people seemed to be entertained.

While this was going on I was thinking to myself that I did not need this garbage. I was not getting fed here in this building; all I wanted to do was go home and listen to UBM's teachings. After the dance show, the preacher asked David Eells to stand up and preach to the people. I was shocked; I did not know David was there in the crowd. But I was pleasantly surprised! David opened his Bible and began to speak to the people, while he was preaching the whole congregation focused on him. He only spoke for a few minutes, and after he was done the place erupted with applause and cheers. It was almost deafening. The same people that I had seen half dead while their preacher was speaking were almost coming out of the seats with joy and applause. It was not because they were worshipping David; it was because the things he was saying the people had never heard before and it fed them; it really did something to them; it made them alive and they wanted more. But David did not get to speak anymore, because the preacher quickly thanked him and asked him to stop. He said this was his church and he needed have their attention. He then started addressing the people again with his lifeless, powerless sermon again. David was not offended, and took it in stride and sat back down. But I could not get over the way the people had reacted to what David was saying -- they were starving for the truth and it showed.

During the end of the service they were giving communion, but it was close to impossible for me because every time I took the cup of grape juice my cup broke. The usher kept giving me them and none of them would hold the liquid and they kept breaking, but nobody else's was breaking like mine. After the service I could not wait to get out of there! As I ran out the door I felt free. I jumped in my car and as I was pulling out I saw two security guards speaking to one another from their vehicles. They were really far away, maybe 70 yards or more, but I had supersonic hearing and heard everything they said. One was really worried and angry and started saying that the church could not compete with the teachings of people like David Eells and others that could be found on the Internet. I could tell they were in fear of losing their jobs and positions; they had nice uniforms and expensive patrol cars that the church paid for. After that I pulled out of the parking lot and drove away.

David: I don't feel that this has anything to do with me physically going into churches but our ministry reaching many who have been trapped in apostate religions, through Internet, radio and TV. The leadership and their people are very immature, jealous, and fearful of anyone who has a gift from God just as it has always been, whether in Jesus and the Apostles' day or in the Prophets' time.

UBM: Joseph's Grain Silos
Brian Rougeau - 12/27/2007

I was standing in the middle of some grain silos when my cell phone rang. There was a text message that read, "Welcome to the David Eells show". Then a picture of a man came up. He was wearing a brown hunting vest. I quickly threw the cell phone away. I had the impression he was tracking us through americaslastdays.com and our phones. End of dream.

God has shown me that americaslastdays.com is His site more than once. No one should think that the beast doesn't know about it. Not that it matters; we win. Praise God!

Note from David: God has shown me in the past that our teachings on americaslastdays.com (now ubm1.org) are as Joseph's grain silos, which are God's provision for the seven years of famine. Speaking of the grain it was said, "There is bread in Egypt". As the famine became worse, all of Israel --Joseph's father and brethren -- came into Egypt to be preserved with the bread of heaven, the Word of God.

Although there will come a time soon when our site will not be legal, the teachings will continue to be available in one form or another. My suggestion is that everyone copy the audios and/or videos for future use to feed the brethren in the famine of the Word that is coming. Some have already told me that they have bought large external hard drives and are updating them regularly with new UBM teachings for later use. Others will put up our site or podcasts or programs in other countries for a while before it is illegal there, too. Many are showing our videos in their home fellowships and to friends and neighbors. Some of these are reproducing them and passing them on. This will continue through the tribulation.

Although I have no doubt that the beast tracks cell phones through satellites now, there will be a time when all will have to throw them away because Christians will be hunted. God bless you and keep you in the secret place of the Most High, Jesus Christ.

"Nowadays People Are Catching on"
Garrett Crawford - 08/29/2007

I was driving in my car, and was going through a big empty parking lot. I am pretty sure it was the parking lot of a church. I saw an old man walking out in the parking lot as I was going through it. I pulled up to him and rolled down my window, as I started to speak with him I knew that I had seen his face before. It was an elderly Jimmy Swaggart wearing a very nice pinstriped suite. We started talking and I realized this was not the Jimmy Swaggart I had seen in videos; he was very meek and humbled now. He had a soft way about it him.

During our conversation Jimmy Swaggart started telling me about the unleavened bread, and that we must eat the word like it was food, putting it in us daily. I was amazed and I knew that I had heard David say the exact same things before. I got out of the car and began to walk with Jimmy and talk with him. It seemed he had good revelation on the Word. After listening to him for a while he said he had to go and take his shot. (I guess he meant diabetes shot.)

When I looked at him again I noticed he was no longer in a fancy suit but regular clothes: jeans and a button-up shirt. As we walked around the corner I told him in delight that everything he had been saying is something that I have already heard from another minister. I said, "His name is David Eells. Do you know him?" He just looked at me and smiled. He said, "Yes, I know David". Then he said something that confused me, but I later understood what he meant. He said, "David isn't as much of an outcast as he used to be". I asked him what he meant and he said, "In the beginning nobody listened to him and scorned him but nowadays people are catching on".

Note from David: I believe that Jimmy represents here a small minority of the leadership of Christianity that will walk with the Lord in the end time like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathaea did in Jesus' time. A larger portion of the people under them will believe. I had a confirming vision of this many years ago about Jimmy Swaggart. God bless him.

Helping the David Ministries to Stand Up
Keith Boyd - 02/20/2007
(David's notes in red)

This dream is about our own ministry as a type of the David ministries in general that are prophesied to stand up and be anointed in these last days.

In the beginning of the dream we were standing outside in a roadway. It was inside an area where there was a complex of buildings, like dormitories. (The dormitories represent David's little flock as a Bible school, which needs to be exported down the roadway to the world as God has shown us.) David was in a wheelchair and there were people all around him. I was standing in front of him just to his right. I noticed his legs were very thin and frail, no muscle in them at all. This seemed to be a natural thing to all the people around him. (It is normal that even though the David ministries have a message to bring to the multitudes we have no strength to do it in ourselves without God or by ourselves without the body of Christ. We had a dream about 34 years ago that I was standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean with shiny steel leg braces on. We are all crippled without God's strength, which is outside of ourselves. God's power is made perfect in our weakness. When interpreting this dream Father gave me these verses. {2 Sam.7:18} Then David the king went in, and sat before Jehovah; and he said, Who am I, O Lord Jehovah, and what is my house, that thou hast brought me thus far? {19} And this was yet a small thing in thine eyes, O Lord Jehovah; but thou hast spoken also of thy servant's house for a great while to come [end-time David ministries] and this [too] after the manner of men, O Lord Jehovah!)

Then the scene switched and I was in one of the buildings. At first I was looking out the window watching David. He was on the back of a truck that looked like a troop transport. His feet were on the bumper and his knees were against his chest in a squatting position. From my view point I was to his right just toward the front of the truck. I could see him holding the sides of the canvas truck cover and he was doing something in the back of the truck. I couldn't see what he was doing but he was busily working on something in the back of the truck. I moved around from the window and stood in the doorway. (The David ministries are preparing the vehicle that God's troops will use to bring the sword of the Word and weapons of our warfare to the battle against the fleshly corporate beast which has taken God's people captive.)

Then David released his hold on the truck, spread his arms straight out and fell on his back, face up. His arms were sticking straight out from him and he lay there motionless. His expression never changed. (Releasing the hold with arms straight out is the stance of one who has been crucified and represents giving up any self-effort to bring to pass what God has promised and surrendering fully to Him. Falling on the back represents the seed falling to the earth to die and bring forth much fruit. Resting with my eyes upon the Son represents looking unto Him from whom all strength and direction comes.) I felt I had to go and help him so I ran over and grabbed his right hand and arm. Others ran over and grabbed his left arm. Suddenly the scene switched and he was standing straight up and I thought, "Wow, David is standing!" And he was really tall, I'd say a little over twice my size. His legs were very straight. (Keith and many others like him are using their gifts to put legs to this ministry and/or the end-time David ministries in general. Standing up means that resurrection life will make these ministries much more visible to the world. The David ministries haven't been nearly as mobile or tall as they are going to become to get the Word out to the distant peoples. They will stand up by God's grace and His power is made perfect through our weakness.)

I saw the anointing come down from heaven through the clouds. It went through his head and out of his hands into me and the others that were holding onto him. (This is the anointing of the end-time David ministry for service. According to this type shown in Jesus' ministry, the Word and anointing will be multiplied and passed on through many others in a geometric progression. We also believe that this will be the time that our materials will be released in a much larger way in the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation and then be multiplied through many.) I felt it when it hit me, a sense of power. I began to walk away and point my finger at people and they would get peace and understanding. Their eyes would light up and a smile would come across their faces. It was not a falling down, false spirit. I knew in the dream that it was understanding from God.

I strongly feel the Lord was showing me that the teachings of this ministry are God's and that is why David's legs were frail and useless. It's God's walk and God's teachings. When I pointed at people I knew that what was bringing them peace and joy was knowledge. Later I realized that this represents the work the brethren are doing to get the teaching materials out, giving people the knowledge and understanding of the unleavened Gospel.

UBM Raising Up Witnesses
Eve Brast - 07/31/2008
(David's notes in red)

I had a dream that a 6'3" or 6' 4" tall, rather thin black man that was in his 60s with salt and pepper gray hair, wearing a colorful plaid shirt and blue jeans, gave or allowed Kevin and Michael to use his speedboat and his land. (The thin black man with the multi-colored shirt represents the malnourished leadership of the many apostate sects of Churchianity. The black and white hair represents the mixture of good and bad teachings to which they are subject. Being in his 60s represents the fact that the people of God were subject to Babylon for 70 years and we are about on year 63 now.) There were little shallow pools all over the place here and there from which to fish. (The shallow pools represent the depth of the Word in which their fish live.)

I was standing and facing the left side of a speedboat that was on a boat trailer. (The boats are the different sects or denominations to which the fish are captive. The left represents those who are living like goats.) To my right there were some wooden structures in the background, like a work shed, and then behind that a house or wooden cabin. (The wooden cabin represents the restoration of the primitive church in the wilderness, which is on the right, as sheep.) My two sons, Noah and Elijah, were sitting in the seats of the speedboat, learning how to fish from a shallow pool that was inside the boat. (Noah represents those in the rest who escape the flood of the curse. Elijah represents the prophet with power to save the people from the curse and destroy enemies. Together they represent a two witness party. Like Jesus taught His two witnesses to go to "the lost sheep of the house of Israel", these are fishing among those who have a shallow understanding taught by their sect of Christianity.)

It looked like a little Coy fish pond, only very shallow with the grass under the water and some lily pads floating on top. (The fish are under the grass that Peter said represented flesh.) Kevin and Michael were instructing them from the right side of the boat which was facing me. (Kevin and Michael are two of the UBM brethren who are producing teaching materials that are going out to spearhead the man-child ministry. They are in effect teaching a two witness company in our local wilderness ministry and, as we will see below, all over the world. Also, they could be members of the man-child company who personally teach the two witnesses.)

Noah and Elijah had simple cane poles and they were just setting the hooks down in the water in the boat and catching fish very easily. These fish were very colorful and each one was different with different markings. (The fishing of the witnesses will be great in all of the sects of Churchianity.) They were small, like 4 1/2 inches long. Once caught, these fish could breathe out of water and started asking Noah and Elijah a bunch of questions with eager excitement and without any cynicism. (The witnesses will impart the breath, meaning the Spirit of Christ, and "raise up the foundations of many generations".) Elijaj would pick up every fish that he caught and love on them up to his cheek. Noah would express his affection in his own way for the fish that he caught and then they would both set the fish down in the water. (Once delivered, these disciples will be able to go back and bring the message to their brethren in the sects.) The fish would then prop themselves up on a lily pad with their front fins and start their questions. They asked many questions about God and salvation. Noah and Elijah would look at Kevin and Michael for guidance on how to answer the fish. (As it was in the 3 1/2 years of the tribulation of Jesus' time, the man-child will teach the two witnesses in the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation, who will then go out and raise up disciples and the five-fold ministry.)

There were many groups of two all over the land, just like Noah and Elijah who were fishing out of shallow little pools of water everywhere -- some inside another speedboat, some inside the wooden shed (primitive small home groups) and many out in the open field (Jesus said "the field is the world"). They were all different ages -- some children, some adults, some older people. Kevin and Michael would go around and instruct and supervise all the question and answer sessions that were going on between the fish and the people. (Kevin and Michael and others are sending out teachings in a small way now, just before the tribulation, but are about to go out to instruct and guide many more witness pairs all over the world whom they will not personally see. These, in turn will be "fishers of men" to raise up multitudes of disciples for Christ.)

(The grass on this land was long and yellow and light green at its base throughout. It seemed to want to lay flat. The Word will wither the flesh but bring to life the life of Jesus in them. {1 Pet.1:24} For, All flesh is as grass, And all the glory thereof as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower falleth: {25} But the word of the Lord abideth for ever. And this is the word of good tidings which was preached unto you.

There were tall, dark green trees in the background, like evergreens or pines. (Many will have eternal life and walk tall and strong, as Jesus did.) The sky was sunny and very blue, with a few white clouds here and there. (Heavenly light of the Son shining through.) The air seemed a lot dryer and cooler than it is down here in Texas.

Washing the Hearts of the Witnesses
Eve Brast - 07/30/2008
(David's notes in red)

I had a snapshot in my dreams early this morning that I was standing at a small rectangular wooden table about waist high. There were two stacks of stone tablets like the 10 commandments, which were between four and six high in each stack. (They were called the two "Tables of the Testimony [Hebrew: Witness]" which Moses, the man-child, brought down from the mountain of God to the people to teach them how to live. They represent a corporate Two Witness body who will have the Word written on their hearts and not stone. {2 Cor.3:3} being made manifest that ye are an epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in tables [that are] hearts of flesh.)

It was my (Eve) job to sort through these tablets, reading and analyzing them and taking care of them as though they were living things. (They are living people whose heart is in the care of the bride. Eve was the bride of the first Adam and represents here the bride of the last Adam, Jesus. {Jn.3:29} He that hath the bride is the bridegroom... Jesus, like Moses, represented the man-child and taught the bride the Word, which she was responsible to put into her heart. The first-fruits of these (after the man-child), who are raised up as reformers to the Church, are the two witnesses, just as Jesus' disciples who went out two by two, foreshadowed.)

I had a silver pitcher filled with a blood and water mixture that I had to keep pouring onto each tablet and then each stack as a whole. As I would pour the mixture out it would keep refilling and never ran out. (There is an inexhaustible supply of the water, which is the Word, and the blood, which is the nature, of Jesus, to wash the hearts of God's two witnesses. The bride is responsible to do this. {2 Cor.7:1} Having therefore these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.)

Coming Out of Prison Dream
Mark Thompson - 01/11/2006
(David's notes in red)

I was a prisoner inside a prison... I had the impression that I would have to complete my stay at the prison, and would be set free...

In the next scene I was in a "safe" house with what appeared to be other prisoners. We had completed our stay in the prison and were listening to someone discuss the rules of the house. I recall being able to leave the safe house and go to a place where they were preaching the gospel. I saw a great room like a coliseum with many rows of seats surrounding a center figure. The people there were listening intently to what the speaker was saying. (I believe the speaker was David Eells.) I had the impression that this was the truth that was being taught, and I wanted a better seat. I walked all the way down among the seats to the very first row. I could not find any seats available, so I sat down right where I was in the aisle. The people in the other seats thought this was strange, but I didn't care. I wanted to hear what was being said - I wanted to be close to the source. I noticed that other people started to do what I had done after observing my actions.

After the speaker finished what he was saying, he asked for a show of hands of those who had not been prayed for before, to come to a second web service. I thought the term web service was a bit strange but I raised my hand. (Note: I did not know about David's Paltalk web ministry until after having this dream.) The speaker came over to me. I never saw a platform in the center of this "coliseum" and vaguely remember that he kind of floated over to me. (This probably represents me being in spirit, rather than flesh, and also coming to Mark over the air waves.) The speaker put his hands on me, and as he prayed, I felt the Holy Spirit doing a work inside me - I started to shudder, or vibrate, with the enormity of what was taking place.

It has been prophesied to me twice before that I would speak in coliseums. I took this to spiritually mean I would speak to larger and larger circles of people as a coliseum is built. Possibly each circle would pass on the message to the next. I have believed that the Internet, radio and TV programs are the fulfillment of that. This is a good confirmation.

Dream & Confirmations that UBM Is the Real Deal

Brad Moyers - January 2006

Some time in early 2004 I had a dream concerning a former co-worker, and now my best friend, that would forever change the direction of both of our lives.

In the dream I saw my former co-worker, Nate, sitting in a church. The church walls and the pews in it were made of wood that was very dark and beautiful. He was sitting next to his wife and had his arm around her. A preacher stood in the very center of the congregation, and the pews, which were full of people, surrounded him in a circular fashion.

The dream lasted only a few seconds and I didn't think much of it at the time. I had neither spoken to nor heard anything about Nate in over four years, but just days prior to the dream I had been thinking that I would like to get in touch with him again, just to see where his life had taken him. When we had worked together, neither of us ever spoke to the other about God because we were both unsaved 'Christians' (Rev. 3:15,16).

About eight months after my dream, having archived it in the back of my mind, I decided to look him up. I quickly found his number in my local phone book and gave him a call. It turned out he lived only a couple miles from me and he stopped over within a few minutes.

After reminiscing, he began to share with me how he had been a Christian for the last three years. He said the main reason he became a Christian was because he'd had a prophetic dream in which a co-worker of his died, and that his dream came to pass the day after he'd had it. He also said he was very much into Bible prophecy and that he listened to a lot of end-time ministries on the radio and online.

Two or three visits later, Nate had completely convinced me that we were living in the end times. He introduced me to a radio/Internet ministry which featured many guest speakers, one of them at the time being David Eells, and over the next couple months we had regular one-on-one Bible studies, which greatly increased the faith and enthusiasm of both of us. It was through that ministry that I discovered David and, not only did I find myself drawn to what David was teaching, but it was different from what everyone else was teaching. Everything he said seemed to make so much sense to me. I tried convincing Nate of some of the things David was saying, but he just wasn't receiving it.

After attending a conference in Cleveland in January of 2005, and meeting David there, I decided his ministry was for me. I went to David's website and for the next two weeks absorbed hours and hours of his teachings every day. I also began to communicate with David by email.

Nate was becoming more receptive to some of the things I told him David taught about the Bible and the end times, but he was still having a hard time getting past some of the traditional teachings of the Church regarding the Antichrist, Two Witnesses, etc.

One day while Nate was at my home, he asked me to play a certain broadcast he'd wanted me to hear on another end-time ministry website. I reluctantly did so. While it was playing, I would remark about how I didn't agree with this or that.

All of a sudden, I remembered the dream I'd had and asked Nate if I'd ever told him about it. He said I hadn't. I shared it with him and told him that I'd heard David Eells tell of a dream he'd had in which the inside of a church had wooden walls (just one small detail of his dream), and how, using the Bible, he'd interpreted the wood to represent a work of the flesh.

I initially interpreted my dream to mean that a certain Baptist church Nate occasionally attended was what the dream was about. Nate didn't think that was it because he rarely attended that church -- he felt it had no real theological influence on him -- and I was having a hard time discerning the meaning of the circular pews.

Then God just dropped the answer in my head: The church was representative of the radio/Internet ministries Nate had been listening to at the time I had the dream, and their doctrines were works of the flesh and not the spirit. Then in my mind I envisioned a radio tower (preacher) beaming its signal (sermon/doctrine) to homes (the congregation) in all directions (circular pews).

Nate agreed that that interpretation was likely accurate but was really struggling with seeing the spiritual meanings David was saying were hidden in the literal words of the Bible.

I shared with him how David had said that God told him that He was moving the Saul ministries out of the way and making room for the David ministries, and that his was a David ministry; and how David had talked about Jesus being of the seed of King David. I said, "I'm telling you, David Eells is telling the truth". At the very instant the word "truth" came out of my mouth, the host of the End-Time Ministries broadcast, which was still playing, said, "The truth. The truth shall set you free!"

We both looked at each other like, 'Wow, that was weird'. I asked him if that was enough of a confirmation for him. He was impressed but still a little reluctant. I told him what the Bible says about being double-minded. As we talked, he began to nonchalantly flip pages in his Bible, without looking, and for no apparent reason.

At a break in the conversation, he put his hand on his open Bible and looked down at it. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. He said, "Brad, you're never going to believe what verse my finger is pointing to". It was Revelation 22:16, which reads, "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright, the morning star".

I smiled and said, "That's two. Do you really need a third?" Nate replied, "That's it. Put on some David Eells!"

A False Prophet Gives UBM a Promise
David Eells - 02/14/2008

This false prophet gave the name of a very famous Old Testament prophet as his and it may be his real name. I have given him the name Xxxxx in this report. Please pray for him.

I heard a knock at the door at 7:00 AM on 2/13/08. A young man, maybe 28-35 years of age, with short black hair said, "David, I have a word for you". I said, "Who are you?" He said, "I am Xxxxx". I said, "Which Xxxxx?" (because I knew a few by e-mail). He said, "'The' Xxxxx". He was serious, so I said, "'The' Xxxxx?" He nodded a yes. I said, "Well, I am honored" (tongue in cheek).

He came in and I gave him my chair and grabbed my computer chair to hear his "word". He had a calm voice but he was nervously fumbling with his Bible. He said, "David, you are the king of Israel". I said, "I am just a little king" (meaning Jesus is the Great King). He said, "God sent me to give you this word: Robin and all of your elders have sinned and you have not corrected them and if you will repent and humble yourself there will be man-childs in this city. If not, God will judge this city and your house". (He obviously didn't know that Robin isn't in this physical city nor are most of our elders. Also, it is settled by the Word -- there will be man-childs whether they are from among us or not. This physical city will be judged anyway but our spiritual city will not.) He also said all the dreams and visions on our site were false, which I thought basically was for the purpose of wiping out all of his competition :)

I said to him, "You mean God would judge me when I know of no sin?" {James 4:17} To him therefore that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. I have had no witnesses against the elders for any sin, which God commanded me to have in His Word. {1 Tim.5:19} Against an elder receive not an accusation, except at [the mouth of] two or three witnesses. I said, "What is their sin?" He didn't answer this but said, "God told me to tell you this". I said, "That is not the God of the Word and you have a lying spirit". All this was done very calmly with no apparent hard feelings from either of us.

He said, "I am going to do something that you taught me" and he grabbed his Bible and prepared to open it and randomly point to a verse. I said in myself, "Lord, let him find a verse that rebukes him". I noted where he put his finger but there was a surprised look on his face. He then started to slide his finger quite a few verses down the page and even down the next column of text and started to speak again. I said, "It didn't work for you, did it? I saw where you put your finger". I then took his Bible and started reading where he had put his finger. I then told him, "I asked for a verse that would rebuke you and I see you got it". He was still very confident after this little deception, so I said, "Let me show you to the door". It was here that I noticed he had parked his car down the street and walked to my house.

When I got back to my chair I started reading where he put his finger. {Isa.36:2} And the king of Assyria sent Rabshakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem unto king Hezekiah with a great army. And he stood by the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the fuller's field. {3} Then came forth unto him Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, who was over the household, and Shebna the scribe, and Joah, the son of Asaph, the recorder. {4} And Rabshakeh said unto them, Say ye now to Hezekiah, Thus saith the great king, the king of Assyria, What confidence is this wherein thou trustest? {5} I say, [thy] counsel and strength for the war are but vain words: now on whom dost thou trust, that thou hast rebelled against me? So this Xxxxx had a lying spirit and came representing the beast just like Rabshakeh. He falsely threatened the King of Israel, whom he said I was, just like Rabshakeh. He also threatened the city with destruction, just as Rabshakeh threatened Jerusalem with destruction. What a perfect answer from God!

Rabshakeh also said: {37:10} Thus shall ye speak to Hezekiah king of Judah, saying, Let not thy God in whom thou trustest deceive thee, saying, Jerusalem shall not be given into the hand of the king of Assyria. Just like this text, this man was trying to rob us of our trust in God Who has promised us these things. A real prophet, Isaiah, sent this word back: {22} this is the word which Jehovah hath spoken concerning him: The virgin daughter of Zion hath despised thee and laughed thee to scorn; the daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee. {23} Whom hast thou defied and blasphemed? and against whom hast thou exalted thy voice and lifted up thine eyes on high? [even] against the Holy One of Israel. ...{31} And the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward. {32} For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and out of mount Zion they that shall escape. The zeal of Jehovah of hosts will perform this. This false prophet inadvertently brought us a good promise from God. The Lord gave me a vision many years ago in which He and I were in the New Jerusalem and He gave me a tower that he showed me was our ministry's part in building spiritual Zion, the tower of the flock. {Mic.4:8} And thou, O tower of the flock, the hill of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, yea, the former dominion shall come, the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem. It is clear we have nothing to fear from the beast and false prophet.

UBM Books and DVD Sets Multiplied
Sandy Shaw - 02/16/2014
(David's notes in red)

This is a testimony that God did in miraculously multiplying the Sovereign God For Us and Through Us books and Hidden Manna For the End Times DVD sets that we needed to send out and give away. (Why would God do such a thing, unless these were valuable and from Him?) It started several months ago. I was asked if I could send a copy of the Hidden Manna set of DVDs to a friend. I asked Lois for two sets at that time. I sent one copy to Corona, CA and then kept the other copy.

Several weeks later, the Lord showed me in a dream who I was to send a Sovereign God book and a DVD set of Hidden Manna to. There were four people in all to give these to. I asked David Eells for Sovereign God books and he gave me 5 books, all that he had at the time. This gave me a total of 7 Sovereign God books. Lois gave me 8 DVD sets of Hidden Manna and we picked them up as we went to the post office to get more mailer boxes and envelopes, and to mail one book and a set of DVDs. The second time we went to the post office to mail 5 more books, I had asked Lois for more Hidden Manna DVD sets. She gave us 10 more at this time, making a total of 18 DVD sets.

Sam asked to have a Sovereign God book but I told him I had mailed them all. The next morning, there were 2 more books in the basket again! That day I started assembling boxes for the DVD sets. I built all the boxes (29 total) which gave me 9 more boxes than I had DVD sets. The Lord showed me who the DVDs were to be sent to -- mostly pastors in California. During this time, my friend Bea called me and asked if we could send 4 more books and DVD sets to her. I prayed what to do with the books and the Lord multiplied the ones already in the basket. I grabbed the one and put it in an envelope and went to bed.

The next morning, there were 2 more in the basket (total of 3) and all the empty envelopes that I had on my dresser now had books in them (total of 4 envelopes/books). Now I had enough to send to those the Lord showed me. We sent out 4 more book/DVD sets to the people the Lord showed me, plus I had enough books and DVDs to send out 6 more books and DVD sets.

Then the Lord made provisions for us to go to California. I took 2 books and 2 DVD sets (that showed up in my dresser) which the Lord told me to take with me to California. While in California, I gave a set to one of my friends and a friend from Mexico was visiting also and asked me for the other set of books and DVDs. (So all were gone now!)

The next day, there were 2 more books and DVD sets in the dresser that my mom allowed me to use while there. While getting ready to go to a woman's ministry meeting in Fontana, I found another book and DVD set in the pocket on the back of my wheelchair seat. While at the meeting, a lady there asked to have the Hidden Manna DVDs and a Sovereign God book. I told her to get them out of the pocket on the back of my seat. When she looked, she exclaimed, "Hey, there are two of each here!" (Rather than just one.) She asked for both of them. I told her she could have them.

My sweater kept falling out of my lap and Bea asked if she could put it in the pocket behind the seat. When she went to put the sweater in the pocket, she found another DVD set of Hidden Manna. We wrapped it up and put it on the table for a giveaway gift at the end of the meeting.

I went to my friend's Beauty Salon where my friend Bernadette worked as a mani-pedicurist. While there, my wheelchair battery ran down. I asked Bernadette to get the charger out of the back pocket on my seat. She found another Sovereign God book! This was given to Bernadette's boss, who was moving soon to Arkansas and wanted to know of a good church to attend there.

The next day, once again, there were two more sets of books and DVD sets in my dresser drawer. My Uncle Johnny came over and I gave him one set later that day. Jeff and I went walking over to my friend Evelyn's house to give her a set, but she wasn't there. So, we went to eat and met a young woman there asking me about the covering I made for my leg. This opened up a conversation with her about unforgiveness. She seemed to be interested. I gave her the book and DVD set that was left. Then there were none left again.

I woke up the next day and started packing to come home and there were two more books and DVD sets in the drawer. I didn't pack them but put them in the seat with us. Bea came over and asked if we had anymore books and DVD sets. I told her yes and gave all of them to her.

We started out with 7 Sovereign God books and 18 Hidden Manna DVD sets.

We gave out 44 Sovereign God books and 44 Hidden Manna DVD sets.

God multiplied 25 sets of DVDs and 36 books altogether (best we can figure).

After this, I was encouraged in the assembly to ask God to have His angels put the books in places where the needy would find them. Then the Lord gave a sister a vision of angels with their arms full of books and going to hand them out. Satan has done his best through his factious vessels to stop these teachings from going forth but God has shown His displeasure with this and His power is made perfect in weakness. Sandy also had a revelation before this testimony (below) that she was to give out the Living Waters of God's Word to the Bride.

The Living Water of the Word
Sandy Shaw - circa 07/15/2012
(David's notes in red)

The way my dream started, I saw a large hand giving me the Water Bible. I took it from Him and found myself continually looking at it; it was a glass Bible with water moving all around inside. (Living water in the O.T. has a meaning of moving water, not stagnant the way the Pharisees and theologians know it and teach it.) I could see the motion of moving water as I turned it all around. The pages were of water of a very light blue tint. (The Heavenly Word.)

The Lord said to me, "Save this gift for the Bride". (A gift the Bride will receive from the Lord will be the Living Waters of God's Word.) I was so excited, I couldn't contain myself for this honor. And that's when I asked the Lord, "Could I please look inside?" And then I knew it was okay to look.

So I opened the book and at first saw water and then these words lifted up out of the water: "Do you now believe?" (John 16:31). It was as though the words formed out of the water. So I closed the book and then I hugged It. (The true saints LOVE the Word.) And then I woke up. (Jesus spoke to the Bride in dark sayings but the time came that it came alive as living Words to them from the Man-child. It was turned from letter to Spirit. Here is the text: {Joh.16:25} These things have I spoken unto you in dark sayings: the hour cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in dark sayings, but shall tell you plainly of the Father. {26} In that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you; {27} for the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came forth from the Father. {28} I came out from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go unto the Father. Jesus is coming into the world again by His Word out of Heaven to the Man-child Who will be caught up to the throne of authority. {29} His disciples say, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no dark saying. The dark sayings will be revealed to true disciples, as Jesus did. {30} Now know we that thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask thee: by this we believe that thou camest forth from God. {31} Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe? Jesus is coming to reveal the Living Word.)

On Song
Ken - 06/22/2009

I just wanted to share a short interesting dream I had this morning. Just before waking up the name "David Eells" popped into my mind. As I was thinking about his name, the word "prophecies" came alongside from the right side of my mind. I started to think about David's prophecies about the end times and those on the UBM site. I was thinking in a general, big picture kind of way about the prophecies and not about any particular prophecy. As I was thinking about the words "David Eells" and "prophecies", I heard an authoritative voice say, "He is on song". I did not see the person who spoke but it was a voice in the background. The dream ended.

I was not sure about the meaning of the words "on song" but I had heard it before, so I looked it up online. It is a phrase used in sports in England, Australia, New Zealand, etc. A guy wrote on a site that possibly the original meaning was used to describe an engine in a competition vehicle that was properly tuned and running perfectly. When the vehicle sounds perfect, it's on song. The phrase is now used in other sports as well to describe a person or team that is doing very well. I realized what the words that were spoken meant. David is in tune with the Lord concerning the prophecies. He is speaking the same as the Lord. He is on the right track. Not long ago, I asked the Lord to give me dreams and visions about the end times. I believe this dream is one of the answers to my request.

Supernatural Preservation & Multiplication of UBM Materials

Samuel & Tiannah Fire (David’s notes in red)

A man we used to fellowship with mentioned to us about the Numeric Bible. (We had been asking God for ages what is the closest Bible to His.) We then watched a video of David Eells talking about the Numeric New Testament Bible, and so we bought the UBM version from Lulu. For some reason, we also bought all David Eells books with it, even though we hadn't listened to his other videos at that point. When we received the books we only read the Numeric Bible and we put all the rest of David Eells books away in storage.

Months later we went to get all our stuff out of storage and found that rats and mice had either pooped or peed on, or eaten through ALL of our stuff including evangelism tracts and King James Bibles. The only thing that had absolutely no rat poop or pee on it or had not been eaten through, was the cardboard box with David Eells books inside. All our other cardboard boxes had parts of it eaten through and poop and pee all over it. We felt it was a sign from God to travel with the books and listen to his videos.

We listened to his videos and felt for a long time to join the Zoom Outreach, but at the time, I was really introverted and listening to spirits of shame & rejection. So we didn't join for ages but finally we did and are so grateful to the Lord for prompting us to join the Outreach.

We shared this testimony with a sister from UBM and she said it's symbolic how the poop was on everything that was unclean or leavened and the spiritual food in David Eells' books was clean or unleavened.

The brothers and sisters in the Outreach are actually growing in Christ and manifesting God's love and Grace (which we have not found elsewhere). We feel part of a loving family! We are so grateful for all the spiritual food in David Eells' books and videos! Thank You Father God, ALL glory is Yours ❤

(This reminds me of the dentist in Gulf Breeze, FL who was given some of our videos by Bernice to watch but he kept putting her off and not watching them. One day his office burned down and the only thing left was those plastic DVDs that miraculously survived the fire, sitting in the middle of it on a metal coffee table. The dentist was so shocked he contacted her and told her he was not going to put off watching those videos anymore.) See supernatural propagation of UBM materials: 

Supernatural Warnings to Prepare for the Bride - UBM [David Eells]

UBM Books and DVD Sets Multiplied

 David's Teachings Will Reach Far

Claire Pienaar - 9/22/21 (David’s notes in red)

I dreamed I was sitting in a white kitchen(The white kitchen represents where the unleavened bread is fed to people.) It had a square stainless-steel table and 4 stainless steel chairs in the middle of the kitchen. (The stainless steel table and chairs represents an inability to corrupt or rust through.) I was sitting with an aboriginal woman. She was telling Riaan and I how bad mainline Christianity was and how David Eells was helping her disabled son(Representing her spiritual fruit of Christ in her that has been disabled by false church doctrines.) We agreed and I remember thinking, “Wow! David’s teachings are even reaching the first people groups of Australia".

Then this same lady turned the topic to find out my background and I stopped telling her as I heard Holy Spirit say, “Your past doesn’t matter anymore.” I wondered if this woman was planted in my dream to get info from me, or if the aboriginal people of Australia are gaining access to the David Man-child reformers teachings? Then I woke up.

African Visitors of the UBM Revival

Eve Brast - 8/19/21 (David’s notes in red)

(Eve is representing the corporate Bride of the last Adam in this dream.) I dreamed that it was almost dark outside and all local UBM were gathered outside of the UBM house. The area was lit up by street lights.

I was lying on the same cot that I had seen David lying on, in a previous dream where Michael and I had determined that he was dead. (This was the scene that followed the Trials at the World Fair dream in the series, “Tests Prove Who is the Bride (1)”.) (This represents that the Bride follows the Man-child David reformers into death and resurrection life.)

I was lying on my back on this cot and David and Michael carried me on this cot because I was weak and needed to rest and conserve my strength. (The rest is to cease from our works so that God’s strength is ours. His power is made perfect in our weakness.)

I was observing myself in the spirit and saw that I had a white head covering on that had a large print of all sorts of colorful fruits on it(The Bride will bear much fruit as she submits in purity to her heavenly Husband Jesus.)

To my right was a short line of white women with blonde hair who had translated over here from Africa. (In our dreams many will be translated here. Spiritually speaking, they are white with blonde hair because they have been purified by their faith in the cleansing blood of Jesus and are submitted to the Son/sun.) They had come all that way to meet me and were so excited to finally get to greet me in person. They said things to me like, “Oh! We are so honored to finally meet you! We have come a long way and are so blessed to be here with you now.” (The Bride will be honored among those with discernment.)

Each one took my hand in theirs with such love and admiration and warmth. Their excitement was palpable. They told me that they couldn’t stay long; that they needed to take the UBM teaching materials back to their people in Africa.

I told them that I was so glad to meet them and that they had come, but that I had to apologize for not being able to stand up to give them a proper greeting.

David and Michael were standing over the cot and greeted the women also as they too apologized for my weakness but said something to the effect that I would soon be stronger than ever. Then I woke up. (Right now the Bride is relatively weak but soon they will be led by the Man-child with much authority and power just as it was with the first disciples. Rev 3:7  And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia (The Bride Church of brotherly love) write: These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth and none shall shut, and that shutteth and none openeth: 8  I know thy works (behold, I have set before thee a door opened, which none can shut), that thou hast a little power, and didst keep my word, and didst not deny my name

9  Behold, I give of the synagogue of Satan, of them that say they are Jews, and they are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. 10  Because thou didst keep the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of trial, that hour which is to come upon the whole world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. 11  I come quickly: hold fast that which thou hast, that no one take thy crown.)

The UBM “Luke 9” Truck Arrives to Get the Word Out

Anonymous - 8/10/21 (David’s notes in red)

I had this dream and God confirmed it through another brother, as well.

I dreamed it was daytime on Sunday... around 3pm in the afternoon. I felt like the Spirit of the Lord had something to tell me and I felt a bit sleepy. I was reading the Bible and I closed it and laid down on the carpet to rest. As I was resting, I got this vision, "I saw, we were here at our home on our ministry grounds, and the whole grounds were fully packed with many brand new computers. I was with some people at home as we were wondering about these computers. (Computers represent the ability from our Father to get out much knowledge to many people easily and quickly. This is what this brother and ministry are doing but this shows it will happen on a much larger scale. Father is saying, they all are going to get the Word out in a very great way.)

While we were still there wondering about these new computers, a new truck came in. (It is new because this is coming) These big trucks carry sand and sometimes luggage. It came in and backed into the ministry grounds and I ran to it.  I tried to climb it, to see what it had brought, but I could not see in there. It was tall and I tried to see who was driving it. I did not see anyone. It seems like the driver closed the doors so that no one could see him. (Father is hiding that He and His power is behind this great move of God to spread the gospel through this ministry to his country and beyond.)

So, in my striving to see what was in there, I heard a Voice tell me, "What are you looking for ? Can't you see? " and the voice said again, "Look at the back of the truck and read!" I went to the back of the truck and there was a big sign that said, "LUKE, 9 that I did not see before. After reading this, a certain Mexican man, probably living in the USA, came to me and asked me, "Man of God, help me to understand what this Bible verse means, "After God saved his people from Egypt, He destroyed them who did not believe in the wilderness." (Jude 1:5  Now I desire to put you in remembrance, though ye know all things once for all, that the Lord, having saved a people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not. (Many don't understand that we must continue to walk by faith to see all of our salvation and kingdom benefits. We are being tested in the wilderness of life as to whether we are truly a believer in the Word of God. As we know, many fell away and did not make it to the Promised Land. Jesus said the same in the parable of the sower.)

I looked at him and I was thinking, "This man knows English very well, better than me. Why is he asking me to explain to him something written in the language which he understands better than me?" As I was thinking about it all, the Spirit of the Lord reminded me of the Ethiopian official whom Phillip helped to understand scriptures. Then the Dream ended right there. (This  knowledge this minister has gained through the UBM materials will spread back to the foreigners, who are aliens to the kingdom of God, living in the USA.)

Early morning, the next day, a brother in our ministry came to me and told me that he had a vision, of God telling me to, "Read LUKE 9, all of that chapter and again to read Matthew 10, all of it." (This speaks of Jesus sending out the apostles to spread the gospel of deliverance from sin, sickness, demonic possession, and heavenly provision, everywhere. Jesus multiplying the fishes and loaves for the people to eat the food from heaven.) (This is what they are doing with computers and printers and we have many more books to share with them.) In these texts Jesus was preaching the crucified self life. (Which the prosperity preachers there refuse to do. We have books for this too.) Jesus was glorified before them. (He will be glorified everywhere and in them.) Jesus was casting out demons from the people. (And especially demon doctrines.) Jesus was saying He was going to Jerusalem to be crucified by the false leadership. (Those who love the self life will speak evil of the brethren there and here.) Jesus was preaching to follow Him above all things.

Wow, so when I read Matthew 10 and Luke 9, they both read the same. (Mat 10:5-8  These twelve Jesus sent forth, and charged them, saying, Go not into any way of the Gentiles, and enter not into any city of the Samaritans:  6  but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  7  And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.  8  Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons: freely ye received, freely give.(And they will go forth with power.)

UBM has schools raising up many missionaries in foreign lands. Many of our missionaries are in danger of factions here and in their own lands. Many are in countries where Christianity is illegal and hated.  Some have been killed by their factious enemies just as it is here. We are stretched to our limit providing their ministry needs but our God has been faithful. As we can see from these testimonies, He has no limits to meet your needs and ours. 

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