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UBM Books and DVD Sets Multiplied


Sandy Shaw - 02/16/2014
(David's notes in red)

This is a testimony that God did in miraculously multiplying the Sovereign God For Us and Through Us book and Hidden Manna For the End Times DVD sets that we needed to send out and give away. (Why would God do such a thing, unless these were valuable and from Him?) It started several months ago. I was asked if I could send a copy of the Hidden Manna set of DVDs to a friend. I asked Lois for two sets at that time. I sent one copy to Corona, CA and then kept the other copy.

Several weeks later, the Lord showed me in a dream who I was to send a Sovereign God book and a DVD set of Hidden Manna to. There were four people in all to give these to. I asked David Eells for Sovereign God books and he gave me 5 books, all that he had at the time. This gave me a total of 7 Sovereign God books. Lois gave me 8 DVD sets of Hidden Manna and we picked them up as we went to the post office to get more mailer boxes and envelopes, and to mail one book and a set of DVDs. The second time we went to the post office to mail 5 more books, I had asked Lois for more Hidden Manna DVD sets. She gave us 10 more at this time, making a total of 18 DVD sets.

Sam asked to have a Sovereign God book but I told him I had mailed them all. The next morning, there were 2 more books in the basket again! That day I started assembling boxes for the DVD sets. I built all the boxes (29 total) which gave me 9 more boxes than I had DVD sets. The Lord showed me who the DVDs were to be sent to -- mostly pastors in California. During this time, my friend Bea called me and asked if we could send 4 more books and DVD sets to her. I prayed what to do with the books and the Lord multiplied the ones already in the basket. I grabbed the one and put it in an envelope and went to bed.

The next morning, there were 2 more in the basket (total of 3) and all the empty envelopes that I had on my dresser now had books in them (total of 4 envelopes/books). Now I had enough to send to those the Lord showed me. We sent out 4 more book/DVD sets to the people the Lord showed me, plus I had enough books and DVDs to send out 6 more books and DVD sets.

Then the Lord made provisions for us to go to California. I took 2 books and 2 DVD sets (that showed up in my dresser) which the Lord told me to take with me to California. While in California, I gave a set to one of my friends and a friend from Mexico was visiting also and asked me for the other set of books and DVDs. (So all were gone now!)

The next day, there were 2 more books and DVD sets in the dresser that my mom allowed me to use while there. While getting ready to go to a woman's ministry meeting in Fontana, I found another book and DVD set in the pocket on the back of my wheelchair seat. While at the meeting, a lady there asked to have the Hidden Manna DVDs and a Sovereign God book. I told her to get them out of the pocket on the back of my seat. When she looked, she exclaimed, "Hey, there are two of each here!" (Rather than just one.) She asked for both of them. I told her she could have them.

My sweater kept falling out of my lap and Bea asked if she could put it in the pocket behind the seat. When she went to put the sweater in the pocket, she found another DVD set of Hidden Manna. We wrapped it up and put it on the table for a giveaway gift at the end of the meeting.

I went to my friend's Beauty Salon where my friend Bernadette worked as a mani-pedicurist. While there, my wheelchair battery ran down. I asked Bernadette to get the charger out of the back pocket on my seat. She found another Sovereign God book! This was given to Bernadette's boss, who was moving soon to Arkansas and wanted to know of a good church to attend there.

The next day, once again, there were two more sets of books and DVD sets in my dresser drawer. My Uncle Johnny came over and I gave him one set later that day. Jeff and I went walking over to my friend Evelyn's house to give her a set, but she wasn't there. So, we went to eat and met a young woman there asking me about the covering I made for my leg. This opened up a conversation with her about unforgiveness. She seemed to be interested. I gave her the book and DVD set that was left. Then there were none left again.

I woke up the next day and started packing to come home and there were two more books and DVD sets in the drawer. I didn't pack them but put them in the seat with us. Bea came over and asked if we had anymore books and DVD sets. I told her yes and gave all of them to her.

We started out with 7 Sovereign God books and 18 Hidden Manna DVD sets.

We gave out 44 Sovereign God books and 44 Hidden Manna DVD sets.

God multiplied 25 sets of DVDs and 36 books altogether (best we can figure).

After this, I was encouraged in the assembly to ask God to have His angels put the books in places where the needy would find them. Then the Lord gave a sister a vision of angels with their arms full of books and going to hand them out. Satan has done his best through his factious vessels to stop these teachings from going forth but God has shown His displeasure with this and His power is made perfect in weakness. Sandy also had a revelation before this testimony (below) that she was to give out the Living Waters of God's Word to the Bride.

The Living Water of the Word
Sandy Shaw - circa 07/15/2012
(David's notes in red)

The way my dream started, I saw a large hand giving me the Water Bible. I took it from Him and found myself continually looking at it; it was a glass Bible with water moving all around inside. (Living water in the O.T. has a meaning of moving water, not stagnant the way the Pharisees and theologians know it and teach it.) I could see the motion of moving water as I turned it all around. The pages were of water of a very light blue tint. (The Heavenly Word.)

The Lord said to me, "Save this gift for the Bride". (A gift the Bride will receive from the Lord will be the Living Waters of God's Word.) I was so excited, I couldn't contain myself for this honor. And that's when I asked the Lord, "Could I please look inside?" And then I knew it was okay to look.

So I opened the book and at first saw water and then these words lifted up out of the water: "Do you now believe?" (John 16:31). It was as though the words formed out of the water. So I closed the book and then I hugged It. (The true saints LOVE the Word.) And then I woke up. (Jesus spoke to the Bride in dark sayings but the time came that it came alive as living Words to them from the Man-child. It was turned from letter to Spirit. Here is the text: {Joh.16:25} These things have I spoken unto you in dark sayings: the hour cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in dark sayings, but shall tell you plainly of the Father. {26} In that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you; {27} for the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came forth from the Father. {28} I came out from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go unto the Father. Jesus is coming into the world again by His Word out of Heaven to the Man-child Who will be caught up to the throne of authority. {29} His disciples say, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no dark saying. The dark sayings will be revealed to true disciples, as Jesus did. {30} Now know we that thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask thee: by this we believe that thou camest forth from God. {31} Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe? Jesus is coming to reveal the Living Word.)

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