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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Seven Earthquakes / New Madrid / Man-child

Eve Brast - 04/23/2012

I dreamed I was high above Earth, sitting on the clouds and to the right of Tom Welling, the actor who plays Superman in the Smallville TV series. (This was odd to me because I don't ever dream of superheroes, but I understood the parable of Superman being Jesus in the Man-child with the latter rain anointing and supernatural abilities.)

He was pointing and showing me places where earthquakes were to take place around the globe and telling me about them. But the strange thing is the Earth was wrapped in a golden yellow tarp that was made of the same material as the yellow rain coat that my son Josiah wears. (It used to belong to my dad and is way too big for him but he loves to wear it when it rains.)

On top of the raincoat tarp was the red outline of all the continents of the Earth and each place that there was going to be an earthquake was the outline of a star in red. I only remember two places: one was around the Great Lakes (New Madrid) area in the U.S. (I remembered this one well because when I saw it in the dream I thought about the American Earthquake Brings Revival dream of 3/14/12. The other was in South America. (The Great Lakes / New Madrid quake could be the one that destroys the economy. Read Midwest Earthquake of Epic Proportions.)

There were seven stars (earthquakes) altogether that he pointed out to me.

This reminds me of the seven booms that I heard after waking up from the Forgiving the Repentant dream of 4/02/12.

After the booms ended, a song was playing in my mind. The lyrics are:

I can walk on water
I can fly
I will keep on fighting till I die

(Supernatural abilities of Jesus in the Man-child.)

I could not remember how many stars exactly were in the dream but I was pretty sure there were seven, so I asked the Father to give me a verse with "7" in it and my finger was on: (Psa.119:79) Let those who fear You turn to me, those who know Your testimonies.

I asked the Father for a confirmation verse and my finger was on: (Jer.22:7) I will prepare destroyers against you, Everyone with his weapons: They shall cut down your choice cedars and cast them into the fire.

Were there seven earthquakes around the globe on April 11th as a sign? (Note from David: It could be but the "7" in this dream would likely come after 4/23/12 when it was given and leading up to the Man-child anointing.)

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