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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Time Is in His Hands

Rosemary Gonzalez - 04/25/2011

I just read the article Father Kept The Ice Cream Cold and it started to flood my memory with all the times that this has happened to me but a little differently.

Five years ago, we started building our house with a contractor but ended up finishing it ourselves. From cleaning up behind construction crews to installing floors, kitchen vents, painting the inside and outside the house, etc. Many times I was to go to Publix or wherever needed to get food, subs and drinks for all of us (kids) and the crew for lunch, which was five minutes away. Other times, my husband would say, "Go to Home Depot and get a part" for whatever they were working on. When I would do this, the Lord would be trying me, to see if I would have patience to stop and talk about him to someone.

Building a house is no easy task, as my husband was always on a short fuse (especially in the hot summer). Things don't always go the way they're planned. My husband is a very structured, on-time person and building a house is the opposite, for it is no easy task, least to say I'm not the greatest either :) It was probably the hardest time of our marriage (we just celebrated our 25th yesterday!).

While waiting in line to get subs, I would have a conversation with someone and next thing I knew, we were talking for 45 minutes to an hour about the Lord, long after I received my food. I would not cut the conversation short because I knew the Lord was telling me to share with this person. After we finished talking, I would hurry through to pay and flew out the door, concerned that myhusband would be furious with me, as I had work to do as well. My heart was in my mouth. I hurried home and when I got there, it was as if an hour or more had not passed and my husband just smiled at me with a grin and said, "Good timing. I'm hungry". I didn't hear a peep from him. I noticed he was talking to someone when I drove up. This has happened to me over and over again. It's almost as if the Lord had preserved time. God is so awesome! Every time I speak to someone about the Lord, it's as if time just stops. I know the Lord designed it that way!

Praise you all for everything you do in Him,
Rose (Bob Aicardi's sister)

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